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House Call

Mordecai Hart is a triple threat: an incredibly handsome actor, a daring stuntman, and an exceptionally talented director… He’s also a colossal ass. Beverly Rhymes is just trying to survive and stay ahead of her debts, which is why she takes a job as a nurse for private clients. After a serious car accident, Beverly becomes Mordecai’s nurse and vows to help him… Only problem is they’re both stubborn as hell and passionate to a fault.

Age Rating: 18+


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Mordecai Hart is a triple threat: an incredibly handsome actor, a daring stuntman, and an exceptionally talented director… He’s also a colossal ass. Beverly Rhymes is just trying to survive and stay ahead of her debts, which is why she takes a job as a nurse for private clients. After a serious car accident, Beverly becomes Mordecai’s nurse and vows to help him… Only problem is they’re both stubborn as hell and passionate to a fault.

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Katlego Moncho


I almost cried when the alarm went off.


Now, I may sound like a cry baby, but I am justified in wanting to cry. I’d finished a double shift at the hospital and I got home at 5am, only for the alarm to go off an hour later.

Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep in. I needed to head back to the hospital for my monthly review.

Why they couldn’t do it while I was there for my shifts is beyond me.

Despite my grogginess, I managed to get up and out of bed without a hassle. I dragged myself around, and I could almost hear my late mother shouting at me for dragging my feet.

I smiled to myself at the thought while picking out a clean set of scrubs.

I quickly showered and got ready to leave. With my hair in its signature messy ponytail, I headed to my kitchenette without bothering with makeup.

I’m naturally tanned, so makeup isn’t always a necessity for me.

My apartment is small. It’s got one bedroom and one bathroom, but that’s only because I don’t need the space. I’m barely home, and it’s not like I can afford a bigger place anyway.

Before my mum died, she had to have numerous operations that I ended up having to pay for. I’m actually still paying for them, and it’s quite the dig into my finances, so I keep spending to a minimum.

My cupboards and fridge were an indication of my point as I searched for something to eat. Finding food that’s gone bad is always wonderful; note the sarcasm.

Annoyed with myself, I gave up on looking and just took my stuff, promising myself to get food either on the way to or at the hospital.

The sun was surprisingly bright, but then again, it is summer.

It’s just kicked in fully, and judging from the lack of clothing I’d seen from a group of teenagers (despite it being 7am), it’s safe to say that this would be one hell of a hot summer.

Since I’d sold my car for what I didn’t know was my mum’s last operation, I was stuck either taking a cab or the bus to the hospital.

I’d gotten used to the change pretty quickly, even though it was quite the adjustment.

Going from driving yourself at any time that you want, to being restricted to scheduled bus times and cabs that don’t appear sometimes, can be quite stressful.

It was a cab day apparently as I was lucky enough to catch a cab just outside the apartment building. The driver even took the shortest route to the hospital.

He said something about getting me there to save lives in time. I tipped him generously before heading into the building.

My first stop was the canteen, despite the sometimes suckish food that they sell. I settled for a fruit salad and yoghurt. One can never go wrong with such a booster.

I added a granola bar and an energy drink, just to look like I was someone who was serious about my health.

That couldn’t be any more of a lie.

People tend to have this notion that nurses are healthy twenty four seven because they deal with sick people, so they know what to eat and what not to, but they also forget that we are just as human as anyone else.

I, for one, have an obsession with junk food. I also have an obsession with keeping fit, but that’s beside the point.

My point here is that I like to eat whatever the hell my body feels like eating at that time. I just refuse to be stuck eating healthily because of what people perceive as my ‘responsibility’.

With my breakfast in hand, I headed to the nurse’s station, where the morning shift nurses looked like they were comfortably settled in.

They looked surprised when I passed by them to head to the staff room. I needed to eat first before dealing with anything else.

My review was occurring at nine.

I was surprisingly not interrupted through my breakfast, and when I was done, I headed out to check the nurse’s station again. This time there were only two nurses who I’m familiar with.

One of them is a woman, and the other a guy.

I smiled. “Good morning guys.”

“Hey Bev! What are you doing here? According to the chart you signed out like three hours ago,” Nikki asked me.

I sighed. “I have my review.”

“Man, that must be tough! You already worked the whole day yesterday, and now you have to work this morning too?” Fernando asked.

I nodded. “Pretty much.”

“Well, we’ll keep an eye out for you and help you where we can. You know we have to stick together,” Nikki said, adding a wink.

“Thanks! That would mean the world to me,” I said gratefully.

Fernando smirked. “Anything for the nicest nurse in the whole hospital.”

I couldn’t hide my blush if I tried. “Now you’re just flattering me.”

“Fernie, you should know that she’s modest by now,” a new voice joined us.

“Oh hey Rachel,” I greeted. She’s also one of the other nurses.

“Hey girl! How come you’re here?” she asked.

“Review,” I replied.

“Ooh, good luck with that,” she wished, hugging me.

“Thanks! I’d better go and check on my patients,” I said.

“Here’s your clipboard,” Nikki said as she handed it to me.

“Thanks!” I smiled before going off.

I luckily only had three patients that were under my care until twelve, when I would finally go home. I was only doing half a shift.

I am an Intensive Care nurse, so my job is to make sure that my critically ill patients get optimal care and assistance with their illnesses and injuries.

It’s hard being a nurse when it comes to getting attached. I always try my hardest not to, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

The hardest part is having to let go, or knowing that the patient isn’t going to make it, but having to put on a smile to keep them unaware.

The one thing I’m really grateful for when it comes to my job, is that it helped me deal with my mother’s illness and with losing her. It was hard, but it was definitely easier thanks to my job.

But then again, whether or not I have fully accepted her death is another story.

She only passed away three months ago after all.

“Hello dearie!” Mrs Oswald beamed when I entered the room. She’s been in intensive care for three days now after a heart surgery, but it’s not her first time being here, or being my patient.

“Hello Mrs Oswald. How are we feeling today?” I asked as I went around checking everything I needed to.

She laughed. “Oh, you know, lively and all.”

For a ninety five year old woman, she sure is full of life.

“Well that’s good to hear! It’s better than being depressed,” I pointed out with a wink.

“Oh no dearie! At my age, depression isn’t an option. Speaking of which, my grandson is flying in to see me today,” she chimed, looking rather devilish might I add.

“And how do you connect his flying in with depression?” I asked.

“I connect it with depression in that I told him to take my beautiful and depressed nurse out on a date and make sure that she laughs the whole night,” she explained. I froze momentarily, before playing it cool.

“I’m sure Kimberly isn’t depressed, Mrs Oswald,” I smirked, remembering that Mrs Oswald was originally her patient.

“Oh please dearie, don’t be coy! That child looks like she fell into a batch of freshly manufactured makeup. It is your beauty that I spoke to my grandson about,” she admonished.

I gasped before laughing a little. “That’s not a nice thing to say.”

“It’s also true! Besides, with my grandson’s genes, combined with yours, I’ll be guaranteed the most beautiful great grandchildren,” she marvelled.

“Mrs Oswald, you already have sixteen great grandchildren,” I reminded.

She scowled, looking genuinely offended. “And they’re all ugly little things.”

“Again, not a nice thing to say,” I laughed.

She shrugged. “I’m too old to be telling lies.”

“Well, thank you Mrs Oswald, but I do not need to be taken out on a date. I am perfectly fine with the way that I am now,” I said politely.

“Well that’s a shame. You’re certainly as beautiful as my grandmother described, and I’m sure your company would’ve been just as endearing.”

When I turned to the door, my eyes widened a little. You don’t see guys like this guy every day. The man is built, with a strong jaw, defined cheekbones and chiselled features.

He was wearing a tight black long sleeved shirt with dark fitted jeans and sneakers. His black hair looked like he’d run his hand through it a couple of times.

He looked like he fell out of a GQ magazine.

“Hey nana,” he greeted Mrs Oswald.

“You’ve rendered the poor child speechless Alex,” Mrs Oswald scolded.

He chuckled. “It’s not my fault.”

“Uh, you can’t be here,” I dumbly said when I’d come to my senses.

“Oh, I have a pass,” he informed me as he showed me the tag.

I frowned. “How come?”

“I’m also here on business,” he bothered to notify.

“What business?” I questioned.

“Aren’t you rather nosy,” Mrs Oswald teased, making me blush.

“Nana, she’s just doing her job,” he scolded.

“Mhmm,” she giggled.

This lady!

He turned back to me with a breathtaking smile. “I’m applying for the Cardiology opening.”

“Oh, as a nurse?” I stupidly asked. I didn’t expect the laugh that boomed in the room.

“No, not as a nurse. I think my size would scare the patients,” he taunted.

“True,” I found myself giggling.

I giggled?

“I’m applying for the Cardiologist position. I’m Dr Alex Oswald, and I believe you’re the lovely Beverly Rhymes,” he said with a million dollar smile.

I reached out to shake his hand. “Pleased to meet you Dr Oswald.”

“God no! Please, call me Alex,” he said as he shook my hand.

I nodded. “Alex it is!”

“So, how’s this young lady doing?” he asked tenderly after his grandmother. I almost cooed.


“She’s stable,” I replied with a smile.

“All thanks to my future granddaughter in law,” Mrs Oswald added.

“Nana,” Alex said in warning.

Mrs Oswald grinned. “What? Just because you’re not fighting for her, doesn’t mean I’m not going to.”

“You are one scary lady, and one would think that I’d be used to this by now,” I commented. I’ve known her for six months now.

Alex guffawed. “One never gets used to Nana's behaviour.”

“Look at the two of you bonding over family matters already,” she remarked.

“Everything seems to be ok with you, so I’ll come and check up on you before I leave ok?” I told her.

She laughed. “Diversion; I see what you did there, but fine. I will see you then.”

“Great! It was lovely meeting you again Alex,” I said before walking out of the room.


I didn’t expect to be called down the hall. Alex was running towards me, having caught the attention of basically everyone who was in the hallway.

Being me, I obviously wanted to die of embarrassment but I kept my cool.

“Yeah?” I replied, fighting my blush.

“My grandmother’s right, you know? I gave up too easily. So, I’d like to ask you out on a date,” he said.

“Oh! Go ahead,” I giggled.


“Beverly Rhymes, would you do me the honour of going on a date with me?” he asked.

“Is it to cure my depression?” I joked.

“You don’t seem depressed to me, so no. It will just be you and I getting to know each other,” he chuckled.

“I’d like that,” I admitted. I hadn’t been out on a date in a while, and I knew Nellie would freak out.

Nellie is my best friend.

“Great! Will seven o’clock be fine?” he asked.

“Seven will be perfect,” I nodded.

We exchanged numbers before he went back to Mrs Oswald, while I got back to my job. I went to visit my other two patients, who are both young males.

I was trying my hardest to stay awake and aware of my surroundings, but I was just so tired.

“How are you holding up love?” Fernando asked me.

“I’m almost ready to just pass out,” I confessed with a heavy sigh.

“Just three more hours, love! Dr Dickson is here for your review,” he alerted me.

“Thanks!” I smiled before heading towards the office.

Dr Howard Dickson is an intimidating man to most, but I’m on his good side, so I’m never worried about reviews.

We sat and went over the review for twenty minutes while he kept his game face on, and I mine.

“Well Miss Rhymes, after six years of service to the hospital, you’re still its best nurse. It’s always a pleasure having you around. How have you been?” he asked. This was now an off the record conversation.

“I’m doing great thanks! I’ve been set up for a date this evening by Mrs Oswald,” I laughed as I updated.

“That woman,” he sighed. He and her are actually friends.

“It’s no worries! I actually accepted,” I smiled.

He smirked. “So, which grandson is so honoured to be in your presence?”

“Alex. I’m not sure if you know him or not,” I replied.

“He’s the one who’s a Cardiologist. If I’m not mistaken, he’s applying to be the resident Cardiologist of this very hospital. I guess an office romance is on the cards ay?” he joked.

I blushed. “I wouldn’t look that far off into the future. We all know how I can be.”

“And you will find a man who will love you for all that you are in a heartbeat,” he said endearingly.

“You don’t believe that it could be Alex?” I asked curiously.

He winked. “I believe that whoever it is will be one hell of a lucky man.”

This man has been like a father figure to me from the moment I arrived in this hospital.

He and his wife adopted my mother and I into their family, with their twin sons taking me in as their little sister as well.

They also helped me a great deal with losing my mother, but I refuse to have them help me financially.

“Oh stop,” I pleaded.

“It’s true, but of course the man would have to pass the Dickson family’s test,” he said seriously.

I nodded. “Without a doubt!”

“Good! Demi said to tell you that she expects you there on Friday night,” he said in frustration.

I laughed. “She’s really going big for this hey?”

“Oh, you have no idea! The boys already feel like strangling her,” he chuckled.

“I can imagine! They wouldn’t want to make a big deal about turning thirty. If I’m not mistaken, they referred to it as the age that females panic. Men just take it as it comes,” I relayed.

“It’s pretty much true, but alas, my wife doesn’t see things that way,” he replied.

“I have a feeling I may just be summoned to help even before the day,” I realized.

He shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose. “If that’s the case, then you can take the day off on Friday. She would want to kidnap you for the entire day.”

“Oh joy,” I whined.

“Cheer up sport! We all suffer as a family,” he said as he stood up. I followed suit.

“I didn’t even ask to be in this family,” I joked.

“Tough cookies! I didn’t ask to have two troublesome sons, and yet I’ve lived with it for thirty years. Why do you think I recruited you? You’re the perfect daughter that makes me forget that I ever had sons,” he jested.

“Never, and I truly mean never, let them hear you say that,” I laughed along.

“Never,” he said dramatically, making me laugh.

“I guess I’ll see you on Friday then?” I smiled.

He hugged me before kissing my forehead. “You can bet on it, sport!”

The rest of my shift was relatively smooth, and I even ended up having lunch with Fernando and Nikki before visiting Mrs Oswald one last time.

When it was one o’clock, I was ready to just disappear from the hospital and into my bed. I was so exhausted.

“Whoa there,” Alex steadied me when I swayed.

“Sorry,” I apologized, undoubtedly red in the face.

“It’s ok! I heard you basically worked a triple shift. That sounds hectic,” he commented.

I yawned. “You have no idea! I feel like sleeping for the next week.”

“How about we reschedule that date?” he offered.

I bit my lip. “You don’t mind?”

“I just had my interview and it looks like I’m a shoo-in for the position. I’m going nowhere,” he said confidently.

I found myself hugging him. “Oh wow, congratulations.”

“Thanks! So, let’s reschedule to tomorrow night?” he suggested.

“Can’t! Night shift,” I replied.

“Thursday night?” he offered.

“Perfect,” I agreed.

He flashed that adorable smile. “Do you need a lift home now? That way I know where to pick you up from on Thursday.”

He has a dimple.

My weakness!

“Sure,” I blushed for no reason whatsoever.

It was a relief to know that conversation between he and I actually flowed smoothly.

We didn’t have to force anything and it had been a while since I’d laughed that much, which amazed me because the ride in his very expensive car, to my apartment, was only twenty minutes long.

“I guess I’ll see you then,” he smiled.

“I guess I’ll see you then,” I blushed.

My poor cheeks man, my poor cheeks.

I headed up to my apartment and decided to just sleep. I didn’t have to be at the hospital until the following night’s shift, so I was set until then.

I took off my scrubs, changed into my pyjamas and said sayonara to the day.

I woke up the next day at four in the afternoon. My shift was only starting at six, so I had plenty of time to get ready. I decided to call Nellie, knowing very well that she was already mad at me.


Apparently calling someone four times is a big deal to Nellie.

I heaved a sigh. “Sorry! I was recuperating from a hectic two and a half shift.”

“Two and a half shift? I could hit you! You know I hate it when you stress yourself like this,” she scolded.

“I know,” I whined.

“No! Whining isn’t going to get you off the hook this time missy! That was so irresponsible of you,” she continued.

“I just, I didn’t want to be home,” I admitted.

“Then get a hobby,” she replied, causing me to laugh.

“This isn’t funny Beverly. Your fatigue could cost someone their lives,” she said. I knew she was dead serious from her use of my full name.

“Ok, I’m sorry. I promise I won’t do it again,” I said.

“You bet your ass you won’t!” she huffed.

“I have happy news though,” I attempted to sweeten.

“I’m listening,” she responded.

“I have a date tomorrow night,” I informed, only to be met by silence.

“OH MY GOD! WITH WHO?” she basically screamed into the phone.

“Calm down! It’s with this guy named Alex. He’s the grandson of one of my patients, and he’s applying to be the resident Cardiologist at the hospital,” I informed.

“Ooh, a doctor,” she giggled.

I laughed. “Yes, a doctor.”

“Is he hot? Wait, never mind. He must be hot since he broke your three year spell,” she said excitedly.

Ok, so maybe saying I hadn’t been out dating in a while was a bit of an understatement.

“I know, but I couldn’t say no. He’s so attractive and it’s so easy to hold a conversation with him,” I replied.

“Are you taking him as your date to the twins’ party?” she asked.

I sniggered. “We just met yesterday. Can I at least wait for the date to go first?”

“Ok fine!” she mumbled.

“How are things at your super secretive job?” I asked.

“They’re great I guess,” she replied.

Nellie got this job of hers two years ago, except she’s signed an NDA that prohibits her from sharing the name of her employer, and basically her life there.

She’s a live-in helper to the person, and it doesn’t take a genius to know that it’s someone pretty wealthy. I don’t even know where she lives.

I know the area, but I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint which mansion it is.

“You guess? What’s up?” I asked.

“Ag, it’s just this new chef that was brought in. He’s so hot Bev. I just want to strip him down and do him,” she complained.

I had to keep from laughing at her frustration. “Then why don’t you?”

“Besides the fact that it’s against the rules of my contract, he doesn’t even notice me. He knows who I am and all, but all he cares about is the food he makes. He’s so passionate about his job. Argh!” she huffed.

“I’m sorry Nell! I really wish I could help,” I giggled.

“No, you’re just enjoying this,” she said knowingly.

I full on laughed. “Oh, so much.”

“You’re a horrible best friend! I don’t know why I’m still friends with you!” she murmured.

“Because dearest Nellie, there’s no one who knows you better than I do,” I replied.

And it’s true!

Nellie and I have been best friends our whole lives. Our mums were best friends from childhood as well, and that just passed onto us.

We promised each other that the tradition would pass on to our children as well.

“I sometimes wish that wasn’t true,” she said dramatically.

“No you don’t. You love me too much,” I said proudly.

She sighed heavily. “So unfortunate.”

“Well screw you then,” I murmured, making her laugh.

“So, what’s this guy’s name by the way?” I asked.

“Geronimo,” she replied.

“Geronimo? What the hell were his parents thinking?” I questioned.

“I don’t care! He’s too hot for me to give a damn about his weird name,” she replied.

“Oh, so you do think it’s a weird name?” I pointed out.

“So, I guess I’ll see you on Friday night?” she said.

Classic Nellie diversion!


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I stood at the mirror, checking my outfit for the millionth time. I was wearing a peach and white peplum dress with a gold belt.

I matched the dress with peach heels, gold and peach bracelets, and peach rose shaped studs. My medium length hair was in fun and flirty curls, thanks to my best friend.

“Would you stop looking at yourself already! You look gorgeous. You’re going to make the man forget his name,” she shouted from the lounge. I walked out and headed towards her.

“So I really look fine? I don’t look like I’m trying too hard?” I asked.

“You said he’s taking you to a classy restaurant. This outfit screams classy and sexy at the same time. You’re good to go,” she replied just as the doorbell went.

“I’ll get it,” she said excitedly as she went for the door. I decided to go and have a glass of cool water to calm my nerves.

“Uh hi! I’m here for Beverly,” I heard Alex’s voice. Even after having spoken to him on the phone twice since we met, I can’t get over the sound of his voice.

“Hi Alex! It’s so lovely to finally meet you. I’m Nellie,” my forward best friend introduced herself.

“You’re Bev’s best friend,” I heard the recognition in his voice.

“At least the bitch has actually spoken about me,” she laughed. I knew then that that was my cue.

“Hi,” I smiled shyly with my stuff in hand as I came into view.

“Wow! You look breathtaking,” he complimented.

I reddened. “Thanks! You don’t look too bad yourself.”

Who was I kidding?

The man stood at my door in an Armani suit, paired with a crisp white shirt and Italian shoes. He pulls the corporate look off really well for a doctor.

If I thought he looked like he fell out of a GQ magazine before, I was clearly underestimating him.

“Are you ready to go?” he asked.

I nodded. “I am.”

“It was lovely to finally meet you Nellie,” he said as he turned to her.

“It was great to meet you too Alex. Take care of my girl,” she warned.

“I promise,” he chuckled before taking my hand in his. His hand was warmer than I expected.

After I hugged Nellie, who told me I caught a great fish (her words, not mine), we headed towards his sleek silver car, which I learned is a BMW M3.

He opened the door for me, and when I was safely inside, he closed it before heading to his side.

“So Miss Rhymes, how was your time at the hospital last night?” he asked. He knew I had gotten home at seven this morning.

“It was ok I guess. I just had trouble with one patient, but as soon as that was sorted out, the rest of my night went by smoothly,” I replied.

“That’s great,” he commented.

“What about you? When do you officially know about the post?” I asked.

“Actually, it’s a good thing that we rescheduled our date. Now you’re the first person I can celebrate the news with. I’m officially the resident Cardiologist at the hospital,” he informed.

“Seriously?” I asked excitedly.

“Yep! They’re going to make the announcement on Monday officially, so until then, you’re the only one who knows,” he replied.

“I’m so happy for you,” I said as I reached out and squeezed his hand. He looked taken aback by the action before smiling and lacing our fingers.

“You don’t mind that we’re starting this, despite me working in the same hospital?” he asked.

“This is our first date, so we don’t exactly know what this is. I say we take it slow for now,” I suggested.

“That, I don’t mind doing,” he agreed.

The rest of the car ride was spent with him telling me more about the job and what his new responsibilities would be.

For him, it was refreshing to finally talk to a woman who understood everything that he was talking about. I understood exactly where he was coming from.

He pulled up to a five star restaurant and the valet came around to take his car. When we were both out of the car, he held my hand in his and we walked up to the maitre d’.

I was overwhelmed by the whole scene around me.

“Reservation for Oswald,” he told the maitre d’. She checked her clipboard before looking up with a smile.

“A table for two, right? Welcome Dr Oswald and Miss Rhymes,” she said politely before leading us to our table. Alex opened the chair for me before sitting opposite me.

“A waitress will be assigned to you shortly. Please enjoy your night,” the maitre d’ said before walking away.

“You know, when you said to dress classy, I didn’t think you were bringing me to a five star restaurant. How did you manage to get us in at such short notice?” I asked.

“I called in a favour,” he admitted.

“Well, colour me impressed,” I smiled before a waitress came over.

“Hi. My name is Melanie and I’ll be your waitress for the night. Would you like some drinks to start you off?” she asked as she handed us our menus.

“We’d like to have the Don Melchor 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon,” he replied. We discovered that we have a mutual love for fine wine, which I happen to drink when I’m with the Dicksons.

“You are just in luck Sir. We have one bottle remaining,” Melanie notified with a beaming smile.

“It’s my lucky night then. May we also have two glasses of the Bollinger Special Cuvée,” he added.

“Certainly Sir. I’ll get your orders when I return,” Melanie said before going off.

“Are you sure you’re just a doctor?” I teased as I looked through the menu.

“I swear it on my life. Nana just enjoys the finer things in life, and I guess I’ve learnt a lot more from her than I realized,” he confessed. I looked up just in time to see him blushing.


“You are too adorable,” I couldn’t stop the words in time.

“Well, that’s definitely something that someone my size doesn’t hear all that often,” he chuckled.

“I’m sorry, but you are,” I smiled.

“Well thank you! I think you’re pretty adorable too,” he winked, making me blush.

“You’re just a sweet talker. I bet you say that to all your dates,” I murmured.

“That would suggest that I date a lot, which I don’t. My last relationship was two years ago,” he admitted.

“Wow! I would’ve never guessed,” I commented.

“Shame on you for judging me,” he taunted just as Melanie returned with our drinks.

She set the champagne glasses down first, before the wine glasses. She then opened the wine bottle before handing Alex the cork.

He just smiled and put it aside, before telling her to go ahead and pour the wine. When she was done, she put the bottle on the table.

“Are you ready to order?” she questioned.

“I’ll have the Flank Steak with the Bloody Mary Tomato Salad,” he ordered.

I chortled. “Jumping straight into the main meal hey?”

“Did you want a starter? I’m too hungry for that,” he said, sounding a little panicked.

“No, it’s ok! I’ll have the Chicken Marsala please,” I told Melanie.

“That’s one Flank Steak with Bloody Mary Tomato Salad, and one Chicken Marsala. How would you like the steak Sir?” she asked him.

“Medium rare,” he replied.

“Got it! Will there be anything else?” she asked.

“We’ll let you know as time goes,” he responded. She nodded and walked away.

“You’re one of the most interesting guys I know,” I admitted.

He scowled. “How come?”

“You’re just so different to other guys your age I guess. You’ve already accomplished so much, and yet you’re also down to earth. You don’t go around telling the world what a great man you are. You just simply show them,” I explained.

“Wow! I’ve never been analyzed like that before. Thank you, but you are quite the extraordinary person yourself,” he commented.

I looked down. “Barely.”

“No really, you are. I learnt of your reputation at the hospital today. You’re the favourite nurse in the whole hospital and no one had anything ugly to say about you. From what I’m learning as well, I can tell that you’re a pretty incredible person,” he smiled.

I raised an amused eyebrow. “You asked around about me?”

“I had to make sure I wasn’t about to go on a date with a psycho. It’s one thing for you to be sweet to my grandmother you know?” he taunted.

I mock glared at him. “Shame on you!”

“But seriously Beverly, I don’t think you realize just how much of an impact you have at the hospital. I was even shocked to find out that the paediatric ward even knows who you are. The kids there love you,” he reached to hold my hand. I let him because it made me feel comfortable.

“I love everyone at the hospital I guess. It’s my first home,” I acknowledged.

He looked confused. “First?”

“Yeah! I haven’t had the easiest of lives, but the hospital keeps me sane,” I replied, making sure not to give away a lot.

“Well, this is only the first date, so I guess we’ll learn more about each other as time goes,” he said.

He’s too perfect!

“I believe we have a toast to make,” I diverted.

“Ah yes,” he said as he sat up straight, letting go of my hand. We both took our champagne glasses and raised them.

“Here’s to a new adventure for you,” I toasted.

“And here’s to getting to know beautiful nurses,” he added with a wink.

“You player,” I smirked, making him laugh as we clinked our glasses.

We sat there getting to know more about each other. During that time, Melanie brought our food, and we spent approximately three hours just talking and eating.

For dessert, he ordered the Cherry Cobbler and I had the Raspberry Cheesecake. We made each other taste what the other was having and both desserts were divine.

“This was, by far, the best date I’ve ever been on,” I smiled as we stood outside the apartment.

“I am in total agreement,” he returned the smile while moving a strand of my hair away from my face.

“So, there’s this party tomorrow night, and I would love for you to be my date if you don’t mind,” I said nervously.

“Whose party is it?” he asked.

“My brothers Jacob and Jackson,” I replied.

“The Dickson twins?” he asked. I nodded.

“Oh, I’d already been invited by Dr Oswald, and since I agreed, I would love to be your date. I was worried I’d be bored,” he chuckled.

I laughed along. “No worries there.”

“I didn’t know they were your brothers though,” he said.

“Oh, by adoption they are. The whole Dickson family just took me in as one of their own six years ago,” I explained.

“Oh, that makes sense. Well, I look forward to meeting them. Do you need me to fetch you or will you be fine?” he asked.

“I’ll be ok! You’ll probably find me already there. I’ve been recruited for preparations tomorrow,” I groaned.

“You don’t sound too eager,” he noticed.

“It’s just that Mrs Dickson can be a little overwhelming when she’s planning something and I guess I’m not looking forward to that,” I elaborated.

“Just think about her happiness over the stress and you’ll do just fine,” he advised.

“I’ll be sure to remember that,” I concurred.

The air changed as he looked into my eyes and next thing I knew, we were both leaning in for the kiss. It was one of the best kisses of my life, and it just put the perfect ending to a perfect night.

I could definitely see something going with him.

“Goodnight Beverly,” he whispered.

“Goodnight Alex,” I replied. He stole one more kiss before leaving.

By seven the next morning, I was up and ready to leave the house to head over to the Dickson Mansion.

Nellie was still sprawled out on my bed, and it was no secret that she’d forgotten that she actually has to get back to work.

“Nell, you need to leave,” I told her.

“I don’t wanna,” she mumbled.

“It’s seven, just so you know,” I informed. That was enough to get her going.

“Shoot!” she shot up before rushing to the bathroom.

I didn’t bother with breakfast because I knew that I would be made to eat where I was headed in any case. I just waited for Nellie so that we could head out together.

Since the Dickson mansion is on her way there, she had said she’d drop me off.

“Ok, I’m ready,” she said with her stuff in hand.

We headed out and blasted the radio the whole way to the mansion. When we got to the gate, she dropped me off and promised that she’d see me later.

The twins and Dr and Mrs Dickson know and love her too, so she was definitely invited. She just got out of preparations because of her job.

“BEV!” the twins shouted excitedly the moment I walked through the door. They both came over to hug me.

“Happy birthday,” I said before kissing their cheeks.

“Thanks sis,” they smiled.

I laughed when I realized something. “Hold on, have the two of you seriously been sitting on the stairwell, waiting for me to get here?”

“You know how she is,” the redheads sighed.

“You guys are such dorks!” I continued laughing.

“Someone’s glowing,” Jacob commented.

“Glowing? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said innocently.

Jackson smirked. “Oh, so you’re going to deny that you had a date last night?”

“I’m not denying that, but I don’t know what glow you’re talking about,” I replied.

“So he didn’t clean out the cobwebs then?” Jackson asked in confusion. Before I could respond, the resounding sound of a smack upside the head was heard.

“Ow mom!” Jackson said, rubbing his head.

She glared at him. “You do not ask such filthy, offensive questions in my house, young man!”

“Thanks mom,” I giggled before hugging her.

She hugged me back. “Anything for my baby girl. I’ve missed you.”

“I’m sorry! I’ve just been so busy at the hospital,” I responded.

“Oh, your father mentioned,” she replied, referring to Dr Dickson.

“Sis, you know—” Jacob started before I stopped him.

“We’re not doing this again,” I said as I shook my head. He sighed, but nodded in understanding.

“Come along now! Meredith has just served breakfast,” Mrs Dickson said.

We headed to the dining hall, where Dr Dickson was already seated.

If there’s one thing we all know, it is that Mrs Dickson DOES NOT like waiting for anyone, so we all have to be seated when she expects us to be.

Breakfast went by relatively smoothly with mom laying down everything that everyone was responsible for during the day.

The boys couldn’t believe that she was actually making them work on their birthday.

The day went by quicker than I expected, and before I knew it, I was getting ready in my room at the house.

I actually have a room here and it’s fully stocked with clothes and shoes I never wear, but that Mrs Dickson wishes I would.

I decided to humour her and choose one of the dresses there.

The boys’ 30th birthday party was an all white party, so I picked out a plain white lace dress, with simple diamond drops and a diamond necklace.

I also found a pair of Christian Louboutin diamante heels.

I styled my own hair this time, settling for a straightened out bob. I parted it on the side and applied minimal makeup before I was good to go.

By the time I got downstairs, people were already arriving. Nellie was already there, but she’d come alone.

“You look stunning!” she complimented.

“So do you,” I returned the compliment. She was in a floor length dress with crystals at the bust.

“I forgot to ask if you’d gotten around to inviting Alex,” she said.

“Oh, he was already invited, but I did ask him to be my date,” I informed.

“And I’m so glad I agreed,” his voice sounded behind me. I turned to find him standing there with a bunch of red roses.

“Alex,” I beamed.

“You look beautiful Bev,” he complimented before handing me the roses.

As was starting to become the norm with him, I blushed. “You didn’t have to.”

“Maybe, but after last night, it seemed appropriate,” he beamed.

“Last night?” Nellie, and the twins who I hadn’t realized had joined us, simultaneously asked.

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, last night.”

“What happened last night?” Jacob asked, his protectiveness shining through.

“Alex, these are my brothers and the birthday boys Jacob and Jackson Dickson. Guys, this is my date Dr Alex Oswald,” I instead introduced.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both,” Alex said politely, even though the buffoons were staring him down.

“Hi Alex,” Nellie diverted the attention to her.

“Hey Nellie,” Alex smiled.

“Guys, can I see both upstairs?” I asked my brothers, who both nodded.

“Excuse us,” I told Nellie and Alex.

“Alex, how about I give you a tour?” Nellie offered as the boys and I headed upstairs. I took them to my room and closed us in.

“We don’t like him!” they concurrently said before I even asked anything.

“You just met him!” I said incredulously.

“And we already don’t like him! It would be one thing if only one of us didn’t like him, but it’s a twin vibe Bev,” Jackson argued.

“There’s something off about him,” Jacob added.

Did I mention what the boys actually do? No? Oh well let me shed some light. Jackson is actually a part of the FBI, while Jacob is an ex Marine, who now works as a P.I.

They were both highly trained in a whole lot of secretive things I’ve never been told about, but one thing I know that they’re good at, is reading people.

“You barely even know him. You could be wrong about him,” I pointed out.

“We’re never wrong Bev, and you know it,” Jacob countered.

I crossed my arms. “Yeah well, I truly believe that this time you’re both wrong. There’s nothing wrong with Alex. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.”

“How long ago was his last relationship?” Jackson asked.

“Two years ago, but how is that relevant?” I asked.

“Why did the relationship end?” Jacob continued.

“I wasn’t bothered enough to find out,” I replied.

“Interesting,” they both said, looking deep in thought might I add.

They creep me out when they do that sometimes.

“Well, I’m going to go now,” I said awkwardly.

“Bev, we honestly don’t want you seeing him. He’s not the right guy for you,” Jackson said seriously.

“That’s my choice to make and I’m going to keep seeing him,” I said before walking out.

I was so mad at them! How dare they tell me who they think I should and shouldn’t date?

Nellie saw my expression from across the room and turned Alex’s attention to something else while I escaped to the kitchen. The moment I walked in, Dr Dickson immediately picked up on my mood as well.

He sighed. “What’s wrong, pumpkin?”

“Ag the boys are such a pain in the ass sometimes!” I fumed.

He frowned. “What did they do?”

“They don’t like Alex, and they’ve made it pretty clear that they don’t want me dating him. Apparently their twin vibe is telling them that he’s no good,” I explained.

“They don’t know the young man, and he seems like a fine young man to me-”

“Exactly!” I exclaimed.

“Hold on, let me finish. As I was saying, he seems like a fine young man, but you also can’t sideline the boys’ skills. If they say something is up, at least consider their observations,” he suggested.

“Seriously? You’re siding with them here?” I asked. I didn’t give him the chance to reply as I stormed off.

I had no idea why I was truly so angry. Maybe it was because I was finally opening myself up again to the possibility of dating and yet my own family wasn’t happy for me.

Nellie and Mrs Dickson found me pacing in my room.

“Darling, please sit down and tell me what’s going on,” Mrs Dickson requested.

I sat down and told her and Nellie everything from the date I went on with Alex, to the kiss, and finally to what the boys said.

Both women listened attentively and when I was done, they both looked ready to give their pieces.

“Go ahead,” I sighed.

What more harm could be done?

“Look, I agree with Howard here. While Alex does seem like a lovely young man, your brothers are never wrong about these types of things. They were trained to never be wrong about such things,” Mrs Dickson pointed out.

“I agree also! I like the guy, don’t get me wrong, but he does sound a little too perfect. Also, the big point here is that the boys are never wrong.

“They didn’t go about it the right way for straight up demanding that you not see him anymore, but they do have a point if it’s what they’ve detected,” Nellie added.

Before I could respond, there was a knock at the door before the boys’ heads popped in.

“Can we talk to you?” they requested.

“Just think about what we said ok?” Mrs Dickson told me.

“Ok,” I said as I nodded before she and Nellie left.

“Look sis, we’re sorry about what we said earlier. It was wrong of us, but you have to understand that we’re just worried for you,” Jacob argued.

“I understand, but must you really forbid me?” I asked.

“That was wrong of us. If you want to keep seeing him, we will support you, but just please promise us that if you’re going through with this, then you’re going to take things slow and be careful,” Jackson pleaded. I looked at them both and saw the sincerity in their eyes.

“Ok, I promise,” I assured.

“Good! We love you sis,” they said before hugging me.

“I love you guys too,” I giggled.

Jacob smirked. “Now, let’s go be good big brothers and pretend we like that twerp.”

I rolled my eyes. “Such children.”

We left the room and joined everyone else downstairs.

The party was in full swing, and despite our earlier protests, I must admit that we’d done a pretty kickass job at decorating and putting the whole thing together in general.

“Hey you. I thought you’d abandoned me,” Alex smiled as I stood beside him.

“Never! I was just dealing with some family issues,” I replied.

“Everything ok?” he asked in concern.

I nodded with a smile. “Everything is fine.”

Or at least I hope it is.


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