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After being sold into marriage by her father to pay off his debts, Anna thanks her lucky stars that she’s finally managed to escape his abusive ways. But she soon finds that married life may not be all that much better. Driven to the internet to find some companionship while her much-older husband is away for work, Anna meets Jacob and Jackson, the infamous Michaelson twins. Somehow, she finds herself signing a contract stating she will be their willing sex slave and must learn what really matters to her: her wedding vows, or her burning desire.

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Leaving Her Abusive Father’s

Book 1: Secret Affair

Anna knew it was wrong—it was so fucking wrong. Regardless of that, she couldn’t stop herself from signing the contract that was thrown into her face by the twins immediately after she got inside the mansion. She watched as they slowly moved closer to her, like predators hunting their prey, and the thought only made her core leak with uncontrollable fluid.

“You signed up for this. You better do well to remember that you are just a sex slave to us. Not a married woman,” Jackson asserted as he pulled Anna’s curly red hair and rained hungry kisses down her neck.

“Yes, I signed up for this,” Anna groaned out loud as she was suddenly attacked by the pain and the pleasure.

It was wrong, her inner voice reminded her, but she couldn’t stop herself from resigning to the pleasure she was receiving from the twins.


Anna was about to light up the cigarette she had stolen from her father—after accomplishing the heavy chores that he demanded she must perform every day unless she wanted him to beat and starve her as usual—when she heard her father’s voice again, coming from the house.

“Anna! Anna! Where’s that little bitch?” Mr. Walton shouted as he started throwing things around. He was beyond angry; everything wasn’t going just as he wanted.

Upon hearing the noise and the angry voice of her father, Anna knew that it wouldn’t be good.

She quickly put her cigarette in its pack and swiftly returned the pack to where her father always kept it before screaming her reply to her father.

“Father, I’m here,” Anna shouted twice, so her father wouldn’t accuse her of ignoring him, which she knew he hated.

“I’ve been calling you for ten minutes, and you are in this same house. Do I look like a joke to you?” Mr. Walton demanded as he pulled Anna’s hair and landed a huge slap on her face, which immediately made Anna flinch and fall down in pain.

“I said, ‘Do I look like a joke to you?’ Answer, you little bitch.”

Mr. Walton rained a few more heavy slaps down on Anna’s cheek and kicked her violently, but Anna just endured the abuse. If she opened her mouth, it wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

After a few minutes of slaps and kicks, Mr. Walton finally calmed down as he caught his breath and kicked the chair wildly in frustration.

But Anna was still mute, with her red swollen cheeks in her hands as tears ran down her cheeks. She quickly sniffed and cleaned her face because she knew that was exactly what her father wanted: seeing her cry and weak.

If he turned around and saw her crying, he would continue slapping and kicking her. Apart from alcohol and cigarettes, the other thing her father derived joy from was seeing her miserable.

“Where’s Maria? Is she inside her room?” Mr. Walton asked Anna after calming down.

“She…she’s not back from school yet,” Anna stuttered, as she wasn’t able to fully form sentences because her cheek was burning from pain.

It hadn’t always been like this. In fact, the maltreatment and abuse had just started two years ago, when she was sixteen, immediately after her mother’s funeral.

Her once-loving and caring father had turned into a bitter man and started maltreating her because he believed she was the cause of her mother’s death, which hadn’t been in any way her fault, but he wouldn’t even see reason.

He had just wanted to move his pain and grief onto someone else, and she had been the only one available.



“Mother, No!! Please don’t die. Please!!”

The shrieking voice of a teenager could be heard everywhere in the hospital, but only the patients closest to the room could hear how miserable and dismal the little girl was.

“Anna, call your father,” the dying woman, who was lying lifeless on the bed, opened her eyes slowly and muttered in a low voice.

“Mother, I’ve called him on the doctor’s phone. He’s on his way,” Anna replied hurriedly while holding her mother’s hand.

“I don’t blame you, Anna. I decided to come and save you. Don’t blame yourself,” the woman replied and slowly closed her eyes.

When the monitor sound brought Anna back to reality, she was shivering all over, as she had just lost her mother.

“Annabella! Annabella!” a slightly older man shouted before he turned his head to look into the dead eyes of his beloved wife.

She was dead, and it was that bitch’s fault.

“Why didn’t you call me earlier?! She came to save you from getting raped, but you couldn’t do anything while she was being beaten till the point of death. Why the hell did you go out in the first place?” Mr. Walton shouted at his eldest daughter while the younger daughter, who had just arrived with him, cried and grieved in the hospital.

“Father, I…” Anna whispered, looking at her father with tears filling her swollen eyes.

“Don’t call me your father, you despicable little bitch,” Mr. Walton shouted as he gave his eldest daughter a huge slap on her face.

She was the reason why the love of his life was dead! And from that day onward, he would make sure that she didn’t know peace, Mr. Walton swore while looking at the dead body of his wife.



Since that day, her father had told her that there would be nothing like education in her life anymore, and her only use was to cook, wash, and clean the house, like a typical housemaid in her own biological father’s house.

If it wasn’t that people always said she was identical to her father, Anna would have thought that she was adopted or picked up from the street by him.

“Since Maria is not around, you better listen well to me now and get the hell out of this house before she comes back. I owe someone a huge sum of money. I might never be able to pay him back, and he, in return, also needs a contract wife, who will obediently stay in his house when he leaves for business trips and have his kids.

“You are just an additional weight on my arm. Look at how big and nourished you’ve become! You are just eating all my food, and my precious daughter is even slimmer compared to you,” Mr. Walton asserted, looking at Anna with disgust clearly noticeable on his wrinkled face.

Yeah, precious daughter. Her little sister, Maria, was the precious daughter, while she was just an additional weight. Was that not applaudable? Anna scoffed slightly.

“The man will be here to pick you up in a few minutes because I’ve already betrothed you to him and signed the necessary papers. So you better do well and be a good wife to him because if you ever come back to this house, I can assure you that your face wouldn’t be as smooth as it is now,” Mr. Walton threatened as he sat down on the couch.

Because he hadn’t asked her to stand up and she dreaded receiving another slap or kick from him, Anna sat down on the tiled floor with her head bent low as she listened to him.

“What are you still sitting and acting like a cripple for? Do you want your future husband to meet you here? Go inside and pack the little rubbish you have and make sure that you hide all those marks on your body. And you better not take anything that’s not yours. If I find out, you know what I will do to you,” Mr. Walton retorted when he saw that Anna was still motionless on the floor.

Immediately after his remark, Anna quickly dragged herself to her room to pack her clothes as he had commanded.

The only thoughts in her head were she was leaving, she was finally leaving this hell. She was finally leaving her childhood home, which had become hell for her in the past two years.

She was finally going to have a break from her abusive father.

Even if she was going to be a maid to the man and not his wife, she would still leave.

She just wanted to escape, she just wanted to leave this goddamn hell, and God had finally granted her wish. Even though it wasn’t the way she wanted, she would still gladly leave.

After packing, Anna quickly scribbled some words on a piece of paper as a letter for her sister:

Dear Maria,

I’ve left to become the wife of the man I’ve never met or seen because that’s our father’s wish. He owed him a huge debt. Don’t look for me or be sad for me. I’m glad to finally leave. See you.

Your loving sister,


After writing the letter, Anna quickly hid it under the candle lamp because she knew that if it were to land in her father’s hands, she wouldn’t even be safe in her so-called future husband’s house.

Going through the contents of the letter again in her head, Anna tried to verify that she hadn’t exposed too much to her sister. Because, unlike her father, her sister cared, and they loved each other as siblings.

If she was going to miss anything or anyone in the house, it was definitely going to be her sweet, curly-headed younger sister, who looked so much like her mother.

Any time she looked at her younger sister, she always saw traces of her mother in her eyes. They looked so much alike; maybe that was the reason why she was pampered by their father while Anna was abused instead, but she couldn’t bring herself to blame Maria.

She was innocent and sweet. She couldn’t bring herself to dislike her because their father was a wimp and alcoholic who only abused his eldest daughter and fawned over the younger one because she looked just like his deceased wife.

“What are you doing up there? Do I have to drag you out? Can’t you hear the car honking!” Mr. Walton shouted at the top of his voice when he saw that the little bitch hadn’t come down yet and the man who he had sold her to was in their driveway already.

Was she trying to act stubborn with him?

“Anna!” he shouted again, and Anna quickly recollected her thoughts and ran down the stairs.

“Father, I’m here,” Anna quickly answered when she was in his presence.

Mr. Walton was so angry that he was about to slap her again when he remembered that the old hag was still waiting outside. He reluctantly held himself back and looked at her with disgust.

“He’s already outside, just go and meet him. And remember what I told you: don’t you ever do anything that will make him send you back into this house. Else…” he dragged out as he looked at her with his cold eyes.

“As if I even want to come back to this shithole,” Anna mumbled under her breath as she held her small pack in her hands.

She didn’t have many clothes; her father had burned them all.

According to him, she was just a little bitch that didn’t deserve a penny from him. So he had burned all her clothes, and the ones in her hands right then were the ones that Maria had managed to save from her father’s hands.

“Hey, come back here,” Mr. Walton suddenly shouted at Anna. “Are you sure you didn’t take anything that was not yours?” he asked, pulling the little pack from Anna and dragging it open as he searched for anything that might be valuable.

After seeing that she didn’t have anything valuable on her, Mr. Walton turned back and went back to the couch while Anna quickly packed her belongings again.

The only valuable thing she had on her was her mother’s engagement ring, which had been given to her by her mother in the hospital before she left this world. But her father didn’t know about it, and he had never asked about it.

Departing from her home, Anna took a long glance at it and heaved a deep breath.

She was leaving…

Car honks immediately brought her out of her daydream, and she quickly hurried to where she was hearing the honks from to meet her soon-to-be husband.

What would he look like? The man she would be spending the rest of her life with?

Immediately after she got to the car, Anna received one of the biggest shocks of her life.

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