Crime Thriller

The Cradle SnatcherSeroje: The Seeing EyeThe Way Out of the DarkThe MentorThe Coastal KillingsDon't Cross The XBantering With MurderShe Can Easily Kill YouThe Sins of the MotherContract Killer13 AngelsJudge Jury and ExecutionerThe Chamberlain FilesEmily's ListThe Eigengrau EffectPrimal FearsChildish ThingsAttachedAgainst Her WillA Plea for HelpThe CuredBody 37What It Means to BurnThe MistakeThe Deerborn SeriesThe Vendeleer BrothersTell No LiesA Crime of PassionWired InMadhouseThe One that Came BackSorry Can't Save YouWired: RogueMisconceptionHaunting LiesMontana TrialsThere's Something in the WoodsThe Dublin FilesBlue Line Detective
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