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Alpha Everett of the Shadow Blood pack has no idea how he wound up with a human for a mate, but here she is—eighteen-year-old, clumsy af Rory. Adopted by an Omega wolf, Rory has lived most of her life in the Red Moon pack, but she can’t go back after the pack’s leaders try to kill her. It looks like she and the protective Alpha are stuck together. Can love grow between them? And if so, is it strong enough to withstand Rory’s many secrets?

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As my eyes flicker open, a blinding white light floods my vision, and the sound of a choir's hymn wraps around me, a melody of ancient and modern notes intertwined. It's as if I'm floating, suspended in a realm where time's song is the only thing keeping me aloft. With a thought, I rise to my feet, yet I feel no ground beneath me, only the soft whispers of mist caressing my skin.

The light is all-encompassing, shielding me from any darkness or evil that might lurk beyond. Am I still of this world, or have I transcended? The memory of my death is certain, yet here I stand, questioning reality. Two doors materialize before me: to my right, a door of glowing emerald, entwined with thistle branches; to my left, a door shimmering with gold, its frame gleaming with promise.

Drawn to the golden door, I reach out, but as my fingers graze the knob, it vanishes into the ether. A voice, soft and angelic, whispers, "Not yet, child. Your time has not come." I turn to the emerald door, and this time, the knob is solid beneath my touch. The door swings open effortlessly, and an unseen force propels me forward.

I'm falling, plummeting through a dense forest canopy, and my mind races with confusion. "How did I get here?" I wonder, the ground rushing up to meet me.


"Alpha Nickolas is holding a pack meeting. He's declaring his mate," Mama tells me as I step through the front door, home from school. I freeze, my heart sinking. Alpha Nickolas has found his mate?

A pang of jealousy hits me. Wolves know their true soulmate, their perfect match. We humans stumble through life, hoping that this time, this person, is the one we're meant to be with. Or perhaps, without mates, we're meant to seek different kinds of love. Yet, the idea of a mate, of belonging to someone who wishes for your happiness as much as their own, is so appealing.

But I'm human, and the odds of a werewolf being mated to a human are slim. I have a boyfriend, Eddie, but the thought of revealing my life among werewolves to him is daunting. How can we have a future when I'm hiding so much?

Mama's urgent tug on my arm snaps me out of my thoughts. We can't be late. As we rush out the door, my usual clumsiness takes over, and I trip over my own feet.

At the pack meeting, Mama and I linger on the sidelines, hoping to go unnoticed. But my human scent betrays me, making it impossible to blend in. The previous alpha had welcomed me, a human child found in the rogue lands, into his pack. Alpha Nick, however, despises me, as he does all humans.

"Today is a momentous day," Alpha Nick's voice booms. "I have found my mate, here in our pack." My heart races as he reveals his mate: Victoria, my childhood tormentor, now destined to be Luna.

As Victoria joins him on stage, I feel a sense of dread. She's always hated me, and now she'll have power over the entire pack. "With the finding of my mate comes a tradition," Alpha Nick announces. "The new Luna is granted one wish."

Victoria whispers into his ear, her laughter chilling me to the bone. Alpha Nick's smirk sends a wave of fear through the crowd. "My Luna wishes for the immediate removal of all humans from our territory."

The room goes silent, all eyes on me. Mama presses a letter into my hand, her eyes wide with fear. "It has everything you need to know," she whispers.

Before I can react, Alpha Nick, the beta, and Victoria are upon me. The pack watches, silent and still, as I'm forced from my home, my mother's tears the last thing I see before I'm shoved into rogue territory.

The rogues are merciless, and I'm left to their whims. The alpha's knife glints in the moonlight, and his voice is cold. "Humans can't be banished. They must die." The blade slices across my neck, and darkness consumes me.

But then, the choir fades, the light dims, and I'm back in the forest, alive. I'm in rogue territory, where I was killed, but now I stand, bewildered and bleeding. How am I still here? Am I a ghost, or is this some twisted afterlife?

The blood from my neck stains the ground, yet the wound is gone. I slip in my own blood, falling to the earth, exhausted and desperate for answers. The letter from Mama weighs heavy in my pocket, filled with secrets I never knew. I unfold the bloodied paper, my eyes scanning the words that will change everything.

The letter trembled in my hands, the ink blurred by my tears and the blood that had seeped into the paper. Mama's words were a lifeline, a beacon in the darkness that had swallowed me whole. "My dearest Rory," it began, "if you are reading this, then the worst has come to pass. Know that my heart breaks with you."

I read on, each sentence a revelation that unraveled the fabric of my life. Mama confessed that I was not merely a human found in the rogue lands, but the child of a powerful lineage, a legacy hidden from me to protect me from those who would seek to harness my power. My blood, it seemed, was not entirely human after all.

The letter spoke of a prophecy, one that foretold the coming of a bridge between the human and werewolf worlds, a being capable of uniting the two. I was that bridge, the reason for my survival, the reason for the alpha's fear. My existence threatened the very foundations of the pack's hierarchy.

As the truth sank in, a howl pierced the night, a sound so mournful and filled with longing that it resonated with the very core of my being. I was not alone. The rogues were close, their presence a danger I could not ignore. But the letter held one last secret, a name that promised safety: "Seek out the lone wolf, the one they call the Guardian. He alone can protect you now."

With the letter clutched to my chest, I stumbled to my feet, my resolve hardening. I would not let Alpha Nick's actions go unanswered. I would find this Guardian and uncover the full extent of my heritage. The forest around me seemed to close in, the shadows stretching towards me with clawed fingers.

I ran, the blood on my feet leaving a trail behind me, a crimson path through the darkness. The howls grew louder, a chorus of the night that chased me, pushed me forward. I was Rory, the girl who had died and lived again, the girl with a destiny greater than she ever imagined.

As I broke through the treeline, the moon hung low in the sky, a silent witness to my flight. And there, standing on a ridge overlooking the valley, was a figure, tall and imposing, his silhouette bathed in silver light. Our eyes met, and I knew him instantly. The Guardian.

He did not move, did not speak, but his gaze held mine, a silent promise of protection, of answers, of a story yet to unfold. And as the howls reached a fever pitch, I ran towards him, towards my future, towards the next chapter of my life that beckoned with the promise of untold mysteries.

The Guardian extended a hand, and as I took it, the world shifted, the forest disappearing in a swirl of mist and moonlight. We stood at the threshold of a new beginning, and as I looked into his eyes, I knew that nothing would ever be the same again.

And then, with a suddenness that stole my breath, the ground beneath us gave way, and we were falling, falling into the unknown, the letter from my mother the only anchor in a world turned upside down. The chapter closed with us suspended in the void, the fate of the bridge between worlds hanging in the balance.

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