The Alpha and Luna Series - Book cover

The Alpha and Luna Series

Skylar Greene

Chapter 2


I wake up and jump out of bed to go to the bathroom. I take a shower, go into my walk-in closet, then put on my black fitted suit.

I check myself out in the mirror and then hear a knock at my door. I already know it’s from Liam and Noah. “Come in, guys.”

They come rushing into my room, wearing suits, with their caps and gowns in their hands. We rush out of my room and to the front door. My mom screams, “Be careful! See you on the stage.”

I stand on the stage receiving my degree. My pack members and parents are proud. I can feel it through the bond.

I graduated with the highest honors, summa cum laude. They all whistled and cheered me on. The pack members were proud of their upcoming alpha, beta, and gamma.

The luna, my mom, had already set up a party for us later that night at the pack house. She was extremely happy her only baby was graduating from college.

If only she could get me to take over as alpha now. But I was promised one more year to find my mate, and I felt like I would do it by then.

The Moon Goddess won’t fail me. She knows I need a mate.

After graduation, my parents come up to hug and congratulate me. Then Liam’s little sister, Emily, comes trying to hug me. I step away from her, and she hugs Liam instead.

Emily is a good girl, but she is not my type. I have one rule, and that is not to sleep with my pack members. I don’t want my mate to have to deal with pack members that I have slept with.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no virgin. But I only sleep with humans to pass the time. I never had a girlfriend, just hookups.

Humans don’t know about us, and I like to keep it that way. If they found out, then we could be in danger from hunters and other things.

Even though our college has humans and wolves, mostly wolves make up the school population, since it’s not too far from the pack. We allowed some humans to attend so it wouldn’t look suspicious.

Emily has two friends, Ava and Lily. Ava is Noah’s mate, and they have known since they were eighteen. That’s when we as wolves can find our mate, at the age of eighteen.

I have been looking for mine for about four years now. Emily has expressed that she wants to be my luna, but I already told her that she needs to wait for her mate.

I mind-link Liam to get his sister as I watch her try to come toward me again and hold my arm. Liam gets her and says something in her ear. She congratulates him and us on graduating.

We all hop in my jeep and head back to the pack house. My mom has a big party planned there. We walk inside, and it’s decorated with pack colors: black and silver.

I walk to my room and get out of my suit. I put on some blue jeans and a black shirt—my signature style, unless I’m in a meeting.

I plan to have fun and relax for the next couple of days before I go back to work. I own a company, with help from Liam and Noah.

We all have business degrees, but I inherited the company from my dad. It’s my pride and joy. It helped me forget about not finding my mate.

I’ve been waiting for my mate for too long, but I know she will be here soon. I can feel it.

I walk outside to the backyard, where more decorations are, and it looks like the party has started. Noah and Ava are in the corner, making out.

Liam comes up with some pack girl hanging on his arm. I tell him that if he keeps sleeping with pack members, his mate will be arguing with a lot of females.

He just ignores me and keeps drinking. For werewolves, it takes a lot to get us drunk. We have to have a lot of were-liquor, and then most times that doesn’t even work, if we have high ranks.

So I just settle for some drinks, because I know I won’t be getting drunk.

I see Emily making her way over to me, and I turn to try to find someone to talk to. Liam is making out with some girl, and Noah is dry-humping Ava.

Good thing the responsible adults have left the party and it’s just mostly teenagers left. I think I am going to call it a night and go to bed.

Emily reaches me, and she has a drink in her hand. She looks like she could be drunk. She grabs hold of my arm and then almost falls on me.

I stand her up, and she says we should make a toast to graduation. I lift my cup and toast with her.

After that drink, I feel a little tipsy. I try to think how many drinks I had tonight, but I can’t remember.

Emily says she needs help walking to her room, so being the gentleman that I am, I walk her there. We get to her room, and then I wake up the next day.

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