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Sisters of Flame

Ophelia Bell

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A Red Dragon’s breath is all it takes for most humans to lose their minds with desire. For Erika, all she needs is to lay eyes on her lover, Geva, and she’s ready to have his babies.

Temporarily separated from the true object of her desire, Erika finds herself increasingly distracted by Rowan, Geva’s younger, more powerful, and beautiful sister. It doesn’t help that dragons are typically open with their affections, or that Rowan and her pair of mates keep inadvertently taunting Erika with their sexual rendezvous.

When Erika is finally offered a chance to fulfill her unending curiosity and longing for a deeper connection with the beautiful female Red dragon, she takes it, and not just because her lover would have wanted her to.

After an evening of deep sapphic connection, she may find more than another lover. Will Rowan be able to fulfill a need that Erika didn’t even know she had?

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Chapter 1

If anyone had told Trevor a year ago that he’d be living in a monastery at age twenty-four he’d have thought they were crazy. Maybe out of high school he could’ve imagined himself submitting to the restrictive nature of the military, but after the relative debauchery of his college years, life as a monk seemed distinctly unlikely.

Not that he was precisely celibate now, however. In fact, he might have been the only human man at the place who was having sex, and it made him feel just a little bit conspicuous. Maybe he should be taking some kind of vow like the human monks, rather than giving into the daily needs of the pair of dragons he was mated to. He’d never been quite so oversexed in his life, but apparently a newly pregnant female dragon had unusually strong cravings, and they weren’t always dietary.

Who was he to deny the woman he loved? His partner in dragon mate-hood, Rafe, the other male in the equation, wasn’t any more likely to turn her down, either. And Rowan could be incredibly demanding.

So naturally, when he popped a hard-on while he wandered through the lush mountaintop landscape, making his way past a collection of monks in the middle of prayer, he felt a little bit guilty. If only he were as passionate about spirituality as he was about Rowan, he might feel more like he fit in here. It wasn’t the praying that had made his dick stand at attention, at any rate, but the tingling pull of Rowan’s energy, summoning him magically to meet her in the bath house for the first time that morning.

And he let his cock lead the way, only because it happened to be pointing in that direction already. He loved nothing more than to see Rowan spread out, wet from the bath and sighing in satisfaction after he and Rafe had both made love to her so thoroughly she fell limp afterward.

Still, the impure thoughts in the current setting made him more introspective about the nature of his urges than he’d like to be, even though he was pretty sure the religion the monks up here practiced was nothing close to Catholicism. He was even more positive the fact that all of them were men was by design. They could have easily allowed female ascetics, yet they seemed perfectly content with the arrangement they had. And it certainly hadn’t stopped the dragon element from finding a way to screw each other when their needs demanded it. He was more surprised that the two factions more or less maintained their distance where intimacy was concerned. Everyone went about their own business, without judgment of race or gender or sexual orientation. Without engaging in random orgies on a mountaintop. He was impressed, to say the least, but maybe that was the hard-on talking.

But there was one human woman staying at the monastery, and in spite of the abundance of very willing dragon males here, she had the look of someone being compelled to a vow of celibacy against her will. At least that was the impression Trevor got whenever Erika managed to walk in on him and his mates when they were making love—which admittedly tended to be often, and somewhat public, as of late.

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