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The Alphas of North Forest

Laila Callaway

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Twins Emmanuel and Ezekiel knew from a young age that they would become Alphas one day. Through their research, they find a pack desperate for new leadership. As soon as they are of age, they challenge the pack’s Alpha. The brothers win, but it comes at a price: they end up killing the Alpha, and his son runs off and cannot be found. Years later, Em and Ez are now college professors, and everything in their life has fallen into place, except for one thing: they haven’t met their mate yet. And they know they are destined to share one. Then they meet Rosemary Moore. A shifter whose parents have already passed, Rose has been raised by her religious, disapproving, human grandmother. Discovering she has been fated to two mates is not something she can easily reconcile thanks to her upbringing. It’s up to the twins to convince her that their fated match is not a sin and that they will protect her at all costs. Can they convince Rosemary to let them in? And can they really protect her when the previous Alpha’s son is still out there, plotting revenge?

Age Rating: 18+

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25 Chapters

Chapter One


“What about her?” I ask, nodding my head in the direction of a petite blonde standing with her parents.

Ezekiel narrows his yellow eyes and frowns. “She looks too innocent; I don’t think she’d be up for it.”

I drag my gaze back to the blonde and smirk. “Sure she will. We just have to show her what she’s missing.”

My twin and I look identical tonight, wearing the same tuxedos. Ez’s black hair is swept back off of his face, showing off his corn-yellow eyes.

All I did was run my hands through my silver strands, letting them fall over my forehead. Girls love tousled hair.

Our mother looks over at us; she sees the determined glint in my eye and shakes her head in disapproval. From across the room, she silently warns me not to go for it.

I smile back and pretend I don’t see the warning in her eyes. She doesn’t approve of Ez and I sleeping with someone who isn’t our mate.

But what she doesn’t understand is that we’re trying to prepare ourselves for our mate.

Having three people in the bed is very different than two. Ez and I want to practice on other girls first before we meet our mate.

We’ve only been with three girls; two of them were together and it’s been awkward.

We want to keep practicing, so that when we do finally meet our mate, we can blow her mind.

Our dads slept with other girls before Mum and she still forgave them. Our mate will forgive us, especially when we have her toes curling with pleasure.

I wait for the father to go and get some drinks and then I make my move.

With one hand in my pocket, I stroll across the room and approach the mother and daughter. I give them my most charming smile.

“Good evening,” I greet them smoothly. “My name is Emmanuel Blake, and I was wondering if I could have the honor of dancing with your beautiful daughter.”

The blonde blushes and glances at her mother, who is watching me with an amused expression. There’s a hint of approval in her eyes. Good.

“Blake? Are you in any way related to the Alpha Blakes?” her mother asks.

“Yes, they’re my fathers.”

The mother nods appreciatively and then regards her daughter. “Would you like to dance with him, darling?”

I turn to the blonde and wink at her. She laughs lightly and smiles.

“Yes, I’d love to.”

“Have a good evening, Mrs…?”

“Mrs. Pedersen.”

“Lovely to meet you, Mrs. Pedersen.”

With her mother well and truly charmed, I take her daughter’s hand and lead her to the area where everyone is dancing. Once there, I spin her out and pull her back into my chest with a sharp tug. She catches herself against my chest with a gasp.

“What is your name, beautiful?” I ask her, being sure to let my lips graze over her ear.

“Elin,” she replies, her cheeks tinged with a blush. “It’s Norwegian, my family is from Norway.”

I spend the next three songs trying to charm Elin, which she pronounced as Air-lin. When the third song ends, Ez sweeps in and takes over.

I watch from the sidelines as he takes his turn to charm the pretty blonde. Her cheeks are now permanently flushed, and she has a wide smile on her face.

Even if she declines our offer, at least we made her smile this evening. At the end of another song, Ezekiel leans down and whispers something in her ear.

Her cheeks turn even redder, and she nods shyly. He looks at me over her shoulder and gives me a subtle nod.

We’re on.

I go over to my mother and kiss her cheeks.

“Ez and I are off. We’ll be home tomorrow morning, don’t worry.”

She frowns at me. “Emmanuel, don’t do it. You’ll only regret this later,” she urges me.

I smile down at her. “Don’t worry so much, Mum. I won’t regret it, I promise. We need our mate to be happy with us.”

“Dane, speak to him,” my mother pleads.

My father looks down at me. “You should save yourself for your mate.”

“But you didn’t.”

He scowls. “Do as I say, not as I do.”

I smirk, knowing I’ve got him there. “Stop worrying about us, we’ll be fine. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Does the woman know it’s just for one night?” my father asks disapprovingly.

“Yes, of course.”

I’ll double-check that Ez has made it perfectly clear. I say goodnight to our parents for us and meet my brother and Elin by the doorway.

“All good?” he asks when I approach them.

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

Elin’s eyes are bright with excitement. We walk with her between us, outside onto the street. I hail a cab for us and ask the driver to take us to the hotel we’re staying in.

Elin goes quiet between us. She stays pretty silent all the way into the hotel and in the elevator.

When we get to our room, Ez produces the key and lets us inside. I turn to Elin as I’m taking off my suit jacket.

“Did Ezekiel explain to you what this is?” I ask her.

Her cheeks turn red again, the blush spreads to her neck.

“Um, yes. One night of sex, nothing else.”

I nod. “Good. Are you a virgin?”

The blush moves to her breasts. “No.”

I let out a breath of relief. Thank Goddess. I would have turned her away if she was.

“Perfect. Are you okay with moving forward? We can take you home if you change your mind. We want you to be comfortable.”

Elin looks shyly between us and plays with the strap of her clutch bag.

“No, I’d like to do this,” she confesses quietly.

My brother and I take off our shoes and socks. Elin follows suit, removing her heels. While I start undoing my shirt and tie, Ezekiel begins kissing Elin, getting her to relax.

I watch them kiss, becoming hard in my slacks. I feel for Elin, because in my mind, it isn’t her, it’s my mate.

We are using her, but she is using us, too. She has no illusions about what tonight is or means.

Once I am naked from the waist up, Ezekiel steps back from Elin. Her lips are swollen from the kiss, her pupils dilated.

I gently take her face and place my lips over hers. I run my tongue over the seam of her lips, coaxing her to open up for me.

As our tongues touch, her hands hesitantly touch my chest. I take her wrists and press her hands harder to my skin, letting her know that I want her to touch me.

Her soft hands slide over my chest, feeling my muscles with fascination. I reach behind her back and start lowering the zipper on her dress. I pull back when I’ve undone it completely.

Elin lets the dress fall and steps out of it. I pick it up from the floor and drape it over the back of the chair, so it doesn’t wrinkle.

She looks lovely, wearing a white bra with matching panties. Her body is petite and slim.

She hasn’t got a lot of curves; her breasts are relatively small, and her hips are narrow. She has a pretty figure.

“You’re beautiful,” I tell her honestly.

Every woman should feel beautiful, in mine and my twin’s opinion. Although we can’t give ourselves to any woman we’re with, other than our mate, we want them to feel special, even for a night.

She breaks eye contact and looks down shyly. I reach under her chin and make her look back up at me.

“You are,” I tell her firmly. “Believe it.”

I finish getting undressed, while my brother comes in to lead Elin to the bed. He’s only wearing his boxers now, so I strip down to mine.

The two of them kiss on the bed, my twin’s body covering Elin’s. The mattress dips down as I climb onto it, sitting next to them.

While Elin and Ez kiss, I lean down and start kissing the tops of Elin’s breasts. She lies on her back, her spine arching as she pushes her chest toward me.

I reach under her and unhook her bra. It’s a strapless one, and I discard it from the bed. Her skin is a pale cream, almost white. Her nipples are pastel pink and turn hard in the cool air.

I lean down and take one into my mouth, sucking on it until Elin bucks against my lips. I graze my teeth over it and bite down gently. I hear her gasp against Ez’s mouth.

My brother breaks the kiss and begins teasing her other nipple in the same way. We play with her breasts with our hands while stimulating her nipples with our mouths, working out what she likes.

When I think she’s ready, I slide my hand into her panties to check. She’s soaked for us. Her hips buck upward as I run my fingers over her lower lips.

Ez kisses down her body and pulls off her panties. I capture her lips with mine, plunging my tongue into her mouth. She moans into my mouth, and I know my brother is playing with her pussy.

I’m painfully hard in my boxers, but I can wait. Both Ez and I are interested in pleasing Elin first.

I return my hands to her breasts, playing with her nipples while our tongues caress each other. I break the kiss to look down at my brother, who has his tongue buried inside Elin’s pussy.

For a moment, I sit back on my heels and watch. Ez eats her out, sucking on her clit and pushing his fingers inside her. Elin throws her head back, her eyes closed, and her lips parted.

An orgasm rips through her. I watch as her whole body tenses, then relaxes, and then convulses as each wave ripples through her.

She opens her eyes and blinks, swallowing visibly. She looks up at me, and I can see her eyes are hazy with lust.

Ez sits up from between her legs, and Elin pulls up into a sitting position. She reaches for my boxers, and I take them off for her.

Ez takes his off, too. The three of us are naked. Elin reaches for my cock and wraps her hand around it. I grit my teeth, enjoying the sensation.

It’s been over a month since we last had sex with a woman, and I’ve been getting bored of using my own hand.

Ezekiel shuffles forward, and she takes his cock, too. She uses her hands to jerk us both off at the same time. Some might think it’s awkward, having my brother naked next to me.

For the first time, it really was. I’d not seen him naked since we were kids, and also had never seen him hard. There are a few unspoken rules to us doing this: try not to look and never touch.

We know that we will share a mate in the future. The three of us will have an unbreakable bond. I love my brother, but neither of us is interested in incest.

The threesomes we have are focused on the girl; there is no interaction between us.

I look down at Elin. “Are you ready to take us now?”

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