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Risking it All: Jason’s Story

Kara and Jason have had a tumultuous relationship, to say the least. High school drama, a big breakup, and finally their problematic reunion later in life. It’s been pretty easy to see everything from Kara’s point of view, but what about Jason? He’s not as cut and dry as you’d expect!

Age Rating: 18+


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Kara and Jason have had a tumultuous relationship, to say the least. High school drama, a big breakup, and finally their problematic reunion later in life. It’s been pretty easy to see everything from Kara’s point of view, but what about Jason? He’s not as cut and dry as you’d expect!

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Mars

The sound of cheering was a sign of tonight’s victory. Quintin had offered to throw a party at his house in honor of destroying Hawk’s. Music blared throughout the house, setting the environment.

I was standing with a few of my friends, finally able to relax helping set everything up. Quintin, my best friend, was starting around the lively room.

With a smirk, I elbowed him. “Are you looking for that girl again?”

Quintin glared at me. “I don’t even think she knows I exist.”

After taking a drink from my cup, I asked, “What’s her name again?”

“Jessica,” Q sighed, thinking about her. They’d never spoken before, but that was because he had seen her for the first time two weeks ago at our football game. She’d been talking to one of our friend’s girlfriends.

Q was too shy to ask about her, so he’d been staring from a distance, hoping to see her again.

Seeing him lovestruck was amusing. “If you want, I can just ask Milo myself.”

Q shook his head. “I’ve got to do this myself. He might think you’re trying to get with her and that’ll ruin everything.”

I laughed at his accusation.

Speak of the devil. Q stiffened as Milo walked towards us.

“Hey, man.” Milo stopped in front of me. “I have to go help my girl. Are you able to restock the kitchen?” He furrowed his eyebrows, clearly looking for help.

Glancing at Q from the corner of my eye, I smirked, pretending to let him know my devious actions. He widened his brown eyes, bolting before he could hear me.

Biting my lip to hold back my laughter, I turned my attention back to Milo. “Yeah, I got it.”

There wasn’t much else to do. I’d spent most of the night avoiding my ex-girlfriend. I doubt she’d be in the kitchen pouring herself her own drink.

She’d always yell at me for leaving her empty-handed, like I was like her own personal butler. Sarah had expected me to drive her everywhere, buy all her food, and do anything to keep her happy.

It had been exhausting. I was glad to be single now. The freedom of a new start.

Q returned as soon as Milo was out of sight. “What’d he say?”

Giving him a mischievous smile, I retorted, “I thought you wanted to do it yourself?”

Q mumbled, “I mean, I do. It doesn’t hurt to have help, though, does it?”

I eventually burst out laughing and slapped my best friend’s back. “I didn’t say anything to him. He was asking for help restocking the kitchen.”

Q glared at me. “You’re a demon, Kade. A demon.” He turned and walked away, leaving me grinning to myself. We’d been bestfriends since we were kids.

I’d met Quintin when I was eight; it had been both our first time at football camp. Neither of us had known anyone there, so we instantly became partners in crime.

As I made my way to the kitchen, I shouldered the fuck out of someone. Before I could apologize, I heard them growl, “Watch it.”

Clenching my jaw, I turned to see who I’d bumped. Instead of meeting an angry face, I was staring at the back of someone’s head. The only visible thing was their dark brown hair.

I was going to let it go, but the disrespect annoyed me. “Excuse me?” I faked outrage hoping the entitled asshole would turn around. When he did, I realized it was Adam Solano.

The guy had a reputation for having a short temper. Well, fuck.

My gaze flickered to the girl Adam was with. The familiar features clicked in my mind. Kara. I had a few classes with her, but we’d never talked.

Her long brown hair was disheveled, and her cheeks were flushed. If it weren’t for the scowl on her face, I would’ve mistook her for drunk, but it was clear she was angry as fuck with him. Yikes, did he cheat?

A voice snapped me from my thoughts. “You're the one who bumped into me,” Adam said in a low voice, trying to sound threatening. I cleared my head, focusing on the situation at hand. While Adam was facing me, Kara turned, ready to bolt.

Before she could, he must’ve tightened his grip because she let out a loud yelp. When she turned back around, her eyes locked with me. If it weren’t for the fear lingering in them, I would’ve been stunned by her large brown eyes.

My chest tightened when I realized she needed help. “Is that how you treat your girlfriend?” I gestured towards the death grip on Kara.

I thought she was angry before, but my words added fuel to her fire. “I'm not his girlfriend.” She hissed, her body vibrating with rage. They definitely weren’t together.

What the fuck did I just walk into.

Adam turned back to Kara, “You're still my girlfriend.” My eyebrows shot into my hairline when he aggressively spat girlfriend. This dude was creepy.

Kara retaliated, “No, I'm not your girlfriend.” Her hands were curled into fists.

The whole situation was making my head spin.

I was going to rub my temples, but I noticed Kara wince. She was squeezing her eyes shut tightly. Glancing down, I noticed her wrist was turning red from his tight grip.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I growled, ready to interfere. “You're hurting her.” The fear in her eyes grew tenfold.

Adam glanced over his shoulder. “Mind your own business.” A small crowd began to form. Good, I need more witnesses to see what this asshole was doing.

I straightened, already knowing where this was going to go. “I'm not just going to stand by and watch you lay your hands on a girl.” I grabbed his shoulder in an attempt to pull him away from Kara.

It seems like he knew, too. The moment I touched him, he turned and swung, sending his fist flying towards my face.

Instead of rolling my eyes like I wanted to, I scoffed and dodged it. The dumbass was too predictable.

When he realized he’d missed, he resorted to lunging at me with a growl. Thrown off guard, we both fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The loud impact caught everyone’s attention.

Regaining my footing, I stood hovered over Adam. “Get up,” I snapped, kicking his side. Adam let out a grunt. “If you can lay your hands on a girl, then you can try to lay your hands on me.”

Adam's eyes darkened as he stood up. While trying to read me, he threw another punch at me. As his arm came in, I grabbed it and twisted it behind him, pulling it upward.

Adam yelped, helpless with his arm tucked behind him. Before he could run away, I swung my fist, hitting the left side of his face.

Pain shot through my knuckles as a loud crack echoed throughout the room. Adam’s body slumped, and I let him go, watching as he fell to the ground.

Hopefully that’ll teach him not to put his hands on girls.

That’s only what weak men do.


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I stared at the unconscious asshole laying on the floor. For a brief moment, I regretted it as my fist throbbed. It had been awhile since I’d boxed. My form was rusty.

My eyes flickered to Kara when someone walked up to her.

It’s the girl Q’s been looking for. Jessica.

I studied them as Jessica whispered something to Kara. Kara’s face remained flushed, surprised by the scene that unfolded. She briefly glimpsed at me, before reddening even more.

“Thank you.” Her voice barely managed to whisper.

Before I could reply Jessica called for her.

“”Kara?” Jessica tried to get Kara to focus on explaining, and they returned to their hushed voices. Kara’s long brown hair flowed down her back, catching my attention.

It looked so soft and silky. Realizing she’s very pretty, I continued checking her out.

With her turned to the side, I let my eyes roam her curvy figure. Very pretty. I tore my eyes away when I felt my dick twitch. I was getting too excited.

Why was I still standing here?

Kara’s fingers danced on her forearms. They were crossed across her chest, causing her cleavage to push up. The unintentional gesture almost made my eyes wander again. I forced myself to remain calm.

There was now a large crowd of people surrounding the scene. I had to refrain from rolling my eyes. I just knocked someone out and they were praising me?

The prejudiced assumptions were already beginning. I could hear the whispers and comments. I felt slightly annoyed. There was a part of me that wished I hadn’t helped her. Turning to Kara, I let my anger out on her, “Now that you've caused an unnecessary scene, can you leave?”

Kara snapped her attention to me. The immediate timid look punched me in the gut. Fuck. Was I being an asshole to a shy girl? The doe eyed look caught me off guard.

“I caused a scene?” She scoffed. Maybe those weren’t the best words I could’ve used. I blinked at her attitude, torn between apologizing or continuing to argue.

Then I saw the look in her eyes. There was nothing but judgement. Another person who knew nothing about me except biased lies. I knew the reputation I had, and I hated it.

The look in her eyes was like a slap in the face. “Yeah, you,” I replied, not hiding my annoyance. My words seemed to have pushed her buttons. There was now a fierce determination in her gaze.

Standing her ground, Kara snapped, “You just punched someone in the face, and I caused a scene?” She was starting to raise her voice. Ah, great. You’re definitely not making a scene by yelling.I was annoyed to the point that I no longer cared if I looked like an asshole. “Well you brought him here, and I don't like negative people. Besides, I can do whatever I want. This is my party.”

The last part of my sentence caused her face to go white.

Kara remained rooted in place, not moving or saying a word. Her fists were clenched as her body shook with anger.

Just when I thought she was going to walk away, she locked her eyes with mine. “I don't care. Get off your high horse, Jackson. I'm not going to kiss your ass like the rest of these people,” she snapped viciously.

The amount of disappointment that whirled through me was disturbing. Taking a step closer to her I corrected, “It's Jason,” I crossed my arms.

The gesture seemed to intimidate her. I was now annoyed andamused.

Whispering caused my ears to perk. “Jason is going to humiliate her. I feel bad for her,” someone commented from the curious crowd.

Kara seemed to have heard as well. Her entire body froze.

She turned her icy glare back to me.

“I don't give a fuck. You're just some arrogant asshole who likes pushing people around and acts like he's better than everyone else. Luckily for you, I'm not someone you're going to push around,” Kara concluded.

Then she was roughly shoving past me and walking to the door.

There it was. The assumption.

I shook my head as my anger turned to pity. There was no reason to be involved with anything tonight and now I did regret it.

The house was silent as they waited for some sort of retaliation, but nothing happened. I had nothing I wanted to say to a blinded girl.

I could hear her footsteps stop. I was too tired to turn around and face her.” “And I'm leaving because I want to,” Kara snapped. This time I did roll my eyes.

The wall shook as she slammed the door behind her. I gritted my teeth, annoyed. I had tried to help her and somehow made things worse.

A groan below me distracted me. Glancing down, I realized it was Adam. Holy shit I forgot about him.

“What’d I miss?” Q came up from behind me in a rush. He’d probably heard what happened through the grapevine of rumors already starting.

Sighing, I crouched down beside Adam. He was still out of it. “Help me bring him to the couch? I’ll tell you then.” Quintin nodded, lowering himself to grab Adam’s feet.

Looping my arms around his armpits, we lifted Adam’s heavy body and placed him on the now-empty couch.

The few people who hadn’t witnessed the scene unfold watched with curiosity. It wouldn’t take long for them to figure out he’d been punched and not too drunk to function.

As soon as Adam was adjusted on the couch, Q turned to me. “Was this your doing?” His eyebrow was cocked as he waited for an answer.

Rolling my eyes, I explained the situation. “After that, that Jessica girl you like came up. She’s friends with Kara.” As soon as I mentioned Jessica, his eyes lit up.

“What’d she say?” he questioned, eager to hear more about her.

I laughed at my friend. “Nothing to me. She was just checking up on her friend.” I replayed the situation before it turned into a shit show.

“To be honest, if it weren’t for Kara’s annoying attitude, I would’ve definitely tried to hit on her.”

The way she’d looked at me when we first made eye contact was ingrained into my memory. She was definitely attractive, too bad she hated me.

I perked as an idea crossed my mind.

Q took one look at me and shook his head. “Nope. Whatever dumbass idea you just thought of, take it and throw it in the trash.”

My lips formed a grin. “Monday’s going to be very interesting.” What better way to get back at her than annoying her even more?


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