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Broken Angels MC

Aliana thought she was out of the biker scene for good, until a threat against her life leads her right back to the Broken Angels motorcycle club—and VP Axyl’s protective arms. For Axyl, Aliana has always been the one that got away, and he’s not about to let that happen again. But with Aliana’s life in danger, he’ll have to risk everything to keep her safe.

Age Rating: 18+


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Aliana thought she was out of the biker scene for good, until a threat against her life leads her right back to the Broken Angels motorcycle club—and VP Axyl’s protective arms. For Axyl, Aliana has always been the one that got away, and he’s not about to let that happen again. But with Aliana’s life in danger, he’ll have to risk everything to keep her safe.

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Riki Leigh Bishop

Book One: Axyl

I was supposed to be out of this shit after I left for college. I was supposed to just leave it behind and start my life on my own.

I was supposed to start my own therapy center for those who have trauma and have endured abuse, but here I am walking back into the life of being a biker’s daughter.

Don’t get me wrong, I missed my family like crazy, but I didn’t want to see him and her being all lovey one each other.

It’s one of the main reasons I decided to leave in the first damn place. She got the man that I wanted, and I couldn’t handle seeing them together every day for the rest of my life.

Now, I didn’t have a choice but to come back home.

I had to come back for my own safety. My father and brother, however, think I’m coming home for some time off and might even start my center here.

My mother, on the other hand, knows the truth. I could never lie to her. She knows why I left and why I’m coming back. She said she was going to tell my father, but I begged her not to.

I wasn’t ready for him to know that his daughter was a failure.

I wasn’t ready for him to find out that I fell for his rival’s son, even if I didn’t know who he was at the time, it’s still a betrayal, and I don’t want to see the disappointment on his face when he finds out.

If they knew the truth, I would be locked away somewhere and never let out. That’s how overprotective my brother and father are.

Last I knew, my father stepped down as president and my brother took over.

He was getting up there in age so he stepped down and is just the founder or someone who my brother or any of the members can come to for advice about club business.

All the original members stepped down while their sons took the reins. They deserve it though. They started Broken Angels, MC when they left the military over thirty years ago.

I always loved hearing them talk about how they started the club and why they did it. My dad was the leader of their group and that didn’t change when his squadron left after their last deployment.

There were nine of them total and they all made it out alive, but not everyone got that lucky. I’m just glad my daddy came home safely. The club is a family and I love everyone in it.

I’ve been sitting in the parking lot in front of the Broken Angels clubhouse for about thirty minutes now trying to figure out how I’m going to keep this secret from my brother and my father.

I keep checking to make sure that my bruises and cuts are still covered up. I want to put off them finding out for as long as possible. I need to get my head around it myself. I’m still not sure how I survived.

If it weren’t for my best friend, Hannah, I wouldn’t be here, but here I am, a month later, healed enough to move without collapsing.

Slowly, I get out of my car and walk up to the building and stop in front of the door to eavesdrop on the argument that’s currently taking place.

Sounds like someone and his ol’ lady are into, which isn’t unusual here, there are plenty of men here with ol’ ladies that fight. This isn’t the first time and it sure in the hell won’t be the last time.

I lean my ear against the door, and I can hear their voices clearly. I would never be able to forget that voice for as long as I live. It’s the voice of the man that makes my body feel things that only he can make it feel.

The voice that makes my heart go from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds. The woman’s voice is all too familiar as well. It’s the voice of the woman who stole everything she knew I wanted.

Axyl, the Vice President of BAMC, and his ol’ lady, Lana. They never did get along very well, and she never did like me.

Well, that’s not completely true, we were friends when we were younger, but that all changed when she met Axyl. She always thought that I was going to take him from her because she knew how I felt about him back then.

If I’m honest with myself, I still feel the same about him, but it could never go anywhere. Especially now that he’s married with two kids. He is a nice piece of man meat though.

I slowly open the door, trying to keep my appearance as secretive as possible, but that all changes when the door slams behind me after I bring my suitcases in. I look up to see everyone in the room stop and stare at me.

“Um…can I help anyone?” I instantly got anxious. Could they see the bruising? Did I not hide it enough? “It’s like you all seen a ghost!” When in doubt, joke.

Granted it was awkward because I was still wondering if they could see the bruising on my face. Thank goodness for the cold April weather because I was able to wear a long sleeve shirt and my leggings.

“Well if it isn’t my favorite daughter!” My dad exclaimed. I look toward his voice and instantly want to run into his arms, break down, and tell him everything that I have been through these past three years.

I want my daddy to tell me everything will be okay, and he’ll handle it. I’m supposed to be strong, but I just want to run into his arms and be weak.

The only thing stopping me from doing that is the disappointment I know I’ll see on his face. I want him to see me as his strong daughter that can take care of herself, who didn’t need her daddy to take care of her problems.

I’ve always been strong, but right now, I just want to be weak. I can’t though, not yet.

“Dad, I’m your only daughter,” I said with a laugh, after getting out of my inner thoughts. I go over to hug him. The hug that says more than any words ever could, and I almost break then and there but manage to keep it together.

Luckily, he didn’t hug me too hard because my ribs are still sore as hell from the last round of torture he inflicted on me. If you can call almost being murdered torture.

The next person to come into my view was my brother. My big, overprotective brother who was now the President of the BAMC. He came and hugged me and spun me around the room. I missed being in his arms as well.

I missed the hugs only a brother could give. He may be two years older than me, but we’ve always been close.

Just like my mother, I couldn’t keep anything from him, but I don’t think he knows why I left and I sure in the hell didn’t tell him about Alex and what I had to endure with him. “God, it’s good to have you back little sis. I’ve missed you!”

“I missed you all too! I’m sorry I haven’t been back since I left for school, but I was busy trying to get my degree done faster than it normally takes.” I tell him.

The arms I have wrapped around his neck tighten and my nose goes into his neck. He’s always smelled like spice and leather and it always calmed me. Not in a weird way, but it is the brother and sister way.

“So, what did I walk in on?” I ask, trying to take the attention off me, but of course, that doesn’t ever work. The attention is always on me when I don’t want it to be.

Without realizing my sunglasses fell off while my brother was spinning me around and he saw the bruises that I was trying to cover up.

Why didn’t I put makeup around my eyes instead of just putting sunglasses on? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! So much for keeping my secret a secret. I know for a fact that won’t be happening now.

“We’ll finish this later when you go to get your shit out of my place.” I heard Axyl tell Lana before he walked, well stormed, over to me and grabbed my face. “What the fuck happened to your face!?”

My brother and Axyl said at once after Westyn got out of his state of shock that is. Their outburst just drew everyone else’s attention to us. I could see the questioning gazes and it makes me want to shrink in on myself even more.

God, why am I so stupid. I should have known better than to not cover this up with makeup. They’re not going to let this go and now that the club has seen my face, I definitely can’t put it off much longer.

I look and see the anger on my dad’s face and my eyes instantly fill with tears that I’ve refused to shed.

“Nothing. Just let it go, please.” I pleaded quietly as I jerked my chin out of Axyl’s grip. I jumped from my brother’s arms and grabbed my suitcases before running into my old room. How could I have been so stupid?

I thought I covered it up better, but apparently, it was worse than I thought. Especially when you don’t use makeup like you should have Aliana. I slide down the door and look around my room, trying to force the tears back.

It’s still the same. Blue walls, pictures of my friends and me in high school, the white and blue bedding set on my queen size bed. Everything is just as I left it.

They didn’t forget about me and that makes it harder to keep the tears at bay. What will they think of me now? What will they think of me when they find out who did this to me? I need a shower.

That’ll clear my mind, hopefully. I’ve been traveling all day and I’m starving. I can’t handle my brother, or my father for that matter, let alone Axyl right now. He was just as overprotective of me, if not more, as my own brother.

I decided I would put my things away and then get something from the kitchen to eat before I take a shower. It took me about an hour to fold and hang up everything and put it where it needed to go.

Once I was done, I went into the kitchen, after seeing if anyone was around. When I saw that the coast was clear, I made a sandwich and grabbed a bag of chips, and a can of pop, and went back to my room to eat and shower.

I managed to make it there and back without anyone seeing me.

I was sitting in my room eating my sandwich and thinking about where the guys had gone. I’m surprised they didn’t break my door down demanding answers.

Maybe they had to go on a run, or they just decided to give me the peace that I asked for. I snorted at that thought because I knew that wouldn’t happen.

I finished my food and set the plate on the bedside table and started to get my leggings and tank top out to take a shower. I started to strip out of the clothes that I traveled in all day.

When I got down to just my bra and panties someone cleared their throat behind me. I spun around to see Axyl standing there, leaning against the door jamb.

His eyes are bouncing from each scar, bruise, and wound on my body. I can see the fire lighting in his eyes, and I’m frozen for a moment.

“What the hell Axyl! Get out! I’m practically naked here!” I yelled at him.

“Who the fuck did all of that to you! You’re black and blue all over and have stitches! So, tell me…Who. The. Fuck. Did. This. To You?!” He enunciated each word through gritted teeth, which I found quite sexy.

Heat rushed down to my core and I tried to squeeze my thighs together nonchalantly. He may be annoying, but damn is he still sexy as hell and I wouldn’t mind having a taste of him. NO! Focus Aliana…you can’t tell him. Not yet!

“That’s for me to know and you to not find out. At least not yet.” I said before running into the bathroom and locking the door behind me. I sink to the floor with my back against the door, wincing at the pain going through my body.

No one was supposed to find out. At least not yet. I wasn’t ready for them to know about him and what I had gone through for the last three years of my life.

Axyl is going to go tell my brother what he saw and then my brother is going to go tell my father and then I’m going to be forced to tell them. My father is the one man that can scare the shit out of me with just one stare.

I never got away with lying to him when I was still at home. Maybe coming back here was a mistake until I handled Alexander and his crew. I knew I couldn’t do it alone and I needed my father and the club to help me do this.

I just thought I would have longer to figure out a plan on how to tell them what happened and who it was that did this to me.


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“ALIANA JEAN-MARIE CARTER! Open this door right now!” I heard my father’s angry voice yell through my bathroom door.

After my glasses fell off my face, I ran into my room without knowing Axyl followed me, or looking back at anyone, and he saw my body the way it was, in all its fucked-up glory, I went into the bathroom and locked the door.

“If you don’t open this door right now, I’m going to break it down, young lady!” I knew he was serious. He’s done it before, and I was currently sitting in front of said door. So, I did the only thing I was good at. Avoidance.

I turned on the water to the shower and jumped in after striping the rest of my clothes off. I didn’t even feel the iciness of the cold water, I just jumped in.

I knew I wouldn’t get out of the window before my dad got that door down and I know he has people out there already because he knows that I’ll try to escape through the damn thing just to avoid this conversation.

As soon as I got in the shower the door came crashing down and a furious father, brother, and Axyl came bursting through the door.

“Do you guys mind?” I ask, poking my head around the shower curtain. They all look at me. My dad and brother instantly turned around, but Axyl just gave me a smirk and kept looking.

I curse the flush that crossed my cheeks. “Get out and stop looking at me that way!” That got my brother to look at Axyl. He shook his head and left the room. What the fuck was that about?

I would have thought he would have dragged him out by his damn ear for looking at me while I was naked, but he just shook his head and walked out the damn door.

My dad followed my brother, but not before doing the same thing Westyn did when he saw Axyl still staring at me.

“I want you in that chapel as soon as you get done and I mean it Aliana. I know how you are and there is no way you can make a run from here without anyone knowing. Not this time.” My dad informs me before he walks out of the room.

Axyl stayed put. That was the way I managed to get out of this life. I left right after the party the club held for my high school graduation. They knew I was planning on leaving for school, but no one knew when I was going.

My mom and Reaper knew, but she’s my mom and he’s my best friend. I hopped on the first bus to South Carolina. It was a decent trip from Indiana, but I did it all myself either way.

Even though my mom and best friend knew about my plan, I didn’t want them any more involved than they already were.

I managed to get a Psychology degree and a business degree in the four years I was away. Then I met him, and my life went back to where it was before I left.

“Well, you can go too. I’m not going anywhere. Couldn’t leave even if I wanted to. Now leave the bathroom or if you’re going to stand guard might as well do it from the shower with me.” I challenged him with a raised eyebrow.

I’m not sure where that came from, but it came out and it was too late to take it back now.

“Oh, baby girl, the first time I’m with you, I won’t be married, and you won’t be black and blue.” Axyl states before he leaves the room, leaving me speechless and my mouth hanging open.

Did he really just say that? What did I really expect though? I instigated it.

I finish my shower, taking my time moisturizing, putting my leggings on and a tank top. They already know, so why try to hide it any longer? I looked out the window and my dad had men standing there.

The same with my bedroom window. I open the door with Axyl leaning on my bed like he owns it. I look right at Axyl and say “I fucking hate you. You should have never told them. It wasn’t yours to tell.”

And walked down to the chapel after slipping on my fuzzy slippers. I considered just making a run for the door and getting in my car, but I wouldn’t get very far with Axyl following behind me.

He was close enough that I could feel his body heat on my back. I ignored it as best I could and continued my trek through the hallway.

“It may have not been my secret to tell, but you wouldn’t have talked. I did what I did for a reason. You can hate me, but we both know how you really feel about me and how I really feel about you.

So, stop being a child and get this over with. We would have found out eventually and you know it.” He said before he walked around me down the hallway. I stopped long enough to gape after him.

How he felt about me? What the fuck did that even mean? Like a sister, I’d say if I had to guess. Who knows? All I know is that this man has had my heart from the time I was old enough to have an interest in boys.

He was my first and I wish he would be my last, but he’s married now, and Lana is his ol’ lady. Plus, he has two children now.

I walk into the chapel and my brother and father are already waiting for me. I can see the fury in their eyes as they look over my body.

Anger is better than the disappointment they’ll be sporting when they find out that the man who did this was none other than their biggest club rival’s son.

Axyl, Trigger, Griller, Ink, Snoopy, Reaper, Ghost, Doc, and the rest of the executive members, meaning all the fathers of the men running the show, come in behind me and shut the door, taking seats at the table.

I lean against the door and stare down at the floor like it’s the most interesting thing in the damn world.

“Well, would you like to tell me who the hell did this to you?” My brother asks me. “Why the fuck didn’t you tell anyone what was going on?”

I can’t tell them that Hannah knew, and mom knew a little bit about it, but I had begged and pleaded for that to stay between us. I wanted to handle this on my own. I thought I could.

That is until he decided to go all psycho on me and almost kill me.

I sucked a sharp breath and sent a death glare over to Axyl. I can’t believe I didn’t lock my fucking door. This is all my fault they found out.

I can’t blame Axyl, but it was easier than realizing how damn stupid I’d been over the past three years. “Aliana, stop sending Cannon the death glare and answer the damn question!” My dad’s voice boomed throughout the room.

How in the hell do I explain that I thought I fell in love with the rival clubs’ president’s son and it was good for the first year and then the last two were the worst of my life.

How do I tell them that I got these because I was protecting their secrets?

“NOW ALIANA!” My dad yelled, bringing me out of my head and causing me to jump. He’s never been this angry at me. Tears spring to my eyes and I look anywhere but at the men in the room.

Waiting for me to tell them everything. I angrily swipe at the tears falling down my face and look up at the man that has always protected me. I’m his little girl, he can’t be too disappointed and angry at me can he?

“Well, it all started three years ago. I was at a party after I finished my first year of school when I met Alexander Harris.

“We dated for three years. The first year was great…,” I started but was cut off by my brother’s angry outburst, making my eyes snap to his instantly.

“Wait, you mean to tell me you dated the Harris boy! Our rival’s president’s son!” Westyn stood up in anger, his chair banging against the floor as it fell from the force of standing up so fast.

“Please, just let me get this over with.” I pleaded with an eye roll. Me and my damn sarcastic mouth. Seems it only gets me in trouble.

“Come on Westyn, you’re not stupid. Yes, I thought I fell in love with the rival’s son and it was the worst mistake of my life. Believe it or not, I didn’t know he was the rival’s son until it was too late.

“Like I said, the first year was great, he was caring and loving and then he just snapped.” It was the truth. He was everything to me and I was madly in love with him.

We had our future planned out up until he had to take over The Blue Moon, MC. He didn’t tell me anything about being involved with an MC until his club needed information about the BAMC.

I swallow hard, glaring at the floor as I continue with my story. “He never mentioned being part of an MC until it was beneficial for him.”

“After he took over for his dad, that’s when it all changed and when I found out who he really was. The rivalry between this club and theirs had gotten worse and by the time I found out who he was, he had me hooked.

“I was pissed and tried to leave him. I didn’t want any part of being in the club. I wanted to finish school and start my life and he told me that I had nothing to worry about until he wanted information about Broken Angels.

“I wouldn’t give him any information and it just made him mad. It started with a slap here and there and the longer it went on the worse it got.

“I tried to run away for the last three years and he finally got tired of it and threw me in the cells.” I had tears streaming down my face.

I got up from my leaning position on the door and walked out of the chapel and went straight to the bar and grabbed a bottle of Jack before going back in.

Before I continued again, I took a long swig of the alcohol, ignoring the burn as it went down my throat. I never once looked up at the men around me. I didn’t want to see the disappointment and anger on their faces.

“Now that was my life for the past three years. I would get beat and asked for information on this club and when I wouldn’t tell them anything, they abused me even more. Not just Alexander, but all of them.

“It wasn’t just them beating me. No that wouldn’t be as much fun as raping me. Now come up to a month days ago. The day I managed to escape. They thought I was dead. I thought I was dead. I had stab wounds on my body.

“Broken ribs, my face was busted up. They took me out to the pit where they have their clean-up crew come to get the bodies.

“They left and I found enough courage to run to the road and someone took me to the hospital where I called my friend from college. She helped me heal enough to get around with minimal pain, and now I’m here.”

I took another long swig of my drink and was about to get up from my post on the door.

“What did they want to know?” My brother asks more calmly than before, but I could see the lingering hatred, the need for revenge, and the anger in his eyes. “Why in the hell didn’t you just tell them what they wanted to know?

“ It would have been so much easier on you. You wouldn’t be the way you are today.”

“They wanted to know when you normally do your drops. They wanted to know about the members and when the best time to get you alone would be. They wanted to know about our mothers.

“They wanted to know about the other ol’ ladies. When the best time to grab them would be. I didn’t tell them because I’m not a snitch and I would have been dead anyway.

“I didn’t tell them because I didn’t want anyone to go through what I went through. Let’s face it, there are some women here that would have sung like a damn canary. Did you want me to tell them how to get to the women?

“How the best way to get at you guys was by going after those you most value. I risked my life for the many. You guys are my family and always will be.

“ may have thought I loved that man, but I will never snitch on my own.” I finished in a mere whisper.

“That fucker is going to die for what they did.” My father seethed. It wasn’t a loud seething tone, no this was his calm seething tone. The tone that would make even the strongest man break out in a cold sweat.

It’s what had made him a great president and an even better military man.

“Yeah, well, I just happened to have overheard their plan before they threw me out of the van. I know what they plan on doing.

“They…,” I was starting to tell them what he had planned, but Axyl’s old lady barged into the room screaming and hollering. What the fuck was it with people fucking interrupting me when I’m fucking talking?

“AXYL! QUIT IGNORING ME.” Lana screamed at the top of her lungs. “We’re not done with this conversation.” She brought her voice down to a somewhat normal level for the last part.

I’m just glad I moved from the door, or I would have been on my face. Fucking bitch.

“We were done the instant you put your hands on my kids! Now get the fuck out of here and don’t you ever come back! You’re not even supposed to be in the damn chapel.” Axyl said.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be in here if I fucking want to be. Aliana is in here, so what fucking difference does it make?

“Just because she’s the fucking ‘club princess’ doesn’t give her special fucking treatment,” she said and I just about had enough. I was buzzed as hell and Axyl has always been the man I would do anything for.

She then turned her attention back to me. “Why the fuck did you even come back here. No one fucking missed you. I must say, I love the new look. Black and blue suit you.” What the fuck is her problem?

“The fuck you’re not you crazy bitch!” I screamed. “I’m the damn club princess and don’t you ever fucking forget that. You’re just a fucking man stealing bimbo.

An easy fucking lay and you stuck your claws in him by poking holes in the fucking condoms, so you’d get pregnant just to trap him. Now, you heard him. Get the fuck out of my club!” I remember the first time she and Axyl hooked up.

She came up to me at school and told me what she did. However, I didn’t think anything of it because I thought Axyl was smart enough to carry them on him. I was wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Murdock and the one time I saw Danny, I fell just as much in love with him as I did with his brother.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” She said, stepping up to me. “You’re just pissed off that I got the guy and poor little Ali didn’t get the man she was never good enough for. I’d never poke holes in his condoms.

He loved me enough to go bare-back. Just fucking leave and disappear again. No one wants you here. Everyone was happy when you left and never came back.” I snort and roll my eyes at her.

“You know exactly who the fuck I am and if you know what’s good for you, you’d step the fuck back,” I said getting in her face, a smirk playing on my lips.

This bitch was gonna get the shit beat out of her if she didn’t back up and I was itching for a fight after what I’ve been through. I need someone or something to let my anger out on and she was making it way too fucking easy.

“Aliana, stay out of it.” I heard Axyl and Westyn say at the same time. They know how I can get when I get to this point.

They’ve only seen it once and it didn’t end well for the other person, but she insulted me and turned this shit on me. So, no I won’t be staying out of shit.

If she didn’t want a fight she should have kept her fucking knob sucker shut.

“Nah. Fuck that. This bitch is about to learn her place. She brought me into this when she started spewing shit out of her mouth.” I snarled.

“Oh yeah? And what are you going to do?” Lana said. She doesn’t know what I’m capable of. She’s never seen it, but she’s about to. I could feel the numbness taking over my body. I smiled darkly at her and her face paled.

She wanted to know what I was going to do about it and I’d be damned if I didn’t show her. I raised my fist back swinging it right on her nose, hearing the bone crunch as I did so. Blood spurting everywhere.

She fell to the floor and I jumped on top of her pounding on her face, not giving her a chance to do anything.

I was pulled off by Westyn and Axyl went to Lana before I could do any more damage. I was still seething as my brother fought to control me. “Get. Off. Of. Me. Westyn! She deserves everything she got.”

“Shut it! You could have killed her. We know how you get.” Axyl said.

“Why the fuck do you care what happens to her? You’re the one that kicked her out for what she did to your kids. I was just showing her what I was going to do about her running her cocksucker about me.

She asked for it and she fucking got it.” I said, finally jerking myself from Westyn and storming off to the common room after grabbing my bottle. I’m fucking done for the damn day. “Don’t fucking bother me! I’m done!” I said.


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Lucas Sullivan has a massive crush on one of the school’s most popular guys: Elijah Rhodes. Trouble is, the only person he’s come out to so far is his sister. And what are the chances Elijah could return his feelings? He barely even knows Lucas exists! But when fate throws the two seniors together, they discover they’ve been harboring mutual feelings for each other for a while. This is just the start of their love story!

Age Rating: 18+ (Homophobic abuse)

Warning: this book contains material that may be considered upsetting of disturbibng. Reader discretion is advised.

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.

Sold On You

Trinity is on the ball professionally, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. At the bar after a hard day at the office, she meets Stephen Gotti: a gentleman at the club, and insatiable in the bedroom. They fall for each other fast, but Stephen’s got a big secret. Will it scare Trinity away?

Age Rating: 18+

Arranged Marriage

What would you do if you were promised to one man when you were just eleven years old…but your heart belongs to another? Olivia Russo has only been in love once. The lovers get pulled apart by circumstance, and her family pressures her into a strategic arrangement. But what will Olivia do when her lost love returns?

Age Rating: 18+ (Violence, Sexual Abuse)

Warning: this book contains material that may be considered upsetting or disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

Original Author: MACKENZY

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.