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Mommy To Be

Kiera Johnson grew up in a Christian family with strong moral values—particularly with regard to premarital sex. But a flirtatious night at camp goes too far, Keira finds herself pregnant—and the father is none other than Matteo Santiago, the hottest and most popular guy in high school. As her due date moves closer, Kiera struggles to come to terms with not only her future as a mom, but also whether she and Matt will survive as a couple…

Age Rating: 18+ (Stalking, Sexual Assault, Teen Pregnancy)


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Kiera Johnson grew up in a Christian family with strong moral values—particularly with regard to premarital sex. But after a flirtatious night at camp goes too far, Keira finds herself pregnant—and the father is none other than Matteo Santiago, the hottest and most popular guy in high school. As her due date moves closer, Kiera struggles to come to terms with not only her future as a mom, but also whether she and Matt will survive as a couple…

Age Rating: 18+ (Stalking, Sexual Assault, Teen Pregnancy)

Original Author: Nina Fairbank


They say you shouldn’t have sex until after marriage, that your body is your temple and you don’t let anyone invade that temple until you’re ready for forever with that person.

But let’s face the reality of the world for a second. It’s the 21st century and people as young as fourteen or fifteen are having sex.

You’ll go to hell if you have sex with anyone before marriage.

Your body is your temple.

If you have sex and try to lie to us, we can get a test to see if you are telling the truth.

No boy will ever be good enough for my little girl, that’s why you are to find a man.

All my life, since I could start talking I heard the same thing. Almost all of my eighteen years of living.

And now? I get to try and teach my child the same thing, only try harder so it doesn’t make the same mistake I made at such a young age.


I walked into the side door and went straight for the bathroom before my mother or father could try to talk to me.

As soon as I shut the door I locked the top and bottom lock of the door and turned on the bathwater to limit the noise. I tossed my purse in the sink as I fell to the toilet and puked my life away.

As I finished projectile vomiting, I wiped my mouth and reached for my purse, and grabbed the brown bag. I ripped it open and started reading the back of the purple box.

I emptied the box and sat myself down on the toilet as I positioned the stick in the right position.

With the water still running it helped my nerves calm down as I held my future in my hands, imagining it to be a waterfall.

I set a silent timer on my phone and as I waited I kept playing tons of different scenarios in my head.

I could hear my heart pounding as if I were playing the drums at a high school concert, my head was turning, and my stomach was getting ready for another round of projectile vomiting.




As I watched the timer hit zero I reached for the stick and looked down at the results.

My heart sunk to the floor, my mind went blank, and I couldn’t hear anything anymore, not even the faucet running in the bathtub.

Two lines.

Two pink freaking lines.

I’m eighteen and pregnant.

I feel as if I am nothing but a failure.

All the lectures I’ve gone through—all the times sex was mentioned as a sin in the bible. I still made the mistake of having unprotected sex, with someone I wasn’t married to.

What bothers me the most?

How can something feel so good but so bad at the same time? Why would something that feels so good be a sin and lead you to hell?

I don’t even know if push a baby out of my five-foot skin and bone body.

I can’t raise a baby at eighteen.

“Kiera, honey are you in there?”

I jumped out of my thoughts but I couldn’t speak.

“Hello?” My mother knocked on the door a bit louder than last time, “Are you okay? I didn’t even hear you come in.”

“I-I’m fine, mom. I’m just getting ready to take a bath. I had a long day.” I said the first thing that came to my mind.

“Okay, are you feeling all right?”

“Just feeling a little nauseous from the bus ride home, mom. I’m fine.”

“Okay, what do you want for dinner? It’s just your father and us tonight. Allen will be out with Roxy tonight.”

As much as I hate that I’m talking to her now, of all times, I would be lying if I said I didn’t crave my dad’s famous cheesy-filled cheeseburgers on the grill with sauteed zucchini and squash.

“Can dad make his cheeseburgers on the grill? With zucchini and squash?”

“I’ll go find him and ask.”

I heard her heels hitting the hardwood floor and as they got quieter and quieter I shoved everything I had taken out into my purse and quickly jolted upstairs to my bedroom, shutting and locking my door behind me.

I pulled my phone out of my purse and found my best friend, Maria, contact and texted her.

“Code blue!”

A minute later my phone vibrated.

“I’m on my way, I’ll be there in five.”

I’ve known Maria since I was eight years old, we made up color-coded on how important they were.

Code blue in Grey’s anatomy is code for resuscitation in need of immediate attention. That’s why we made our code blue the same as their code blue.

We met at the old high school sledding hill while both of our parents were inside the coffee shop that was at the end of the hill while Allen and I went up and down the hill on our sleds.

As I was walking up the hill with my sled in my hands Maria had lost control of her sled and ended up hitting a snow ramp and landed directly on me.

Okay, at first I was mad. Who wouldn’t be? But as soon as she got up from the ground she helped me get up and grabbed my sled for me as I brushed the snow off of my face.

”Are you okay? I’m so sorry!” She grabbed ahold of my hand.

”I’m okay. My daddy says I’m immune to getting hurt and I’m a superhero.” I giggled.

“No way! My daddy says the same thing!” She started giggling with me too.

“Do you play with Bratz dolls?”

“Yeah.” We started walking up the hill with me.

“Which one is your favorite?”

“Sasha, everyone says I look like her and her attitude is bad.”

“Mine is Chloe, she’s the coolest.”

“Do you have any dolls at home?”


“Yeah. Do you want to come over and play dolls?”

“Yeah! Come with me to ask my parents!” I grabbed ahold of her hand and let go of our sleds as we ran toward the diner down the hill.

Ever since that day, we pretty much live at each other’s houses.

Best friends, forever.


I walked over to my dresser and put on a pair of my Champion gray sweatpants with the matching gray sweater.

I felt like complete crap and I have no energy to change out of my shirt. Having morning sickness for four days straight has really taken a toll on my energy and my capability to stay awake.

I laid there and stared at my ceiling as I waited for Maria to show up.

That’s when the first thing I needed to worry about came to mind.

What do I tell the father?

I don’t even know if he is still into me, let alone want a baby with someone that made a simple mistake and was caught in the moment.

What if I want to get rid of it and he wants to keep it? What if I want to keep it and he wants me to get rid of it?

A few hours of talking about something so personal for hours led to me sleeping with the most popular guy in our class, Matteo Santiago. Otherwise known as Matty.

Star football player of the varsity team, known for best hair in the school, and every girl wants him.

I just so happened to be the lucky girl who caught his eye and ended up with this.

A fetus.

I lost my train of thought when someone knocked at my bedroom door, “Yeah?”

“Hey sweetie, I’m about to start the burgers now. Dinner will be done in twenty.” My dad said through the door.

“Okay. Maria is joining, make enough for her.”

“Yup, she’s walking up the stairs right now!” Dad’s voice became fainter by the second as he walked down the stairs.

I threw myself up from my bed and unlocked my door and swung it open just in time for Maria to make it to my bedroom door.

“Hey gi-” I grabbed ahold of her wrists and slammed the door as I locked it. “Dude! What’s code blue?”

I let go of her wrist without saying a word to her and ran over to grab my purse that had the pregnancy test inside of it and I sat it on the bed. “Sit.”

I grabbed my stereo remote and grabbed my phone to connect to Bluetooth so my parents won’t be able to hear our conversation that is about to happen.

I turned the volume up loud enough so my parents won’t be able to hear a single word we say and all they will hear is the music playing.

I pointed at the bag without saying a word, and need I say it was taking my all to not break down into tears that very moment.

She looked at me confused and opened the bag slowly and as soon as she got a good look at what was in the purse her eyes grew as wide as a peach and her jaw dropped to the floor. The same reaction I had. “Is this?”

I nodded. I felt the tears filling in my eyes. I haven’t cried yet, I don’t want to cry yet. Because once I start I don’t think I’ll be able to stop. But this time, I don’t think I’ll be able to hold the tears in.

“O M G Kiera!” She stood up with the test held in her hands.

“Shhh! Keep it down!” I whisper shouted.

“How? Who? When?”

“Well, uh, I think sex?”

“What do you mean you think sex?”

“I don’t know if it was actually sex. I just know one thing led to another and now I have a positive pregnancy test that says I’m pregnant!”

I stood up and sat at the head of my bed and wrapped my arms around my knees. This dang morning sickness isn’t just in the morning.


“Matty Santiago,” I muttered as I rested my head on my knees.

“I’m sorry, it almost sounded like you said Matty Santiago.” She started giggling.

I nodded my head and the tears began falling down my face.

“No way!” Her jaw dropped, “How was it?”

“I don’t know! Now is not the time to think about that.”

“How could this have happened? You had a plan!”

“I don’t know how this happened.” I wiped the tears from my face.

She stood up and grabbed ahold of my hands and pulled me off the bed and wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her chest. “It’ll be okay. We will figure this out.”

“There’s nothing to figure out. I can’t have a baby at eighteen and my parents will disown me when they find out.” I started crying again.

“What are you going to do?” She paused for a few seconds, “Are you going to get a you know what?”

“No, I would never get an abortion. Mistake or not.”

“We’ll get through this.” She pulled me away from her chest and we both sat down on the bed.

Maria had the habit of rambling, and I actually don’t mind it at all right now. She is keeping my mind off of things and I’ve finally managed to stop crying and thinking about

you know what.

Someone knocked at my door and I turned the music down while as I made my way to unlock my door.

“Dinner is ready, sweetie.” Mom screamed through the door.

“We’ll be down in a second.”

I walked over to my bed and stuffed the test back into my purse and shoved my purse under my bed.

“Let’s go.”

Maria and I headed downstairs trying to act as normal as we could. The last thing I need right now is my parents finding out I’m having a baby before I even tell the father.

They’ll ring my neck dry for sure.

“Go ahead and set the table girls, we will start bringing the food in.”

“Okay.” Maria and I quickly set the table and grabbed the sodas from the fridge and set them out on the table.

“Foods inside. Come make your plate.” Mom said as she set down the plate of burgers.

“Thanks, guys.” I forced a smile on my face and handed Maria a bun for her burger.


“So Maria, how is school going?” Dad asked as we all started eating our food.

“It’s going great, Mr. Johnson. I actually just joined the photography club and yearbook club.” She held her smile proud, she is probably going to be president one day, she’s so smart.

“That’s great, I wish Kiera would get into something like that rather than cheerleading or track.” Mom laughed and looked at me.

“Mom…” I muttered to her to stop.

“Kiera is actually one of the best flyers on the team and in the top three best runners on the track team. I wish I could be like her.”

I lightly kicked Maria in the foot to get her to stop talking and she whispered a dramatic ow underneath her breath.

“As much as we hate sports, we are proud of her that’s for sure. What about you sweetie? How is school going for you?” Dad wiped his face of ketchup.

“Uh, I-it’s fine. I’m learning a lot of new things.” I quickly blurted out.

“What’s wrong with you today? You seem off and jumpy?” Mom placed her hand on my shoulder and looked at me.

“N-nothing, I’m just tired and hungry.” I shoved my burger in my mouth in hopes she would stop noticing me.

With the small talk going back and fourth I quickly shoved my cheeseburger down my throat and finished off my vegetables. “I’m all done, can I be excused?”

“Don’t you want to wait for Maria to finish eating?” Dad questioned me.

“I actually have to start heading home. Can’t drive after nine,” She pushed her plate to the side of her.

“I’ll grab your plate and walk you out.” Before anyone could say anything I stacked Maria’s plate on top of mine and quickly jolted to the kitchen with Maria following me.

“Way to act suspicious!” Maria whispered to me.

“I’m sure they don’t suspect anything,” I took a deep breath, “Let’s just not talk about it for the rest of the night.”

“Okay, I’m going to head home. If you need anything call or text me.” She pulled me in for a hug.

“Thank you for listening to me.” I hugged her back.

“You’re my best friend for a reason, til the end.”

“Til the end.” I whispered as I tried holding back my tears.


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I woke up to my alarm going off. Each and every day I wake up and hope that it’s all just a bad dream but then reality kicks in and I’m not sure what’s the point in dreaming when it’s only a bad dream.

I felt groggy and nauseous, seconds later I was throwing myself out of bed to race to the toilet just in time, too.

Gosh, I’ve only been throwing up for about a week now and I’m already over it.

Whoever named morning sickness—morning sickness, they are such cold hearted people because I can assure anyone who asks that it is not just in the morning.

“Honey are you feeling okay?” My mother screamed through the door as she lightly tapped.

“Uh-uh yeah, I-I think I’ve just got the flu or something.” I stuttered.

“How about you stay home today? Your father and I have to work but Allen will be home to keep an eye on you.”

“Okay, Mom. Thank you.” I said as I started throwing up again.

“Hope you feel better sweetie, I’ll leave some Motrin on the table for you. Take it with some water and toast.”

As I finished vomiting I stood myself up and held my ear to the door to confirm if I was alone upstairs or not and I darted for my room before anyone could speak to me.

When I’m nervous or I’m lying I start stuttering and sweating like I just ran three miles on a hot sunny day, and that’s mainly the reason why I always get caught in my lies.

Thankfully they haven’t caught me, yet.

I grabbed my phone from the table beside my bed and dialed Maria’s number and waited as it rang over and over again.

“Hey, I’m not going to school today. Will you grab my homework for me?”

“What’s wrong? Are you okay? Are your parents making you miss school?” She said fast.

“I’m not telling my parents, not yet anyway. And nothing is wrong, I’m just sick. Remember?” I rubbed my hand on my forehead. Maria has a thing for stressing me out when it’s not needed in the slightest bit.

“Kiera I really think you should tell your parents.” She said distantly.

I ran to my door and quietly shut it and turned on my tv loud enough so my parents don’t hear our conversation.

“What am I supposed to tell them? ‘Hey, Mom and Dad. Remember when you told me not to have sex until marriage? Guess what, I had sex. Oh and I’m having a baby.’”

“I know, Kiera. But the sooner the better, you need to see a doctor.”

Call ended.

Whether it was the pregnancy mood swings or just Maria in general, she was irking my nerves and hitting every annoyance spot that could be hit.

Like I don’t know I have to go see a doctor? Like I don’t know that I have to tell my parents? Like I don’t know I have to tell the guy who is going to be a father?

Having my best friend be stuck on repeat with the same thing every day really starts to get to you.

I tossed myself on my bed and laid flat on my back and covered myself head to toes with my blanket. I wanted to shut the world out, my family, my friends, everyone.

“Don’t push, not yet.”

“I can’t do this, I’m only eighteen I can’t have a baby.” I cried out.

My stomach is burning and my back is aching with horrible pain. My legs were propped up in the air and my vagina is exposed for the world to see.

“Almost there Kiera, only a few more seconds. It’s all worth the pain sweetie.” The nurse said as she lowered her head underneath my gown to see how far dilated I am.

“Where’s my mom and dad?” I cried out, “I want my mom and dad.”

“Your parents aren’t here, Kiera.” The nurse removed her head from under my gown, “It’s time to push.” The nurse smiled at me as she positioned herself at my feet.

“What? I can’t push! It’s not time yet! I need my parents!”

“Kiera, I need you to push before you put your baby in distress. Come on honey, be strong and push.”

“I can’t,” I cried, it hurts so much. Everything in my body felt like it was being torn apart little by little.

“Come on Kiera, you are a strong young mother now. You can do this. Have this baby,” The nurse comforted me.

I wiped my eyes and braced myself for what is about to happen and I pushed as hard as I could without taking a single breath.

“Okay that’s good, go ahead and take a deep breath.”

“I can’t do this.” I cried more.

“You’re almost there only a few more pushes sweetie.” The nurse said, “okay honey, it’s time to push again. On three, one two three.”

I took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I could. I barely had any strength to even keep myself awake by now and it’s only been two pushes. How much more do I have to go?

“One more, honey. One more and your baby will be here.”

I took in a deep breath and pushed with all my might until I heard the nurse tell me to stop. Seconds later, I heard a baby scream.


I was woken up from a few light knocks on my door.

“Yeah?” I shouted, not uncovering myself or getting up to open the door to see who it was.

“It’s me, can I come in?” Allen shouted through the closed door.

“Yeah.” I rolled my eyes and uncovered my head.

“Just checking to see how you’re doing.”

“I’m fine.” I rubbed my eyes as I propped myself on my hands.

Short and simple, no questions will be asked.

“Can I ask you something? And I want you to be honest with me.” He sat down at the foot of my bed.


“Is something going on with you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know, you’ve been out of it for the past week and a half and you’re constantly throwing up. If I didn’t know correctly, I’d say this isn’t the flu.”

I pressed my lips together and looked at the floor, avoiding Allen’s face at all costs.

“You know anything we talk about stays between us right?” And I believed him, he looked quite genuine when he looked at me.

But then again, I’m his eighteen-year-old sister that is pregnant.

I nodded my head. As much as I wanted to tell him so he could help me out I knew it wasn’t time for him to know yet.

Not only will he be disappointed in me but he will also force me to tell him who it was I had sex with and the one that got me knocked up at eighteen so he could beat him up.

“All right, when you’re ready to talk just come find me. I’ll be here whenever you need me through thick and thin.”

“Thanks, Allen.” I forced a smile.

He lifted himself off my bed and leaned toward me and kissed my forehead, “I love you, Ki. No matter what, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Shoot. Do I have to tell him now?

Just as Allen was about to walk out of the door I threw myself out of bed and ran over to him as I wrapped my arms around his waist and the waterworks started falling down my face one after another. “I’m so sorry Allen.”

“Sorry? Sorry for what?” He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and squeezed me tightly.

“If I would’ve just listened, I’m so sorry.”

“Ki, you’ve got to tell me what’s wrong with you for me to help you and understand.”

Allen and I haven’t always seen eye to eye. Most times his friends and him always make fun of Maria and me, I’ve grown quite used to it. But I knew, if it came down to it he and his friends would go to war and back for me.

They all slowly became my brothers, in a way. They would hold it down when everything else was falling apart, he’s my big brother and I knew I could trust him with this secret.

This big secret is going to change not only my life but my family’s life, too.

I pulled my head away from his chest and wiped my tears away. I looked him straight into his eyes, trying to hold composure, “I’m pregnant?”


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