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The Wrong Move

Breanna Gellings

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Ella has been slightly in love with her boyfriend’s boss, Zane, since she first laid eyes on him. But Adam is a good guy—and anyway, a guy like Zane would never be interested in a girl like Ella, right? After a crazy office party and some questionable decisions, Ella is second-guessing everything she thinks she knows about Zane…and herself!

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First Encounters



The room was dark as we stumbled through the door. Our hands moving frantically over each other’s bodies, unwilling to break the moment to seek out the light switch.

My hands were mapping his body better than my eyes ever could.

I ran my hands through his thick wavy hair, tugging and pulling him closer to me as our tongues continued their fierce battle to taste each other.

My fingers traced down his neck to his broad shoulders. I continued by skimming down his arms, pulling my hands away to make contact with his chest.

As I pressed against his solid torso, I gasped into his mouth as his hands cupped my rear and pulled me against his hard shaft.

I pulled away, “What are we doing?” I asked breathlessly. The moonlight bathed his green eyes in a soft glow and outlined half of his perfectly sculpted face.

“Whatever feels right,” he said with a cocky grin. His hands framed my face and he pulled me back into a soul-searing kiss.

My fingers began to tug at his belt. I unclasped it and slid my fingers into the band of his pants, tugging it down hard. They gathered around his ankles while his penis strained against his boxers.

Roughly he pulled at the zipper to my dress, tugging it down as he lifted me up onto the desk’s edge. I balanced precariously on the side of the desk with my legs wrapped around his waist.

He continued to grind against my aching sex as he bit and gently sucked on my neck. I let out a soft moan as he moved one hand to cup my breast. “Hurry,” I muttered, anxious for him to be inside me.

It felt like we had been circling each other for ages, and now it was finally happening. I couldn’t help but be impatient.

He chuckled again as I pulled his boxers down, freeing the part of him I was most anxious to see.

I'd never been a fan of how penises looked, but I found myself staring at his. My mouth went dry as my eyes continued to drink all of him in.

I had fantasized about him, and I felt my chest ache with need. He seemed unfazed by my reaction to his throbbing member.

He ran his finger along the line of my cotton panties.

I’m sure he could feel how soaked they were for him. He slowly eased them down, pulling my legs from his hips momentarily so he could free me from my undergarment.

He flung them across the dark room and turned to focus on my dripping center.

I licked my lips as I watched him begin to rub himself back and forth over my entrance. His green eyes were focused on my face, watching my reaction to him. I wiggled impatiently against him.

“There’s no turning back now, Princess. This is your last chance out,” he said quietly. I wrapped my hands behind his neck and pulled him into a bruising kiss.

“I don’t want an out,” I muttered against his lips. He pulled back, and with a smirk and little warning, he surged into me as I gasped and then groaned.

I had been dreaming of this moment for the better part of two years, and it did not disappoint.

He set an easy rhythm, holding onto my lower back while his other hand tugged on my nipple. I bit my lip and shifted myself closer to the edge of the desk, urging him to go deeper.

He shifted, taking my hint, and picked up his pace. My head fell back as I grabbed his shoulder, my other hand helping to support me on the desk.

“You feel so good, El,” he muttered as he continued to stroke in and out of me with a perfect pace that was slowly driving me over the edge.

With my head tipped back, I felt an easy smile spread over my face. He felt better than my wildest dreams. I was already hurtling toward the edge, and it was all too soon.

I began to moan louder, and sensing my need, he switched his hand from my breast to my clit. He rubbed my sensitive nub in time to his thrusts.

He leaned over and with his hot panting breath said one word, “Cum.”

I swear I went cross-eyed as I came, groaning out his name, “Oh god, Zane!”

He cursed, and I felt him twitching and surging inside me as he followed me right over the edge. His forehead rested against mine as he panted gently, sweat tickling our heads.

Once his breathing was back in control, he chuckled as he said, “I’m embarrassed to say that’s the fastest I’ve ever finished.”

I let out a short laugh before taking in a deep breath. I relished the clean scent of him mixed with the smell of sweat and sex that we had just created together. My bones felt like mush.

He was still inside of me, and he held me tightly to him as he went soft.

My hands rested on his shoulders as I continued to breathe evenly in and out, relishing this moment I wish I could live in forever.

Before we could start pulling away from one another, there was a sharp, quick knock at the door. Our eyes went wide as we heard a male voice call out, “Hey Zane, if you’re in there, have you seen El?

“She’s disappeared, and someone said she might have come up here.” I jumped off the desk, pushing Zane away as I grabbed for my clothes.

“Hey Zane, you there?” I heard a hand grab the handle, and as I looked at Zane with wide-eyed panic, he grabbed my arm, opened the door to a coat closet I hadn’t noticed, and shoved me inside.

He barely managed to snatch the blanket draped over the back of the couch to cover his naked lower half before the door was open and Adam stepped in.

He looked around in the semi-dark until he made out Zane standing there. “Oh, sorry boss, I didn’t mean to…er…interrupt but uh…have you seen El?” Adam stammered, avoiding Zane’s eyes.

From the closet, I heard Zane scoff as he said in his smooth, slightly accented voice, “Why on earth would I know where your girlfriend is?”

Chapter 1: First Encounters

2 Years Earlier

“El!” Adam called out, waving his hand in the air over the crowd. I continued down the sidewalk bustling with people until I reached him. “I’m so glad you could make it.”

Adam leaned down to give me a light peck on the lips. I smiled up at him through my lashes.

We had only been seeing each other for a couple of months, but things were good. Adam was half a head taller than me with slightly disheveled dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes.

He almost always had a smile on his face and seemed to know everyone. When he’d approached me that night at the karaoke bar, I was sure it was a joke, but he’d been sincere in his pursuit of me.

“I’m so excited to see where you work!” I said enthusiastically. Adam took my hand and tucked it into the crook of his arm.

He worked for a well-known advertising firm, and he had invited me to a launch party for the team’s newest advert. “It’s not too special,” he mock-whispered.

I snuggled in a bit closer, liking being in his presence.

We stepped into an elevator, and as we started the progress up to the 56th floor, Adam began talking about the advertisement.

“...and when they were stuck on deciding where to shoot, I just knew it had to be in that gorgeous park. Remember the one I took you to on our 3rd date? The fall scenery was immaculate!

“Luckily, Zane agreed and boom! I’m an irreplaceable part of the team!” I continued to smile up at Adam’s animated face as the elevator ascended.

The elevator doors opened, and I was momentarily drawn aback. The room was stunning and filled with beautiful people. There was a dance floor surrounded by black cocktail tables.

Elegant pillars were draped in garlands of flowers, and the wall across from the elevator bank was floor to ceiling windows, giving everyone an amazing view of the city lights at night.

I stood dumbstruck by the sight.

With a small tug, Adam pulled me off to a small bar and grabbed us each a drink. “You look beautiful, by the way,” he murmured close to my ear.

I had taken special care to look nice for him and impress his coworkers. My wavy black hair was pulled into a gentle low ponytail, draped over my bare left shoulder.

My Grecian-style red dress flattered my golden skin while it hugged my larger chest and bolder curves wonderfully, even revealing a bit of leg and the scrappy black shoes I’d bought on a whim.

I felt bold and bright.

Soon, we made our way around the room, meeting Adam’s friends and coworkers. Everyone was in high spirits over the launch.

Adam stepped away to check on some last-minute details, and I leaned against a pillar, watching others mingle. I sipped my champagne when my eyes fell on another’s across the room.

He was quite a ways away, but it felt like his eyes were pinning me to the spot. He had tousled curly brown hair and dark-rimmed glasses, giving him a sophisticated air.

His tux fit him to perfection, showing off his broad shoulders and toned torso. I found myself biting my lip and glancing away.

“Hey, are you okay?” Adam suddenly asked over my shoulder.

“Oh yeah, just watching everyone. This is wonderful.” I gestured out to the crowd.

“It certainly is a great turnout. Come on, I’ve got one more person for you to meet.” Adam grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the tall, chiseled man I had been admiring.

“Hey boss, this launch is amazing,” he said when we reached the mystery man.

The man seemed made of marble. He stared at Adam and me unblinking. I held up a hand in a kind of half wave, “This party is truly amazing, and I can’t wait to see the new advertisement,” I said boldly.

The man’s eyes fell on me, and I saw they were a beautiful clear green. My breath caught as I felt a tug deep in my belly and spread between my legs.

“A friend of yours, Adam?” he asked with a slight British accent. My panties slowly began to feel more uncomfortable as I leaked over them. His voice was smooth and clear, and the accent was luscious.

I shifted my stance to press my legs together, trying to release the ache this man had caused.

“Oh, sorry boss! This is my girlfriend, Ella Baser. El, this is the guru of the company, Zane Wilden.”

I smiled brightly. “So nice to meet you, Zane.” I held out my hand, waiting anxiously for him to touch me. He glanced at my hand, then reached up to pull his glasses off.

My breath caught again at how beautiful he was. He wiped his lenses before placing them in his suit pocket.

“Is the presentation all set?” he asked Adam, ignoring my hand.

I felt my cheeks flush as I pulled my hand away, resting it into a ball at my side.

“Would you mind entertaining El for a sec?” I faintly heard Adam say before he dropped a kiss on the side of my head and walked off briskly.

Zane looked me up and down slowly. He lifted his drink to his lips and took a slow sip. My mouth went dry, and my tongue flicked out to wet my bottom lip.

“Seems you're Adam's new flavor of the month,” he said quietly. “What is it you do, Ms. Baser?”

“Oh, I'm a teacher. And excuse me, did you say...flavor of the month?”

Zane nodded, “It's just Adam tends to move pretty quickly. Don't feel bad, princess, it's just his way. Shouldn't get too attached. What do you teach?”

I felt a flush creeping up my neck, “Fifth grade, Mr. Wilden. And I'm sorry, but why would you know anything about Adam's personal life?” I snapped the last part.

“Gossip goes around the workplace,” he stated. “Bets are you last three months. After seeing you...” he looked me up and down, “I give you one.” Zane sipped his drink again, and I seethed.

I couldn't believe I had been attracted to this asshat. “Teaching, such a noble profession. I'm sure you're familiar with that lovely American colloquialism: 'Those who can't do, teach'.

“Is that why you teach, Ms. Baser?”

I gasped at this outspoken man in front of me. “Oh, I can do plenty, Mr. Wilden. Or haven't you heard? Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions.

“So for what little you can do, thank a teacher.” I lifted my glass in mock salute and drank down the rest in a gulp.

Zane had a smirk on his face once we made eye contact again. “And is this how you teach your students? With short quips and other quotes?”

“Well, as Einstein put it, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

Sometimes that involves spouting some short quips and quotes of those older and perhaps wiser.”

With a tip of his head, Zane leaned in as if to tell me a secret. I dipped my head closer as well. His lips brushed my ear and his breath felt warm and made my nipples peak.

“I still give you a month, princess.”

I looked up into his green eyes, so close to me and then down at his lips, quirked up into a smirk.

“Stay out of it, Mr. Wilden,” I snapped, turning on my heel to storm away. But as unaccustomed as I was to heels, I twisted my ankle and felt myself falling backwards.

I heard the crash of my glass as I felt two arms grip me tight and pull me flush against a toned chest.

My flush had spread everywhere now and I struggled to breathe. Where he touched me felt hot and like my skin was too tight. My rear brushed against his front as I tried to right myself.

His grip was strong and held me to him tightly.

My breath continued to be shallow as I felt him shift behind me. Once again, his warm breath brushed my ear and I froze as Zane whispered, “So graceful, I’ll take two more weeks off that bet.”

“You won’t make it to the end of the month.”

I felt my cheeks flame. I lifted my leg and, using my heel, stomped down on his foot in a huff. He let out a hiss, releasing me. As I stomped away, I heard his soft chuckle, spurring me to walk faster.

The rest of the night passed in a blur. I tried to avoid Zane at all costs, but my eyes kept being drawn to him. Most people gave him a wide berth, stopping to make a comment or two before moving along.

I’m sure he was verbally assaulting them as well. Yet I still couldn’t stop the sensation in my belly or between my legs when I glanced at him.

I headed to the bathroom, my head a bit clouded by all the champagne. I used the facility and washed my hands. When I opened the door, I bumped into a tall, black-clad figure.

“Excuse me, sir, I’m so...” I looked up into piercing green eyes.

“Again, princess? This can’t continue to be a thing. Lack of grace is probably not a good quality in a teacher.” He tsked as his hands plunged into his suit pants pocket.

I pushed my hip out, placing my hands on each.

“And assholishness must be a necessary quality for a boss, and you’ve got it down pat.” I brushed past him with my shoulder roughly.

As I walked, I felt a tingle along my arm where we touched and down my spine where I could feel his eyes.

Once the night was over, I rode with Adam back to his place.

When we got inside, he pressed me back against the door and kissed me deep, slipping his hand into my thigh-high slit until he found the edge of my panties.

His fingers slipped in, finding their way to my slick folds. He pushed one and then two digits in while I held onto his shoulders and ground against his hand.

“You looked amazing tonight. I’ve been waiting to be alone so I could touch you.” I moaned softly and closed my eyes, biting my lip.

Unconsciously, green eyes crossed my mind, and I found myself pushing harder against the hand in my panties.

Adam kissed along my neck while his fingers pumped in and out of my aching opening.

My moans grew deeper as I thought of those broad shoulders and the warm touch as he caught me, my ass rubbing against his front.

With a sharp cry, I came all over Adam’s fingers. When I opened my eyes, I was shocked to see Adam in front of me and not Zane.

My cheeks reddened as I realized I had just come from my fantasy of another man.

With a self-satisfied grin, Adam grabbed my hand and pulled me back to his bedroom. He hastily stripped me and set me gently on the bed.

While he fitted himself with a condom, I thought again of Zane and how rude he’d been. But even with his off-putting attitude, my mind kept wandering to him.

When Adam sank into the bed next to me, I found it hard to look at him. Giving him a shy smile, I flipped over on the bed, facing down, propping myself up on my elbows and knees.

“What a view,” Adam said, caressing my ass as he fitted himself to my opening.

As he pushed inside me, I felt my mind once again drift to that cocky smile, that delicious brown hair I wished to run my fingers through.

I closed my eyes and focused on those eyes, that smile, that body, and the tingling started rising in my core.

As Adam pounded into me from behind, muttering dirty words, I tuned him out and heard that silky-smooth British voice.

My hand drifted down to my clit, stroking in smooth circles while Adam continued his steady, hard pace from behind.

I shattered around Adam’s cock with Zane’s name on the tip of my tongue.

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