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The Roaming Alpha

From the author of The Rejected Warrior

Jessara is torn between two men—the handsome Dillon, who is vying for a position as alpha, and the irresistible Alpha Killian. Both want her to be their mate…who will she choose?

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Sexual Assault)


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From the author of The Rejected Warrior

Jessara is torn between two men—the handsome Dillon, who is vying for a position as alpha, and the irresistible Alpha Killian. Both want her to be their mate…who will she choose?

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Sexual Assault)

Original Author: Melanie Gomez


I am sitting in my office at my white desk, I absolutely love what I do. My office is bright colors and has two white chairs sitting in front of my desk. I sit in the Luna’s office and love looking out my window often.

It overlooks the garden and keeps me grounded when things get hectic.

We lost our Luna Milly and my mom a few years ago during a rogue attack. The Luna was Alpha Marx’s second chance mate and came with her son Dillon. They had a son and daughter together who also perished in the rogue attack.

Which left the Alpha and his stepson. His stepson is not eligible for the Alpha roll but he is still trying to supposedly prove himself. Which is a joke. He never helps with anything, or volunteers anywhere.

I am sitting here going over with menus for the week with the kitchen staff. Krissy and Tarrie are amazing at what they do and work very hard. We are deciding what will be needed for ordering the next week.

Our pack is about 500 members, and we usually feed about half here at the pack house at each meal. As we finalize the plans Alpha Marx and my dad walk in. My dad’s name is Tristen and he is the Beta.

I always shadowed the Luna learning the job to help out, and when we lost her I took it over.

Alpha says, “How is it going in here. I thought I would stop by and see if you need anything before we go out for training.”

“Everything is good, if we can get you to sign off for this next weeks menu, the staff can get the food ordered so we can pick it up.”

Alpha says, “No problem here you go.” As he quickly takes the pen and signs. “Ok we are off for training. Anything else pops up just mind-link me.”

I simply nod as the Alpha walks out with my dad, and we sit and talk about anything else coming up we should know about. They take their leave as I turn and look out my window at the garden.

Here I am 24 years old, haven’t found my mate although I am still waiting. I know he is out there somewhere. I look out at the edge of the forest and have this feeling like I am being watched.

I stand up and move to the window and could have sworn I saw something move.

I stand there in my thoughts as I am startled by someone clearing their throat. I quickly turn and see the Alpha’s stepson Dillon. I roll my eyes with my wolf Lita and walk back over sitting down at my desk.

I reach into my inbox grabbing the rest of the papers that I need to go over today.

“How can I help you Dillon?”

Dillon says, “Jessara I was hoping you would go out with me this evening.”


Dillon says, “Well can you at least think about it first.”

“Ok… No.”

Dillon says, “Why won’t you go out with me, we could be great mates you know.”

“No we are not mates, nor will we ever be mates.”

Dillon says, “Now come on you don’t really mean that right?”

“Dillon, we are not mates. I do not want to date you, nor will I ever want to. Now if you will excuse me I need to finish this paperwork.

“Then I am helping the kitchen during dinner service, and helping the medical ward tonight.”

Dillon says, “Why though you are the Beta’s kid. You do enough as it is.”

“Maybe because I care about the pack.”

Dillon says, “Are you saying I don’t care? I care about the pack.”

“Really? Then why are you not training? I did mine this morning at 5 am.”

I am so done with this conversation and quickly get up and point for him to leave so I can lock up. As he exits I lock the office door and head down the hall to the back of the house.

We have a huge pack house and although my dad lives here I live in a small cabin on the outskirts. I like having my independence and privacy.

I walk down the hall and turn left to enter the kitchen. We have a huge industrial kitchen and a dining room that holds 150 people inside and 150 outside. When it’s raining we have to have people eat in shifts.

I quickly throw my hair up in a bun and quickly wash my hands. I walk over to the closet and grab an apron and turn to Krissy for my orders.

She points me over to a cutting board so I quickly start cutting vegetables for the salads. We slowly start filling trays of salad and by the end, we have 15 trays among all the other food being made.

We staff about 15-20 people in the kitchen at once as we are always busy doing something. Anytime they can get help it takes the stress off of them.

We get everything ready to go about 10 minutes before the rush from training. So I hug Krissy and hang up my apron and head over to the building out the back to head to the medical ward.

As I walk in nurse Misty catches me and says that I am not needed today. She meant to mind-link me but got sidetracked. I smile and wave bye as I head back to my house.

As I round the corner I start walking up toward my front door. I hear a door opening at the next house that’s about 50 feet down and see Dillon walking out of the house with some she-wolf in a shirt.

Ugh, he makes me sick. Like I would want to be with someone who has probably screwed every unmated she-wolf in the pack. He stops as he sees me and just stares.

I just shake my head and open my door walking inside and closing and locking it behind me.

I have a small two bedroom cottage, that is just perfect. When you walk in I have a front room and kitchen, then down the hall on the left are the two bedrooms and bathroom.

I have all light airy colors with peach walls and cream floors. I walk to the kitchen and take out some leftovers from the last light and quickly heat it up.

As I am watching the microwave I see some movement out of the corner of my eye in the forest. I just watch and have this feeling like I am being watched again. I slowly open my back door and walk out to my little garden.

I grow my own veggies and love just sitting out here when I can. I walk through to the little gate located at the back and just stare.

“I know you are there. Why not show yourself?”

I watch movement but no one appears. Lita my wolf is going crazy and I don’t understand why as we can’t see anything. I shrug my shoulders and head back inside.

I grab my food from the microwave and sit down on the couch watching tv to catch up on my shows. I can’t shake the feeling that there is someone still out behind my house.

I quickly eat and snuggle in and at some point, I must have fallen asleep when I feel strong arms pick me up. I feel like I am being carried and snuggle in because I smell the most delicious scent of pine and earth.

I can feel myself being laid down and snuggle in my bed when something sniffs close to my neck. When it finally clicks mate I quickly open my eyes but there is no one there.

Lita freaks out and I start running through the house but find no one.

I stop in the middle of my kitchen because I feel I am being watched again. I look out the back window and see a giant of a man standing there looking at the ground. The moment I go to move it shifts and runs off.

He is a lycan, but why run. Doesn’t he know we are lycan friendly? I hope he comes back since he is my mate.


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We have been traveling forever. We are a pack of about 25 lycan’s and I am the Alpha. I have a Beta Tanook who is my best friend. We try to join packs but no one will accept us.

We don’t cause any trouble and typically stay to ourselves. We just want to belong somewhere. We have been traveling for a day and have come across a new pack. The crescent moon pack.

We talk to some of the guards and they say they will chat with their Alpha. After about an hour he responds saying the Alpha said no, but the Full Moon pack to the north are lycan friendly. Perfect so we are moving again.

We just want to be somewhere and belong. We are great warriors as we train each other and most are almost 7 feet tall. I am just at 7 feet so we can be intimidating.

I have muscles and a six pack with tan skin and jet black hair with forest green eyes. I have tattoos covering my upper body from my waist to my neck and down my arms as most of us do.

We quickly shift and start heading up north. Turns out it’s about a day run away so we run about halfway as the evening draws in. We decide to rest for the night before we head out in the morning.

We talk about what it would be like and dream about our mates.

We have some that have found their mates along the way but they were then kicked from their packs for being mated to a lycan. So we have about three she-wolves with us traveling.

They would rather be with their mate than their pack. We had two get rejected by their mates because they are lycan. We go from pack to pack and ask if we can join.

I’m not looking to lead a pack, and don’t really want to.

My parents were rogue lycans and just kept to themselves. I grew up with others around like Tanook but my parents never really socialized with others.

They were content at being outcasted but I wasn’t. So against their wishes, we went on the road.

We have tried over 15 packs over the years to no avail. We keep trying in hopes someone will change their mind.

We pull up to a cave and check quickly to make sure it’s empty. As we snuggle in we build a fire as we have two she-wolves getting late into their pregnancies and cannot shift.

So we make sure we keep them warm while we guard in shifts. We have a few more hours of running before we meet the next pack.


As the morning sun rises we quickly gather our stuff to travel the rest of the way. The she-wolves’ mates shift while they get carried. Since we run upright they get carried bridal style.

They used to ride piggyback but with their bellies, it’s not exactly doable anymore. We travel for what seems hours as we see guards in the distance. As we stroll up we see smiles instead of nasty looks.

Keaton “Hey lycan got a name?”

I quickly shift and answer “Yeah man my name is Killian, this is my pack. We are looking for a pack to belong to. Is this the Full Moon Pack?”

Keaton “It sure is! Let me link the Alpha after his training and I will let you know what he says. We are lycan friendly as we already have some members.”

We leave some lycans there as we walk around waiting.

I feel someone looking at me as my beta nudges me pointing to a window of what looks like a pack house in the distance.

My breath hitches as my wolf Milak is going crazy yelling ‘Mate! Mate!’ I see her look straight at us cocking her head, and quickly grab my beta running back to the others.

I run up to the guard asking if he has mind-linked his Alpha yet, he responds saying no.

“I have found my mate and she is in your pack!”

Keaton “Well now that changes things, doesn’t it.”

I see his eyes gloss over and when they clear he extends his hand for a handshake. “Welcome to the pack! Alpha Marx will meet you at the pack house.”

We thank him as we slowly walk heading toward the pack house. Thank goodness we found this pack, and they accepted us. Our pregnant females are being carried crying as they are exhausted.

It’s been a long time coming to find someone to accept us.

As we slowly approach the pack house we see multiple members standing with tons of shorts. We quickly throw them on as I approach the Alpha nervously. I am praying everything goes well as we don’t want issues.

Alpha Marx says, “Welcome friends. Please feel at home here. For those that are mated, we can issue you homes inside and those unmated if you find them come to us. We will issue you a cottage. Who is the leader?

“I am, my name is Killian.”

Alpha Marx says, “Well Killian I heard you found your mate in this pack. Where did you see her?”

“In a window of the pack house.”

Alpha Marx says, “Ok well she is around here somewhere, I am sure you will find her. Tomorrow evening we will have a welcome party for you. We will start processing you and adding you to the pack this evening.

“For those that have pregnant mates please take them to the medical ward. There the doctor is waiting to look them over. Killian do you mind joining me and my Beta in my office.

“These members around you will help you get situated before this evening.”

I nod and follow the Alpha to his office where I see his Beta sitting there, so I take a seat in the other chair introducing myself to the Beta. I can smell the most amazing scent of jasmine and vanilla.

I am relishing in the most intoxicating smell when I am pulled from my thoughts.

Alpha Marx says, “Killian, have you ever thought of running a pack before?”

“Not really interested, why do you ask?”

Alpha Marx says, “I will cut to the chase my Luna, future Alpha and daughter were killed in a rogue attack a couple years ago. I am left with my stepson. I love him as if he was mine, but he’s not exactly Alpha material.

“He keeps trying to get the Beta’s daughter who stepped in as Luna years ago to be his mate. She is waiting for her mate.

“So I have decided that I need to find a replacement within this next year. So I ask again are you are interested.”

“Not really but I will think about it.”

Alpha Marx says, “Great! You will have a room here, but if you want to walk around your welcome to.”

“Well to be honest I can smell my mate’s scent in the home. So if I follow it would you be able to tell me who it is?”

Beta Tristen says, “We can’t guarantee it as there are so many staff members that come through here.”

I simply nod and take my leave heading out the doors. I pick up the scent walking toward a building which looks like the med ward. But it shifts and heads away from the building. I follow as I see it’s leading toward housing.

I see some guy stomping back toward the pack house, and something tells me that’s the stepson. I turn my head as the scent leads to a small cabin. I don’t want to just scare her so I sneak around back and hide in the forest.

As the sun quickly sets I watch her in her kitchen and she looks straight at me through her door. I quickly leave and know it will have to wait till tomorrow.

I quickly make my way back to the pack house and as I enter I run into the Alpha and Beta.

“Who lives in the little peach cottage out to the West side of the building?”

Beta Tristen says, “That is my daughter Jessara why?”

“She is my mate. Looks like I will be thinking your offer over.”

Alpha Marx says, “Sounds great. This is your room key. We will see you tomorrow.”

I head up the stairs and to the right where the guest rooms are. I enter and lay down on the bed thinking of my beautiful mate.

Oh what a Luna she would make! Milak wants to go back and starts whining. I think I must go back! I quickly jump up and run out of the pack house toward her house and look in from the back.

I can’t see her but the lights are still on so I take my chance. I try the back door and it isn’t locked, so I sneak in and see her asleep on the couch. She is absolutely gorgeous!

Brown curly hair that is pulled up into a ponytail. Tan skin and has to be short, because she is tiny.

I slowly go over and pick her up smelling her scent. The smell goes straight to my groin and while I grunt Milak is bouncing around. I place her in her bed and quickly inhale her scent at her neck and leave.

That will have to hold me over till tomorrow. Oh yes, she is mine!


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