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Penelope is human, but after being raised by a werewolf Alpha…well, let’s just say she’s different from other humans. She also carries the mark of the Huntress, which gives her special abilities. Still, Penelope never dreamed that her powers would have any effect on the Alpha King, Sirius, who hates all humans—or that there would be a bond between them. What will Sirius do when he finds out that his destined mate is human? Will he choose hate…or love?

Age Rating: 18+


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Penelope is human, but after being raised by a werewolf Alpha…well, let's just say she's different from other humans. She also carries the mark of the Huntress, which gives her special abilities. Still, Penelope never dreamed that her powers would have any effect on the Alpha King, Sirius, who hates all humans—or that there would be a bond between them. What will Sirius do when he finds out that his destined mate is human? Will he choose hate…or love?

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Moonsavage


I was in the forest to draw the wildflowers in bloom. I loved to draw. It was my passion. It was also a means to express my feelings and enjoy the quiet. I was not an introvert per say but I liked to be on my own.

I focused on the blue petals' different shades. The sun was shining brightly on the flowers casting different shades of blue. Thankfully I did bring anything I needed to give them justice. I took out my pencils and my crayons and got to work.

I was so absorbed in my sketch that I almost did not hear the sound of paws on the forest floor. A wolf came behind me and I smiled at him. It was a sandy blond wolf that I recognised as my best friend Kyle. We grew up together in the pack even if I was only human.

The Alpha of the pack adopted me when I was just a baby and raised me like one of them. All that because, according to him, I was blessed by Lady Artemis. Yes, the Goddess of the Hunt herself.

I had a stag head looking towards a crescent moon tattooed on my arm and according to my father, it was the blessing from the Goddess. Thanks to this mark, I could mind-link and call to me all lycanthropes. Even those who were not wolves.

How do I know that it works? Well, let us say that, as a baby, I did not have full control of it and some other lycanthropes would find themselves drawn to me. That occasioned many troubles for the border patrol but they forgave me. Mostly.

“What is it Kyle?” I asked the wolf behind me but I was still sketching.

Alpha Richard is asking for you. He has some big news.

I plunged my light green eyes into his yellow ones. This was unexpected. What did my dad want?

“What kind of news?” I asked curious.

He made me promise not to tell. Come on. Hop on my back. We'll be faster.

“Fine but you know I don't like it.” I said frowning.

He chuckled-growled and lowered the front of his body so I could jump on his back. I hated to climb on their backs because it was harder to ride a wolf than a horse. They were not as well balanced. I held his neck for dear life as he ran through the woods.

I trusted Kyle with my life but that did not mean that I was not scared. I would ride on his back as a child and my father always said that I should stop doing it because it was such an intimate gesture but Kyle had no mate for now and did not care.

As for me, I would probably never have a mate even if my father was persuaded otherwise.

He said that my mark was proof of the Goddess choosing me for some big purpose. Right. As if. Who would want a human as a mate?

Kyle stopped in front of our pack house. It was a huge house where the wolves could live but where you could also find the offices of the leaders as well as a huge kitchen we could all eat together if we wanted to.

I got down Kyle's back to enter the house. My step-brother and future Alpha Jacob greeted me at the door. He was the copy of our father and he always treated me like his real sister even if we were not blood related.

He was tall at 1m85 with a skater cut of chestnut brown hairs same as mine. He was muscular because he trained a lot and he had all the she-wolves at his feet. He was not mated yet either so that gave them hope.

Kyle smiled at my brother as he too entered the house and put a hand on my shoulder earning himself a glare from Jacob. He hated it when Kyle touched me because he was very protective of me. He landed his hazel eyes on me as I walked to him and smiled a loving smile.

“Penny. Come on. Father is expecting us.”

“Right Jake. Do you know what he wants?”

“Not really no.”


He laughed and gave me one of his killer smiles. The one that had all the unmated she-wolves of the pack swooning.

“You know he hates it when you're sarcastic.” He said.

“He knows that I can't help it.” I shrugged.

“Right.” He chuckled.

We entered the Alpha's office and there stood an older version of Jacob. My father was behind his wooden desk and I instantly felt happy. I always felt safe and good when he was around. Such was the power of the Alpha.

Alpha Richard lifted his hazel eyes on us and smiled. He straightened up in his chair before motioning for us to sit down. We did and he looked between us.

“Alpha King Sirius will be visiting us shortly.”

I widened my eyes and so did Jake next to me. The Alpha King of the werewolf was actually a Lycan. They were bigger and stronger wolves with a form of half-beast half-man that the werewolves did not have.

I knew that the Alpha King hated humans and saw it as a bad sign that my father took me in so the news made me uncomfortable for a moment.

“Don't worry Penelope. He’s not coming because of you.” My father said reassuringly. “There has been some problem with the vampires around here and that's why I asked for his help.”

“Should I… Stay away while he’s here?” I asked uncertain.

“Go to college as usual and don't change your plans. You're my daughter and this pack is your home.”

I smiled at him and he smiled back. I knew he always had my back but I would still try to stay well away from the King. That would be best for everyone.

A week passed before the day of his arrival and I was walking home from college. I was alone tonight because Kyle was already home to greet the King. My father had organised a party for him, his Beta and some members of the Royal Pack. I hoped they would like it.

I was walking through the woods as I neared our territory. I could feel the leaves crunch under my feet. I liked that sound. I liked walking in the forest. Being raised by werewolves was definitely a plus for me. I hummed to myself as I passed the trees.

The moon was casting enough light so I could see my path. The stars were also out and that almost made me want to draw the scenery but I was expected home and I could not delay more.

I was almost there when I felt a presence behind my back. Who could that be? I strained my ears to hear a sound but I could not hear a thing. That was no wolf because they would always make their presence known to me since I could not use my sense of smell like them.

I released my power that I used to “hear” them when they used the mind-link but the thing behind me was not a shifter.

I felt panic surge through me and I hasten my step. The border was marked by a sycamore and I just had to pass behind it to be safe. I could use my power to call for help but I did not want to do that unless I was in danger.

It felt like calling lap dogs and I respected the wolves too much for this.

I wanted to run but that could incite the thing behind me to rush me. I breathed out until the presence was right behind me. I was too scared so I shot my power out and hoped Jake would hear me.

I tried to run but the form caught me in a tight grip around my throat. Shit that hurt! He turned me to face him and I could see his eyes. He had no pupils. Vampire.

“What is a human like you doing here ? Don't you know that the big bad wolf lives just right there?”

He scrutinised my face and laughed as he recognised me. The sound was chilling me to the bone.

“Oh! I recognise you bloodbag. You're Alpha Richard's daughter. The little human he took in because she was abandoned in the woods. Well well… I will have fun with you.”

I wanted to cry but I would not give him the satisfaction. I tried to kick him but that only made him chuckle. He brought my neck near his fangs then we heard a powerful roar.

The vampire looked behind me and widened his eyes. He dropped me on the spot and I held my sore throat as I looked at the tallest dark grey wolf I had ever seen. He was baring his fangs at the vampire and growling menacingly.

“What the…” The vampire said.

The wolf jumped between us and acted protectively in front of me. The vampire made a run for it but the wolf did not give chase. He turned his golden gaze with a purple halo to me and kept growling.

Was I safe?


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Alpha Richard had once again outdone himself with this party. I hated parties actually. I hated seeing too many people in a confined place. Especially fawning she-wolves that thought I would take them as my Queen.

They disgusted me. Lycans could only mate their true mates. The only small relief I had was that everyone present was a werewolf. That I could withstand.

Richard's human daughter was not here and for that, I was grateful. I hated humans the most. Above any other creatures, I thought humans were the lowest. It was above me how he did not kill that thing when she was just a baby.

I remembered him telling me when he took her in that she was blessed by Lady Artemis. Huh. That did not matter to me really. He should have eaten her. That was what the first Lycan, Fenrir, did to puny humans.

I agreed that we did not need them. They were weak and a disgrace to the Gods.

I was drinking my glass in a corner looking at the party unfold when I felt it. It was the sweetest sound ever. It called to me like an order through the mind-link. It did even call my name.

Sirius. Who dared call me? By my name no less! I would make that wolf regret it. I was a Lycan and the King. I would not take orders from werewolves.

I was unable to resist that call and my wolf wanted to go anyway. He loved the sound. It was feminine and enticing. What could call a Lycan like that? I thought only the Moon Goddess could have such a power over us.

Was it the human blessed by the Goddess? I needed to know to give her a piece of my mind.

Jacob, Alpha Richard's first born passed me by and he seemed in a hurry. Did he hear it too? I stopped him and he looked at me quizzically. I supposed it would be shocking for me to stop him like that. Shit. I could not let him go before me anyway.

“My King?” He said.

“I'll go.” I answered matter of fact.

He seemed surprised but I did not let him say anything else. I bolted out and shifted to my powerful dark grey wolf. I did not want to take on my half form, I was faster as a full wolf.

I ran to the source of the power calling. I was running as if Hell was behind me between the trees. I never ran so fast in my entire life. That power was pulling me in and I had to know what it was. I needed to know.

When I finally found the source, I saw a beautiful girl held by the throat by a vampire. He was about to bite her. Over my dead body.

I growled at the vampire and his eyes looked like saucers. He released the girl and I immediately jumped to protect her behind me. Why did I want to protect her? Why was it important?

The vampire fled but I did not bother to give chase. He was only small fry and the girl behind me was more important. The fuck? Why should a human be important?

I turned around to look at the girl instead. She was clutching her throat and trying to breathe. I felt concern and another feeling I never thought I would feel again surge. I buried it immediately and growled at her.

How dared she? She turned her gaze to me and swallowed hard. Yes, fear me little worm. That was better.

“I'm sorry, Your Highness. I was supposed to call my brother.” She said with difficulty. Her throat was still red so it would be normal. I fought my wolf because he wanted to lick her throat to make it all better. Like Hell you will. I told him.

Did she think I'm her pet or something? I spat.

She shook her head and scrambled to her feet. Did she hear me? How was that even possible? I did not know humans could do that. Was it the blessing? Was her blessing allowing her to hear us?

“No never. It's just… my ability. I truly didn't mean to call for you. I'm sorry Your Majesty. Yes, I can hear you just fine. That's also part of my ability.” She answered my silent questions.

I did not like that one bit so I jumped on her and pulled her back into the ground where she belonged. I snapped my jaw before her face to let her know that I meant business but she was not scared.

She only offered me a blank face as she was trying to even her breathing. Huh. That was actually bold.

I saw the mark on her arm as my eyes scanned her and it was the crest of the Lady of the Hunt. That was undeniable. Why this tiny creature though? Why did the Lady choose her as a Huntress?

I felt the tingles the second I touched her. There was no burrying my feelings anymore. They surged and crawled in my entire body making me warm all over. Fuck. She looked at me dumbfounded and I growled low even if my wolf was snarling at me for being rough with her.

Never. Call. Me. Like. That. Again. I drawled.

She frowned at me and had the audacity to look me in the eyes. She was too cunning that one. I seriously wanted to make her submit right now but her next words shocked me more than her actions.

“I'll remember that Your Highness. Get off of me so I can disappear from your regal sight.”

That almost made me chuckle. She was daring that little one. I felt pride swell in my heart but I crushed it right away. No way I would let her have a hold on my emotions. She already had a hold on my body. I could feel myself react to her and I hated it.

Another set of paws came our way and it was the deep chocolate brown wolf of Jacob. I would recognise that wolf anywhere. He was as much a copy of his father as a wolf than he was as a human.

He lowered his snout in respect and looked at his sister who was still quiet underneath me.

Please, Your Highness. She truly aimed for me. Please don't punish her. He said through the mind-link. Normally, the mind-link only worked for the wolves of the same pack but since I was King, I was a part of all the werewolves' pack on Earth.

I growled again but took a step back so she could stand up. I locked my gaze on her as soon as she was on her feet.

Never show yourself to me again. I said with a growl.

“Duly noted.” She snorted.

She made a mockery bow and turned to her brother. He let her climb on his back and I almost ran to them to stop them. I did not like that a bit that she would ride on his back. Shit. My wolf was clawing and pacing in my head. Go to her he snarled. Never I snarled back and pushed him in the back of my mind.

The Moon Goddess had a fucking sense of humour. How could a human be my mate?! Again.


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