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The Night Operator

Maggie’s used to dealing with strangers as a call center worker, but she could never predict a client talking dirty to her over the phone…more than once…nor that she’d like it. Successful businessman Asher is determined to get the alluring woman on the other end of the line to play along, and he’ll stop at nothing to turn their naughty phone calls into reality. A workplace romance with a twist!

Age Rating: 18+


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Maggie’s used to dealing with strangers as a call center worker, but she could never predict a client talking dirty to her over the phone…more than once…nor that she’d like it. Successful businessman Asher is determined to get the alluring woman on the other end of the line to play along, and he’ll stop at nothing to turn their naughty phone calls into reality. A workplace romance with a twist!

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Constance Marounta


“Tech services department, my name is Maggie. How can I help you?”

“Hey Maggie” he breathed.

“It’s you again” she said irritated, shifting on her chair. “What do you want?”

“Sweetheart, this is not a way to speak to a customer” he scolded with a hint of mockery in his voice. “You know you are being recorded. Don’t be unprofessional”

“We are both being recorded you pervert. If you call again I will be the one to report you. Not the other way around” she whispered angrily and prepared to hung up.

“Wait. I am really having troubles this time” he said.

“Oh, please. I don’t think I wanna hear about it”

“But you are supposed to help people with functional problems”

“Yes” she said slowly.

“And I am having some trouble to get my equipment to work. So I really need your help”

“Okay, then sir. How may I help you?” she asked through gritted teeth.

“Just keep talking sweetheart and the problem will fix itself” he said huskily.

“Screw you!” she hissed and she cut the line.

It was final. Tomorrow she was going to report him.


She had been transferred from the reception to tech services about three months ago.

To say that she hated her new post would be an understatement. She absolutely loathed it and not without good reasons:

Problem no1: she knew nothing of troubleshooting, computing and electronics.

Problem no2: (which connected directly with the previous problem mentioned) she was not trained for the position.

They just threw a manual at her and she’s been using it like the bloody Bible ever since.

Problem no3: she was working shifts. Well one shift. The night shift. Permanently.

The reason why she did not resign immediately was both that she really needed the money and she had no actual qualifications for anything more.

Reception did not pay much and tech services was not all that better but it was the night shift that did the trick. She was making more.

So she tried to convince herself that it was alright that she no longer had a life.

When other people her age would go out to have a fun night she had to wear her headphones and wait for customers’ calls until the morning.

Then she would go home and drop dead until it was time to go to work again.

When she had first moved here, eight years ago she could not imagine that her life would turn out to be that dull. Still she was determined not to go back no matter what.

Like there was anything to go back to. She had nobody, not even friends, from the little country town she came from.

She did not make much progress here either. She was very guarded around other people. Not that she was hostile or anything but she was difficult to approach.

At least that was the excuse her last two boyfriends used to break up with her.

She acted quite nonchalant about it but deep down she was hurt. She knew she needed closeness; she just did not know how to handle it when it was sprung upon her.

All she could do was to try not to scare away the few people who were brave enough to stick around her: Mr. and Mrs Kim from the apartment next to hers and Celia from work.

The latter was a recent addition as she was working the night shift as well.

She was the only one that had actually bothered to help her adjust, so she decided to show her gratitude but being more polite and engage to small talk with her from time to time.

“Hey Maggie, I am going to get coffee. Do you want me to get you one?” Celia asked.

It was another lovely night at work but at least, having Celia working with her the majority of times, made it bearable.

“No, thank you. I’ve got my mint tea right here” she replied, pointing at her steaming mug.

“You and your mint, granny Maggie” the other scoffed rolling her eyes in exasperation.

That was their routine. Celia would ask her if she wanted a coffee just to begin a conversation and Maggie would dismiss her kindly while the other one would tease her about her old-fashioned habits.

In the end Celia would return with a box of something edible that they would share in between calls.

Sometimes, Maggie would be the one to bring them treats or Brad from the I.T. Him and Celia were something between frenemies.

They had the cutest bantering Maggie had ever witnessed and Brad was always very kind to her as well. Perhaps, he was trying to approach her in his own carefree way.

He had even started calling her sugarplum. Odd, really.

The night shift had five operators. Three guys and two girls. Initially Maggie had thought they were too many but she was surprised at the amount of calls each of them received every night.

Strangely, it made her feel better that she was not the only lonely soul in the city.

On the other hand, how much of an idiot one must be to get crazy about computers and the likes in the middle of the night? Why lose sleep over something like that?

Read a book instead if you are bored, that was what Maggie thought and did herself.

“For fucks sake Maggie” Ethan snapped at her all of a sudden.

Ethan was the least kind person in that department and Maggie had taken an instant dislike on him. Soon, she discovered that she wasn’t the only one who didn’t think highly of her colleague.

But since, she was forced to work with him as well most nights, she was trying to be cordial and professional. Not that it was particularly difficult for her. She knew how to keep her distance.

Most of the times.

“What’s wrong?” she asked frowning.

“Your incoming is beeping for the last two minutes! That’s what’s wrong”

“And that is your problem how?”

“It fucking bothers me” he hissed. “You are not paid to daydream”

“Move to another booth Ethan. The floor is empty. And maybe I should remind you that you aren’t the one paying me” she replied coldly as she picked up her call.

“Tech services department, my name is Maggie. How can I help you?”


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“You are completely untrustworthy, Ash” Noah’s voice growled from the phone.

He was not fazed.

Untrustworthy, ungrateful, immature, irresponsible were only a few of the names his father and older brother called him over the years.

He was twenty-eight and they still treated him as a child.

Truth was he was still acting kind of rebellious but all the negative qualities his family tended to associate with him applied only when it came to the family business.

He never wanted to be a businessman. It was not that he lacked the skills, because he did not.

But much to his father’s chagrin he had no ambition to get involved with the highly successful company he had built from scratch.

His interests were very different than those that were expected of him. He loved music and photography. And although he was a mediocre musician, he was an awesome photographer.

He wasn’t conceited about it, but he found no harm in knowing his own worth, even if others insisted on ignoring it.

“You can always remove me from the position brother. I never asked for it anyway” he stated calmly.

“Oh, trust me, brother” Noah spat with venom. “If it was not for father’s stubbornness, I would have removed you already.

“Or I may even have granted your wish to make you an operator at our call center. You do not have the qualifications for anything more, anyway”

“My point precisely” he faked enthusiasm. “Why don’t you convince dad to hire me in a lower position? It will be the best for all of us”

And it will get you off my back,he wanted to add, but refrained from doing so.

“You think I did not try, dickhead? He won’t listen. He is positive that giving you what you want will cause a scandal.

“That’s why he gave you the position you have right now but you managed to screw it”

“It’s in my nature” he shrugged though his brother could not see him.

“Change your nature, Ash. You are being moved to the main branch of our company as a CEO next month, so get your shit together”.

After he terminated the call with his brother he raked his hand through his hair in frustration. He should have run away when he dropped out of college.

If he had not chickened out he would lead a totally different life right now.

But he wanted to please his mom. She was in the final stages of cancer and she had begged him to stay and try to be a ‘proper’ son for his dad.

She had promised that if he made that little sacrifice all would be well and in time he would he able to do the thing he loved even as a hobby.

She had reasoned that without his father on his side he would not make a name of himself easily.

And then she had died and nothing went according to plan. He let himself be trapped, regretting the moment he had caved in and made that promise.

“Come on Bitch” he patted his lap for his dog to come to him. “We both need a walk”

They took a big walk around the park and he let his eyes linger to memorize the place he was supposed to leave in a month.

He had come to love this city. It was noisy and calm at the same time. He hated that he had to leave so soon.

When he returned home he sat at his computer to work on some pictures he had taken earlier that week.

No matter how much busy he was, he always made time for photography and he really had taken some excellent photos lately.

However, in the middle of uploading, his computer got stuck. It was one of their own company.

It would be silly if they were using products from a rival company, although he was tempted to do just that, even if only to rile up his father and Noah.

Overcoming his irritation, he decided to finally test the tech services department of his father’s company.

They were available 24 hours a day, located on the main branch where he would go to act as the new CEO, so the time would not be a problem.

As he dialed the call center’s number, he waited patiently for the introduction to be over so he could be forwarded to an operator in tech services.

It was faster than he had expected and after a couple of rings he was connected almost immediately to a girl whose name he did not quite catch.

He explained his problem to her and she started giving him instructions after a few moments.

Judging by the distant sound of flipping pages he realized that she was searching through a manual to offer him solutions.

What the fuck?

The operators of the tech services department are supposed to be the ones with the most demanding training in order to provide the ultimate customer service experience.

She was reading from a fucking manual to him.

“Are you sure that this is the right action?” he asked her beginning to feel irritated. He had to have a word with Noah on employees training as soon as would take over.

Printed manuals? Who relies on them anymore?

“After the description you gave me, it’s the only thing that fits. I can look up for some alternatives if this does not work” she said kindly.

“Well, you are going to have to find me something else because this does not work” he lied smoothly.

He did not even bother to try. He went to fix himself a drink instead, as he heard her flipping pages frantically.

She must not have realized that her heavy and slightly panicked breaths were audible and he did not make any comments on it.

He just downed one glass after the other rejecting every solution that she came up with.

It was turning into some wicked kind of fun making her search for more. Perhaps it was because he was slightly drunk. And she had a nice voice.

And he hated to admit to it but her unconscious breathing kind of turned him on in this late hour. All of a sudden his high school pranks came to mind.

When he used to call his father’s company customer service late at night with his friends, pretending that they had reached a sex line.

They made the operators uncomfortable, but he resented his dad so much that he did not care. He meant no actual harm anyway.

He smirked. He was relaxed and in the mood to play again. Not out of spite but out of need. Or maybe it was a little bit of both.

He had enough liquor in his system to not be able to tell them apart at the moment.

“That does not work either, sweetheart” he drawled. “What was your name again?”

“Maggie” she replied trying to cover her frustration. “I do not mean to be disrespectful , sir, but you followed all the steps I gave you?”

“Yes, Maggie, I did but sadly nothing worked. It would seem that your software is not as advanced as you claim for it to be”

“I am so sorry for the inconvenience sir, but I have run out of possible solutions as this is something that has not occurred before.

“I am going to have to send a request for further investigation and we will get back to you as soon…”

“Tell me something Maggie” he interrupted her, a smile playing on his lips.


“Do you masturbate?” he asked barely suppressing a chuckle.

“Excuse me?” she stammered startled.

“Do. You. Masturbate. Maggie?” he repeated, pronouncing each word slowly.

Oh, this was already entertaining. He could bet that she was blushing right now. She sounded like the type to blush.

“Sir, this is irrelevant and highly inappropriate” She scolded, cleaning her throat softly.

“Well, I don’t quite agree, sweetheart. The hour is right and you keep breathing in my ear for the past twenty minutes, which frankly makes me wonder how you sound when you pleasure yourself.

“Are you a moaner or…”

“Sir” she raised her voice. “If you do not need anything else, I am going to have to terminate the call”

“Since you were unable to fix the problem I called for, you could do something else for me” he reasoned.

He was making a big effort to keep his voice neutral as he drained another glass. He expected a response but she remained silent.

“I would like you to slip your hand inside your panties and touch yourself.

“I want to hear the sound you make when you cum, while your colleagues are nearby” he whispered mildly surprised that she had not cut him off yet.

As he heard the unmistakable sound of the line going dead, he let out a laugh.

He dialed the number again. His own sexual request had turned him on even more and he still wanted to tease her.

As with the first time he was connected immediately.

“Tech services department, my name is Leo. How can I help you?”

He hang up cursing under his breath. Damn spoilsport.


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