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To Love An Alpha

In Oprela, the alpha kings from eight nations battle to take King Thaksin’s crown and marry his omega daughter, Arya, but only one will succeed. When Princess Arya discovers that her husband is to be King Kohl, whom she despises, she must do everything in her power to endure this ill-fated bonding. But when she discovers Kohl’s tainted past, suddenly, her future becomes about much more than simply enduring.

Age Rating: 18+ (Child Abuse, Extreme Violence, Mature Content)


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In Oprela, the alpha kings from eight nations battle to take King Thaksin’s crown and marry his omega daughter, Arya, but only one will succeed. When Princess Arya discovers that her husband is to be King Kohl, whom she despises, she must do everything in her power to endure this ill-fated bonding. But when she discovers Kohl’s tainted past, suddenly, her future becomes about much more than simply enduring.

Age Rating: 18+ (Child Abuse, Extreme Violence, Mature Content)

Original Author: glasssvial2121

A war had been going on for years, and King Thaksin of Oprela had grown tired of it. He had lost so many good men, just like his rivals had. It was a waste.

During the war, eight nations battled against each other and against Oprela itself to take over Thaksin’s crown as the older king had no alpha heir to inherit the throne.

He had but one daughter: Princess Arya. But, sadly, the young princess wasn’t qualified to take over his crown, for Arya was born an omega.

The king had been so heartbroken when his queen died while giving birth to Arya that he’d never married again and never become a father after his firstborn daughter, so no other heirs were born.

Arya had lived a good life, growing up in Oprela, and even though she wasn’t the powerful alpha that her father would have liked her to be, she had always felt that the man loved her a great deal.

It wasn’t her fault daughters were rarely born as alphas. Most women were born as a beta and some as an omega.

As Arya and Thaksin walked through the royal garden together on this sunny, bright day, the king told his daughter about his plan.

Soon, a great tournament would be held where alpha kings from all eight nations would battle against each other to the death.

The alpha that was the mightiest and strongest among them would receive Arya’s hand in marriage and would become the new king of Oprela after Thaksin’s retirement.

For princess Arya, it was one of the darkest days of her life. She didn’t want to marry someone without love.

“I’m sorry, my daughter. You know it pains me to do this, but I don’t want more soldiers to die because of this war,” Thaksin said. “Enough is enough.”

He could only hope that King Leandros would win the tournament, as he knew that the good king would make a fine husband to his daughter.

“I know, father. It’s not your fault,” Arya said, fighting back the tears that were pricking behind her eyes.

She was afraid, so afraid, knowing that her whole life would change after the tournament, something she didn’t want to happen.


Kohl had heard the news about the tournament last week, and it had been one of the most satisfying days of his life.

He was one of the eight kings to battle for Arya’s hand, and he knew he would win, as the other kings were weak and pathetic in his eyes.

They only had the advantage of having a larger army than he did. Now, without an army to protect them, Kohl would gladly end their lives.

“Are you ready for it?” Aema, the first commander of Kohl’s army, asked.

“Oh, you bet I’m ready,” Kohl replied while sharpening his sword.

Fighting was his lust and life, and he had been trained to kill ever since he was just a seven-year-old boy. By now, he had lost count of the number of lives he’d taken.

All those kills… Kohl felt no remorse, though. Instead, it made him feel powerful and proud.

Kohl had been king since both his parents died when he was only thirteen years old. His kingdom, Geara, was small yet powerful, but Kohl wanted more. That’s why he’d been at war for the larger kingdom of Oprela.

He and Aema would leave today to start their journey. The tournament shall take place tomorrow, in Thaksin’s royal arena. Eight warriors shall fight, one on one.

First, four battles, then the four winners of those first fights shall battle against each other in the second round, again one on one.

Then, in the last round, the two winners from those matches shall fight for the hand of Princess Arya and the future throne.

Kohl had never seen the omega princess, but he had heard that Arya was the most beautiful woman in all of the lands, and he couldn’t wait to mark her as his own…


The day of the tournament had come, and Kohl waited backstage at the arena, together with his rivals.

All alpha kings checked the competition, and the whole area was stinking up with alpha-rivalry fragrance—bold, manly scents packed with testosterone, some with a hint of fear.

Kohl wasn’t impressed with the seven other kings at all. The man he had to fight in the first round was King Lir, a big bear of a man. He was broad and tall, resembling a real fighting beast.

They were the last duo to fight.

As the horn sounded, the first pair entered the arena’s ring, but the fight didn’t take long. The second and third matches lasted a little longer.

As Kohl watched them, he saw there was maybe one man who would prove a little bit of competition to him: King Leandros.

Soon it was time for the last fight of round one. Before Kohl and Lir entered the sands of the arena, Lir smirked at the other alpha, obviously very sure he would win.

Kohl smirked back because he knew that Lir was slow due to his large appearance, which would give him an advantage.

The horn sounded again, and both men were happy to set their feet upon the sands of the arena. Kohl had always been excited for a good fight.

Before the fight would start, they had to pay their respects to Thaksin and Arya first. Kohl bowed to the alpha king and his omega daughter with reluctance.

He didn’t like to bow but, barbaric or not, he still knew a little common courtesy.

When he saw Arya, his fighting lust only grew bigger. The girl was indeed very beautiful, with shiny auburn hair that fell upon her bosom and lips red like cherries.


Arya sat next to her father in the stands, waiting for the fourth fight. They had the best view of the games from this spot, but Arya didn’t like this day at all.

The fights were so horrible to watch. It was barbaric in her eyes, as she wasn’t used to this much violence. It made her nauseous.

The sound of the horn was echoing through the arena again, and the crowd got wild. The last two alphas came walking into the arena, and Arya observed both men.

One was very tall and broad, while the other was a little shorter with a more slender build. The charisma of the one with the slender build was far more present, though, as he appeared to be fearless and full of power.

Arya grew a little scared when looking at the expression in his eyes. They looked at her with a certain hunger, like a predator watching its prey. It gave Arya shivers down her spine.

“Father, who is he?” she asked Thaksin while pointing at the slender alpha with tanned skin and long black hair.

“That’s King Kohl,” her father replied.

“What do you know about him?” Arya asked, not satisfied with only a name.

The king inhaled deeply. “He might look weaker than his opponent, but I’m afraid he will win this round for sure.”

“Why does that scare you, father?” Arya asked.

“Because I fear he’ll win the entire tournament, and I don’t want that to happen.

“I wish I could have excluded him from this tournament, but he has the right to fight, just like the others.” Her father sighed, having a concerned look in his eyes.

“Why don’t you want him to win?” Arya asked, feeling her heartbeat speeding up. Her father’s reaction scared her.

She didn’t get an answer to her question, though, as the fight was starting.

It took not even one minute before Kohl had finished off King Lir, and Arya was repulsed when she saw what Kohl did after he had stabbed the man to death.

He hacked of Lir’s head and held it up in the air for Arya to see. A prize, but for the omega princess, it was a gruesome view to behold.

“Damn it!” Thaksin cursed, not wanting his daughter to fall in the hands of that savage brute.

The crowd went wild again. They loved this kind of show, and they seemed to love King Kohl too.


The next few matches took longer. After about an hour, the last round was a fact, and Leandros and Kohl were the two strongest warriors who would fight for the winner’s title.

They stood opposite each other in the arena.

“The best of luck,” King Leandros said.

“Oh, you’re going down, good king, but because I like you, I will make your death quick and painless,” Kohl said, almost promising.

He smelled Leandros’s fear while all that came off his scent glands was excitement and fighting lust.

The match started, and he had to admit that he needed to put in a little bit of effort this time. Leandros even managed to cut his wrist.

That was the closest anyone had come to hurting him today, and with that, Leandros received his respect. It even took Kohl five whole minutes to kill the good king.

Kohl looked at his future wife and smiled, ready to claim his prize…


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Fifteen Years Ago

His little hands caressed the soft white fur. Kohl was so happy. His parents had never allowed him to have a pet before. “Look, Isoldi. Look how cute he is,” he said, showing his nanny his new friend.

She kneeled in front of him and looked at the little boy with a warm smile. Isoldi loved Kohl dearly, and he loved her too, more than he loved his own parents.

“He’s really cute, just like you are. Can I hold him too?” Isoldi asked.

“Yes, here.” Kohl placed the little white bunny gently into her hands.

The past few days, Kohl had cuddled his pet and nurtured it with much care. Snow, he had called it.

After Isoldi gave him his friend back, little Kohl fed Snow a small piece of carrot until his father suddenly came stomping in the room. Kohl got scared. His father never came into his room.

“H-hello, father,” he said with a little quavering voice.

His father took the little white animal by its neck fur and held it up in the air. “I heard you lost your fight today?” the king said while looking at Snow.

Being seven years old now, Kohl needed to train and fight every day to become a strong warrior. The king didn’t like weak men.

“I’m sorry, father, but…h-he was older than I am and a lot taller. I had no chance.”

“Excuses… You need to be trained more,” his father said sternly, and he dropped the bunny in Kohl’s lap, making the boy let out a sigh of relief. “You need to stop showing mercy!”

“I will do better next time, father. I promise.”

“What’s his name?” the king asked, looking at the animal in his son’s lap.

Kohl’s eyes started to twinkle; his father never paid attention to the things he liked. “Snow. He is so cute and—”

“Twist its neck.”

It was an order, coming from the king himself.

“W-what?” Kohl asked.

“You heard me. Don’t make me say it again, son!”

Kohl’s little lip trembled. His eyes watered. His hands shook. He looked into the little bunny’s eyes. The animal didn’t have a clue about what had just been said. It was so innocent and never harmed anybody.

“But father…I…”

A hard slap landed in his face. It hurt, and Kohl started to cry.

Isoldi couldn’t watch her prince being hit. “My king—” Another slap bounced off the walls, and this time it was Isoldi taking the hit.

Kohl couldn’t bear it if anything happened to her. “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” he cried.

Ten minutes later, he held a dead bunny in his hands. It took lots of force as it was hard to break the neck. It was horrible, feeling the little bones crack underneath his little fingers.

“I’m sorry, Snow. I’m so sorry!” he cried while he stroked the white fur for the last time.

Present Time

The tournament was over, and Kohl was pronounced the strongest fighter out of all eight kings, just like he already knew he would be.

Three days after the tournament, he and Arya were married. It was a cold and loveless wedding day, even though it was luxurious as only royals could enjoy.

The feast was happening now, and Arya and Kohl sat next to each other, watching the people celebrating. Thaksin sat beside them as well, but the three hadn’t exchanged any words until Kohl started.

“We won’t live here,” he told them, making Arya startle.

“What do you mean?” Arya asked her new husband. They were the first words she had said to him out of her own free will.

“We will live in my castle. I can’t live in a castle where I’m not king,” Kohl explained.

Arya wanted to talk back, but her father gave her a look, and she knew she’d better hold her tongue.

“King Kohl,” Thaksin started. “What if Arya stays here, and you go back to your kingdom. Then, after I retire in a few years, you can live together in Oprela,” Thaksin suggested.

“No. We will leave tomorrow,” Kohl told them, and with that, the conversation was over, and he walked away to see Aema.

“What?! Father, how can I live with that man?! I’ve never been away from the castle before!” Arya said. She could just cry right then and there.

“I’m sorry, child. You are his now. Please try to be good and obedient for your own safety.”

Thaksin would never have planned this tournament if he knew Kohl would take away his only child. He was so afraid of the life that Arya was going to have, living together with the brute.

The old king prayed to the gods. That was all he could do.


That night, Arya waited in her chamber for her new husband. It would be her last night in her own home. She was all washed up and made ready for the wedding night.

Tonight, she would lose her virginity to her alpha, and that knowledge made her scared.

She didn’t want to lay with Kohl, but Brianna, her most trustworthy servant and friend, had advised her she should not anger Kohl. Instead, she should close her eyes and hope that it would be over soon.

The door opened, and the alpha came in, looking at her.

Kohl could smell her fear. The omega looked so scared, so sad, and so weak and pathetic. But he didn’t care.

“Y-you can take what’s yours, but don’t expect me to enjoy it,” she said.

Even though Bianna had said she shouldn’t anger the man, Arya couldn’t hold her tongue as soon as she saw him looking at her with those hungry eyes.

Kohl wasn’t impressed. “Stand and undress,” he ordered.

Arya didn’t know how this all worked. She’d never been intimate with someone before. With her hands shaking, she did what Kohl ordered her: She stood up and took off her robe.

Kohl liked what he saw, and it all belonged to him now. Arya’s body was flawless, and her scent was divine.

She looked at the ground, not able to look at the brutal man before her. She still saw the monster she’d seen in the arena, and she felt so disgusted with him!

Kohl walked over to her and grabbed her chin between his thumb and index finger, lifting it up. The alpha’s fingers were rough and hard.

He then undressed before her eyes. Arya didn’t want to look at him but had to, and she saw a body different from her flawless one. It had signs of battle—it had flaws, scars, bruises, and muscles.

Kohl pressed his naked body against Arya’s, and the man’s whole body felt hard to the touch. It was warm, yet it made Arya shiver.

The alpha then placed his nose against her nape and took in the sweet scent. Arya felt her heartbeat in her throat.

She could hear Kohl growl and purr, and she could smell the alpha’s arousing pheromones coming off his scent glands.

He unexpectedly turned her around and bent her forwards, making her support herself on the bed with her hands. Arya choked on her breath when she felt Kohl’s hard erection entering her, just like that.

It hurt. It hurt so much. She felt like she was being torn apart and wrecked in half! But she didn’t make a sound and tried to remember what Brianna had said.

She closed her eyes and bit on her lip, hoping it would soon be over.


After Kohl was done taking her in various ways, he fell on top of Arya, who almost succumbed under the alpha’s weight. Kohl rolled them around till they lay on their sides.

When Arya wanted to get away from him as quickly as possible, he didn’t let her. “You need to wait. My knot is still inside you, so you’re bound to me, still.”

Arya felt nasty and ashamed. She didn’t mean to give Kohl the satisfaction earlier, but her body hadn’t listened, especially not after he’d marked her.

The teeth that impaled her skin had burned her, but it wasn’t the physical pain that was the worst. It was the shame she felt, knowing that the omega inside her had gotten satisfaction out of what Kohl had done to her.

After ten horrible minutes of waiting, Kohl shoved Arya off of him and stood up, wiping himself clean.

He then got dressed and left. On his way out, he slammed the door, making Arya tremble at the sound.

She felt traces of Kohl flow out of her, and she felt even more disgusted. Her whole body kept trembling like a leaf in the wind, and she couldn’t seem to get it under control.

“Brianna?” she cried out.

Brianna rushed into the room. “Oh, my princess, tell me how I can help you.”

“Clean this up, please. And I w-want to wash.”


At night, Kohl slept next to Arya. He had come back an hour after he left. Arya didn’t know what the alpha had done in the meantime, and she didn’t care either.

When she heard Kohl’s slow-paced breaths, she got up and picked up a knife she had brought with her after she washed. She then hovered over Kohl and held the knife against the alpha’s throat.

If she killed him, all her troubles would be over. Her hand shook, and Arya bit her lip, but she waited too long because Kohl opened his eyes. Her chance was gone.

Kohl didn’t react like she thought he would. All he did was force his neck more against the blade of the knife.

“Do it then, kill me,” the alpha said with a calm voice.

Arya wanted to kill him so badly, but…she couldn’t. As her hand trembled, the iron cut Kohl’s neck a little, and Arya saw some blood flow out of the wound.

Why couldn’t she just do it? Was it because she was marked? She just couldn’t!

Kohl then took the knife out of her weak grip and laughed while he threw it on the bedside table.

“I knew you couldn’t do it. You’re weak… You had your chance, my love. Now, don’t try this crap on me again, or you’ll suffer from the consequences. Let me fucking sleep.”

The alpha king rolled over and closed his eyes.

“I hate you,” Arya spoke before she laid herself down next to her husband.


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