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The Overdue Quickie


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Frankie is working in a bar when in walks Andy, her sister’s ex-boyfriend, who left town a few years ago after things went bad. The two have a history together as Frankie all but propositioned him back in the day, but he refused out of respect for her sister. Now that the past is past, is it time for a do-over?

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Chapter 1

The Overdue Quickie


I’m not stupid. I know if Andy could have anyone, he would choose my sister, Max.

All dark curls and pouty lips, a heart of gold and curves that could cause car accidents. Yeah, legit perfection.

After the drama a few years ago, I thought I’d never see Andy again. So imagine my surprise when he walks into the bar I’m working at.

I need the cash, and I’m already working a day job. I’m beyond tired, but it’s safe to say I perk up a little when the muscular man with wet, dark hair enters the bar.

I don’t recognize him at first, but then he shakes the raindrops from his hair, loose, dark curls springing back as his hands sweep through them.

My heart stops. I swear it does.

Those piercing green eyes that somehow seem to bring out my wild side with a mere glance. I suck in a breath, the glass I’m polishing nearly cracking beneath my grip.

Focus, Frankie.

He looks surprised, a slight furrow in his brow, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. The bond between us was strong, but we didn’t keep in touch.

But I compared every man I met to him.

He strides over, long legs easing the distance between us, his blue shirt clinging to his body, thanks to the weather.

Thank you, weather gods.


He smiles at me then, his hands palm up as he chuckles.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

My tongue feels like it’s swollen in my mouth, and I swallow desperately. He is so handsome. My eyes flicker to his ring finger, and I almost scream with happiness when I see it is bare.

“I work here,” I manage to croak out, a stupid grin on my face.

“Yeah, I can see that.” Andy laughs, his eyes twinkling. “I’ll get a beer, please.”

“On the house,” I whisper, reaching down to grab him a cold one. It is fairly quiet this evening, and Deena is the only other girl on tonight.

I glance down at her to see her lost on her phone, grinning as she taps away. I clear my throat, turning my attention back to Andy.

The man my sister met first.

The man my sister didn’t want.

His Adam’s apple bobs in his throat as he swallows the beer, his half-closed eyes gazing at me over the bottle.

“I’ve missed you,” I blurt out.

His eyes widen, and he drops the bottle to the counter. He wipes his lips with the back of his hand, smirking at me as he leans forward.

“Have you, Frankie? What have you missed?”

His voice is like a feather, stroking my body as I shiver. Gravelly tones mixed with silky whispers make me grip the glass tighter.

“You.” I smile, hoping I don’t sound like a fangirl. “I miss our conversations.”

Andy nods, allowing his gaze to journey over my body lazily. I am glad I am wearing my black vest that shows my breasts nicely and tight jeans that cling to my ass.

Andy hadn’t ever wanted me—I am the opposite of my sister physically. I don’t have the curves or the pouty lips. My hair is a murky brown, which I have recently dyed red.

“I miss those too,” he admits and returns my smile. “Are you all right? You’ve gone a little pale.”

I fix a grin on my face, shrugging my shoulders as I pick up a new glass to polish.

“I’m good. It’s just a shock seeing you again. Small world.”

He nods, glancing around the bar.

“I’m here with work,” he explains, rubbing the back of his neck.

My eyes are trained on his fingers, the way they massage the skin expertly.

“I’m staying at the hotel over the road. They directed me here.”

Thank you, Premier Inn.

“Hotel?” I squeak out, aware my cheeks are now flushing.

“Yeah,” Andy replies, looking at me directly. “It gets a little lonely sometimes, working away.”

I blink, unsure of what he is implying because I already offered myself to him years ago, and he let me down gently. Instead, my brain decides to throw a curveball.

“Where’s Benny?”

Benny, Andy’s dog, was the love of Andy’s life. I couldn’t imagine Andy without him.

“With my sister.” He exhales, tapping the beer bottle. “Could I get another? It’s been a rough day.”

He reaches into his back pocket, holding out a twenty. As I take it from him, our fingers brush, and I inhale sharply.

I focus on the beer, swapping his used bottle for a new one. I study the condensation on the glass as Andy asks the dreaded question.

“Are you seeing anyone?”

Okay, so this definitely makes me think. “No,” I reply truthfully, my heart rate picking up. “You?”

“Well, no, I don’t get to meet people on the road. Only one-nighters, you feel me?”

I’m shocked, and it shows. My mouth drops open slightly as he chuckles, leaning forward. His arms are ripped now, and the sleeves of his shirt are pushed up to reveal veiny forearms.

I’m lost in his eyes, and he nods at me to walk around the counter. I place the glass down, my hand trembling. I drop the cloth onto the counter, glancing at Deena, who barely acknowledges me.

“Come here.” Andy grins, opening his arms out to me. “I’m wet, sorry.”

“Me too,” I mumble, laughing. I look down to see rain glistening on my chest from his embrace, but Andy tips my head back with his forefinger, so I’m gazing at him.

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