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Love at First Stoplight

Cami always feels like the universe is out to get her. Every time she gets to a stoplight it turns red, without fail. After being dumped by her boyfriend, she doesn’t think her day could get any worse. That is until… of course, another red light. This one is different though, as hunky CEO Nick is also stuck at it, too. Who says nothing good can come of a red light?

Age Rating: 18+


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Cami always feels like the universe is out to get her. Every time she gets to a stoplight it turns red, without fail. After being dumped by her boyfriend, she doesn’t think her day could get any worse. That is until… of course, another red light. This one is different though, as hunky CEO Nick is also stuck at it, too. Who says nothing good can come of a red light?

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: WEN


I just got dumped, through a damn text message.

And I witnessed him do it with a woman by his side, an arm wrapped around her waist, just like how he used to do with me.

And I can't even deny how unbelievably gorgeous she is, likeVictoria's secret level which was something I'm far from being.

He was just on the other side of the pedestrian lane waiting for the light to turn green, just like I was from the other side. He was so preoccupied with her that he didn't even notice me.

I clutched my phone harder and tried not to let the tears spill as the few drops of rain started pouring.

As the light turned green, I walked along with other people.

I looked down, letting my hair fall — effectively covering my face as I feel the tears starting to fall along with the heavy rain that's already drenching me.

People were opening their umbrellas and others started running but I remain unfazed by the rain.

I felt too numb.

When I crossed the other side of the street I looked back to see Chad and the woman running and laughing until they sought shelter at the bus stop.

My heart broke at the sight of him so happy, knowing I wasn't the reason behind it.

I can't help the sob that came out of me, I was full on crying in the middle of a busy street and I couldn't care less what people thought off me right now.

I forced myself to look away and started running towards my apartment.

When I managed to arrive at my house, I lifted the little chicken statue and took the key letting myself in.

As soon as I opened the door, I slammed it shut, leaning on it and letting myself slide down until I was sitting down. I shakily pulled my knees up, and let my head rest on it.


Startled by the shouting, I looked up to see my best friend in all his muscular glory with only a pair of boxer shorts, holding a baseball bat ready to swing.

Did I forget to mention I live with my best friend?

“Camilla? When did you-” Hugh's eyes widened as he took in the sight of me.

I cut him off and ran to him, throwing my hands around him sobbing.

“What the hell Cami? What the fuck happened?”

I buried myself deeper in his chest as he put his arms around me patting my head. He guided me towards the kitchen island and without saying a word, got a blanket for me and started on the kettle.

A few minutes later, he placed a hot cup of chocolate with marshmallows in front of me.

“What happened Cami? Your flight isn't until next week” Hugh asked as he placed the baseball bat on the counter and leaned his elbows on it.

Reaching for the cup with trembling hands, I took a sip and my body was instantly warmed.

“C-Chad” I answered, my voice quivering.

“What about Chad?” Hugh's tone was becoming dangerously low.

“I wanted to surprise him for our anniversary” I answered quietly.

“Then what?” He said, urging me to continue.

“I was on my way to his office when I saw him from the other side of the street. I was just about to text him when I received his text.” I answered, playing with the rim of my mug.

“He dumped me, Hugh.. He fucking dumped me through a text!”

“He did what?! Oh that bastard is going to get it” Hugh spat as he reached out for the baseball bat.

My eyes widened in alarm because I knew Hugh wasn't kidding around. I immediately reached out for the bat and took it away from him. He was trying to reach it from the other side when I cut him off.

“I'm not even done Hugh…” I sighed, the tears threatening to fall again.

“He had a woman with him, and she… she was undeniably pretty, I'm talking about model material Hugh, which we all know I'm far from being” I finished, sobbing.

Hugh went around the counter and hugged me from the side, placing his chin on top of my head.

“You are fucking gorgeous Cami, you just don't see it, but I do. If I weren't gay, I'd totally shag you” He said.

I laughed at what my best friend said. Count on Hugh to tell things like that at moments like these. But that's why he was my best friend and I loved him for it.

“I need to change, I'm freezing” I said as I remembered I was soaking wet in the middle of September.

“Yeah, you should. And while you're at it take a bath, you stink” Hugh said scrunching up his nose teasingly.

I playfully slapped his chest and made my way to my room and heading straight to the bathroom. I turned the knob to the highest heat and let the tub fill with water.

I added some bath bombs into it and watched as the ball started dissolving away. Just like how my love life is at the moment. I thought bitterly.

When I was done taking a bath, I threw on my comfiest clothes, my favorite white knitted sweater paired with gray shorts and my favorite striped fuzzy socks.

I sat in front of my vanity and started lazily combing my hair. I stared at my reflection wondering what was wrong with me.

I laid down on my bed staring on the ceiling wall, a million thoughts running through my head.

This wasn't how I planned my day to go.

I went home earlier than what was planned hoping to surprise Chad. I just completed my last year at Patisserie school and had our graduation yesterday.

The school was located here, but all graduating students have to complete their last year at a high end hotel in another state.

The hotel which was owned by one of the school’s board of directors decided to treat the students with the new hotel’s accommodations, hence the ceremony was held there.

My parents came but Chad didn't, saying he was caught up in work. I was sad since it’s been a year, but I understood. I know how important and demanding his job was at this big shot company.

I understood.

Which makes me think how naïve I was not to notice things. Were there signs? Probably. But I knew my love for him was stronger than my doubts.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I can't take it anymore. If I stay any longer in this goddamn room I might just explode wondering where I went wrong. Getting out of bed, I fished for my wallet and keys and got out of my room.

I silently walked down the stairs and went to the door. Slipping on some flip flops, I opened the door and carefully locking it to avoid waking up Hugh.

I trudged down the small steps and went around to the garage.

Taking off the covers of my vintage blue beetle, I climbed in and started the car. I don't even know if I should be driving, I'm not DUI-ing per se…

Just driving under the heavy influence of my thoughts and emotions.

I mean, who the hell does that? Cheating and then breaking up through a text message?

Oh right,douchebags.

And I had the misfortune of dating one for the last five years.

He could have at least had the decency to call! But that's too much to ask right?

Rolling down the windows to let the cold air seep in, I drove off through the quiet night, remembering how this all started.

Chad was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first everything. He was a typical jock and I won't lie, I was no queen bee, in fact I was just a regular girl who happened to “get lucky” and snatched Richfield high's trophy boy.

We were headed to different universities, he was going to take up business while I enrolled in culinary school. And even though that was the case, we promised to stay strong.

We endured the whole drama of “staying strong' “we'll make it' “you'll only be the one', you name it, we went through all that shebang. And let me tell you, looking at it now, I can confidently say it's nothing but a complete load of utter bullshit.

Before I could even stop it, the waterworks started again. I angrily wiped the tears away but the tears kept on coming, blurring my view of the road.

“SHIT!” Out of nowhere, the stupid stoplight suddenly turned red and just in time for me to step on the breaks throwing me forward. Sending a short prayer up above for reminding me to always wear my seat belt. Glaring at the damn thing, I've had enough stoplights giving me a heart attack for one day thank you very much.

I settled my forehead on my steering wheel, repeatedly banging it as I counted down the seconds on the stoplight.

“60… thud… 59… thud…58…thud”

“It's going to be a long countdown, you sure you're not hurting your steering wheel?”


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I turned to look at the voice, squinting my eyes, trying to make out the face of the guy in the dark. And boy did my eyes widened. DAMN.

I don't know if maybe I am drunk… becauseholy shit! This guy looks like he came straight out of a Calvin Klein ad.

He was wearing a leather jacket but even through the thick material I knew he had the muscles to back up that handsome face.

Speaking of that face…

“A picture lasts longer, sweetheart” he said with a smirk and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“I-uh, sorry” I dropped my head once again on my steering wheel, embarrassed about what just happened. I was openly checking him out! The guy chuckled at my response, and leaned forward on his motorbike casually. Casually, yet he looks like he's modeling for vogue.

“I'm just joking you know” He smiled, dimples showing on both cheeks. Bloody hell, he even had dimples?!

I peeked from the side and saw his smirk growing wide. He was very handsome, and the leather jacket plus motorbike thing is only adding brownie points to his already bad boy charm.

He was looking ahead and I can't help myself from admiring the view. From the looks of it, he doesn't seem to be that much older than me, maybe three or five years tops?

I guess I was staring again because he turned to me suddenly, a teasing smirk plastered on his face.

“Well, catch you later” he said winking. Before I could even reply, he was already driving off, a loud purr sounding off from his motorcycle as I watched his back disappear from sight.

“What the hell just happened?” I murmured to myself, before driving off to my destination.

No more distractions I thought. I needed my fix, and going to the two men I knew who'd never hurt me was top priority.


Parking my car, I made sure to roll up the windows and lock the doors. My car is far from being fancy but it was still my baby.

When I got out of the car, I headed towards the building when my phone started buzzing.

Answering it without checking, I placed my phone on my ear while I pushed open the doors, a small ring sounding off.



Wincing at the loudness of Hugh's voice, I immediately brought my phone away until I heard him calming down.

“Oh my god Hugh! I'm not at some bar so chill! I'm just buying ben and jerry's okay?” I explained.

Yes, Ben and Jerry, the two guys I know won't ever hurt me. Okay, maybe my weight will be in question, but that's beside the point.

I walked towards the frozen aisle and took one cookies and cream cheesecake, one brownie batter, and of course, one chocolate therapy, couldn't forget that one could we?

“Hello? Helloooo? Cami what the fuck are you still there?” I forgot I was still on the line with Hugh, I was kinda preoccupied with my ice cream.

“Yeah sorry, I was choosing flavors…”

Before I could even continue, I saw a mop of dark hair from the other aisle and when he walked over to the cashier I immediately tensed up. It was the hot motorcycle guy from earlier.

I quickly hid behind the shelves hoping he didn't see me. I haven't exactly had the nicest of impressions on him and I wasn't about to let him see me like this. Much less with my fuzzy striped socks!

“Cami? I swear to god if you forget me one more time..” Hugh threatened.

“Sorry!! It's just that this guy I saw earlier is here-” I whispered.

“What guy? Is he hot?” My best friend asked. I rolled my eyes at him but I forgot I was only on my phone.

“Very..” I said unconsciously as I remembered our earlier encounter.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I whispered on the phone “I mean no- yes, ugh I'll talk to you later okay?”

Ending the call, I balanced the tubs of ice cream with my chin as I stayed silent in the corner of the aisle.

When I heard the familiar ring of the door's mini bell, I took it as my cue that he already left.

Releasing a breath I didn't notice I was holding, I walked towards the cashier and placed my ice cream on the counter.

The cashier was a lanky teenager who eyed me and my three tubs of ice cream. I can feel his judgment radiate off of him but I don't give a damn anymore.

He proceeded to scan the items and placed it on a plastic bag.

I paid for it and mumbled a thanks. Pushing the doors open I was instantly greeted by the cold wind. Before I could take another step, a familiar deep voice asked.

“Had a rough day?”

Startled, I let out a small yelp as I almost dropped my precious cargo.

I snapped my head towards the voice and it was the same guy I saw from earlier, leaning so nonchalantly on his motorbike, a can of beer in his right hand.

Well there goes my chances of being unseen in all my messy haired, baggy clothed, crazy fuzzy socked glory in front of a hot guy. This isn't really my day.

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you again” he said chuckling.

“I'm glad you find me amusing” I said rolling my eyes at him.

“That I do” he said smirking.

“Wait, what?” snapping my direction to him for the second time.

“So, had a rough day?” he said avoiding my question. He was eyeing my tubs of ice cream and I felt my cheeks getting hotter by the second. Why me?

“I could say the same thing about you” I bravely said, raising an eyebrow whilst eyeing his can of beer.

“Touché, sweetheart. Although I think mine wouldn't compare to yours judging by the number of tubs in that bag” he said teasingly.

“I'm sorry, but I don't think I remember asking for your opinion” I retorted.

The guy just laughed at me, laughed. Wow, I'm on a roll, I've been making a fool out of myself every time I see him. I thought dejectedly.

“You're feisty, I like you. What's your name?” he asked straightforwardly.

My eyes widened at his statement and my ability to comprehend his words kind of started buffering after the word “liked'. I must have stared to long because he had that smug look on him again.

“Cami” I answered unsurely. “And you are…?” I trailed.

“You don't know who I am?” he asked, surprised at my question. He was genuinely asking and did not cross as arrogant at all.

“And I'm supposed to know you because…?”

“You really don't know who I am?” he asked as he looked in thought.

“You know, asking it for the second time won't make me suddenly recognize you” I replied.

Should I know this man? I'm trying to rack my brain for clues on where I might have seen him but nothing comes to mind.

And maybe the fact that I'm kind of preoccupied with the whole cheating and break up doesn't help my situation at all.

He mumbled something to himself but I couldn't catch anything from what he just said.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“I'm Nick” he introduced himself, ignoring my question again. He was looking directly at my face, probably gauging for my reaction.

“Yeah… no, doesn't ring a bell” I concluded. He just smiled and I swear I saw a glint of humor flash by in his eyes.

“Well, it's nice to meet you and all Nick, but I have to go” I said. As much as I would love to stay and chat with a handsome guy such as himself, I had my priorities straight. And it was ice cream.

“Of course, those ice creams won't eat themselves, right sweetheart?” he said as he hopped on his bike and wore his helmet.

“ha ha” grimacing at him as I offered a sarcastic laugh at his remark. I opened the door of my car and leaned inside, placing the bag on the passenger seat. When I looked up, Nick was staring at me seriously. He cleared his throat and the smug smile was back again.

“It's nice to meet you Cami, until next time?” he offered.

“Yeah, sure…” I answered unsurely. Next time? Maybe he only said that to be polite. Yeah, that's it.

Before I even get to close my door, his voice suddenly interrupted.

“By the way” he said.


“I like the socks” he winked as he laughed at my reaction. Closing his helmet shut, he drove away from the parking lot leaving me behind blushing like an idiot.

“Why me?” Face palming myself as I made my way home.


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