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xxxxx Riders MC

After losing her mother to a rival motorcycle club’s retaliation, Mia runs away to pursue her dream of going to college and earning an art degree. She proves to be easy prey for the sadistic Caleb, who spends five years abusing the isolated Mia. After learning she’s pregnant, Mia stages an escape for herself and her baby and reunites with her estranged father…but has she truly escaped Caleb’s clutches, or will he manage to track her down again?

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Rape, Abuse, Gang rape, Pregnancy resulting from rape)


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Book One: Mayhem's Princess


“You fucking whore!” he yelled as he started to swing at me.

I tried to block the punches. But he’s ten times stronger than I am.

“Please, Caleb,” I cried as he continued to beat me.

“You want to flirt with other men. Nobody will ever want trash like you. I’m going to show you what happens to trash,” he said, towering above me.

I kept slipping in and out of consciousness, the urge to let go and be with my mom was coming so easy to me. I felt his hands on me as he ripped my dress open.

“No, Caleb. Stop please, I love you.” I tried to fight to stay awake, to fight him.

After he finished, it felt like a knife cut into me.

Slowly slipping away, I felt someone pick me up and put me down on a bed.

I see this light every now and again, I’m not entirely sure whether to go or not. But it feels so warm.

“Ma’am, can you hear me? Ma’am, can you tell me your name?” a voice called from a far away.

“Mia…Mia Rodgers.” I whispered faintly.



“When the fuck is someone gonna tell me where the fuck my daughter is?” I hollered at the nurse.

“Sir please calm down and have a seat or I’ll have you escorted out of here.” This nurse is upsetting me.

“I’m not going to calm down or take a damn seat. I get a phone call at two in the morning, saying my daughter Mia Rodgers is here. Now will you kindly point me into the direction of her room.” I said.

“We called you almost two nights ago, sir.” She put her glasses on looking at some paper then back at me.

“Lady, listen to me. I just rode in from Southern California. It was a long drive up here. Now please tell me where’s my daughter?”

I’m losing my patience.

“Fine. Take the elevator to the fifth floor, it will take you to the ICU. Once you get there take a left, then a right. Her room number is 217A.” She finally gave me the directions.

“Thank you,” I said, running off in the direction the nurse told me.

I finally got out of the elevator, now I’m up in the ICU.

I took the left, then right like the nurse told me.

217A was now right in front of me.

I took a deep breath and opened the door, to see my princess lying in a hospital bed with an oxygen tube in her nose, a cast on her, and her face bruised up.

I sat down beside her, taking her hand in mine, for the first time in ten years I cried.

“Sir, hello, my name is Doctor Taylor. I’ve been taking care of your daughter while she has been here.” A young skinny man who looked like belonged in a science lab came into the room.

“Name’s Bobby. Please what happened to my daughter?” I asked, trying not to break down.

“Nice to meet you, sir. Well she was brought in here two nights ago. She was beaten almost to death.

“Damaged four of her ribs, she lost quite a bit of blood from the beating and a large cut on her chest.

“Her right hand is broken into two places, she might need surgery later on. But it will depend on her taking care of it.

“Also sir I am sorry to inform you of this, we found some tearing. We believe she was raped as well. I am sorry.”

Doctor Taylor read her chart to me, explaining what had happened to my daughter.

I couldn’t believe that someone touched my princess, trying to control my anger so I can be here for her.

“Thank you, Doc, for taking care of my princess.” I stood up and held my hand out.

“It’s no problem sir. It’s my job. I will be back later to check on her, she should wake up soon.” He shook my hand then left the room.

“Princess I’m so sorry this happened. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you. I’m here now princess, your old man is here.”

I sat back down, taking her hand in mine again.

I brought her hand up to my lips as a lone tear fell.

I talked about the club, some of the guys, like Mason, he’s my right-hand man, my V.P. and Mia’s uncle. Mia had not only me but Mason wrapped around her little finger from the day she was born.

I called Mason over an hour ago to inform him about Mia, he said he was on his way.

“I love you so much, princess. I’m sorry I haven’t been there as much as I used to. You know I never said this much when you were growing up, after your mom died.

“You look so much like her. Mia, your mom would be so proud of you.

“I am proud of you as well princess.” I brushed her hair out of her face.

A few hours later, Mason came storming into the room, panting. Only to freeze once he saw princess asleep with a cast on her arm, the oxygen tube in her nose and her face bruised up.

He slowly walked toward me not taking his eyes off her.

I couldn’t blame him, I’ve been like that since I got here.

“Bobby, what happened?” Mason sat down next to me.

“I have no idea. She hasn’t woken up yet.

“The doctor did say that she was beaten almost to death, lost quite a bit of blood from the bleeding and some cut on her chest.

“She might need surgery on her hand, she broke it in two places. Damaged four of her ribs.

“Also he said…” I started telling Mason what the doctor told me earlier.

“He said what? What did he say, Bobby?” Mason asked.

I took a deep breath, looked at my princess then back to Mason.

“This sick fuck, raped her.”

I couldn’t believe I even uttered that sentence.

After what happened to Angel I swore this wouldn’t happen to princess.

“Who the fuck did this?” Mason’s rage is starting to come out.

“I’m not sure. You can bet Mason we are going to find out,” I told him, looking at my daughter.


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“Daddy, I’m going to the Academy of Arts and Academics in Oregon. I got accepted.”

I ran down the stairs holding up my acceptance letter with a huge smile on my face.

My dad didn’t look pleased.

“Oregon? When did you apply there, Mia?”

My smile dropped, every time I talked to him about going places or about art, he shuts me out.

I know I remind him of Mom.

So in the end he shuts me out and doesn’t like to be around me much anymore since she died.

I just wish he would listen to me.

“Daddy, I’ve been trying to tell you about it. You won’t listen,” I tried to explain.

“Mia, I don’t have time for this. I have to get ready for the run to Northern California.” He stood up from the table to put his cut on.

“Daddy, I’m going to Oregon to study at this art school. I’m almost nineteen, I’m an adult now. Why can’t you support me in this? Mom would have.” I yelled at him.

“Do not talk about your mother. You’re not going. I don’t have time for my guys or I for that matter to follow you up at some dumb school. End of discussion, now I will see you in a few days.”

With that, he walked out the door.

Tears fell down my cheeks.

I wish my mom was still alive, I know she’d back me up all the way.

I love my dad, the guys in the club, and the old ladies. Right now though I need to do something for me.

I ran up to my room to pack all my things.

Once I put everything into my little black Honda, I walked back into the house.

I set my phone and card on the table.

Now Dad won’t have Hacker track me down.

I got into my car and took off. I started to drive by the clubhouse, tears came rushing down more.

“Goodbye, Daddy,” I whispered as I drove off.



“Do you remember the time you came home from school and told your mamma and I about some school dance. I think you said it was homecoming. You begged us to let you go.” I heard what I think is my dad.

“We said you could go. That was until you started to talk to your mamma about some boy who asked you to go. I changed my mind of course, no one was taking my princess out.” I heard him talking as he was replaying a memory.

“You were so overprotective of me.” I woke up with my voice sounding scratchy.

“Mia. Mia, oh my god you’re awake. You scared me, princess.” My dad came over and hugged me.

“Water please?” I asked.

“Oh right. Here you go.” He handed me a cup of ice water.

“Thank you,” I said, handing him the cup back.

“Princess, what happened to you?”

I knew he was going to ask. Only I wasn’t ready to tell people yet.

“I’m sorry, Daddy, I don’t remember,” I lied.

“That’s fine, princess, don’t push yourself to remember. I’m gonna get the doctor and tell him you’re awake now.”

He kissed my forehead and walked out of the room.

I knew I should have told my dad about Caleb, or at least what happened to me over the last four years.

I just couldn’t talk about it, I remember everything about that night, usually he’s drunk.

This time he was completely sober.

As everything fades away, I close my eyes and decide to rest.



I haven’t been home in a year.

I miss my dad like crazy.

I need to do this for me.

I wasn’t going to give up my passion for art.

I’ve made a few friends here in Oregon, like my best friend, Lexi.

She’s a drama major.

She is gorgeous, long blonde hair with green eyes and a great body.

Lexi is the type of girl you love to be around, she is very energetic, beautiful and talented.

We had English class together our first year and automatically hit it off.

When it comes to breaks or any type of holiday, I stay here in the townhouse I got once I moved here. It was really lonely, I missed everyone back home.

Lexi decided to move in with me over summer break, now it’s Christmas break.

I was glad Lexi stayed back with me this time.

I was excited I didn’t have to be alone for another Christmas again. Lexi thought we should liven up the place more, so we added Christmas decorations.

“Let’s go to Starbucks. I could really go for some hot chocolate.” Lexi came into my room putting her coat on.

“Yeah that sounds good. I could use a break anyway.” I put my pen down and got up from my desk to put my coat on.

“It’s been over a year, Mia. You still haven’t called him or mailed him that letter?”

I told Lexi all about my family back home.

Mainly my dad and how I haven’t talked or seen in a year. I ended up leaving the part of them being the Hell’s Rider’s motorcycle club.

“I don’t know what to say, ‘hey daddy, how are you doing? Sorry I ran off like that, but I’m doing good love you.’ Yeah, no, Lex.” I said walking out.

I loved Oregon, there’s so much life here, all the trees, mountains, even the snow.

We finally reached Starbucks, I told Lexi to go find a seat while I got our drinks and a bagel for me.

“Mia,” the barista called my name.

I walked up to the counter to grab our stuff. I started to walk toward Lexi when I walked right into someone and everything fell.

“Oh my gosh. I am so sorry.” I started to wipe everything.

“It’s okay. It was my fault anyway.” The handsome blue-eyed man said.

Little did I know this was gonna cause me trouble.



The flashback fades away, I was brought back to reality when I heard the doctor talk.

“Hello, Mia, I’m Doctor Taylor. I’ve been taking care of you while you have been here. How are you feeling? Any pain at all?”

The doctor who looked similar to cartoon character Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory, came up to my side to check my vitals, while my dad came on the other side.

“Hi. My hand is throbbing, my chest feels like it’s burning and my ribs are killing me,” I explained.

“On a scale of one to ten what’s your pain level?” he asked.

The door opened, I saw my uncle Mason walk in and sit next to my dad.

“My hand is about seven, my chest is kind of the same, but not really. My ribs though are an eight.” I told him.

“Okay well your hand is broken in two places, you might need surgery so that pain is to be expected.

“The pain in your chest is from a large cut you have, that pain and burning feeling should go away within a couple days. Your ribs were damaged from the beating.

“We were able to help them by wrapping them up,” He explained to me.

“Okay thank you. When can I go home?” I hated hospitals, have ever since my mom died.

“We are going to keep you here for a few more days. Just to keep an eye on you since you lost quite a bit of blood, especially with your pain level still somewhat high.” He said as he wrote something down in my chart.

“Oh okay. Thank you Doctor Taylor.” I started shifting in the bed, trying to get comfortable.

“You’re welcome. I’ll have the nurse come in and give you something for the pain.” He said then walked out.

I turned my head to look at my uncle and dad, I smiled softly at them as a tear fell down my cheek.

I missed my family so much, I never wanted them to see me like this.

The nurse came into the room so she could give me some pain medicine.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” I whispered softly, closing my eyes as the medicine started to help.


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Reader discretion is advised.

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The last one is the most important…

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