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College senior, Chloe Jones, is about to graduate with a degree in accounting, but her primary goal has never changed. Make Flynn Bailey’s deliciously toned ass fall for her. Chloe loves that man more than anything, but one small thing annoys the hell out of her. The man is too nice for his own good. Has a sexy thought ever crossed his mind? Obviously not because Chloe has tried everything to get him to notice her, but he’s viewed her as nothing but his best friend’s little sister. Now, home from the holidays, Chloe will try one last time to catch his attention or swear him off as a lost cause. But Mr. Nice Guy may not be all sunshine and roses. There is a side to him that will give Chloe a run for her money if she’s willing to gamble.

Age Rating: 18+ (Depression, Domestic Violence, Stalker)

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Chapter 1


My entire family awaited my brother’s best friend’s arrival for our holiday dinner. He called saying he would be late again because he stopped somewhere to help someone with a flat tire or some shit like that.

That man!

Just as every single time I knew he would come to visit, I put on my shortest dress and highest heels. The soft, dark skin of my long, freshly shaved legs shone with the pound of cream I applied to them.

To make it better, my bubble ass lifted my skirt just enough to make any guy want to lean their head to the side and look at what I had underneath.

I spent endless hours in the salon, and my white, small-size, long box braids looked amazing. This girl even did her nails.

Looking at myself in the hallway mirror, I double-checked that my makeup was on point. It would be all in vain, but I always did it, anyway.

Dressed to impress, only to get patted on the head like a dog. Your girl had to try everything.

Oh, I could drool just by picturing him in my mind. Tall as hell, with strands of golden shoulder-length hair.

Clean-shaven, a hypnotizing pair of pale-green eyes, muscles over the muscles, big, strong hands, a smile that could melt your panties away, and an ass that made you want to chew on it.

Flynn was the man of my dreams. His only problem? He was too fucking nice! Funny, his name was Flynn; it could just as well have been Flanders. Not even joking.

He was the kind of guy that would always let others go first in line, help an elderly lady with her groceries, mow the lawn for a neighbor with a broken leg, and stop traffic to let the fucking ducks cross the road.

Flynn couldn’t resist helping people in need and always did it with a smile.

Yeah, that guy! I loved him more than anything, but sometimes he would drive me nuts. He wouldn’t even properly curse! Flynn said stupid things like yikes, ~fudge~, or ~shiitake mushrooms~.

Early in elementary school, my brother became friends with him, and they have been inseparable since. Josh loved him like a real brother, and my family worshiped his ass.

Flynn played cards with Dad, baked cookies with Mom, and was always around. And when I said always, I meant always!

I shouldn’t have talked so much shit because that ass was my religion. Ever since I could remember, I have had a die-hard crush on him.

He’d been living rent-free in my mind, and I swore I would bill him with interest one day.

He and my brother were only a little over two years older than me, so it’d been forever. I still remember the first time I saw him.

Mom invited Flynn over for a playdate, and Josh already had all his cars out in the living room, ready to play.

The doorbell rang, and we all rushed to the foyer. I tripped on a car and fell. Josh didn’t even care to look back and check on me; he just ran to open the door.

Mom walked to the entrance from the hallway and didn’t notice I’d fallen.

My knees had landed straight on one of Josh’s stupid trucks, and it hurt like hell.

I sat down, holding my knee as well as my tears because I didn’t want to cry like a baby like Josh had teased me for being. I wanted to show them I was a big girl.

The door opened, and the bright midday light blinded me before I saw him: the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. I swore I could even hear the angelic music playing in the background.

Flynn was smiling widely with a missing tooth, and once he saw me on the floor, his smile dropped.

Without saying a word, he ran over and helped me stand. He rubbed my knee and fixed my skirt.

Flynn didn’t know me, but he hugged me and then patted my head, making my fluffy afro pigtails bounce.

The sweet smile he gave me after was one I would never forget, ever in my life, mainly because that was still how he smiled at me now.


In his eyes, I had never quit being the little girl with a boo-boo. Flynn never stopped looking at me as if I were a cute pet. I tried, though. I tried it all! Hell! I was still trying.

Growing up, I would dress provocatively, but he never looked at me.Yoga stretching with see-through leggings? Did it!

Flynn told me to be careful and not dislocate an arm. He patted me on the head while I tried to hold the happy baby pose, and then he smiled.

The oops-my-swimsuit-is-loose move? Did it! He tied it fast, told me to be careful next time, patted my head, and then… He smiled.

Flynn tightened that shit so hard I couldn’t take it off afterward, and Mom had to cut it.

The leaning forward in a low-neckline dress with my cleavage out in the open?Not a single time did his eyes drop. He looked into my eyes and gave me… The Flynn smile!

The lying on the sofa with extremely short shorts climbing up my crack and pretending I didn’t know? Did it, too!

Flynn took a blanket as he walked by, typing on his phone, tossed it over my ass, and told me my pants were too short. You guessed it. He patted my head, and then… he fucking smiled!

I spent all my middle school, high school, and college years being hot and bothered by him. The frustration was real, and the thirst to die for.

I felt like a dork, so I lied multiple times about having a boyfriend. I never got one.

All I could think about was him, but he never, and I mean never, looked at me as anything other than a small child with a scraped knee.

When it was time for me to go to college, he drove me there.

I didn’t have a car yet, Dad had a business trip, Mom hated driving long distances, Josh’s college was in the opposite direction, and Flynn was free.

Since I knew we would be alone, I put on my shortest pants and did everything I could to get his attention, hoping he would pull over and take me in the woods or some shit like that.

I opened and closed my legs, rubbed my thighs, went to “sleep” with my ass toward him and my head against the window…

I did it all, every slutty thing I could think of to get his attention, but his eyes never left the road for the entire six hours that it took to drive there.

I fell asleep. He shook my shoulder, and to my disappointment, I woke up with his heavy sweater covering my ass and legs.

Flynn carried my bags and inspected my dorm like a parent would before he patted my head and… He fucking smiled!

At the time, I was a senior in my last semester of college, and with only a few months left ahead, I would look for jobs near my hometown.

Moving far away and living in a bigger city after graduating was tempting, but who was I kidding? I wanted to try my luck with him one last time.

He was the only man I wanted, so I wasn’t afraid to leave it all on the table.

It was a dead-end. I knew that, but I would never give up, not until Flynn put a ring on a finger, preferably mine. Joking aside, if Flynn got married, I would step out and disappear.

We heard the doorbell ring, and we all stood. “Finally!” Dad yawned with a stretch.

Mom’s ten-pound turkey wasn’t done yet, but she would allow Dad to get his hands in the snacks if we had the visitor over.

The entire family walked to the living room to greet him, following Mom, who had swung the door open.

Flynn had to lean his head lower so he could pass by the door and then flashed us that big, sweet smile he always carried.

Why was he so darn happy all the time?

“I brought the eggnog!” Flynn proudly announced, showing us the bottle, and Mom clapped. “And the whiskey!” He lifted his other arm.

“That’s my son!” Dad cheered, getting closer, pulling him into a hug, and patting his back.

Flynn must have come straight from work because he was still wearing gray pants, a black belt, shoes, and a blue button-up shirt tucked inside his pants. Oh! And we can’t forget a hand-knitted red sweater.

Yes, you guessed it. He knitted it himself. That was his hobby.

“Oh, look at you! So handsome! I love the sweater!” Mom praised him, running her hands over his thick arm to feel the material.

“You might get one for the holidays!” Flynn replied with that never-ending smile, and she hugged him, shaking him like a maraca.

“School was a half day today, no?” my mom asked, and Flynn nodded. Yes, the school. His job, a kindergarten teacher.

The man was a god that could be in any Hollywood movie, but he enjoyed sitting in a ridiculously small chair and reading picture books to children.

He even made different voices and brought puppets. The jolly expressions on the children’s faces were so darn cute. Those little shits loved him almost as much as I did.

Oh, that crowd of little people was not the only one in awe. Those kids’ moms would leave a puddle along the hallway.

The janitor should have put up a sign that read, Caution! Floor constantly wet right in front of Mr. Nice Guy’~s room.~

Josh stepped forward, pulling him in for a bear hug, then Josh’s girlfriend had a turn. She kissed Flynn’s left cheek, and he hugged her as well. The next one in line was me.

Flynn’s light-green eyes set on my smile as he opened his arms. Like a fangirl rushing to her idol, I excitedly walked over and wrapped my arms around him.

His cologne smelled delicious, his body was hard, and it took all my strength not to drop my hands and grab that ass.

Purposefully, I pressed my chest against him, letting Flynn feel my breasts while I rubbed his back.

In my mind, I daydreamed, wishing I could hold on to that broad back as he fucked me, making me scream his name.

Flynn shared that extended hug with me, clueless about my dirty fantasies. I was way past the seventh cloud when he softly kissed the top of my head, bringing me back to reality.

When I glanced up to see his face, he let me go, took a step back, and patted my head. My smile dropped as I waited for what would be next and then saw it—the damn smile.

Just like that, he walked past me, and I stayed there, in front of the door, with my arms dangling at my sides and the icy wind freezing my stupid face.

When will I learn?

“Oh, close the door, sweetie!” Mom screamed from the kitchen right before I repeatedly banged my head against it.

“Yes, Mom,” I replied, disheartened, then closed the door. Waddling to the sofa, I let my weight fall hard on it.

So frustrating! 

One peek toward the kitchen had me finding Flynn happily talking to my parents, and a frown was drawn on my face like a vintage cartoon. Argh! I needed a drink.

After taking my heels off, I tossed them aside, wishing I could just get drunk and forget the many hours it took me to get ready for that pat.

My eyes momentarily focused on the most expensive, highest pair of fancy footwear I owned. Useless shit! I thought that if I tortured myself with them for a while, he would notice me, but nope.

While sitting criss-cross applesauce on the sofa, I grabbed my phone, leaned back, and group-texted my friends. I told them about my failure, and they laughed like the idiots they were.

Since we were so close during high school and hadn’t been in the same town after we graduated, we all decided to get together and have a sleepover.

Sarah rented a cabin in the woods, not too far from here, and we all chipped in. As soon as this holiday dinner was over, I would drive there and drink with the girls.

Flynn walked over, but I was too distracted laughing and typing on my phone to notice. He tossed a blanket over my legs before sitting beside me on the sofa.

“You look happy!” Flynn noted. His heavenly voice had me pulling my eyes from the screen to spare him a glance. After nodding, I fixed the blanket over myself and continued typing.

“You’ve been talking to that person for a long while. Is that your boyfriend?” he asked as he offered me a fresh-baked cookie. I took it, had a horrible idea on the spot, and went with it on the fly.

“Yes! We just met on Tinder. You know how it is. He is so sweet, though! I’m meeting him later,” I lied while taking a big bite of my cookie.

“Oh, really? That’s nice! I really like it when you just meet someone special, and everything is new and sweet, and things go slow and… You don’t yet know what to do.”

Flynn smiled, taunting the devil in me to react.

“Forget the sweetness and the taking it slow. I’m going straight for the hot and nasty!” I said it in a seductive voice, and he acted surprised.

“Oh! My bad. Sometimes I forget you are a grown woman. Well, too bad it is the holidays. I don’t think there’s much open today. Businesses closed early, so that’s gonna be a short date,” he said.

He lay back on the sofa, stretching his arms and placing one behind me. I glanced at his arm, then smirked.

“Oh, no worries, we’ve got that covered. We rented the coziest cabin in the woods, with a chimney, wine, and a breathtaking view. It might be cold out, but we’ll make it steamy inside.

“We have all the time we want,” I lied through my teeth like a telemarketer and held a laugh.

Flynn looked at me with the same smile he always gave me, but his eyes were confused. “And you are going after dinner?” he asked to confirm, scratching his neck.

I nodded again, pointing at my car. I had my bag packed and in the trunk, ready to go.

His eyes traveled to the window and then back to me. “Okay… Eh, have fun, then.” Flynn stood from the sofa, patted my head, and smiled.

Trying to make him jealous…~ Failed!~

He returned to the kitchen, and I cursed my luck under my breath.

Not a single thing I tried!

I looked once more at him and mentally drooled. You would think he would be sort of perfect, right? The perfect husband, the perfect dad, the perfect son-in-law, the perfect boyfriend—but…no!

All the girls that had dated him had sex with him once, then dumped him. He couldn’t keep a girlfriend for more than three weeks to save his life.

Whenever Mom called to tell me she thought he had a girlfriend, I would immediately call him and ask about his new girl.

Each time, the answer was the same. Flynn released that sweet childish laugh and said, “I guess she dumped me…”

If I asked why, I would get the same answer time and time again.

“Same old, same old…they all dump me for the same thing,” he would mutter, and I swore I could hear that big smile in his voice. It was like he was never upset about getting dumped.

There were days when I wished I could shake him. Slap some sense into him. Hold his face in my hands and make him stare into my eyes.

Tell him, “Look at me, you colossal idiot! I won’t dump you, ever!” I would have done anything to have a chance at being his girl. Flynn was a genuinely good man.

“Darling, can you bring this dish to Mrs. Williams? I told her I would send her some of our sweet potato pie she likes so much. It’s a short drive, five minutes tops,” Mom asked me.

But before I could answer, my knight in shining armor stepped in to save my ass from the cold.

“It’s okay, Mrs. Jones. I’ll do it. It’s cold out, and Chloe is busy talking with a friend.” Flynn took the dish, then winked at me.

My lips curved into a smile at how adorable he was, and he smiled back.


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