The Alphas of North Forest - Book cover

The Alphas of North Forest

Laila Callaway

Chapter Two


Elin blinks up at me with wide eyes and nods. “Yes.”

I look over at Ez and he nods at me, answering my silent question.

“I will take you first,” I tell her.

Elin lays on her back and spreads her legs, showing off her pretty pink pussy. I run my fingers up and down her folds, unable to resist.

Once she’s whimpering at my touch, I line myself up with her entrance.

My eyes meet hers and she nods at me, letting me know I can push forwards. I slowly enter her, sinking in inch by inch. Her pussy is tight, and I can feel the resistance as I enter her.

I pull back and surge forwards, filling her completely. She winces and raises her knees to her chest. I freeze, stilling inside her.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“Yeah,” she gasps. “Just move.”

I pull out and push back in. After a couple of thrusts, she starts to loosen up and relax around me. Ez leaves the bed and I know he is fetching the lube from our bag.

I pull out and ask Elin to roll over. I grab her hips and lift her onto all fours.

Ez squeezes the open bottle over her butt. The liquid slides down the valley between her cheeks. I catch it with my fingers and spread it over her asshole.

She gasps as I push one finger inside her. I pull out and add another, trying to stretch her. I listen out for her breathing and any sounds she makes, wanting to ensure that she’s doing okay.

Ez lies next to her and begins playing with her nipples to distract her. Her breathing evens out and I add a third finger.

She’s tight. I’m guessing she’s never done anal before, or at least not in a while. I pull my fingers out and add more lube to my cock.

I smear more of the slimy liquid over her asshole with the shiny head of my dick.

“Take a deep breath and relax,” I tell her and then, I start pushing my cock inside her tight asshole.

She lets out a whimper as the tip of my cock pushes past the rigid ring of muscle. Ez’s hand moves under her and I know he is now rubbing her clit.

I repeatedly pull back and enter her again, slowly getting deeper each time. It takes longer than when I was entering her pussy.

She is really tight and not in a good way; it’s constricting around my cock. Eventually, I seat myself fully inside her. I pull out almost all of the way and slam back in.

“Oh, shit,” she gasps, and I freeze.

I wait for her to tell me to move again. I thrust into her for a few minutes, trying to loosen her up. Once I’m sliding in and out easily, I pull out completely.

I lay down on my back and get Elin to lie on top of me, her back to my chest. She pulls her hair out of my face and lays on me.

Ez holds her legs open, and she helps me enter her asshole from behind.

I’m lying on the bed, my head on the pillow and hers resting beside me. I’m balls-deep in her asshole and Ez is currently lubing up his cock to enter her pussy.

“You ready?” He asks Elin, who nods quickly.


I support her weight as he starts to enter her. She whimpers and he keeps stopping, to let her get used to both of us filling her. He pushes further inside her.

“Ow! Stop!”

Ez halts instantly and looks worriedly at her.

“Just give me a minute,” she whispers, breathing quickly.

Ez and I share a knowing look. The last girl we were with couldn’t take both of us. Only one girl has been able to, and she didn’t enjoy it.

And because she didn’t enjoy it, Ez and I didn’t either. Like I said, we want to practice before we meet our mate because we’ve had some disaster moments.

“Okay, you can move again now,” Elin says hesitantly.

Ez pushes all of the way inside her and Elin’s body tenses above me.

“Oh, shit,” she whines. “Just move, this is a lot.”

Ez withdraws and, when he fills her again, I pull out. We alternate pulling out and filling her up. Elin whimpers and digs her fingers into Ez’s shoulders.

“Stop! I’m sorry, it’s too much, I can’t,” she cries and her voice breaks.

Immediately, we both pull out of her. I wrap my arms around her and bring her to my chest. As Ezekiel pulls the covers up over her, I stroke her hair.

“Hey, it’s okay,” I tell her soothingly. “It’s okay.”

Ez comes and sits next to her, holding her hand. Elin sniffles against my chest.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize!” Ez tells her. “Are you okay? I can run you a bath if you want.”

“No, it’s okay,” she says and smiles at him. “I’m alright, it was just too much. I couldn’t take both of you. Maybe just one at a time?”

I look at Ez, he already knows what I’m feeling.

“I’ll run a bath, Ez will take care of you,” I tell her.

I slide out from behind her and leave Ezekiel and her alone. I go into the bathroom and start running the hot water tap.

I wait for it to turn hot and then put the plug in the tub. It slowly starts to fill, and I turn to the mirror.

I stare at my reflection. My orange eyes are filled with disappointment. This is the second girl who couldn’t take us both at the same time. I have the strongest urge to slam my fist into the mirror.

Instead, I fist my hands at my sides, digging my short nails into my palms. I pray to the Moon Goddess that our mate can take both of us. She has to. She has to be able to.

My cock is still hard and sticking out from between my legs. I take it in my hand and begin pumping up and down.

My sensitive ears pick up the grunts of Ez next door and Elin’s breathy moans. I move my hand faster, little shivers of pleasure run up and down my spine.

“Ezekiel, oh, shit! Don’t stop, yes!” Elin’s cries come through the open door and I grit my teeth.

My balls draw up against my body and my orgasm hits. My cock pulses in my hand and pleasure thrums through my veins.

My eyes close briefly and when I open them, I’m releasing thick ropes of cum all over the sink in front of me.

I pant heavily, resting my hand on the counter. I take a moment to get my breath back and stop feeling light-headed.

Then, I clean up my mess on the sink. I add some bubble bath to the filling tub and decide to take a shower.

Whilst I’m washing my hair, Ezekiel comes in with Elin. He helps her into the tub and climbs in with her.

I finish up and dry myself off whilst the two of them make casual conversation. I subtly check her over, trying to see the look on her face.

Relief fills me. She looks happy but detached. She doesn’t look like she’s planning her mating at the back of her mind.

I don’t like attachments. The only girls we have been with are shifters; they know we have a mate out there, a mate I’m constantly thinking of, even whilst pleasuring another girl.

Elin is a sweet girl, but when I was inside her, I was picturing my mate, whoever she may be.

Ezekiel gets out of the bath and the two of us put on pajama bottoms. Funnily enough, they’re the matching gingham ones that Mum got us last Christmas.

Elin comes out about fifteen minutes later, after a long soak in the tub. She puts on her underwear and then slides on her dress.

“Can one of you zip me up please?” she asks over her shoulder.

Ez jumps up and does it for her.

“Do you not want to stay?” I ask her.

She shakes her head and smiles sadly. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. We all knew what this was, and I think it’s best it ends here,” she says.

I look at her in a new light, impressed by her strength and respect. I wouldn’t blame her if she got a little clingy.

Despite what we told her, what we did was intimate, and it can be easy to get caught up in it. I get off the bed and come over to her. I pull her into a hug.

“Thank you for tonight,” I tell her. “I wish you luck in the future and I hope you find your mate soon.”

She smiles up at me. “So do I, but I have to say, as fun as tonight was, I’m grateful that there will only be one of him!”

That makes Ez and I chuckle. He hugs her goodbye.

“May the Moon Goddess bless you,” he says to her. It’s one of our main colloquialisms.

“And you,” she replies. “Thank you for a great night, guys. Goodnight.”

With that, she leaves the hotel room. Ez turns to me and pats my shoulder.

“It’ll be alright, Emmanuel,” he says, knowing exactly what’s bothering me. “Our mate will be able to take us both.”

“And what if she can’t?”

He shrugs and slides under the covers. “We’ll train her. But honestly, she’s made for us. She’ll be able to take us both at the same time.”

I sigh heavily and get into the bed. “I hope so.”


“Get any action last night?”

I look up from my food to see our best friend, Harvey, wiggling his eyebrows in a lewd manner. I glance at Ez, who shrugs vaguely.

Harvey frowns. “You did, didn’t you?! Did you tag team or divide and conquer?”

I nearly choke on my sandwich. I swallow hard. “Both,” I reply to him.

His eyes widen in appreciation. “Nice,” he draws out the word.

School is boring, as per usual. It’s an easy life. We’re smart, we study, and don’t get in trouble, but we’re popular, too.

We get invited to all of the parties because everyone knows who our parents are.

People move out of the way for us in the corridor. Not because we’re bullies or anything like that—it’s a show of respect for their future Alphas.

We never asked for it, but without our intention, the Blake twins are the talk of the school, constantly.

When we get home from school, we go straight to our parents’ home office. Luckily, it’s empty.

Ezekiel drops his backpack and picks up a rolled piece of paper. He spreads the map out on the desk.

“I’ve been going over the nearby packs. I’ve circled potentials, but honestly, I think this one is our best option.”

“The North Forest Pack?”


“You want to us become the Alphas of North Forest?”

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