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Owned By My Dad's Best Friend

Imani Jay

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Read along for a deliciously forbidden dad's best friend quick and dirty romance. With no cheating, no cliffhanger, a guaranteed HEA, and all the summer heat and dripping wetness you can handle! You're welcome ;-)

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Chapter 1


“No, Gram’. I won’t work non-stop.” I tell my grandma in an effort to pacify her.

“Child, please.” She sucks her teeth. “Like I don’t know you. You’ll be glued to that damn laptop for the next two weeks.”

I giggle.

“All I ask is that you eat, get some rest, and take breaks to enjoy the beach, and go into town. Can you do that for me, love?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I answer in an amused voice.

“Yes, ma’am, my ass,” my sassy grandmother replies, making me dissolve into fits of laughter.

“Grammy, language!” I mock-chastise her.

She chuckles. “Okay, fine. How’s the house? Got everything you need?”

I stand up from the desk, stretching my legs, and take in the brightly lit room. All cozy furniture and framed family pictures on the walls. My grandparents’ beach house is its own little piece of paradise.

“Everything is perfect, Grammy. I can’t thank you guys enough.”

I walk to the window, letting my eyes take in the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean and the gorgeous beach.

“Child, hush.”

I laugh again, but my amusement is short-lived. Because standing just outside the window, under the neighboring beach house’s outdoor shower, in a skintight wetsuit, is the most magnificent specimen of manliness I’ve ever laid eyes on in the flesh… From my vantage point, I can tell the dude is freaking tall, way above six feet. His shoulders are ridiculously broad, his wide chest narrows down to a tapered waist. And his firm, round ass is fucking biteable. His thighs, thick and muscular. Water dripping down a full head of jet black hair. He rubs his inky strands with long, tanned fingers, making his strong biceps bunch. And when the unknown hottie pulls down the zipper of his wetsuit, intricate lines of ink appear on his olive skin, making my mouth water and my brain lose all function.


Oh crap, I forgot I was on the phone.

“Sorry, I got distracted.” More like brain damaged from the fucking hot impromptu striptease happening right in front of my eyes. “Uh, Gram’…is someone staying at the O’Malley’s?”

Delmonte is a small coastal town. The same families have owned its beach houses since forever. The O’Malleys are a couple of my grandparents’ age, and their neighbors here.

“Oh yeah, their son, Jake, is staying there.”

Their…son… That would make this guy… He turns around, wetsuit half-undone, wide chest also covered in tats, face all rugged, goddamn freaking hot. And yes, an absolute silver fox. Fuck me…

“You know, he was your dad’s best friend growing up. They kinda lost touch after high school when Jake enrolled in the Navy. Well, none of us really saw him after that. I heard he was a Navy SEAL,” she adds in a hushed, reverent tone. “Did all kinds of dangerous shit. But he’s been in town for a few months now, and his mom says he’s back for good.”

I swallow with difficulty, words flashing in my mind like Las Vegas neon signs. ‘Hot zaddy surfer, retired Navy SEAL, NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBOR!!’

“Jasmine?” my grandmother calls again, and with just the slight intonation of her voice, I can tell she’s on to me.

I clear my throat.

“Yes, Gram?”

“Maybe you should visit him, offer some local hospitality?” she taunts in the fakest, innocent tone she can muster.

I laugh nervously, then brusquely stop when ‘Mr Sexy, Daddy’s Childhood Bestie’ completely steps out of his wetsuit, exposing acres upon acres of deliciously golden tanned, thickly muscled, corded, cut, and thickly veined male deliciousness. Lord Have mercy!

“Gram, I have to go,” I say precipitately, and all I hear is her faint chuckle before the line goes dead.

Then everything fucking happens at the same time. Jake O’Malley, if that’s actually him, turns again under the water, still rubbing the ocean and sand off his perfect body, taking away the wonderful sight of the ass I know I’m gonna be dreaming of sinking my teeth into, and gifting me with the vision of a long, thick, gorgeous cock. Even at rest, the thing is freaking mouthwatering. I gasp, bringing my hand to my mouth, and dropping my phone against the glass window with a loud clatter. Jake’s gaze swiftly turns my way, his muscles tensing like a big cat ready to prowl. Then he sees me. One thick, arched eyebrow raises, and his sharp, hardened expression morphs into a slow, lazy smirk before he winks at me. His large hands, still running over his slick, wet skin, muscles bunching and…cock now semi-erect. I frantically grasp around, abruptly pulling down the window shades, and run to the other end of the house, followed by the muffled sounds of a deep, masculine laugh through the glass. Oh My God!!


I wipe my sweaty hands over my jeans before stepping into the dimly lit bar. I had to get out of the house, my work deadlines be damned. Anything to escape the near-constant jitters at the thought of my scorching hot, dripping wet, big, ripped, tatted neighbor. Fuck, I’m starting to feel tingles all over again… Get yourself together, Jazzy! He’s just another hot guy. A zing deep in my chest and the same annoying tiny voice try to differ, but I smother both down. After ogling my hot neighbor then running off, I called the few friends I made here over the years. Some are locals. Others, like me, only come to town on vacation. And what do you know? Will Johnson, a super cute guy I’ve flirted with over the years, is here this summer. So we made plans to meet for drinks. Will’s blue-eyed, golden-haired, pretty boy looks should be the perfect cure for Daddy’s Best Friend’s rugged appeal. Nothing ever happened between Will and me, but there were always stolen glances, suggestive smiles, and what-ifs.

I’m not even sure what got into me staring at someone undressing and showering. And Gram’s teasing was no help. I shake my head. Enough with that. Nothing happened. It’s not like it’s the first time I’m seeing a naked man, for chrissake. A fucking hot naked man, a treacherous voice says in my mind. I’m a twenty-five-years-old, grown woman. A grown woman who hasn’t seen a real dick in ages, the same devil on my shoulder sasses. I try my hardest to push all thoughts of my years-long dry spell and hot as shit neighbor out of my mind, square up my shoulders and push into the bar.

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