Airport Security - Book cover

Airport Security

Sam Marie

Chapter 2

Curt shoved his cock down my throat while holding the back of my head. He didn’t allow me air to breathe and didn’t care that I was gagging every time he drove into me.

I was in such a haze from the orgasm he’d just given me that I let him fuck my face.

He was so aggressive and dominant with the way he slammed his cock down my throat, holding the back of my head with one hand and my throat with the other.

“Tell me, is this what you imagined Rocket would do to you?”

My eyes widened in surprise. How does he know about Rocket? He didn’t allow me to respond though, as he kept thrusting his thick cock into my mouth while saliva dripped down my chin.

“I know Rocket. And trust me when I say that little bitch wouldn’t be able to please a dirty little slut like you. He called me asking for a favor. He described you perfectly.

“He asked that I let you through security without any trouble. When I brought you in here, I texted him and said you made it through. Bet that’s why the vibrator went off.”

He knew Rocket, and he knew I would be coming through with Rocket’s toy. And yet, he pulled me in here and used me. I was so confused and somehow so turned on.

Curt pulled out of me and picked me up. He dropped my ass on the metal table and shoved me to my back.

He was so abrupt, and my body loved it. I was still dripping wet from my release, so I spread my legs wide to let Curt see how wet my pussy was for him.

“How do you know Rocket?” I asked, running a finger through my clit as he positioned his cock at my entrance.

“We knew each other in high school. I fucked every little nerdy girl he liked.”

He rubbed himself over my pussy, making me moan. I didn’t even know this man, and yet, here I was, letting him rub himself raw on me. Something was deeply disturbing about this situation.

“Why?” I asked, needing to know why this man was so brutal to another.

“Because I can, sweet thing,” he said as he pushed the tip of his cock into my hole.

My head fell backward, relishing in the way my core muscles stretched with the invasion of his cock.

“Yes, more,” I begged, pivoting my hips and taking more of him into me.

“I’m going to fuck your needy cunt so good that you’re going to walk out of this airport with a limp and never think of Rocket again. Do you understand, Miss Lani Griffin?”

“Yes! Oh god, yes… Fuck me, please,” I stuttered, losing myself completely to his dirty words.

It had been ages since I was fucked by anything other than a dildo, and this man’s cock was thick and long and sinking deeper and deeper into me.

His cock struggled to break through my walls, but with one final push, he was sheathed to the hilt. And then he was retreating and slamming back into me.

Curt pulled my hips to the edge of the table and lifted my legs, bringing my knees down to the sides of my waist.

“Flexible. I might need to have you again,” he praised how my body had stretched into a position that allowed the both of us to see his dick entering and exiting me.

He pulled out fully and suddenly, making my pussy lips pop as he left me empty and wanting. Then he plunged himself back into me only to repeat the action as we both watched.

His cock glistened with my juices, coaxing more and more of my arousal out of me as he took his time torturing my thirsty cunt.

“Please,” I begged as he left me again. My walls clenched harder and harder around empty air as he continued edging me.

“Dirty girl doesn’t like games?” he taunted, sinking into me again before pulling out with a pop.

“Ah!” I screamed and squirmed, but he held me down by pinning my legs.

“Bad girl.” His hand left my leg long enough to deliver a sharp slap to my pussy, and my body ignited.

He wasn’t inside me anymore, but the edging had taken its toll. Juices squirted out of me, straight across the space between Curt’s cock and my pussy.

His fingers rubbed my clit, spraying the liquid everywhere and making a mess, but the liquid kept coming.

My eyes rolled back into my head as the orgasm overtook me. Curt shoved back into me, finally fucking me properly as his fingers gave me the friction I needed to keep the orgasm going.

Curt suddenly stilled inside me, drawing my attention.

“Wait!” I said, but it was too late.

A wicked smile spread on his lips as his fingers dug into the back of my thighs, and he spilled himself into me. I could feel the wrongness of the situation, and my orgasm flared to life again. Curt relished it.

He pulled out of me and coaxed more cum from my body, slapping my pussy and rubbing it, helping me ride the wave of my orgasm while his cum leaked from my pussy and we both watched.

“Oh my god,” I said as he let go of my legs, and they dropped over the edge of the metal table.

“Clean yourself up and don’t come through security wearing that shit again”—he pulled his trousers up then leaned over me—“unless you want me to feed your hungry pussy again. Then, by all means, stuff as many toys up your cunt as you can.

“I’ll get them all out and replace them with something far better.”

I was speechless. Curt walked out the door, leaving it open with me lying wet and naked on the table. At that moment, the second security guard walked in and locked the door. Panic consumed me.

“Um…,” I said, sitting up and gathering my clothes.

“You’re not done here, Ms. Griffin,” the second security guard said.

“We’re not?” I asked.

“Not even close,” he replied as he unbuckled his belt.

Fire erupted between my legs. “What do I have to do, Officer?” I asked, loving where this was going.

“I was told that a hungry slut was in need of assistance.” He unbuttoned his pants and walked toward me.

I dropped to my knees before him, ready to have another man face-fuck me without a choice. The idea of being railed by two security officers was so disgustingly right. If only Curt would come back, and the two men would take me at once.

“I’m a very hungry slut,” I said, batting my eyelashes cutely.

“Then allow me the pleasure of serving you your main course.” He tugged down his briefs and let his massive cock pop out.

“Oh my god.” I admired his size, not sure how it would fit. “Wait, main course?” I asked.

“Curt will be back to help me serve dessert,” he said before pulling my hair back and parting my lips with his tip.

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