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Cabin by the Lake

Mandy M.

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He wanted a quiet summer alone. She wanted to rest in solitude before going off to college. Fate had other plans. A miscommunication leads to growing desires that evolve into an intense and sensual love affair. And when the summer’s over, what began as lust becomes a love that endures a lifetime.

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1


“I can’t believe we’re done with high school.” My best friend Emily is lying across my bed on her side, her hand propping up her head.

“I know. What are your plans this summer?”

She sighs. “My parents are sending me off to Italy.”

“That sounds amazing.”

She shakes her head. “It’s just so they won’t have to deal with me for the summer. I tried to get them to let me take you, T, but they wouldn’t.” She rolls onto her back and sighs again.

I’m disappointed, but I don’t want her to know. “It’s fine. My parents are sending me to some cabin for the summer.” I look at Emily, and my mind wanders.

Emily and I are a month apart in age, and we just turned eighteen. We are like twins, except that we look like opposites of each other.

Emily has shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes, and a slender figure with slight curves. I have long blond hair down to my waist, blue eyes, and the hourglass figure that every woman dreams of having.

Our parents have never been the doting, loving kind. When we were younger, they sent us to summer camp together so they wouldn’t have to deal with us. When we got older, we spent our summers at home together, at my house or hers.

People like our parents only have children to make themselves look better. We are a trophy they can pull out when needed and hand off when not. They leave the raising to the nannies and the drivers.

Emily and I have a deeper relationship with the staff than with our parents. We have a more meaningful attachment to our parents’ money than to them as people.

Instead of hugs and kisses on our sixteenth birthdays, we got brand-new cars. Instead of rules and boundaries, they gave us limitless credit cards. Anything we want, they get it for us, so long as we don’t bother them.

“Whose cabin is it?” Her question pulls me from my thoughts.

“Some friend of theirs, I guess. At least they’re letting me have a car while I’m there.”

“They’re not letting you drive there?”

I shake my head. “They’re having Ronald drive me.”

“Same. Mine are having Andrew drive me to the airport.”

Our parents run in the same circles, so I can only assume they will be off traveling together while we are left to our own devices. Like always. Except Emily will be in Italy and I will be at some cabin only God knows where.

She looks at her watch, then sits up. “I better get going. My flight leaves in the morning and I still need to pack.” She stands and holds out her arms.

“I’m apparently leaving later this afternoon,” I say, then stand and give her a long hug goodbye.

I’m thankful we both got into NYU and will be living together in the fall. Her parents are renting an apartment for us near the campus. Then, it’ll just be me and her, likely for the whole time we’re in college.

Since we’ll be across the country and unless we have an emergency, I doubt we’ll hear from our parents for the foreseeable future. Why would we come home for vacations when her parents will be abroad and mine will be on their yacht somewhere?

I’m finishing up packing, gathering toiletries from my bathroom, when my mother comes to the door of my bedroom.

“Are you nearly ready?” she asks.


“Ronald is pulling the car around.” She doesn’t enter my room, just stands in the doorway. “Amelia’s son, Mitch, will be stopping in from time to time to check on you. And you will be able to use their Mercedes if you need to go anywhere.”

I nod my head, and she continues.

“And, Theresa, enjoy your summer.” She turns from the doorway and walks away.

I scoff when she’s gone. Typical. At least she told me to enjoy myself, I think.

But how can I have fun when I have absolutely no idea where I’m going or what I’m going to do by myself for the entire summer? I just hope that Mitch isn’t an asshole. And that he’s hot.

Ronald helps me carry my bags to the car, and as usual, my parents are nowhere to be seen. I settle into the back seat and don’t even bother to look back as we pull out of the driveway.


Four hours of driving pass quietly. Then Ronald points out a small town, telling me it’s the closest one to the cabin, which is still twenty minutes away.

I sigh and wonder if I’ll need to come here. Looking at the town, I doubt it’d be worth the drive if not for groceries or supplies. There doesn’t seem to be much to do here for fun.

The last twenty minutes pass quickly, and when we reach the cabin, I jump out of the car right away, desperate to stretch my legs. As I stomp blood back into them, I look at my home for the next few months.

The cabin is simple and small with a wraparound porch. But even from here, I can see that no costs were spared in its construction. I grow excited to see inside, so I catch up to Ronald as he walks to the door.

“I was told that there is a notepad with some instructions on the counter. The alarm code is also in it.” He opens the door for me. “I will be back to pick you up at the end of August. Please be safe.” He gives me a soft smile.

“I will, and thank you.” I squeeze his arm as a goodbye and watch him walk back to the car.

Ronald is one of my favorites. He’s always kind to me. I feel bad that he has to drive another four hours to get home; I could’ve driven myself. But I remind myself that that’s my parents’ doing, and I let go of the guilt.

I walk inside and locate the notepad. It says:

Theresa, welcome to our guest cabin. The kitchen is fully stocked. The keys to the car are hanging by the door. Please refill the tank when you’re done. Mitch will be stopping in to make sure you are all right. The code for the alarm is 4631. Enjoy yourself.

To be safe, I set the alarm, then I start exploring the cabin. As expected, it’s simple yet made with luxurious materials, furnished stylishly like a magazine article, and equipped with top-of-the-line features.

The kitchen, dining room, laundry closet, and half bath are under the loft in an open plan. And I’m impressed that the kitchen, while small, is a chef’s kitchen. I open the fridge to see it is indeed fully stocked.

I grab a cola, open it, and take a sip while looking at the living room in front of me. There is a large stone fireplace along the left wall of the cabin with two armchairs facing it. On the right wall is a huge TV and entertainment system with a sofa and a love seat around it.

I walk over to the back wall of the cabin, which is basically one big window, to look out onto the patio and to the woods beyond. My footsteps echo off the probably mahogany floors, and a high, open ceiling towers above me, which extends to the loft above.

I spot the stairs leading up and take them to the loft. The king-sized bed takes up most of the space, but the closet is large and so is the bathroom. And the view from the bed makes me feel like I’ll be sleeping outdoors.

If I ignore the loft’s railing and the back wall’s muntins, that is.

After putting my things away, I take a shower, eat a bowl of cereal, and get into bed. I close my eyes and think about tomorrow, deciding to do some exploring outside the cabin.

Then I think about Mitch. I wonder what he looks like and hope that he’ll stop by so I’ll have someone to talk to.

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