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The Wolf’s Rose

Village outcast, Rose, a powerful Seer, has spent her life having visions about the handsome Viking werewolf destined to be her mate. But when she arrives at Mikkel’s village, she sees a terrible fate: A dark Elvin queen hellbent on revenge is preparing for war with the Vikings and their dragon protector. As Mikkel’s packmates ready themselves for battle, can the secrets of Rose’s heritage prevent the destruction of all that matters?

Age Rating: 18+


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Village outcast, Rose, a powerful Seer, has spent her life having visions about the handsome Viking werewolf destined to be her mate. But when she arrives at Mikkel’s village, she sees a terrible fate: A dark Elvin queen hellbent on revenge is preparing for war with the Vikings and their dragon protector. As Mikkel’s packmates ready themselves for battle, can the secrets of Rose’s heritage prevent the destruction of all that matters?

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Jennie

She stood at the grave after the other mourners had left. She snorted. Mourners indeed. Nosy busybodies most likely.

A prolonged illness had taken her mother from her. She had always been a frail woman. As soon as Rose had been old enough, she had taken over the farm chores and household chores.

Thankfully, the one farmhand that they had was trustworthy. Today she had released him from his longtime duties by signing the farm over to him.

Most people would think this was madness. But, she knew he was coming for her. She had dreamed the dream again last night. The same dream she had had for most of her life.

It had started the night her father died when she was three. She had fallen asleep crying in her mother’s lap.

She was walking in the woods towards the coast. She could hear a large animal coming towards her. Stopping, she stood still and waited. Unarmed, but unafraid, she would greet her destiny.

He stepped out of the woods slowly. Smelling the air as if to see if she was alone. He was the largest wolf she had ever seen. So black that his fur shone a bluish tint.

The only part of his body that was not black was one ear. The ear, ripped and scarred, was a snowy white. Looking at her, those ears twitched as if anticipating the sound of her voice.

Taking one step forward, she stretched out one of her hands for him to catch her scent and spoke.

“Good Morn, sir. I have been waiting for you.” The wolf had looked startled and abruptly sat down.

It chuffed suddenly and made a sneezing noise. She laughed at the action. “Do not sound so disbelieving. I have been waiting for you all of my life.”

She waited a heartbeat then spoke his name. “Mikkel.”

The wolf was so startled that he forgot himself and transformed back into a man. Rose then gasped, turned red, and averted her gaze.

Suddenly she realized that Dougal, the old farmhand, was talking to her. “Rose, what will you do if you give me the farm? Where will you live?”

“Dougal you have known me since I was a child. You know, even though we don’t talk about it, that I see things. Things that come to be. I have seen my future husband and he will be here today or tomorrow.

“He is coming to trade in the village and to establish permanent trade. He will trade hides and gold jewelry for goods to take to his home in the North. Grains and seeds for planting, as well as other items.”

The old man was stunned by her revelation. He knew, of course. Most of the whole village did. That’s why Rose was something of an outcast and shunned in the village.

Her mother had said once that she came from a long line of Seers. Many in the village were afraid of her and had wanted her stoned.

However, none would hurt her because years ago, her mother had said that the person that harmed her would draw the same harm upon themselves.

“Dougal, I need to get away from everything. I’m going for a walk. How about I pick some berries and make us a pie for dinner.” Without waiting she grabbed a basket by the door and went towards the woods.


“Mikkel, we are almost to the spot where we will tie up. I’ll get the horses ready.”

At his nod of consent, his second went to get everything ready. Last year he had sent an emissary to the Chieftain, what they called a Sheriff. The Church also had a Friar, sometimes a Bishop to lead the people.

Mikkel was familiar with the hypocritical Roman Catholic church. They used pain, fear, and torture to create converts. Thankfully, Odin did not require these measures. Neither did his Goddess.

He wasn’t sure what he believed in besides his Creator, the Moon Goddess. He had been very educated. He spoke French, Greek, Latin, Gaelic, and English. He had also been educated in the Christian beliefs.

Restlessness was beginning to take hold. He had never experienced this before and it was off-putting, to say the least. He had told only his second, His Beta, Luthar.

He told him the night before while they were standing on the deck, explaining how expectation sat on him and felt like something dancing across his skin.

“Mikkel we are tied and beginning to unload the horses and wagons. I have your horse standing by with mine. Are you ready to go?” Luthar stood next to his friend and waited.

“Nei. I feel the need to run. Bring my horse and I will meet you at the walls of the village.”

Stripping off his clothes, he leaped from the ship a man and landed just at the water’s edge a massive black wolf with one scarred and torn snowy white ear.


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Mikkel ran and ran. He hated initiating new trade agreements. Too many people felt like they deserved something for letting him try to start a trade route.

They tended to not realize that the very people that they were trying to cheat out of something were the same people that two generations before were taking what they pleased.

This was a fact that he always bit his tongue on. It wouldn’t do to intimidate the new trade prospect.

He had been running for close to an hour when the smell caught his attention. He pulled up sharp, letting the rabbit he was chasing after get away. He stood completely still, letting the scent of his mate wash over him.

The smell of honey, sage, and thistle. It teased his sensitive nose and set his body at ease and then sent his heart racing. Throwing his massive head back he released a loud and long howl.

Mikkel knew that Luthar would hear it and understand what it meant.

Close to the edge of the forest Rose froze in the act of berry picking. She knew that howl. He was coming. She smiled. He would take her away with him when he left.

And there he stood. Not ten feet in front of her was the man/wolf in her visions.

“Good Morn, sir. I have been waiting for you,” Rose said.

Mikkel was so startled that he had to sit down. He laughed and it came out sounding like a sneezing and a chuffing sound. The girl, his mate, laughed at him.

“Do not sound so disbelieving. I have been waiting for you all of my life.” Then the only word guaranteed to make a believer out of him. “Mikkel.”

He was so startled that he forgot himself and transformed. His obviously innocent mate gasped, turned red, and averted her gaze.

Throwing her thin wrap at him, she said, “Please Mikkel, cover yourself. Then we can talk while we walk back to the farm while I pack.” Turning, she walked away towards her home.

Mikkel wrapped the black cloak around his waist, thankful that the weather was warm. He watched his mate walk away, leading him towards her home. Her generous hips swayed as she walked, stepping over forest debris occasionally.

Mikkel took the opportunity to study her.

Her hair was bright orange. That’s the only color that could describe it. Her eyes were a deep amber, looking almost like bronze.

Her stature was very diminutive, making his wolf feel extremely protective of her. She was slender, a little on the thin side if truth be told.

Soon enough they had arrived at a farmstead. It was not very large but it appeared prosperous. The animal pens were well maintained and free of any debris, the barn was clean and also well maintained.

The smell of fresh cut hay and fresh animal feed filled the air.

Just as he was making note of the farmhouse, a man walked up to his mate and pulled her behind him. Mikkel allowed a growl to rumble loudly out of his mouth as his lip snarled up in warning.

Watching his mate for signs of distress, he growled again.

The man, realizing what was happening, got down on his knees and bared his neck to Mikkel.

“Forgive me. Rose is like my daughter and I only sought to protect her.” He closed his eyes, waiting for his death when the man would rip his throat open.

“Arise, sir. Your intentions are honorable and your only wrong was trying to unknowingly keep my mate from me. You are a good man and a good protector to my mate.” Reaching out, Mikkel offered the man his hand.

Rose watched all of this with interest. She knew that something important had just happened, but she wasn’t sure what it was. The old farmhand, Dougal, spoke again.

“Our Rose is special, she is. She sees things. Comes from a long line of them. Not witches, mind you, seers. Her mom was so crippled by her ability that she pretty much gave up on living after her husband left.

“Rose took on everything as soon as she was able. The villager priest tried to shun her and have her branded as a witch.

“Her mother stood up to him and made sure that he knew where she stood. It’s said that whoever harms a seer will bring the same harm upon themselves.

“That’s the only reason that Rose has been unmolested thus far. But, since her mother’s death, I fear for her safety. She is a strong young woman, no doubt about it.

“She has stood up to the sheriff, the priest, and many of the villagers. It is my fervent hope that now that you two have found each other, you will either stay here and protect her or take her with you when you leave.”

Then Dougal spoke something Rose had never heard before. “I know what you are. My mother was from the North and often spoke of the Ulfr Gunnar, the Wolf Warriors. Men that were not quite men.

“Men that often walked on four legs instead of two and ran through the forest as the wolves of their namesakes.

“Men and women that mate for life. Who treasure their mates. Men that were massive and deadly, but a good and trusted friend to have.”

Dougal licked his lips before continuing, “Are you such a man, sir?”

Rose held her breath. She knew what he was because of the visions. What she didn’t know was the type of man he was.

“I am. Rose will go with me as my mate. I am the Jarl and as my mate, Rose will be honored and afforded every courtesy.”

Mikkel bowed to his mate and offered her his hand. When she placed her small hand in his she felt the tingles of mate awareness.

Mikkel noticed the calluses on his mate's hands and growled. A frightened Rose tried to pull her hand from his. Mikkel tightened his grip marginally and shook his head.

Rose, realizing that he wanted her touch, stilled. Mikkel lifted the corner of his mouth in a semblance of a smile.

Dougal turned to Mikkel and said, “Rose is a lovely cook and it is getting close to dinner time. Will you stay or will you go into town?”

“I will go into town. But I will return for dinner. May I bring guests? Do you have enough for several guests, including several other wolves?” Mikkel asked his mate, addressing her directly for the first time.

Rose took a deep breath before answering the large man in front of her. “Yes. Dougal killed a large stag this morning and we have several chickens that need to be killed. How many mouths will I be expected to prepare for?”

“I would ask that you prepare a feast, my mate. I will send some of the females that came with their mates to help you. I will return in three hours. The women will be here in less than thirty minutes.”

Turning, he transformed and once again he became a large black wolf. Turning to look at Rose, he trotted up to her and licked the side of her face before howling and turning and running off towards the village.

Rose remained rooted to the spot where she stood in shock. Before long, Dougal laid a gentle hand on her shoulder and called her name. Turning, she looked at the man she had known all of her life.

Seeing him in a new light, she said, “What’s happening, Dougal? What will I become?”

Before he could answer they were surrounded by several wolves. One walked up to her and bowed and raised her paw. “Yes? You are the women that Mikkel said would come.” The first wolf nodded.

“Very well, you can transform in the barn and dress there. When you are ready, you may join me in the house.”

Rose turned and went into the house to begin preparing the stag to be spit roasted all the while wondering just how her life had changed and how much it would change over the coming months.


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