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A Vixen's Human: An Alpha's Vixen Story

Nauti Bear

Chapter 2


Megan felt anger explode inside of her at the beta’s words. How dare he speak to her like she had done something wrong here?

She wasn’t just some stupid girl he could throw around just because she was human.

“Why? Still think I’m some rogue?” she spat back.

The beta growled, showing his teeth. But this time, Megan didn’t back up. She took a step closer, puffing up her chest as she did so.

For a moment, she could have sworn she saw the beta’s eyes widen in surprise. He looked less angry all of a sudden.

“Declan,” called a voice from behind him. Megan and the beta named Declan turned to see the alpha Megan had handpicked for Myra.

“What is it, Alpha Sloan?” asked Declan. The expression on his alpha’s face made his tone suddenly businesslike.

“My mate’s in trouble,” said the alpha named Sloan, his voice full of purpose. “Let’s go.”

Declan gave Megan one last long, searching look, then jumped off the stage and followed Alpha Sloan out of the club.

Wait, did he say mate? Is that alpha Myra’s mate?

But then another part of the alpha’s words came back to her. Myra’s in trouble?

Where had she gone? She must have run off while Megan was staring at Declan.

Megan felt fear flood her body. She had brought Myra to the club. She called her up on stage. She was the one who was too busy ogling Declan to notice when she went outside.

If Myra was hurt, it was all Megan’s fault.

Feeling the panic rising in her chest, Megan jumped off the stage.

“Move,” she shouted, shoving two large men out of her way.

She tore across the dance floor and followed Declan and Sloan out of the club.

The sight that met her in the alleyway was horrifying to behold.

Myra was in her vixen form, a little orange fox lying still on the ground. Her fur was matted and bloody, and Megan could see deep cuts across her hyde.

The alpha, Sloan, was cradling her in his arms while Declan was standing guard, and the other beta was talking quickly into his phone.

Sloan was murmuring quietly to Myra, and then she shifted right in front of Megan’s eyes.

Megan gasped as she saw the long, dark gashes across her friend’s body. The moment Myra shifted seemed to have taken the last of her energy, and she fainted in Sloan’s arms.

“Noooooooo,” screamed Megan, losing her senses completely.

She lunged forward, desperate to get to her friend. Why were these men all standing around? She needed a doctor, and fast!

Before she could reach Myra, however, strong arms gripped her around the middle, holding her back. Megan fought against them, but she couldn’t break free.

Somebody leaned down toward her, and she felt lips against her ear. Even through her panic, Megan couldn’t help but quiver at the feeling.

“Relax, my little minx,” whispered a soft voice. “She’s going to be all right. We’re all going to be all right.”

Suddenly it was all too much, and Megan felt her brain shutting down.

The last thing she noticed before the darkness took hold was a delicious smell, something sweet and smooth but fresh and tangy all at once.


Strong arms were holding her.

Lips brushed against the nape of her neck, setting a fire inside of her.

She felt herself let out a moan, unable to hold it in.

As rough, strong hands slid down her body, creating goosebumps.

“Moan for me, my little minx,” whispered a voice so smooth that it made her heart melt.

A smell filled her senses, so sweet and rich it drove her over the edge.

Just as the rough fingers penetrated her core.


Megan awoke with a start. She blinked.

She was lying in a hospital bed, staring up at a fluorescent light buzzing mundanely above her.

She tried to sit up, but her head felt heavy.

“Don’t sit up too fast,” barked a voice from nearby.

Megan settled herself against the pillows and looked around for the voice.

She was in some sort of hospital room, but it was nicer than any hospital room she’d ever been in. The walls were made of rustic brown wood, and the curtain surrounding her bed was soft satin.

Her face morphed into a scowl when she saw who the voice belonged to.

Declan. The prick from the club last night. Although she had to admit he looked sexy, leaning against her door in a leather jacket, hands in his pockets, and a smirk on his face.

Last night at the club…

As the full events of the previous night flew back into her head, Megan jumped to her feet, eyes wide. She immediately regretted it.

Grabbing onto the wall for support as the room swam before her eyes, she croaked out, “Myra? Where’s Myra?”

“Relax,” Declan grunted, and he pulled the curtain beside her bed aside, revealing a second bed next to it. Megan felt her heart sink.

Myra was lying in a second bed, unconscious, hooked up to about a dozen different machines and gadgets. Megan rushed to sit down at her bedside.

“What happened to here?” she asked, trying to keep the panic from her voice.

“She was attacked by rogues,” Declan answered shortly, refusing to make eye contact with her.

“Is she… Will she…?”

“She’ll survive.”

Megan felt relief surge through her but still couldn’t help but feel a twinge of annoyance at Declan’s cold treatment.

“Where are we?” she asked once she was sure Myra was safe.

“Pack house of my pack. You’ll stay here till it’s safe.”

Megan felt anger flood her. “Is that so? Says who?”

“Says me,” growled Declan, still not looking at her.

“And why did you take us here instead of, I don’t know, to the hospital?” inquired Megan, her annoyance rising.

Declan scoffed. “Because this is not the first rogue attack. They’re getting bolder, and we don’t know if human hospitals are safe.”

“So you just get to decide what’s best for us?” Megan shot back, not sure why she was so furious at this insolent, godlike prick.

“You were knocked out.”

“You grabbed me. I got surprised.” Megan didn’t realize she’d jumped to his feet.

“Signs of a weak character, I guess,” laughed Declan coldly.

“Oh, I’m weak, am I? Come over here, and I’ll show you exactly how weak I am.”

Suddenly, Declan launched himself off the wall and crossed to Megan. He stopped inches from her, his nostrils flaring.

For a moment, their eyes locked, and a jolt of electricity ran through Megan. From the way Declan’s eyes dilated and he quickly looked away, she was sure he felt it too.

They were both breathing hard. Megan’s heart was thundering against her ribcage.

Declan exhaled furiously, and Megan caught another whiff of that deliciously sweet smell. It was rolling off him in waves, and she suddenly realized what it was. Her favorite candy.

“Mint chocolate,” she mumbled.

Declan returned his gaze to her, and she felt her heart rate rise.

There was something about the way he was staring at her. Hungry.

But just then, a loud beeping sound drew them back to reality.

They both turned their attention to Myra’s bed, and Megan felt her heart skip a beat.

Myra was convulsing on the bed. A screen on the wall above her showed only a line where her heartbeat should be.

She was flatlining.

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