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He kidnaps her with orders to kill, but finds his heart captivated. She was a lonely girl, deprived of care and compassion, and didn’t expect to find it from her captor. Will he finish the job, or risk it all to save her? Can she find a way to escape death, and rescue him in the process?

Age Rating: 18+


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He kidnaps her with orders to kill, but finds his heart captivated. She was a lonely girl, deprived of care and compassion, and didn’t expect to find it from her captor. Will he finish the job, or risk it all to save her? Can she find a way to escape death, and rescue him in the process?

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: iamram2333

Several droplets of water hit his windshield as he watched his target park his car several meters away from the back door of a residential building.

He looked up at the night sky and saw more than a few beads of rain starting to fall, only slightly illuminated by the street light behind his car. He smiled. This couldn’t get any easier.

He heard a car door slam and he fixed his gaze back to his target who had just gotten off the car and was now walking towards the trunk.

He heaved a deep sigh, once again feeling the thrill of the prospect of getting his task done exceptionally.

He prided himself on his meticulous planning and careful execution; he had never failed before.

He adjusted the black leather gloves on his hands and then reached for the gun on the passenger seat. He examined the firearm for a few seconds and attached a silencer he had pulled out from the glove box.

Three to five minutes tops to get it done and he could finally get home in time for dinner.

He gazed at himself in the rear-view mirror and the corner of his lips pulled up into another smile.

His eyes were a bit red from his lack of sleep the past few days, but other than that, his young, angelic face looked as stunning as it had always been.

He adjusted his cap for a few seconds and slowly got out of the car.

The rainfall started getting heavier and he pulled his leather jacket closer to his body as he hid the gun underneath.

He slowly walked towards his target, who, at that moment, was busy taking boxes from the trunk and was seemingly oblivious to his surroundings. He stopped when he was a foot behind him.

“Sir,” he called, his voice soft and gentle. His target turned around.

He was a stocky old man with a full beard and a huge belly, and at that moment he was looking completely agitated, determined to get all of his stuff out of the trunk and into the building before the rain started pouring like crazy.

The younger man stared at his target’s eyes. He needed to, that was always part of his execution.

He had to make sure he had the right person and he also loved seeing the fear in their eyes when they finally realized what he came for.

“What do you want?” the man asked brusquely.

He smiled.

“What do you want?” the man repeated. “I’m in a hurry here, in case you didn’t notice. You might as well just help me,” he said impatiently.

“I can do that,” he said, nodding, his lovely eyes watching his target’s every move.

“Well? Come on! Get one of these boxes off the trunk!” the man commanded.

He didn’t move.

“Young man, you are wasting my time. Just get out of my way.”

“This won’t take long,” he said, slightly moving his hand that was inside the jacket.

His target looked at him closely and seemed to finally sense that something was wrong. He started pulling out his phone from his pocket.

“Put that down,” the young guy ordered, his voice eerily soft yet menacing.

“Who are you?” his target asked, his hands trembling as he dropped the phone back in his pocket as if hypnotized.

The young man pulled the gun from his jacket and fired five rounds into the man’s heart. His eyes were unblinking and they never left his target’s face.

The man’s lifeless body dropped to the ground with a satisfying thud and the young man placed the gun back inside his jacket.

He heaved another sigh. “It’s Richard,” he murmured. “But you didn’t need to know that.”


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“The number you dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area. Please try your call later.”

Deiana dialed the number once more and waited. The call rang about ten times, and then she heard the same message again.

She sighed and called a different number, her fingers tapping on the wooden table as she waited.

“Frank Mendoza’s office, how can I help you?” a female voice answered pleasantly on the other line.

“Jane, I’m trying to reach Mr. Mendoza, can you transfer my call please?” Deiana said promptly.

“May I know who this is?”

Deiana exhaled sharply. “It’s Deiana, Jane, his daughter.”

“Oh, I apologize, Ms. Mendoza, I didn’t recognize your voice. Your dad is in an important meeting right now and can’t accept any calls. Can I take a message instead?” Jane, her father’s assistant, said.

Deiana heaved another sigh. “Do you have access to his calendar?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Can you please check if he had plotted an appointment to meet me at 3:30 PM today?”

“Okay, one moment, ma’am,” Jane said quickly.

Deiana grabbed her coffee and took a sip as she waited. She glanced through the window at the grey skies outside.

It looked like it was going to rain hard again, and she silently cursed as she thought of her car that was parked a block away from the cafe bar she was in.

There were no parking spaces available at and near the café, so she drove a block to get her car parked in a vast public parking lot.

“Ms. Mendoza?” Jane called.


“I do see an appointment that was plotted for a meeting with you at 3:30 today, but it was cancelled,” the assistant said in an apologetic tone.

“Great,” Deiana muttered. “He didn’t even bother to inform me. Thanks for your help, Jane. Just… Just tell my dad I called,” she said.

“Okay, ma’am.”

“Oh, and what time’s the opening ceremony for the new building tomorrow?” Deiana asked.

“It’s at 5 PM, ma’am.”

“Ok, thanks,” she said and hung up.

She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm herself as she felt her heart pounding furiously from irritation and frustration.

Her dad had promised to meet her that afternoon to discuss the condo unit he had been planning to get her. She had also wanted to discuss with him her plans for her 21st birthday that month.

She actually cancelled all her engagements for the day so she could meet him, because they barely talked at home due to his busy schedule.

He, on the other hand, promised that he would actually be free to spend time with her that afternoon.

You should’ve already gotten used to this by now, Deiana.

He had been like this since you were a kid, which is exactly why mom had divorced him. He never had time nor care for anyone else except his business and his own personal gains.

A rumble of thunder pulled her out of her bitter thoughts and the sound made her jump a little.

She looked out the window again and saw that the sky had turned darker, indicating that a heavy downpour was about to come.

I’d better leave now, she thought, quickly grabbing her bag from the corner of the booth she was sitting in, and gently slid off her seat.

She walked out the door and started walking briskly.

She knew she probably had about three minutes to get to the parking lot before the rain started pouring, but with her three-inched high stilettos, her chances weren’t looking too great.

The strap of her right sandal also kept sliding off, making it hard for her to walk faster.

Seriously, what else could go wrong today?

She turned and adjusted the strap quickly, making sure it was tight and in place.

When satisfied, she took another step forward without looking and bumped into a tall guy wearing a black cap and a white shirt.

“Watch it!” he said, glancing at her. His voice was soft but his tone was cold and menacing somehow. The combination was so unsettling that she had to look at him.

Although he was facing her, she couldn’t see his face that much. Most of it was hidden in the shadow cast by his cap that was lowered to cover his eyes.

She was able to see his lips though – and it was so easy to register how pinkish red they were because of their stark contrast to his pale skin.

“I-I’m sorry,” she said.

The stranger didn’t respond but turned to leave right away. She gazed at his retreating back, totally perplexed by his lack of courtesy.

She suddenly felt a huge drop of rain touch her cheek and then almost instantly, the heavens opened to release a few more, soaking her wet all at once.

Oh, God!

“Miss, get under this roof for now, you’re getting soaked to the skin,” a guard from a nearby pawn shop approached her with a huge umbrella and led her under the shed just outside the establishment.

She muttered a small ‘thanks’ and wrapped her arms around herself.

She felt her phone vibrate inside her bag and pulled it out. There was a text from her dad.

Dei, honey, I’m sorry I had to cancel our meeting. Some important clients arrived right before I was leaving and I really couldn’t ask them to reschedule.
I’ll make up to you next time, I promise. Don’t stay up late for me, I have a dinner meeting and may not be able to get home early. I love you.

Of course, she thought bitterly. Some people are just more important than you are, Dei.


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