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Mafiawere Brothers

Mandie Steyl

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Rose had been married for a while, and couldn’t understand why her husband didn’t seem to care about her anymore … then she found out he’d been cheating on her the entire time! Angry and heartbroken, she thought she was through with love. Until, she met her best friend’s brothers. Now she’s right in the middle of the sexiest situation of her life. After all, it’s not often that the three hottest guys in the world are all vying for her attention… and body. Just wait until she finds out they’re all werewolves!

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Sexual Abuse, Attempted Rape)

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30 Chapters



Standing in the bathroom of the spare room at my best friend’s mansion with puffy eyes and a broken heart was not the way I wanted my weekend to start.

I was looking at myself, trying to find the reason why my husband didn’t want to be with me anymore.

I am five foot three with medium-brown hair and green-blue eyes. I am not skinny but not overweight either, I just got curves in the perfect places… Or so I thought.

Anna, my best friend, had invited me over for the week to get my mind off everything going on at home, and since her whole family had gone away for two weeks, it would be a girls-only week.

Well, not including the staff, of course.

That’s what I’d thought until I heard weird voices outside the bathroom.

I thought it was Anna and her boyfriend having a fight but soon realized the voice of the woman was way too annoying to be Anna.

Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me, so I peeked through the gap to see who it was.

That’s when I saw him…

The sexiest beast of a man I had ever seen.

With black hair that looked so soft, I just wanted to run my hands through it.

He had a gorgeously tanned body that even in a light-blue button-up shirt and black denim, gave a lot to drool over.

And don’t even get me started on those huge arms, his huge muscular chest, and tight-looking midsection!

Just looking at him got me rubbing my legs together to get some friction going.

Looking back up at his face, I noticed him staring directly at me with the sexiest smirk ever. It would have almost got me undone right there if it hadn’t been for my heart nosediving through my ass.

Fuck! He saw me!

Good Lord, please kill me now!

“Noah, honeyboo, please don’t be like this. You know I always wanted to be with you and only you.”

Looking back through the gap to see who the hell the irritating voice belonged to, I saw this gorgeous model-looking redhead with legs for days and a dress leaving nothing to the imagination.

She was trying her best to hang onto the hunk of a man who was looking more and more irritated by the second.

“Get the fuck off me, Nicolle! You have no business being here, and you know well enough that not one of us wants you here.”

Even his voice was sexy as hell, and I found myself more and more attracted to him, so I didn’t even think about what I did next.

“Sorry for taking so long, babe,” I said, walking straight to him, grabbing him by the neck and pulling him in for a kiss.

I didn’t expect him to kiss me back, but as soon as our lips touched, he devoured me with the most passionate kiss I’d ever had.

He had one hand behind my head, keeping me in place, and the other at the small of my back, pulling me closer to his body.

I ran one hand through his soft, silky hair and pulled it lightly. I was rewarded with a low growl that vibrated in his chest, so I pressed my other hand onto his chest to feel the vibration.

I broke the kiss, looking up into his stunning blue-gray eyes, and I could have sworn they briefly changed to gold, but as fast as it was there, it was gone, leaving me second-guessing whether I’d seen it or not.

All I could see in his eyes was lust and excitement; I felt tingles all over my body and butterflies in my tummy.

“Who the fuck are you?”

“I am his girlfriend, you bitch! So I suggest you keep your slutty self away from my man or this”—I motioned to my face—“will be the last face you ever get to see, do you understand me?”

With wide eyes and a surprised expression, she looked from me to the guy before the guy I now knew to be Noah spoke up.

“You heard her, Nicolle, get lost!”

She stomped her foot like a two-year-old and marched her ass out the door, not even looking back, all the while mumbling curse words.

Looking back up at Noah and seeing him smirking at me, I had to bite my lip to keep myself from kissing him again.

I took a step back, out of his arms, and the reality of what I’d done sank in.

“I am so sorry. I have no idea where that came from. Her voice just irritated the shit out of me!”

Chuckling at my blushing face, he looked me up and down, licking his lips.

I saw his eyes briefly change to a gold color and then back to blue-gray so fast I had to ask myself again if I had really seen it or if it was just my imagination.

I apologized again, ran out of the room like my life depended on it, and went looking for Anna. I found her in the kitchen.

I didn’t mean to blurt it all out like I did, but it just came out!

“He was the sexiest man I ever saw! And oh my gosh, that kiss… It was perfect! I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was married.

“I want that kiss to stay the best kiss I’ve ever had in my entire life, even when I know I will never see him again. Which is probably for the best, right?”

Anna just sat in front of me with a smirk on her face like she knew this would happen.

“I knew you’d like him,” she said with an excited expression and a glint in her eyes.

Was she seriously laughing at me about this?

I was a married woman! I wasn’t supposed to be near any other man, let alone kiss one.

I felt like such a horrible person, yet I couldn’t hide the fact that I was attracted to Noah.

“I knew you would like Noah. He is the sweetest one of them all,” she said matter-of-factly while eating another scoop of ice cream.

I laughed nervously, trying to hide the fact that I was attracted to Noah.

I thought I would feel worse that I’d kissed another man, but it was the most passionate kiss I’d ever had, and I was craving more.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” I said, blushing before taking a huge sip of my drink to hide my smile.

“My brother is the sweetest person you will ever meet, and not to mention he will protect you for the rest of your life and treat you like the queen you are.”

I spat a mouthful of drink on the table, choking and paling, registering that I had just spoken to my best friend about kissing her brother.

And she knew I was married.

She had even said that she knew I would like him.

What the hell! What is happening?

“Are you okay? You look really pale,” she said in a worried tone.

“Um…y-yea…I’m okay, thanks. Why are you not freaking out about me kissing your brother?” I managed to squeak out.

“Because I know you well enough to know that you deserve someone like Noah. Someone who will treat you with respect, love, and honesty.

“You deserve to be loved and deserve only the best. Not like the son of a bitch asshole you married that treats you like shit and stays away all the time.”

And is probably cheating, I said to myself.

“We have been together for ten years now, and I know the old Jack is still in there…somewhere. I just wish he would put as much effort into our marriage as he does into his work.”

Then maybe it will all be okay.

I couldn’t keep the stray tear from rolling down my cheek, thinking about the good old days when everything between me and Jack had been perfect.

We had done everything together, we’d talked about everything that was going on, and we’d worked through a lot of things. Together.

But two years ago, it all changed.

He got a new job in New York, and we moved with the best of hopes for a new beginning.

I got a new secretarial job within two months of arriving, and that was where I met the amazing and wild Anna, who quickly became my best friend.

Jack changed so much in those two years that I no longer recognized him. He had gotten so distant, cold, and mean. He treated me like trash and always accused me of the most horrible stuff.

When I stood up for myself, it always turned into a full-blown fight, and he would pack his stuff and leave for a few days, sometimes more than two weeks, without saying anything, then ignore me the whole time.

I knew in my heart it was over, but I still wished for the best.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry,” Anna said before pulling me in for a big hug.

“No, it’s fine. I just want to forget about all of this for this week, please. No talking about Jack and no thinking about all the shit that comes with him. Let’s just enjoy ourselves. Deal?”

“Hell, yes! Now you’re talking,” she yelled.

We both burst into laughter and went to the movie room after we’d grabbed all the chips, drinks, and sweets we could manage.

We pigged out while watching every horror movie we could find until we both gave up and passed out.


I sat up straight on the mattress after hearing a loud bang.

I was as paranoid as hell after watching a couple of horrors, and even though I was supposed to learn from the movies, I wanted to know what had made those noises.

I got up and walked to the hall to see if I could see someone or something that had made the noise but, to my surprise, I only saw the kitchen light on downstairs.

I decided to go and make a cup of coffee before I went back to sleep again.

Turning the corner at the stairs, I walked straight into a solid body, causing me to stumble back and fall on my ass.

“Watch where you’re going,” a deep voice in front of me growled.

“Are you kidding me? Learn some manners, you asshole. I didn’t do it on purpose,” I said with a scowl, then looked up into the most incredible sea-green eyes I had ever seen.

I couldn’t help my eyes wandering down his gorgeous body, and the fact that he was only wearing sweatpants and nothing else was not helping.

The model of a man was beyond gorgeous with a short, sexy, dirty-blond haircut, huge bulky shoulders, and arms going down to a six…

No, wait, it was an eight-pack with a deep V-line going down into his sweats to…

Oh my God…that can’t be real…right?

As I looked back up into his eyes, I could have sworn his eyes changed to gold for a split second, then instantly back to sea-green.

Just like before, it happened so fast, I had to blink a few times to make sure I hadn’t imagined it.

He smirked at me while I pushed myself up from the ground; the asshole didn’t even offer to help.

“Thanks for the help, asshole.”

I turned to walk past him, but I didn’t get very far.

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