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Talking to the Moon

Ronja T. Lejonhjärta

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Rejected by the alpha twins she loves, grieving a loss greater than she can bear, Olivia Wilson leaves everything she’s ever known behind to join the Lycan Academy and prove that being an omega doesn’t define who she is. At the Academy, she meets Leo, who promises her love without hierarchy. He’s gorgeous and strong, and most importantly, he doesn’t care about her past. Finally, she feels like she has the chance to be happy again. But when lycan business calls her back to her old pack, she’s faced with a difficult choice. Does she stay with her chosen mate, turning her back on the twins forever? Or does she go back on her word to reunite with the alphas who broke her heart?

Age Rating: 18+

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29 Chapters

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Little Omega

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Chapter 3

Birthday Bash

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Little Omega

My paws hit the ground running, and my breathing is ragged, exhausted from the long run. I push on, faster, longer, trying to outrun them. If I can just make it past the pond and to the white oak tree, then I will be home free.

Howl, howl!

They are closing in, their howls getting closer and closer. I have to be faster, nimbler, and more calculating in my steps. I can’t let them get me; I won’t let them. They will never get me…

I see the familiar worn path leading to the pond. A few more paces and the bushes will clear enough to see the waters.

A black wolf leaps at me from my left, but at the last minute, I crouch, letting the wolf pass over my head straight into a thorn bush.

I quicken my pace, not letting the comical situation slow me down. I can smell the familiar smell of the still waters—I’m almost there.

I can see the white oak’s unmistakable branches stretching over the tall trees and reaching wide over the open field. Another black wolf is on my tail, nipping at it but missing every strike.

A tree that wasn’t there before has fallen ahead of us, and at the last second, I leap over it, letting the black wolf crash right into the heavy trunk.

A loud thunk echoes in the forest, followed by a snarl. I snicker internally, knowing that he can’t get me. I will never let him live that one down.

My heartbeat is beating at a steady but fast rhythm, and my wolf is exhilarated. Almost—just a few more seconds.

The wolves behind me howl again, trying to intimidate me, but I block them out. They can’t get to me. They will never get to me.

The white oak is standing right in front of me, and as my nose touches the bark, I hear the dominating sneer of the alphas. I won the race. The twins are right behind me, and they are not happy.

It’s not the slow pace they advance toward me with that gives it away, or the hairs standing straight up on their backs, or the growls that would make any prey die from a heart attack.

No, it’s their eyes, their bottomless orbs of black.

I consider myself lucky that I belong to the White Oak Pack, located smack-dab in the middle of Montana. We own the land for miles upon miles, and no human ever ventures into our lands.

We tend to stay within our pack but visit the human towns when we need to. Some of our pack members are also human mates to some, so we have accepted them as part of the pack.

The alpha twins, Liam and Jameson, lead us and have for a few years now. Their father gave the pack to them when they turned twenty in hopes that they would find mates, our lunas.

It has been three years, and we still do not have any lunas. Part of me hopes that they won’t ever find their mates, but I know that would be a cruel fate.

The twins are the biggest wolves in the pack, and their human counterparts are no disappointment, either. Both of them are tall, with broad shoulders, jet-black hair, and clear blue eyes.

Tattoos of their wolves and moonflowers wrap around their arms, torsos, and backs, adding to the overall gorgeous package.

Moonflowers are a sign of kills made by a wolf, and the more you have, the better warrior you are.

The alpha twins have more moonflowers than anyone else in the pack, but I’m not far behind. Most kills were of rogues, but sometimes, it was necessary to kill others too.

The only significant difference between the two is their dimples.

Liam has one on his left side, and Jameson has his on the right. Dimples are imperfections in one’s muscles, and as far as I can tell, that is their only physical flaw.

However, they have plenty of nonphysical flaws, like being stubborn and bossy, and having an old-world view of pack hierarchy.

I shift back to my human form, not bothering to cover up. I have seen everyone in the pack naked, and they have all seen me.

I am of average height and have an hourglass body shape, long dirty-blonde hair, and deep-sea-blue eyes. A few moonflowers adorn my back and left shoulder, but I don’t have nearly as many as the twins have.

I have been told all my life that I am beautiful but never really cared; I am more concerned about my fighting skills and brain.

Werewolves don’t tend to be too shy when it comes to nudity—unlike humans—since we all shift all the time and worrying about clothes is a hassle.

The twins also shift, and the rage in their black eyes is evident; their wolves are still in control.

“How do you always win?” Liam spits, sore that he lost.

“How are you so fast?” Jameson seethes. He isn’t any happier about their loss. Three more wolves approach behind them and shift.

Greyson, the beta and best friend of the twins, laughs when he sees the twins’ bruised egos.

“Maybe the two of you just need to train more then.” Greyson walks over to me and twirls me in the air, holding me close and earning a scowl from both twins.

The other two wolves stand silently, watching the scene unfold. They are both females: Amelia is the twins’ younger sister, and the other wolf is Emma, Greyson’s girlfriend.

Neither one of them is very fond of me, partly due to my status but also due to my relationship with the twins and their beta.

“Shut up, Greyson. It’s not funny,” Jameson answers him, without taking his eyes off me.

Liam scoffs and crosses his arms over his chest. “Losing to an omega, fucking embarrassing!”

Ouch, that one hurt. I may be an omega and low ranking in the pack but I have never thought that status determines the value of a wolf—their actions do.

The twins stalk over to us, effectively separating us in one swift move.

“Greyson, come on. We can have fun alone.” Emma tries to distract Greyson, but as usual, he isn’t listening.

I never try to get in between them, but Emma is a little controlling, and Greyson is only flirting with me to get under the twins’ skin.

I smirk and evade Liam’s arms as he attempts to hold me a good distance from Greyson.

One of my favorite pastimes is teasing the twins. They are insanely jealous and can’t stand it when I’m touched. The fact that we are all naked doesn’t help.

Jameson gets angrier at my teasing and mind-links the others, using his alpha voice. “Leave,now~!”~ Greyson, Amelia, and Emma all turn around, shift back to their wolves, and run back to the pack house.

“We are alone, Little Omega,” Liam smirks.

Both twins are looking at me with lust in their eyes, battling their wolves for control. I try to back up but don’t make it more than a couple of steps before I am stopped by the hard trunk of the white oak.

They circle around me, leaving no room for escape. “You’re ours now,” Jameson promises. “You will be punished for your defiance.”

I gulp. “I was just joking with you.” I nervously smile but falter when they advance toward me.

Jameson grabs my hips and pulls me closer to him, pressing his impressive manhood against my belly. He leans down and captures my lips with his in a demanding kiss. His mouth claims mine, as does every other part of him.

His grip agitates the flame of my desire, and I subconsciously start grinding my hips against his erection to douse the flame he ignited.

Liam approaches from behind and starts nibbling on my neck, right over the spot the mate mark goes.

My heart hammers wildly in my chest, and I take a deep breath to steady myself. What I wouldn’t do for him or Jameson to mark me there.

They are driving me mad, and I can already feel the wetness pool below. The twins know my body inside and out and can make me cum with featherlight touches alone.

“I can smell your lust, Little Omega,” Liam growls.

“Then do something about it,” I demand, as I turn around and jump on Liam, wrapping my legs around his waist. I slowly lower myself down on his large, thick cock and earn a moan from him.

I move myself up and down a few times before I can feel Jameson at my back. I love this part, feeling them both inside me and against my skin, working as a unit.

“Are you ready for me, Little Omega?” Jameson whispers in my ear. The twins’ nickname for me turns me on even more. They only use it in private as a submissive act and wouldn’t dare use it in front of other wolves.

I may be an omega but I am far from helpless. Our relationship isn’t a secret and earns me many dirty looks from wanton females in the pack.

I know what he is about to do. We have done this more times than I can count. I feel my entrance stretch as he plunges inside my tight hole, filling me to the brim.

The twins start moving in sync, one plunging in as the other pulls out. I am a moaning mess and can barely keep it together. My orgasm is already building and it won’t be long before I cum.

“Goddess, that feels heavenly!”

Both the twins are grunting and moaning as they continue their onslaught. Jameson reaches to my front and rubs my clit, causing me to cum all over Liam’s cock.

I feel Jameson swell and release his seed inside me and is soon followed by Liam, who does the same.

I am let down and Liam kisses me on the lips before Jameson spins me around and kisses my neck. “Olivia, you drive me crazy.” Jameson smirks against my neck. I lace my hand in his hair and hold him close, inhaling his scent.

Both the twins smell like citrus and bergamot, with a slight difference in the amount of citrus. Liam’s citrus tone is not as heavy as Jameson’s, but sweeter.

The only reason I can tell the difference is due to being close to them just about every day for the past three years. I have wondered if they will smell the same to their mates or if that scent will be distinct—just for them.

When the twins didn’t find their mates, they started pursuing me. We had the mutual agreement that once we did find them, our relationship would be over.

I have yet to be of age to find my mate, but next week, I will turn twenty and can finally find him. I am excited, but a part of me is sad. I have grown to love the twins and will miss them.

If they find their mates before I find mine, I will be heartbroken.

Liam is still near me, touching me from behind and letting his warmth permeate my naked skin. I love having them near; their touches bring a feeling of security. “I love you, Jameson,” I moan. Liam scoffs. “And I love you, Liam.”

In unison, they reply, “And we love you, Little Omega.”

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