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The Luna Awakened Series

Ariana has been in love with Conall for as long as she can remember, but he’s always kept her at arm’s length. After she turns 21, she learns the truth about her family—that she, a human, has been living with werewolves her whole life. And, even more surprisingly…she’s Connall’s destined mate. But will Conall, the pack’s future Alpha, accept a mere human as his mate?

Age Rating: 18+


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Book One: The Order of Hunters

Ariana has been in love with Conall for as long as she can remember, but he’s always kept her at arm’s length. After she turns 21, she learns the truth about her family—that she, a human, has been living with werewolves her whole life. And, even more surprisingly…she’s Connall’s destined mate. But will Conall, the pack’s future Alpha, accept a mere human as his mate?

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: M.J. Penn


Ariana 15, Conall 16

Every teenage girl has a crush on the one boy she will never have and will never forget. Some drool over Rene-Jean Page, Chris Hemsworth, or Jason Momoa. Mine is Conall Sullivan. Tall. Dark. Mysterious.

I’ve only been harboring my obsession with him for the last fifteen years. In other words— my whole damn life.

It started off innocently. I used to play with trucks and dinosaur toys so that my mom brought me over to his house for playdates.

Then I used to send him lovesick puppy eyes. I tried to touch my unattainable crush in the school’s hallway by brushing my skinny arm against his muscular one.

But when I asked the school football coach if I could join his team, based on the coach’s reaction, I knew my obsession to be around Conall had grown out of hand. Coach’s loss. I could have made a great quarterback.

I’m walking a fine line between being hopelessly in love and being a hopeless moron.

I find myself following my brother, Warren, and Conall yet again. They are best friends, and I’m third-wheeling behind. I’ve followed them everywhere since I can remember.

Does following people constitute stalking? I know the answer to that one but refuse to accept it. I’m determined to show Conall what he is missing out on. He won’t even know what hit him.

I don’t have anything better to do in Westwood, a city of no more than 15,000 people surrounded by forests and lakes and wilderness. The three of us grew up together— whether they like it or not— they’re stuck with me.

My loving mom tried to comfort me when I was little and my playdates with Conall turned into my brother and his best friend playing while pushing me away. She said they played rough and didn’t want to hurt me.

I told her, “Duh. I can play rough,” but my Mom didn’t buy it. She was overprotective like that. I could keep up with the boys. Or so I thought.

Just like I’m trying to keep up with them now. My brother and Conall are already on the trail about to enter the forest. Conall turns around with narrowed eyes and yells at me.

“Turn back, Ariana. Don’t be stupid.”

“Wait up. I want to hike with you guys.”

I want to add “don’t call me stupid” but I’m already breathless from running after them. These boys are fast.

We’ve gone hiking and camping together in the past but lately, Warren and Conall have been keeping away from me more so than before. Ever since they turned sixteen.

I get to the beginning of the trail and turn around to take one last look at our house. The white object appears small in the distance but still near enough that I can see it.

My mom’s words echo in my mind, “Ariana, please don’t go into the forest by yourself. Scary creatures live there.” The only two creatures—not scary, but foolish– in the forest are running ahead of me.

Warren and Conall. Stupid boys.

How else do I get Conall to notice me, to give me the time of day, to date me? In his presence, I feel complete. Alone, I’m lost.

Deep in my soul, I feel like I’m meant to do something good with my life. But I’m only excited about my future if Conall is in it.

I run on the trail hoping to catch up to these two fools who left me behind. The summers in northern California are humid. My forehead is covered with beads of sweat.

The tall trees around me rise out of the earth to brush the cloudless sky. I lower my gaze to the dirt-covered path to make sure I don’t trip on sneaky stones.

It’s so quiet around me that I can’t even hear the wind that usually rustles through leaves.

Our city is surrounded by wilderness, making it a secret gem that not too many tourists have discovered. Although we still have visitors who like camping in the woods.

If I were them, I’d visit Lake Tahoe, which is only two hours away, or Glass Beach, a six-hour drive. There’s nothing to see or do in Westwood City in Northern California.

I don’t understand why Warren has to follow Conall’s every whim. Sometimes Warren forgets about my existence and does whatever boy-things he does with Conall.

I know my brother loves me and so do my parents, but Warren can be an insensitive jerk.

“They thought I’d give up at the beginning of the trail. Jerks,” I mutter under my breath and keep on jogging.

I’ve run for ten minutes now and the trail is not ending. My foot suddenly catches on a moss-covered rock and I twist my ankle as I try to balance. Ouch.

A sharp pain cuts through my leg, and I slow down to a walk and catch my breath. I inhale the sweet scent of cedar and the musty scent of moss. Totally worth a sprained ankle.

I wonder if the boys stayed on the path or strayed off it.

The silence in the woods is peaceful.

Crack. Crack.

The air catches in my throat.

“Who’s there?”

I spin around full circle to scan my surroundings. Through the tall trees, the light is fading, leaving behind shadows to surround me. I squint my eyes at the dark patches cast around disfigured tree trunks.

“You guys are jerks if you’re trying to scare me,” I shout.

Another rustling sound and a crack of a twig come from behind me. My body jerks toward the sounds. My eyes meet two red eyes. Of a wolf. The wolf is standing behind a tree only a few feet away from me.

I hold my breath to stay quiet. Maybe I can play dead like a possum.

Stupid me. It’s a huge gray wolf with red eyes. The only red eyes of an animal that I’ve seen in my life belonged to a rat and the sight of it still creeps me out, but now I’m beyond scared.

He’s watching me with those eyes and my body freezes. I join the staring contest while trying to recall the last time I saw a wolf. Never. I’ve only seen wolves on TV, and they were small and adorable.

How can a wolf be so big and why is he watching me like that? His fur is gray. His canine teeth are on display.

Wait a second… I gasp.

Why in the world am I thinking about this beast as a “he” instead of “it”? What’s wrong with my brain? My first instinct is to humanize the wolf by calling him a he as if he’s a person rather than the animal it is.

Suddenly the creature lets out a loud snarl and jumps from behind the tree on the path right in front of me. And. It. Pounces. Toward. Me.

I’m blinking rapidly as my gaze follows each movement of the beastly creature. I scream. Any second now I’ll turn into its food.

Time does not slow like they portray in the movies. Time doesn’t stretch for little ol’ me to let me analyze the situation, come up with a solution to escape my imminent death.

Quite the opposite. Adrenaline pumps in my veins making me move fast.

I stumble a few steps back, putting weight on my injured ankle. Shit. My heartbeat is racing with the realization that I won’t be running out of this vicious creature’s way.

But to my surprise, the beast stops a few feet away from me. The potentially rabid wolf tilts its thick neck to one side as if it’s studying me. Its muzzle lifts and takes a whiff in the air. It takes a slow step my way.

At least its teeth are not showing anymore. The gray wolf is now only a couple of steps away from me and if I reach out I can touch it. I have a policy of not petting any big wolves, so I keep my shaky hands to my sides.

My only consolation is that if the mutant wolf wanted to eat me, it could have done it by now.

A black wolf, appearing from nowhere, rushes into the gray wolf and rams it with its head. The one with red eyes flies away from me and hits a tree. The show of the black wolf’s strength makes me gasp.

Now I’m going to die two times— once killed by the gray wolf and once by the black one. Dying two times sounds painful.

The black wolf turns its head and its black eyes look at me. Not at me. But rather into my soul.

Although my mind is reeling and my brain is foggy, I detect the second beast’s height to be about my height. He’s huge and with broad shoulders.

A whimpering sound brings my attention to the gray wolf trying to stand on wobbly legs.

The huge black wolf hasn’t moved from its spot but turns its large head my way. The strangest feeling overtakes me. Its black eyes are trying to communicate with me. Then. It. Growls. At. Me.

I run like a madwoman in the opposite direction of the wolves with no sense of direction. The path suddenly disappears and I’m running on a ground blanked by leaves, rocks, and twigs.

My lungs burn. I’m lost, but I don’t stop until I trip on a tree root and fall. My hands are scraped, and my right knee is bleeding from the impact with the rough ground. Another ouch.

It doesn’t hurt. Not as much as being eaten by wolves.

My legs muscles tighten, and I get up and run again in no particular direction. Just away from danger.

I don’t know how long I run but when I’m a panting mess, I stop. The anxiety mixed with the running leaves my chest aching and my lungs constricted. I can’t take a breath.

What I just saw was not possible. Wolves in the documentary movies are gray and the size of a dog.

I’m dizzy. I wipe the sweat off my forehead and lean on a tree, the rough bark digging into my thin t-shirt. The blistering sun rays cutting through the thick trees heat up my skin.

“Ari?” a familiar voice whispers behind me.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like how my name rolled out of his mouth. The lightheadedness causes little swirly lines and spots to appear in my sight.


Read the full uncensored books on the Galatea iOS app!



Ariana 15, Conall 16

My body jerks and sways to the side in the process of turning to face Conall. Strong hands hold my waist, steadying me on my feet.

I suck in a shaky breath as the sparks at the spot where he’s touching me ignite, promising to turn into a full-blown blazing fire.

Conall. Only he calls me Ari.

The most desired and drool-worthy guy at school.

The son of a multi-millionaire asshole who doesn’t like me for no apparent reason.

My unrequited love.

Any energy I had before completely leaves me now, and I relax into his arms.

My eyes widen with the realization that Conall is shirtless and is wearing only shorts. I’m pretty sure that’s not how he was dressed going into the forest. My mouth moves but no words come out. I blink repeatedly.

His black hair is slicked back with sweat. His eyes are a pair of emeralds— gemstones sometimes even more expensive than diamonds. His sculpted face wears a frown.

“Why do you have to be so stubborn?” He narrows those priceless gemstones at me.

That snaps me out of my trance.

“Why do you have to be a jerk? You could have waited for me.”

“I told you to turn back, Ari.” He stares me down with disapproval.

I rarely do what people command me to do. Just doesn’t sit well with me if someone barks orders and expects me to follow them without me using my brain or asking questions.

He sighs. “Are you okay?”

I nod. His face is perfect with high cheeks and tan skin. His thick eyelashes are every girl’s weakness, and the jerk knows it. His black hair is longer than he usually wears it. I want to reach and run my hand through it.

He stares at me while stripping me of any coherent thoughts. He’s the only boy who captivates me only with a simple glance. Charming. Fascinating. Kissable.

Conall pulls me closer and our bodies connect. The familiar waves of electricity sparking between us— it happens every time he touches me, which usually happens to be by accident.

But right now his tight grasp of my waist is no accident. I’ve wanted him to touch me a lot, especially ever since my teenage hormones started acting up.

His free hand brushes my cheek leaving hot traces behind. My body shivers just from one of his touches.

Why doesn’t he feel the same? If he did, he wouldn’t be avoiding me, ignoring me at school and family gatherings. He’d be into me.

Wait… he’s still holding me. Strange.

“Why are you still holding me, Conall? Last time I checked you were trying to run away from me like a scared bunny.”

His chuckle is the sweetest sound to my ears. “Because I can.”

He leans in and crushes his lips on mine, catching me by surprise. He’s never kissed me before, so why now. He licks the contours of my mouth and my lips part open for him.

His tongue tastes me, explores my mouth.

He deepens the kiss and the intensity changes to a starved kiss, as if he got his first taste and now he wants more. I brace myself for what’s to come next. My body is tense and trembles in his arms.

I always thought I’d be nervous to kiss a boy. Conall is my first kiss. I wanted to save it for him, and I thought I was going to be nervous.

But as his hands move from my waist to my back, I relax and mold into his body. My breasts press against his naked chest and his warm skin seeps heat into my body. My nipples harden and I can feel his smile on my lips.

This kiss was so much better than my fantasies. Conall stars in my dreams all the time, promising so much more than just a kiss.

He is the only one who can make my teenage hormones crazy with need and my body temperature rise with desire.

“Damn, you’re so beautiful,” he says in that husky voice I adore so much.

I wish time stops right now. I wish the kiss lasts forever.

My face flushes as he watches me with intense eyes. Conall slowly pulls away from me, but I don’t want him to. I move quickly and kiss his lips again.

He shakes his head and lets go of me. Stepping back, he releases a heavy sigh.

I frown. I’m not stupid. He thinks he made a mistake by kissing me. But to me, it is a kiss that ends all kisses.

“Don’t you dare come to the woods again, Ari. It’s not safe.”

“Because there are big wolves? It’s the first time I saw—”

“The wolves are not the most dangerous thing in the woods. The thought of them being around you…”

His words finally snap me out of my lovey-dovey state and the reality of big bad wolves lurking in the forest hits me. Hard. I was going to be wolf meal a few moments ago.

Conall’s chest is moving up and down rapidly. His eyes scan my body and settle on my knee scrape. I’d forgotten about it. Almost.

“You need to go home and take care of that.” He nods in the general direction of my legs.

I need to go home and take care of the ache between my thighs. Oh, my gosh. This is the first time I’ve had such a thought.

Conall points his finger. “Walk this way and you’ll see the trail. Then, keep going and your house will be visible.”

“But Conall—”

“Go home, Ariana.” His voice sounds harsh, reminding me of mean Conall and not the gentle Conall who swoons me with a kiss.

He turns around and disappears in the thick line of trees, leaving me behind in my confused and anxious state. I hug my waist and stare in the direction where he vanishes.

The dirt and stony path trails into the darker and deeper part of the woods.

The wildflowers growing on the side lose their bright color, and the tree roots crisscrossing the trail suddenly appear like snakes, hissing at me, warning me not to follow him anymore.

My feet take me in the direction he told me to go. My walk is brisk, and my heart is heavy. I can’t get home fast enough. I keep looking around and every little noise in the woods makes my heart skip a beat with fear.

I let out a sigh as I walk through the front door into the living room. I have to act fast before my mother sees me but she’s already walking toward me from the kitchen.

“Oh, Goddess. What happened to you?”

I’m not sure what Goddess she’s praying to, but she won’t help me with my scratches.

“I need the first aid kit, Mom.”

She dashes to the medicine cabinet in the kitchen where my parents have a stocked first aid kit and all kinds of medicines.

I can proudly say that I’m the only one who uses things from this cabinet. I don’t remember the last time my family got a cold or the flu. I, however, get sick once every winter season.

My mom is naturally beautiful with long black hair and brown eyes radiating love and warmth. I haven’t taken much from her except her height.

Mom took the day off today to spend it with me, but I had the better idea to follow Warren and Conall around. So Mom stayed home and made food. Lots of food.

I take a whiff in the air. “Mmm… chocolate chip cookies.”

“You’re not getting a cookie until you explain what happened. I can’t believe you got injured again, Ariana. What did you do this time?”

Although she attempts to scold me, her voice stays soft. I roll my eyes at her.

“Don’t you dare.”

“Sorry, Mom.”

She takes me to a high counter stool in the kitchen. I sit and she cleans my boo-boos.

“I feel like a five-year-old, Mom. I can do it myself.”

I try to take the bandages from her hands, and she swats mine away. I laugh. When she’s done she kisses my forehead.

“Now, what happened?”

I quickly explain everything except the part of Conall kissing me. My mom’s eyes widen as soon as she hears about the wolves. Her lips press in a thin line, and she’s silent for a moment.

Interesting. Why is she not freaking out like I did?

My parents’ preaching for me to stay out of trouble never ends. They treat me as if I’m about to fall apart every time I get a scratch, and I hate that extra attention.

I know they love me but sometimes they suffocate me. I’d have to describe their parenting style as helicopter parents hovering over me all the time.

How come Warren doesn’t get the same attention from them?

Double standards. How come my parents worry about each one of my small boo-boos but let Warren hike in the dangerous forest? He’s only one year older than me.

Mom walks away to the kitchen without saying anything. She comes back with my vitamins and a glass of water. I fight the urge to roll my eyes at her again like a six-year-old.

“Honey, you’ll have to stop following Conall everywhere.”


That’s what she got out of my story?

“He’s no good for you. If he doesn’t want you, you have to move on. Your crush on him,” she shakes her head, “it’s not healthy for you.”

“Okay. Seriously, Mom?”

My shoulders slump slightly as I attempt to stand up from the kitchen stool.

“I want you to be happy and healthy.” Mom’s voice now sounds pleading. She’s not mad at me. She’s trying to make me understand. But what, exactly?

I can’t let Conall go. I’m drawn to his mysterious side. There’s something dangerous about him but also something gentle. I want to figure him out. I can’t let go.

The kiss we shared only made me crave him more and turn my teenage crush on Conall into something more… deeper, dangerous, delicious.

“Honey, promise me you won’t go in the forest anymore. At least not by yourself. No more following the boys. They have their own business to do.”

What could they possibly do there? Grrrrr. I can’t promise anything.

“I’ll try,” is all I say.

The boys can do whatever they want while I can’t. They get to have all the adventures while I have to stay put. My parents don’t even let me go on field trips with my class.

My annoyance is growing by the minute now. “Mom, can I be excused? I want to rest in my room.”

“Sure, honey.”

I dash to my room and flop on the bed stomach first. I bury my face in my pillow and want to yell until my lungs are empty of air.

I don’t know how long I stay in my bed. Eventually, my body relaxes and accepts my reality. I’m living in a prison of some sort surrounded by people who love me and think the best of me, but it’s a prison nonetheless.

My mind drifts into dreamland and my heavy eyelids close.

“Dinner’s ready, honey.” Mom’s voice startles me, and I sit up in my bed, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

I stretch and check the time on the nightstand. I’ve slept for two hours. I still look a mess with bandages and dirty shorts and a t-shirt but I won’t have enough time to change.

When we have family dinners, my parents have set rules for me and Warren. No cell phone on the table and be there on time.

My parents love each other to the point that my brother and I go ewww sometimes when the smooching gets on our nerves. They have that connection that makes many couples jealous.

If I ever have a chance of a connection that resembles my parents, it’ll be with Conall. I know this in the deepest depths of my soul.

Once we all take our seats around the table, I send my dad a smile and a death glare to my brother. He smirks at me, the jerk he is.

And then hell is unleashed. While Mom serves the dishes, Warren and my dad talk over each other about how I am not to endanger myself anymore. I’m forbidden to go on hikes. As if.

But once I tell them about the wolf attack, my family becomes quiet and then my dad comes up with the worst explanation. I can’t believe my ears.

“Your brain was on high alert. Maybe it was shadows. Or the adrenaline. You were afraid and lost. At times like this, our minds play tricks on us…”

I take my fork and stab a chocolate chip cookie from the tray even though I’m only halfway done with my chicken and vegetables.

“Or maybe we should call Animal Control to get rid of the wolves in the forest.”

I narrow my eyes at them. It’s me against three of them. I know what I saw.

I take a giant bite of the cookie and crumbles spread everywhere on the table. I feel sticky chocolate smudges on my mouth, and I don’t wipe them.

My mom sighs.

“Ariana,” my dad warns.

Warren gives me a smirk that I want to punch out of his face. My dad is coughing uncontrollably, and my mom pats his shoulder. He recovers and clears his throat.

“I was lucky that Conall showed me the way home.”

Suddenly the food on their plates becomes so interesting.

“Where were you, Warren?” I ask.

“I was already out of the forest. I didn’t know Conall went back.”

“Next time don’t leave her behind.” My mom sends my brother a glare.

“There won’t be a next time.” Warren pauses to chew his food. He looks me straight in the eye. “Conall is not interested, Ariana. Please for the love of the Goddess stop following him like a lovesick puppy.”

That’s not what I got from Conall’s kiss. Heat creeps up my cheek and I swallow my last bite, suddenly losing my appetite.

Are they right? Am I really that pathetic and obvious following Conall around? I fight the need to dash to my room.

I help Mom with the dishes and then pretend to watch TV with my dad and Warren. My mind is jumbled with questions and no answers and thoughts about Conall’s kiss.

By the time my head lays on the pillow, I’m exhausted from today’s events and drift into a slumber.

A black wolf jumps into my room, filling in the entire space with its enormous size. It walks up to my bed as slowly as a predator would. I should be scared but my instinct tells me that it won’t hurt me.

I detect somewhere with my hazy brain that this is a dream. The black wolf, the same one from the forest, licks my face. Tingles spread from my head to my toes.

I bolt up in bed panting. It was just a dream. I touch my face and detect the wetness and realize that I’ve been crying in my sleep.

I glance at the digital clock. I only have an hour before school. I wonder if Conall will grace us with his presence today at school. We all go to the same school since we’re neighbors.

I rummage through the hangers in my closet remembering that I’m a tomboy with nothing really sexy to put on. I have zero sass in my bones and zero sexy clothes on my hangers.

It’s black jeans and a white fitted t-shirt. My hair goes up in a long ponytail and I’m about done after I do my usual routine in the bathroom.

Downstairs Warren is eating— in front of him a plate with five pancakes.

“How can a sixteen-year-old teenager eat so much?” I shake my head.

“I’m a growing boy,” he chuckles.

He is and so is Conall. They’ve been packing on muscles lately. Conall and my brother are either in our house eating or in Conall’s house eating. I eat one pancake.

“I can’t recognize you today with jeans on. Usually you wear yoga pants or sweatpants.” My brother teases me as usual.

“Yeah, well, you never know when I want to climb a tree. I need to feel comfortable.” I stick my tongue out at him.

“No climbing anything, Ariana. Do you have PE today?”

I groan. “Stop. Don’t even say it.”

“No climbing the rope. Last time Mom was going to have a heart attack when the nurse called that you fell on your back climbing the rope.”

“Everyone has to learn how to do it. It’s part of PE, Warren.” I try to keep my voice steady. Keyword try.

He sighs and takes our empty plates to the dishwasher. “Let’s go, princess.”

Grrrr. “Don’t call me that.”

He rolls his eyes at me.

“I’m not getting in the car with you.”

“Yes, you will.”

I grab my backpack and head to the front door. “I’m still mad at you for leaving me behind in the forest.”

I detect the slightest change in his facial expression. Maybe guilt?

“You’ll get all sweaty walking to school. Get in the car.”

“I don’t mind going sweaty.”

He sighs but makes it dramatic. “True. Please?”

I walk out of the house and wait for him at the passenger door of his pickup truck. He locks the door and when he turns, he gives me a wide smile.

“I love you, princess.”

“I love you, too, Warren.”

And that’s the truth. I always forgive him no matter what. He’s my big brother. Loving and overbearing.

After he parks at the student lot, my eyes search for a red BMW. Conall’s parents have so much money that they buy him different cars whenever he desires.

His dad is the CEO of many businesses around town and in Northern California. My parents are lawyers and work for him.

Warren and I split and I dash to my locker with not much time left before the first bell.

“Hey, Ariana.”

I turn to face my two besties, Bree and Isa. They are in my class while Warren and Conall are a grade higher.

Bree and Isa examine my body. I don’t get a chance to scold them when Isa takes my hands and turns them palms up.

“Can you guys stop being weird?” I ask.

“We heard about your adventure in the woods. We want to make sure you’re ok.”

“When? How?”

“Umm… we were in the parking lot and saw your brother and Conall,” Bree’s voice is shaky.

“Okay… I guess news travels fast. But I’m okay. Really. It was just scary but Conall was there to show me the right direction on the trail.”

I scan my friends’ faces. Bree’s gray eyes look away, while Isa’s warm brown ones stay locked with mine. I wonder how they would react to the news of wild animal attacks.

Bree and Isa smile at me. “Good. So did anything happen between you two?”

My eyes widen. So that’s what they want to know? My brother didn’t tell them about the wolves.

My friends know about my feelings for Conall and apparently my face is an open book. “He kissed me.”

Their eyes are about to pop out of their sockets. “Like how?” Isa whispers.

I look around but with the chatting of students and the chaos before first period no one can hear us anyway.

“It wasn’t a delicate kiss like butterfly wings. It was rough and demanding like he wanted to destroy my lips and devour me.”

“Awww,” Bree gasps.

“Sounds magical,” Isa says.

Bree clears her throat and nods toward something behind my back.

I turn and lock eyes with pools of green. Conall, my brother, and Mario walk toward us. Mario is their other friend who is attached to them like a bee on honey.

Conall has a smirk on his face but as he gets closer his facial expression changes to a serious one. Hands in pockets, eyes on the ground, Conall stays behind Warren and Mario.

“Wait for me after school. I’ll pick you up,” my brother says.

The three most gorgeous guys in the school carry on to their classroom while the girls ogle them and whisper. I want to disappear.

He’s back to ignoring my existence. But beneath his cold demeanor, there’s something untamed and alluring that I want to explore.

I open my locker and try to hide my face as the tears threaten to pour down my cheeks.

I feel a warm hand on my shoulders. I’m not sure if it belongs to Bree or Isa but they’re letting me know of their unwavering support. I’m lucky to have them around.

Do I mean so little to him? And if so, then why did he kiss me?

How am I supposed to go on? How am I supposed to ignore him?

When I walk into a room, my eyes seek him. And only him. It’s like we are magnets. But the problem is that I pull him in and he pushes me away.

And no matter how much I try to break through his walls, he manages to build new ones. I know he feels something for me too but why won’t he admit it?

I tighten my fists and lift my chin. This boy is not going to know what hit him.


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Cressa had what she considered to be the perfect life. A loving family and a loyal pack, what else could a werewolf need? That all changed the day a sadistic Alpha arrived and claimed she was his. Now, on the run and fighting for her life, there’s only so much she can take, but will she break or become stronger than ever?

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Abuse, Violence, Sexual Abuse)


He kidnaps her with orders to kill, but finds his heart captivated. She was a lonely girl, deprived of care and compassion, and didn’t expect to find it from her captor. Will he finish the job, or risk it all to save her? Can she find a way to escape death, and rescue him in the process?

Age Rating: 18+

He Healed My Heart

Life hasn’t been easy for Harper Maddox. As a young single mom trying to make it on her own terms, she’s determined to not let anyone hurt her—or her son Leivon—ever again. Moving to a small town to live with her uncle offers a new beginning, and an intense attraction to the handsome deputy could be a chance to find love again. But in the company of wolves, Harper’s path to healing is fraught with more excitement—and danger—than she could ever have imagined…

Age Rating: 18+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.

Beguiling Bachelors

After telling off her misogynistic boss, Keeli is fired and storms off to the elevators to escape. When the doors open, there he is: Wyatt Lyons Howe IV, the sexiest bachelor around. The two have secretly lusted after each other forever, but nothing has happened. Now that Keeli is leaving, will that change?

Age Rating: 18+

My Warrior

Running from an abusive ex lands Opal quite literally in the arms of mysterious boxing champion, Warrior. But though Warrior’s seductive grip is enough to sweep Opal fast off her feet and into a whirlwind romance, she’s about to learn it’s hard to escape a dangerous past. In the competitive world of boxing, there are opponents on every corner of the ring…and playing for keeps sometimes means playing dirty.

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Assault, Kidnapping, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Stalker, Violence Against Women)

Bad Boy Alphas Series


I’m a lone wolf, and I like it that way. Banished from my birth pack after a bloodbath, I never wanted a mate.

Then I meet Kylie. My temptation. We’re trapped in an elevator together, and her panic almost makes her pass out in my arms. She’s strong, but broken. And she’s hiding something.

My wolf wants to claim her. But she’s human, and her delicate flesh won’t survive a wolf’s mark.

I’m too dangerous. I should stay away. But when I discover she’s the hacker who nearly took down my company, I demand she submit to my punishment. And she will.

Kylie belongs to me.