Completed Series

The Millennium WolvesCross to BearSlave of the Onyx DragonRaised by VampiresFinding Your FateThe BodyguardMeeting Him in BetweenFirst ChanceTable ElevenUnclassic HeroDragon's SlaveDesperateOne NightEyes on UsHaunting LiesThere's Something in the WoodsThe Blue Wolf DianaCold SecretsBaby GirlA String of MurderSeroje: The Seeing EyePanther's CageDragon's BloodSophiaCaught up in BetweenDangerous LoveDragon's PetThe Devil's MercyMeet Me in the WoodsDering SiblingsAl NadahaThe Dream LifeDragon's PrincessYou Taught Me to FlyJust Go With ItMy Dream BoyMoonlightSavageDragon's ShadowUntie the KnotI Was A BitchDragon's LeashCupidityThe One that Came BackJewel in the CrownI Can See YouMisconceptionMafia PuppetLoving My Brother's Best FriendTaming the ZookeeperSecond ChanceThe Stepford VampiresThe Alpha and the WarriorSold to the AlphaMontana TrialsI Choose YouA Mafia Royals RomanceMy Wife's DesiresDon't Underestimate the BrokenBurning DesireIn the Shadow of MidnightWaltz of the LionessRachelFayreEnemiesSummer LoveEmergency Plan FBlue Line DetectiveTwo Years GoneThe Alpha's TwinsLoathing RyanThe FallenBeneath the ScarsThe Rule of AlwaysFaithlessHealing HandsLove Hate MailBecoming the Werewolf QueenYou're Mine and Only MineHealedThe Perfect Amount of Messed UpBecoming LunaReturn to WestoverAbandonedThe Playboy HeirPurgatoryHer Dark SilenceMurphy's LawSpouse TrapIn Cold BloodSorry Can't Save YouThe GrinWerewolf UniversityIn Love with Mr. MafiaRosalineA Legacy for KatherineTalking to the MoonLove By CoinNeed Me Like ThatSnakes & LaddersA Pirate's OathAlive AgainUnconventionalHow To Survive The Alien InvasionBlame It On ParisWhen You Least Expect ItOne Call AwayDeep Into the WoodsCrossing In A HeartbeatIntimately InkedShadow WarriorsThe Seven SinnersBaitThe Firefighter
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