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Meeting Him in Between

Cristina C.

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Laurie is trying to live her life, to follow her deceased father’s advice. She moves to New York to work in her dream job in publishing, only to screw it up by flirting with the man who would interview her the next day.

Mr. Wells isn’t certain if she’s just clueless or if she meant to flirt with him before the interview. But now he must have her under his control. And once she’s his, he’ll know the truth.

Age Rating 18+

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Chapter 1


I'm staring at the papers from two different real estate agencies.

An old customer I knew my entire life wanted to buy the place, and some other people showed some interest in the store. My preference would go to her for sure, and I'm thoroughly contemplating her offer.

The price is generous indeed. However, it's still emotionally blocking me from picking up the phone.

Without glancing up, I knew he entered my dad's bookstore. His perfume is so overwhelming sometimes it knocks me off my feet. That's how much he always used.

I'm not sure what Eric is doing here, as I'm not in the mood for a conversation right now.

His footsteps stop in front of my desk, and I yank my head up. He looks at me with a wide grin, his eyes turning mischievous. “What are you up to?” I asked him, puzzled, hoping he will be nice to me.

“Nothing, I hate the idea of you being gone with my sister.” He said softly while playing with my pen that was laying on my desk. Of course, he has seen the papers from his father to sell to the bookstore. He probably discussed this with his father and Macy, and now he wants answers from me as well.

“Why? Can't we make decisions of our own just because we are female?” I pointed out coldly, crossing my arms in front of him. I see him watching me closely, contemplating what his answer to my statement will be. Knowing Eric, it won't be nice and thoughtful.

“Maybe,” He laughed. “You know what I mean,” He added, drawing in closer. A few months ago we had a relationship until he thought it would be best to fuck around, and so things ended.

Ever since I broke up with him, he's adamant to draw my attention toward him, and he hasn't done it in a good way.

Dancing in front of me with other women, getting drunk, and calling me in the middle of the night almost every week. I tried so hard to avoid him, but it's hard when your best friend is his sister.

“Eric,” I sighed out loud. “Don't make it harder for me.” I rolled my eyes in exhaustion.

“Your father is gone, Laurie, but I'm still here. You know I can't come with you now I'm almost taking over dad's company.” He explained like the selfish person he is.

Of course, he wants me to crawl back to him, but I'll never make the same mistake again. I want someone who would do everything to be with me, to protect me, and he just can't give me those things. He's too immature and selfish.

“I know my father is dead! You don't have to remind me that every day!” I yell at him, the mood changing at high speed between us. He always knew how to get on my nerves...

“I'm sorry, but it seems you're making this drastic decision out of emotions and not with a rational mind.” He explained in a controlling way to make me listen to him. “And I need to protect you...”

“Stop, now!” I shouted in frustration. “Get out!” I pointed my index finger to the entrance of the bookstore.

“I'm done with your insults. First, you promised me the world, and then you crushed me when I needed you the most, and now you want me to give up my dreams just because you can't let me go. Well, that's your problem, and don't ever speak about my father ever again!” I glared at him while my index finger pointed to the entrance of the store.

I feel my body shake as I glare at him, not wanting to see his face as long as he's acting like an asshole.

“You're making a mistake, Laurie,” He said before making his way to the door and closing it roughly.

He had known to just walk away would be best, or this would have ended badly between us. Who knows what I would have said to him because, at this point, I hate the person he has become.

I bang my hand on the desk, and a picture of me and Dad falls by the force of my hand. Quickly, I take the picture in my hand, tears streaming down my face. “I’m so sorry, Dad,” I admit. “I can’t do this anymore. I have to leave,” I explain softly. “I promise to sell the bookstore solely to good people.”

I adjust everything back to its rightful place as it gives me some rest in my head, another thing I had in common with my father.

He was the best father I could have possibly wished for. As my mother passed away when I was just a little girl, my father had to provide for everything.

While growing up, he had to be my father and mother at the same time, and as I think back, I know he struggled, but he always made sure I had everything I needed. He was kind and a hard worker, something he had taught me well.

It’s been a year since he passed away from cancer. An emptiness filled my life ever since, and I had a hard time coming to this place.

Dad wanted to sell the bookstore just before he passed away. However, I intervened. I told him not to, as this place was magical.

People always leave the store with a smile on their faces, and who wouldn’t? Books are everything. It’s like reliving in another world or into a character just by imagining it.

Multiple times I have been reading to children, and that’s what I love about this place. Despite the love I felt for this place, it also holds me back from my dreams.

I wanted to become a publisher, maybe a writer someday. Dad would have wanted me to chase my dreams instead of languishing in his bookstore.

My thoughts abruptly come to an end as I hear the door open from the store. “Was Eric here?” Macy storms in, her face showing concern.

“Yeah,” I answer her restlessly.

“He’s a prick,” she says while marching toward me as she has probably seen my red eyes. “What did he say to you?” she asks, concerned.

“The usual...He doesn’t want us to leave, and I only made this decision out of emotions and not by rational thinking...” I tell her softly.

I hate how he always blames me for everything. When he cheated on me, he dared to say it was because I gave him bad vibes about himself. Can you imagine?

“Ugh, I’m so sorry,” she hugs me tightly. “He called me and blamed me for dragging you into this,” she informs me.

“You don’t have to apologize for your brother. You’re nothing like him,” I assure her with a small smile. “Besides, he doesn’t need to lecture you. I’m a grown woman and make my own decisions,” I point out.

“Yes, you are!” Macy assures me, giving me a peck on my hair.

“Are you ready to sell the store?” she asks me softly, her eyes showing some concern. However, she keeps silent to give me the space if I need it. She knows I have to give my answer to her father today, so she knows it will be a hard day for me.

My eyes drift away from hers, and I look around the store. Every shelf and every book has been touched by my father. He has arranged everything from the floor to the roof. This was my dad’s dream, and now I’m going to try the best I can to chase mine.

I look at Macy, who’s still gazing at me. She had asked me to go with her to New York as there are the best publishing houses, and she has an interview as well at a real estate agency.

Macy always knew what she wanted, but she didn’t want to work with her brother at their company. She wanted to build a career of her own without the influence of her father or brother.

She’s really talented, and I’m sure she will make it in life.

A small smile appears on her face as she notices my features.

“Are we going to New York?” she asks with a high voice, grabbing my hand in hers.

“Yes, we are going to New York.”

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