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Just Go With It

Megan attends Clemson University, has a great best friend, a nice car, and a cozy apartment. She doesn’t hate her life…but she feels like there’s something missing. When she meets Noah, she feels sparks she’s never felt before, not even with her boyfriend. Can she fight the urges building within, or will she give in to Noah’s charms?

Age Rating: 18+


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Megan attends Clemson University, has a great best friend, a nice car, and a cozy apartment. She doesn’t hate her life…but she feels like there’s something missing. When she meets Noah, she feels sparks she’s never felt before, not even with her boyfriend. Can she fight the urges building within, or will she give in to Noah’s charms?

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Megan Jenkins



The alarm started to scream at me to get up from my nightstand as I laid in my bed dreading the first day of fall semester classes.

This will be my third year at Clemson University for psychology and I can’t wait to just get it over with, so I can get to med school.

I pulled myself out of bed and started gathering my clothes and a towel from my closet to take a shower to help wake me up.

the shower, I applied light makeup to my face and threw on a cute top with some jeans. Yep, that should be good for a first day.

After a few years of college, you get tired of dressing up every day for classes. Some days you just feel like wearing yoga pants and a tank top.

“Babe, I made eggs and bacon out here if you want some!” My boyfriend Christian yells from my kitchen.

I gather my stuff in a hurry, hoping to avoid a conversation with him this early in the morning. Mornings are not the time for me…

“Oh no, that’s fine, I have a class soon, and I’m not really hungry,” I shouted back to him in the kitchen, while grabbing my keys and phone from my dresser.

Don’t get me wrong Christian is a good-looking and sweet guy, but lately… I don’t know. I’ve just started to notice there isn’t really any connection between us.

We have a few things in common and have been dating since senior year of high school but besides having sex every now and then, it’s like we are just really good friends.

I guess I have just always wanted a more passionate and spontaneous relationship… I mean, is that not what every girl wants? And the sex with Christian… Well, it’s mediocre.

“You leaving?” Christian asks me as he sits at my kitchen table eating. Always making himself at home.

“Yeah, I like to get there a little early, so I make sure I find my first class.”

I leaned down to give him a kiss on the cheek goodbye while I riddled off yet another excuse, so I could avoid him.

We don’t live together, but we might as well because he is pretty much here all the time and sometimes it really drives me crazy.

A girl needs a little space every now and then. My dad bought me this apartment as a high school graduation present and I have been on a full scholarship for college. Daddy’s little girl… Ugh.

“Okay, well, have a good day, baby.” He smiles at me and I grab my backpack and hurry to the door in hopes he wouldn’t say anything else.

I feel really bad feeling this way about him, but I don’t know what to do.

Sometimes I just really wish I was alone or at least just have the balls to break up with Christian. I know, I’m an asshole.


I drove around the building of my first class in my cute little black Mini Cooper trying to find a parking place and finally found someone pulling out to leave.

I hopped out of my car and walked toward the four-story building with my earbuds in. They are blaring Stevie Nicks into my ears for a few minutes before someone jerks my right earbud out of my ear.

“Bitch! I have been texting you all morning.” It was my best friend Julia about to give me another one of her long speeches on the importance of replying to your best friend because I had spent all morning ignoring my phone.

I have a bad habit of ignoring my phone…

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry… But I kind of wasn’t in a good mood this morning.” I said with a sarcastic tone as we both entered the building.

The cold from the building air conditioners hits us like an arctic wind. Damn, they keep these places cold as hell.

“Why? Christian stay over again?” I whipped my head to give her a glare as she put her hands up in defense. She knows I don’t want to talk about him. It only puts me in a bad mood.

“I’m sorry… I know we said we weren’t gonna talk about it, but if you think you might want to be single…maybe you should be, Meg.” I rolled my eyes even though in the back of my mind I agreed with her.

I had gotten drunk at a party a week ago and told her that I wasn’t attracted to Christian and wanted to break up with him. She has been holding it against me ever since…

“I hear ya, J.” We both turned down the hall where our class was and then I realized I should probably pee before class. I always end up having to go halfway through the class.

“Hold on, I'll be right back. I have to go pee real quick.” I turned to dash toward the bathroom.

“Don’t take too long. We don’t want to be late to our first college skills class!” I chuckled and rolled my eyes at her joke.

The other classes I was supposed to take filled up fast, so I had to find an elective to take to maintain the right amount of credit hours for my scholarship.

Of course, because Julia was taking this class, she insisted I take it with her, so I figured why not, it’s an easy A.

After I peed, I stood in front of the mirror just staring at my reflection, looking at what, I don’t know.

I looked down at my phone to realize I had been standing in front of the mirror for five minutes and my class was about to start. I grabbed my bag and rushed out of the bathroom.

I turned the corner to enter the classroom only to slam into a very tall person.

“Oh, shit I’m sorry I wasn’t watching—” He stopped what he was saying as soon as we made eye contact.

He might have forgotten what he was saying, but I swear, at that moment, I forgot how to fucking breathe.

He hovered over me; he must have been at least six-foot-three and he smelled so fucking good.

“Oh no, you’re fine,” I responded, quickly looking away from him trying to regain my breath as I pushed past him into the classroom to find Julia.

I took a quick seat next to her trying not to make any more eye contact with him. He is just a guy.

I was so quick to rush away I didn’t get a good enough look at his face. From the brief glimpse I got, he was cute as fuck.

Julia noticed my distress as soon as I sat down next to her. She knows me so well.

“You okay, girl?” She asks, eyeing me up and down.

“Yeah, I’m good!” She gives me a yeah-right look but knowing her she just let it go for the time being as we both pulled out our laptops.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see someone staring at me not too far away from me. I wanted to look up, but I kept telling myself it was a bad idea. I just had a feeling it was the hot giant…

And I mean, Megan, you have a boyfriend. You can’t be attracted to other guys or even look at them, right? Even though I’m not even attracted to my boyfriend.

Fuck, just one look. That’s okay.

“Megan Bowman!” The professor called my name off the roll and I was jerked from my thoughts.

“Here!” I quickly called back, but still avoided looking toward him.

I started logging into my laptop hoping to just stop thinking about the subject altogether. I should be focused on school and my classes anyways.

“Noah Jacobs!” The professor called, and for some reason, this time, it’s like my body just took over and I literally couldn’t keep my head from looking up and meeting eyes with him.

My first glimpse of him did not do him justice. He is sexy.

He just has that preppy bad boy look. With an American flag baseball cap on, a black V-neck, black sweatpants, and black Nikes; he is looking fine as hell.

Where has he been the last three years that I’ve been going to school here?

“Here.” He looks over at me and gives me a smirk that could drop panties and honestly if we were alone together, I probably would drop my panties for that face…


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I looked down at my phone to realize there were only three minutes left in the class and I could not wait to get out of here.

Every now and then I could feel him turn his head toward me and feel him burning holes into the side of my head with his stare. I can’t explain this feeling I have burning deep inside me.

I looked around wondering if I was the only one who could feel the intense electricity in the air.

Looking down at my phone to see that class was finally over, I jumped up real quick wanting to leave his vicinity as soon as possible or I was going to need a new pair of panties.

Wow, there I go again with these thoughts. What is happening to me?

“Hey, Jules, I forgot I have to meet my dad for lunch in a bit, but we are meeting up for Matt’s party tonight, right?” I asked, thinking up a lie really quick as to why I needed to get the hell out of here as quickly as possible.

“Yeah, babe, I’ll text you when I’m headed to yours later.” She smiles as she replies to messages on her phone.

I wanted to tell Julia everything I was thinking and feeling right now, but I knew she would bring up the Christian thing again and I cannot deal with all that drama right now.

I can already hear her now: ‘See I told you, you can’t possibly be attracted to Christian if you are wanting to fuck some random dude in our class!’

But this might drive me crazy if I have to continue to sit in a class with him for the semester. And did I just say I wanted to fuck him?

I looked around me and I quickly walked toward my car hoping no one could read the dirty thoughts my mind was starting to create.

Megan, you don’t even know this guy and you barely even spoke to him today.

I hopped in my car and sat there for a good ten minutes just trying to gather my thoughts. Megan Bowman, you are a strong woman with more important things to worry about so just relax.

After I had finally calmed my nerves, I headed to the cafeteria to grab some lunch before my next class.


After a long day, I stood in the bathroom putting makeup on and getting ready for our friend Matt’s fraternity’s annual blackout party.

They say they call it a blackout party because everyone is supposed to wear all black, but they really call it that because everyone is supposed to get fucked up till they blackout.

Most people don’t even bother going to class the next day because the party is so lit.

Usually, I don’t participate but today I decided, this year, fuck it because I want to just be free.

I know it sounds stupid, but Christian went on a school golf trip and I am alone for the night and just want to have some real fun.


My phone buzzes on the counter. Probably Julia texting me, and sure enough, it was. It is like we have a telepathic connection.

Julia and I have been friends since we met in the fifth grade, and ever since, we have been stuck together like Velcro. She just gets me and all my little quirks and flaws.

She was also there in high school when I was a major party girl. I have definitely changed a lot since then, but sometimes I feel like I want to just let go like that again.


My phone buzzing again pulled me from my thoughts and I looked down to check my texts.

Bitch open the door… You locked me out ☹️

I laugh at her texts and slip on a robe over my bra and underwear to run to the door and open it to find Julia in cute black shorts with a black tube top.

“Girl, you look good.” I compliment her as we both head back to my bathroom, so I can finish getting ready.

“Thanks, boo, you know me, gotta look good if I wanna catch me a fine fuckboy tonight.”

I laughed at her just shaking my head even though I knew in the back of my head I used to be the same way.

And to be honest, I was starting to miss those days a little bit. I know what you’re thinking what a hoe, but I believe a woman should be able to have sex with whomever she wants whenever she wants as long as you’re careful.

And trust me I am careful. I have been on the pill since I was in high school because I absolutely do not want to get pregnant and I always carry around condoms in my wallet.

So, I don’t have to worry if I wanted to have sex tonight, I would be good to go…

What the fuck am I saying? I can’t have sex tonight. I have a boyfriend and he is not here. Duh, Megan!

Oh my god, I need to talk to someone about this…

Fuck it, just tell her. Who cares if she fucks with you about it after you tell her?

As I started looking through my closet for my outfit for tonight, I gathered how I was gonna ask her this.

“Okay J, I need to talk to you about something and I need you not to make fun of me or judge me or tell me ‘I told you so’ okay?”

She cocked her head to the side with a very curious look on her face.

“Meg, you know I got you. Just tell me what’s up…. Wait, wait, wait, first let’s get a little pre-game in.”

She reaches into her bag and pulls out a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and her on-the-go shot glasses and fills them both.

I toss my shot back hard hoping it will give me some sense as to what I really want to say or what I even want in general at all.

“Jules, I just really want to get fucked!” Oh my god, I did not expect to say that at all.

She looks shocked for a second but then starts dying laughing. I roll my eyes and start putting on my clothes. She puts her hand on her chest to try and calm her laughter.

“I’m sorry, babe, it’s just, I have to say it.”

I rolled my eyes again knowing already what she was going to say to me.

“I told you so!” She got up and started jumping up and down on the bed throwing pillows at me. “I just knew Christian wasn’t giving you the kind of dick you need!”

I picked up a pillow really quick and tossed it at her laughing even though, as usual, she was spot on.

“Yes, you were right… I cannot believe I am saying this out loud, but it has been four months since we have had sex and it’s not even just that.

“I don’t really think there is anything between us anyways. I know we have been together for a while, but I just don’t think I want to be with him anymore.

“I just want to have fun and meet new people. And maybe even get a little wild.” I sit down on the bed beside her as I gather everything that I think I will need for the night into my purse.

“Listen, Meg, I am just going to lay it out how I see it, okay?”

I nodded my head ready to listen to her advice. I know she is a little crazy and out there, but she truly does have the best advice and she has always been there for me.

“Yes, you have been with Christian for a long time, but that doesn’t mean you guys are meant to be. It just means you guys are comfortable together.

“It might suck breaking up with him and getting used to being single again after that long, but just face it, babe, you guys just don’t have that spark.

“You really don’t want to spend the rest of your life never feeling anything but bored. You don’t have to jump right back into dating either. You can just have fun and just go with it, ya know?”

I loosen up, starting to realize she is right.

I don’t need to feel this way anymore. I am only twenty-one years old and I don’t have to be in a serious relationship if I’m not ready or don’t want to be.

“You’re right. Fuck this, I am going to have a fun fucking night and we are going to get crazy!”

I jump up deciding to change my top to spice my outfit up a little bit as she pours us another round of shots.

“You mean like high school graduation night crazy?” She smirks as she hands me my shot and I toss it back.

I stick my tongue out at her, remembering the night after graduation we got crazy and she and I made out in front of like a hundred people at a party.

It might seem weird, yes, but we have always been really comfortable around each other and super close.

And in high school, we were both experimenting with our wild sides, so it did sometimes get out of hand.

“That was definitely a crazy night, but tonight If I make out with someone, they will have a penis.”

I look at her as she hands me another shot and I check myself in my full-length mirror. I turn to her, finally satisfied with my outfit.

“So, how do I look?” I arch an eyebrow waiting for her response.

“Damn, girl. You look hot as hell. If someone doesn’t snatch you up, I will wife you myself.” She hands me my last pre-game shot as I grab my bag, ready to get this party started.

“Again, I need dick, but thank you for the sweet offer.” I grinned, smacking her butt, heading for the door. “Is the Uber here yet?”

She scrolls through her phone checking the status of the Uber she ordered several minutes ago.

“Yep, girl let’s get this shit started.” I put on my game face as we head to the car.


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