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Mafia Entanglement

Shay is a beautiful young woman who works in a high-end night club with her best friend. Zane is a ruthless mafia leader with a terrifying reputation who always gets what he wants. When Zane sets his sights on Shay, she tries to avoid him at all costs. Will she see past his dangerous reputation and consider giving him a chance—even if it means her life will never be the same?

Age Rating: 18+ (Drug Use/Overdose, Extreme Violence/Gore, Homophobia, Kidnapping, Miscarriage, Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Stalker, Torture, Violence Against Women, Violent Death)


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“Come on, girl! We are going to be late if you don’t get up.” Someone pushes hard on my back.

My best friend Tammy and I live together in an upscale apartment and work at one of the top clubs in New York City called the Blue Meadow. We both have been here for about two years and make very good money as waitresses.

She is bouncing on my bed trying to get me up because we worked very late last night.

“Ugh!” groaning as I roll over, “Fine, I am up now . . . what time is it?”

“Four in the afternoon. We have to be there at six remember?”

“Alright, let me get a quick shower, and then I will see you downstairs,” pushing her off me.

I get up and drag myself to the shower slowly. I am still exhausted and sore because last night was one of the club’s biggest nights we have ever had. Turning on the water and letting it get hot, I step in and moan as the water hits my body, relaxing it.

Slowly washing off, I finally get finished and step out, wrapping a towel around me and putting my hair up in one too.

Going to my walk-in closet, I grab my black skirt and white button-up shirt required for our work attire. We live in an upscale apartment on the north end of New York City.

We split the rent, so it is easily affordable with all the tips and paycheck we get every week. Drying my hair, then putting on some makeup, I walk downstairs at about five.

“Finally,” she is standing by the door, tapping her foot. “You know the traffic here is horrible, and we need to leave now.”

“I know, we are leaving at the same time we do every day we work. Let me grab my keys, and we will be ready to go.”

Grabbing my clutch, we walk out then head down the elevator to the parking garage attached to our complex.

The doors open into a huge concrete garage where expensive cars line the walls, then we walk up to my silver BMW. It is about six years old, but it still runs well and is paid off thanks to this job.

I hit the button on the key chain and unlock it, then get in so we can drive through the horrible traffic for about forty minutes. Finally, we get to the entrance of the parking garage that the club has for workers.

I scan my card and the gates lift. We pull into the area I usually park.

“Wow!” she says as we round the next corner. “I wonder who is here and owns those fancy cars?”

A couple of Porsches and three Lamborghinis are sitting at the elevator where we normally park. I cut the next corner and find a vacant spot about ten feet away from my usual spot.

We get out, and I set the alarm on the car. Dropping my keys down into my clutch, we make our way up to the alleyway that is right at the entrance to the club.

The doors ding open, and we step out into the slowly darkening alley. That is when I see something out of the corner of my eye and turn to look.

A very tall man is standing against the brick wall, black slacks on, a long trench coat, and a black hat. He takes a long draw off his cigarette and blows it up into the quickly chilling air.

“Who is that?” she whispers as we start to walk again.

“I have no idea,” I say, looking back one last time, and his half shadowed face is looking at me.

Seeing his dark eyes lock onto me and I feel a blush come over me for no reason at all. I give him a half-smile and then open the door to enter the club.

Alec walks up to us and then closes the door behind us.

“Hey ladies, you are looking good tonight as usual.”

Alec is the head bartender and has been after Tammy for several months now, and she is slowly coming around to where she might go out with him but is still not ready to commit to it.

“Thank you.” She blushes hard, and then we walk off to put our things in our lockers.

“When are you going to quit playing this game with him and just say yes to going to dinner?” I say, scolding her a little.

“I don’t know if I really want to. What if we go out and he does not like me at all, or we don’t have any chemistry with each other?”

Putting my clutch in the locker, I say, “You will never know until you try, girl. You may go out hitting it off really well, then start dating each other. He is a handsome guy plus has the sweetest nature about him.”

Slamming her locker door, she whirls on me. “Fine, when are you going to let Tony take you out?”

Tony is the head Bouncer here and has asked me out several times, but I have turned him down, making excuses that I have something planned.

“I may let him this upcoming weekend. I have been thinking about it and may give it a shot.”

“If you say yes to him, then I will say yes to Alec.”

“I will let him know tonight then. We are off on Sunday, and I think he is too. I will go ask him now.”

She is hot on my heels as I walk back to the bar. “Alec, have you seen Tony?”

“He is up at the main VIP area tonight guarding the entrance. The main boss is here tonight and requested him to be their guard.”

Tammy looks at him with a shock on her face. “You mean Zane is here tonight?”

Zane Santone is the owner of the club. He is a ruthless mafia leader and has been known to kill someone just for looking at him wrong. I had hoped that I would never meet him, but my luck just ran out tonight.

“Shay, they are yours tonight.” Alec hands me a tray full of drinks.

“No, no, no! I can’t.” I shake my head, scared to death.

“I cannot help it girl, they asked for you in person. He did not know your name but described you and said he wanted you to serve them their drinks.”

Looking at the tray loaded down with about twenty shots, I nod my head and take it.

“How did you know what they wanted?” I hoist the tray up onto my hand.

“They always drink the same thing when they come here. I have them separated for you by their taste.

“These five over here that is clear, going to Zane, these here that are brown goes to Conner, and the ones with the lemons go to Noah.” He points as he tells me this.

I take the tray up to the room, and Tony is standing there with the curtain shut. He smiles as I walk up.

“So, you have them tonight?” He says in a flirtatious tone.

“Yes, Alec told me to bring these up here to them,” I say, showing him the tray of drinks.

“I will let you in if you say ‘Yes’,” he says in a purring voice that is deep and sexy as hell. I know what he wants, a date with me.

Before I can say anything, a deep and sexy voice comes from behind the curtain. “Tony, quit flirting with the help and let her in.”

He pulls the curtains open, and I walk in. My mouth runs dry as I look at the three very handsome, built, and well-dressed men. There is one that looks somewhat familiar, but I cannot place him.

Walking in, I ask,” Who is Zane?” A man with eyes as black as coal looks up at me.

“That would be me, love.” I set his drinks down in front of him.

“Which one of you is Conner?” A blond-haired man with ice blue eyes looks up and smiles at me.”

“Those will be mine, doll.” Setting them down in front of him, he is ripped out of his seat by the one named Zane.

“What did you call her?” His lips curl into a hard snarl.

“Sorry, man. I didn’t mean it like that,” he says, shoving him off quickly.

Setting down the last set of drinks in front of Noah, I turn to leave the room.

“Where are you going, My Queen?”

Turning around, I give him a nice smile. “My name is Shay, and I have to return to work. Other people need me to serve them.”

“No, you are to stay here with us for the night. Alec has been told about it already.”

“But . . .”

“I am not asking. You have been told what to do.” He nods to the empty seat, and I slowly sit down in front of these terrifying men.


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Sitting there with six pairs of eyes on me makes me feel very uncomfortable. Conner picks up a shot and downs it in one gulp.

“You said your name is Shay?” His blue eyes pierce through me.

Dropping my head, I answer, “Yes, sir. My full name is Shaylee, but my friends call me Shay.”

“I like that name,” he says with a smile, seeing that I am very nervous. His voice has a thick accent to it as he talks.

“May I ask where you are originally from? You have a very nice accent.”

“We are from Italy originally. Born and raised there, then moved here when we got older. Zane’s parents still live there, but we wanted to move here and live on our own.”

Conner looks at me as he tells me where they are from.

“Are you all friends, or brothers?” They don’t look anything like each other.

Noah slides forward on his seat. “We are lifelong friends; we have known each other since we were little. Our families are very close, and we grew up together.”

“I guess that was nice, always having someone to play with?” I fiddle with my fingers slowly.

“We were around each other every day. Zane’s parents are . . .” he trails off and does not finish the sentence.

I look at him, and he shakes his head as I turn my attention to the murderous look Zane has in his eyes.

Looking down, I see that their drinks are out, and I go to stand up.

“Where are you going?” Zane has a mean and demanding look on his face.

“You are out of drinks; I was going to go and get more for you.”

“Not tonight, my love. You are to stay here to talk with us some more, and then I also want to get to know more about you.”

“Why do you call me that? It is not my name.”

Zane smirks with a devilish grin. “Where we are from, we call the women what we see with our own eyes. That is what you are; my love will be your name for me to call you.”

“I wish I could believe that. I don’t believe that I am,” I say, still standing up, looking at the curtain for a hopeful quick escape.

He is up in a flash and stalking toward me. I jump up, and he backs me up against the floor-to-ceiling tinted glass that overlooks the dance floor.

I lay my hands flat on the glass as he cages me in with his hands on each side of my head.

“You don’t think you are beautiful?” His breath is mixed with cigarette smoke and his tequila.

His eyes bore into mine as he waits for my answer; he leans forward a little to where his lips are only millimeters away from mine. “Well? I asked you a question.”

“I have been told by many men that I am, but there are many other women who are prettier than I am.”

I try to control my breathing, which is now starting to pick up due to the heat of his body that is only inches from mine.

“Why do you have this doubt in your mind that you are beneath others?” His eyes are boring into mine.

“I just don’t put myself on that high pedestal where I think I am untouchable. I know there is always another person out there who is smarter, prettier, or deserves things more than I do.” I keep my voice stern.

He pushes himself off the glass and takes my hand, leading me back to the couch where I was sitting a few minutes ago.

“You need to put yourself up there because I am untouchable, and now you will be too,” he says as he stands there with me at the chair I was in earlier.

“Excuse me? Exactly what are you talking about?” I rare back in shock at him.

“You are now mine, my love. You will be by my side from now on as my girlfriend, and then eventually, we will be married having children.”

This time I bolt from his presence and start walking out of the room quickly. Two men step in front of me.

I turn around to see he has flicked his wrist, telling them to do exactly what he wanted.

“I am not a prize that can be told what to do or be won like that. I can make my own decisions on who I want to see and who I don’t.

“I know nothing of you, and you come in here thinking you can lay a claim on me like that, not knowing anything about me?” I say, crossing my arms standing my ground where I am.

He slowly stands up and turns toward me with a look that scares me to death. His words are dripping with venom when he speaks.

“That is why you are here, so we can get to know each other better.” He snaps his finger, and another man hands him a folder, and he opens it.

“Let’s see, you are Shaylee Morris, twenty-two years old, living at 2364 Parkinson Road. So you live in an upscale apartment building, sixth floor, suite two.

“Own a silver BMW that is six years old, and you just paid it off. Do I need to go into where you were born, grew up, how much money you have in the bank?”

“How did you get this private information on me?” I ask, dropping my arms looking at the folder in his hand.

He grins like the devil and sits back down with his back to me now.

“Come, I will tell you about myself,” he says, pointing to the chair that I was in a few minutes ago. I stand there and don’t move.

I see his head nod and the two men grab me setting me down in the chair, holding my arms gently as they do.

I am mad now and trying to fight them, but their grip is vice-like while he glares at me with a cold, hard look.

“I will not bite you, but if you don’t stop fighting my men, they will give you something to relax you so we can talk properly.”

One of the men pulls out a syringe that has a clear liquid in it. He shows it to me, and I stop. “Good girl. Now relax, get comfortable, and we will have this nice little talk with each other.”

I look around the room quickly with my eyes; about seventy-five men are walking around, but they do not come anywhere near us. Nodding, the men let me go, and I sink back into the chair that I was in.

I have never been in this room before, so I slowly scan it, seeing exactly how lavish it is decorated, from the high-dollar furniture to the plush carpet that is under our feet.

“Were you the one in the alley earlier?” I try to calm my nerves that are out of control right now.

His grin tells me the answer to that question immediately.

“Yes, I was waiting on a friend to show up when you walked by. You caught my eye then, and when I saw you on the floor from up here, Alec was told to send you up here to be with me for the night.

“Now, let’s get to the learning about each other.”

He snaps his finger again, and most of the men leave except the two who sat me down, then the other men I talked with earlier.

If I wanted to run, there is no way around them due to the three men are sitting in front of me and the other two men are standing guard at the curtain to leave the room.

I sigh and get comfortable on the chair for this so-called talk.


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