Dangerous Love - Book cover

Dangerous Love

K. Dillon

Chapter Two


Siena peered into the tall mirror standing in the corner of her new bedroom.

Her uniform was a formal black dress that passed her knees with a small white apron, it was a pretty stereotypical maid’s uniform.

Thankfully the apron only had to be worn when she was cooking. Siena straightened out the creases before tidying up her hair.

She made herself familiar with the kitchen which was open to most of the apartment, especially the lounge.

She loved how open and bright everything was, it would be hard to get any privacy around here unless she was in her own room.

The lounge had two double sliding doors that went onto a patio on a balcony with large soft bean bags. The TV in the lounge was as big as a cinema screen, so she couldn’t get used to her surroundings.

After preparing dinner, Siena referred back to the leaflet to double check that Asher didn’t have any allergies.

That was all she needed, poisoning the homeowner on her first day on the job. She chuckled to herself while flipping over the steak in the pan.

Cooking was second nature for Siena, she grew up cooking with aunt Maria.

While other young girls her age would be out playing on the swings, Siena and Tia would be helping her aunt cook breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After putting some potatoes on to boil, she made note of where everything was kept. Siena couldn’t believe her eyes whenever she would open the fridge, it was massive.

All this food just for one person, she thought it was crazy.

Siena heard the keys rattle outside the front door and immediately froze. She was about to meet him for the first time and suddenly felt extremely nervous.

She remembered she wasn’t meant to speak to him unless he spoke to her, which to her seemed really awkward but she wasn’t going to risk breaking any rules.

Siena carried on preparing dinner, biting her lip with anticipation. All of a sudden her eyes fell onto a dark brown briefcase bouncing into the room, she watched it swing towards the coach and land gracefully.

Her curious eyes shot towards the man before her. His ocean eyes were peering straight at her, almost scowling.

His ash blonde hair was tousled charmingly above his head as he raised his brow at the new young maid in his home.

Siena smiled, exposing her dimples before carrying on with the task at hand. She tried to hide how fast her heart was beating, she couldn’t deny that her new boss was extremely good looking.

She thought men like him only belonged in magazines.

Asher shrugged out of his gray blazer and set it to the side of the couch. He rolled up the sleeves on his shirt revealing his muscled forearms.

Siena didn’t know if it was the heat from the cooker or the sight of Asher that had her feeling hot and flushed.

Even with her back to him, Siena could feel his eyes boring into her, yet he said nothing. God this was awkward.

Finally Siena plated the meal up and placed it onto the dining table. She set up a jug of cold water, cutlery, and a glass with salt and pepper. Asher wasted no time in taking a seat before the delicious looking meal.

His mouth had been watering since he got a whiff of it, or had it been watering since laying eyes on this beauty before him? He couldn’t tell.

Asher was expecting a housemaid, but not this preppy young thing. Was his mum trying to torture him?

He scoffed to himself while taking the first bite watching the young maid clean up the kitchen. Her emerald eyes were a sight to behold, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

Asher licked the plate clean, he hadn’t enjoyed a meal like this in so long. He could see that the young maid had finished tidying up and was now walking over to him to collect his plate.

He cleared his throat. “Thank you, that was really quite delicious.” Siena stiffened at his voice before throwing him a warm smile.

She carefully collected his glass and plate onto a tray before walking back to the kitchen area. Asher chuckled to himself before making his way towards his bedroom.

“I’m turning in for the night.” Asher pointed towards his bedroom door. Siena blushed when she realized it was right next door to hers. “Can I get you anything else sir?”

Asher’s ocean eyes stared at the young maid with curiosity. Her voice was as soft as an angel’s, with a hint of an accent that was driving him crazy.

He wanted to know more about her, he wanted to hear her again.

“What’s your name?” He asked, leaning onto the kitchen counter.

“Pardon me sir, I completely forgot to say. It’s Siena.” She smiled, giving him a clearer view of her sweet dimples. She was beautiful.

“Siena.” Asher repeated. With a small nod he walked away and into his bedroom closing the door behind him.

Siena let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding in. Something about him was so intense, she chuckled to herself thinking of how Tia would react if she was here.

Tia was always a sucker for a hot man, one look at Asher and she would be floored.

Finally after what felt like the longest day, Siena fell into her soft bed, she admired the sheets between her warm fingers.

From sleeping on a mattress to receiving comfort like this was going to take a lot of getting used to. She smiled to herself as she lay in her bed.

“Grazie dio. (Thank you God)” She whispered, as much as she wanted to carry on with her studies, she couldn’t take this kind of comfort for granted.


Asher’s alarm roared through his eardrums before he smacked his clock with a throaty groan. 5.45am. He sat up in bed and checked his phone before deciding to get ready for work.

After a shower and slipping into a suit, he made his way out of his room. The smell of pancakes, eggs, bacon knocked his senses all over the place.

He had completely forgotten about the sweet young maid his mum had hired.

Asher mentally sighed to himself as he took in the view. Siena had made herself quite at home in the kitchen, she was bouncing around all over the place.

The dining table had already been set up with fresh orange juice and pancakes.

“Good morning.” Asher greeted the busy maid. Siena jumped out of her skin before spinning to greet him.

“Sorry sir, I didn’t see you there. Good morning.” A gracious smile fell to her face, it pleased Asher very much. A good morning it was indeed.

Asher strolled towards the front door and picked up his newspaper from the mailbox outside. It was routine to read it every morning.

Siena blushed as she watched him walk back to the dining area, she should have placed the newspaper there herself. She mentally smacked her palm against her forehead. Stupido!

After Asher finished his breakfast he nodded with approval as he sipped on his coffee. He could get used to food like this, though he wasn’t sure how his body would react.

He would have to work twice as hard at the gym.

“Thank you Siena, your cooking is going to make me a very large but happy man.” He admitted as he watched the pretty young thing collect his dishes.

Siena giggled, turning a bright shade of red. “You’re welcome sir. Tomorrow I can make something healthier.” Asher couldn’t help replicate the smile she held

He sat on the couch and slipped on his shoes before picking up his briefcase and heading out the door. “I should be back by six.” He blurted before Siena heard the door close behind him.

A successful morning. She was grateful. This job seemed perfect right now, once the awkward stage subsides, she was sure she would love it here.


After dusting and vacuuming, Siena decided to visit the city. “Good morning miss Romana.” The security guard smiled down at her before escorting her out of the building.

“Sometimes the family driver may be available to take you to the city, but for today take a cab.”

“Thank you..?”


“Thank you Tony. I shouldn’t be long.”

Siena hailed down a cab straight away and slipped in through the door. “The city please.”

The city was buzzing with people and cars, tall buildings that made Siena’s neck hurt just trying to catch a glimpse of the top.

Siena walked around until she became familiar with her surroundings, she made note of the dry-cleaners and even visited a market that had many groceries.

She could feel her excitement rolling off her in waves, although it wasn’t her money it felt so good to purchase things without a worry.

As she walked past a certain store, Siena came to a halt to admire the sight. Many lavish dresses stood glimmering behind the glass.

This is what Siena wanted, she wanted to create dresses and clothes as beautiful as these. One day she told herself before forcing herself to move from the store.

Siena heard the phone Diego had given to her ringing in her pocket. She pulled it out and answered.


“Siena. Are you well?”

“Hello zia! Yes I am. The job is fine.”

“Bene! (Good). Keep yourself safe and well.” Aunt Maria’s voice poured through the line.

“I will Zia. Is Tia there?” Siena asked.

“No. She is out. Listen Siena, I know you are aware that you are living with a single man, but please remember to keep our family honor held high.”

Aunt Maria’s words confused Siena, whatever could she mean. She was good at her job, honor didn’t come into it.

“I will Zia. Bye.” Siena put the phone back into her pocket and decided to head back to the apartment.

There was a cold chill in the air and the apartment was so cozy and warm, nothing like the cottage she used to live in.

Siena took the mail from the mailbox before walking into the apartment, she opened the door to Asher’s study and placed the many envelopes on top of his desk.

She glanced around to admire the room. The walls were covered with shelves full of books and files all neatly organized.

A mahogany desk sat proudly in the middle, with a dark leather chair. She took in the gold globe placed in the corner next to a mini bar full of miniature bottles.

She made a note to ask Asher if he would like an alcoholic beverage when he came home from work, or when he was in his study.


Siena was almost done with dinner before she glanced up at the time, her eyes widened. 8.00pm. Where was he?

Suddenly the door rattled quite harshly, it made Siena flinch. She heard the door slam shut before Asher strode into the room and aimed straight for his study slamming the door behind him. Fuck!

Siena plated up dinner and put it in the oven, she switched on the warm setting to keep the food fresh. She waited another twenty minutes and heard nothing.

She took a deep breath and made her way to the study. Her hand hovered just an inch away from the door, as she went to knock, the door flew open and she jumped back.

“S...sir dinner?”

“I’m not hungry.” He replied, rather blankly. Siena watched him walk towards his room with his phone to his ear and close the door behind him.

She let out a sigh before going back to the kitchen and putting the food into containers.

Well if he wasn’t hungry there wasn’t really much she could do. It wasn’t her job to spoon feed the man.

Siena had just finished yet another shower, she loved taking advantage of the hot water falling down on her. She slipped into her pajamas and let her hair naturally dry around her.

She felt so guilty that Asher didn’t eat that she didn’t even eat herself.

She froze after opening her door as she watched Asher clumsily taking out the containers from the fridge.

Siena sighed silently, what was this idiot doing? So typical that he would want to eat now after she packed everything away.

“Let me help you sir.” She insisted, catching him by surprise. Asher stayed quiet as he watched his maid plate his food for him.

Her green eyes fixated on her hands, her wet hair falling towards her slender waist. She was extremely beautiful.

“Sorry, I was just really busy earlier.” Asher spoke, he felt a little guilty denying his food after all the effort his sweet maid had gone through.

“That’s okay sir.” She threw him her sweet dimples.

“Did you eat?”

“No sir.”

“Please plate yourself some food and sit down.”

“No it’s okay, I will eat once I’ve cleared away.”

“Please, I insist, Siena. Sit with me.”

Siena sighed silently before plating up some food and taking a seat opposite him.

Asher smiled at her as she took a small bite.

“Siena. Why did you take this job?” He curiously asked, though he didn’t want her to think she was doing a bad job.

“Uh, I am helping my family by earning.”

“You’re working for your family?”

“Si. I wanted to study but that will have to wait now.” She shrugged as she began eating faster.

“What do you wish to study?”

“Fashion sir. I wish to be a fashion designer.” Siena smiled with a twinkle in her eye. Even talking about what she wanted to become made her excited and giddy.

“I’m sure you’ll make a fine fashion designer.” Asher replied.

“Thank you sir.”

The sound of a cell phone ringing interrupted Asher’s next question, Siena glanced down at his phone flashing. It was a photo of himself with a woman, looking incredibly close.

Asher grabbed his phone and awkwardly cleared his throat.

“Excuse me.” He left the dining table in a hurry and strolled into his room.

Siena wondered if Asher had a girlfriend, the girl in the photo certainly looked like a girlfriend. She could hear his muffled voice rising from his bedroom. Maybe ex-girlfriend.~


The next day Siena was dusting one of the wardrobes in Asher’s room. Her cloth got caught on the handle of one of the drawers and it flew open.

She knit her brows together inspecting the clothes in the drawer, they were not men’s clothes. Lavish nightdresses and undergarments, some pretty tops and jeans.

The sound of the doorbell startled her, she quickly jumped out of the room and towards the door.

“Hello Tony.”

“Package for Asher.” He breathed, shoving the huge box into the hallway.

“That looks so heavy.”

“It’s probably another engagement gift.” Tony admitted.


“Yes, Mr Hayden’s engagement was called off a month ago. Ma’am used to stay here with him.”

“Oh. What happened?” Siena’s curiosity was getting the best of her.

“Apparently she cheated on him and he kicked her out.”

“That’s so sad.” Siena felt extremely sad for Asher. He must be heartbroken.

She stared at the lonely box as it sat in the hallway, she didn’t want to witness his face when he walked in and saw it. She couldn’t even hide it because it was quite heavy.

The doorbell rang again and Siena went to answer, she assumed it was Tony again.

Big muscly arms grabbed her small frame and bolted in towards the door. Siena screamed insults and bashed her hands as hard she could against his hard back.

“Put me down!” she screamed, shaking her whole body to try and get out of his tight grip.

He chuckled before he threw her down onto the couch. Her eyes met his shimmering silver orbs as they pierced through her. His short stubble surrounded his chiseled jawline, this man was a god.

No, this man was a thief!

“Where is the safe?” He roared.

“I’m not telling you!” She spat. Watching him smirk before her.

She leapt up and lunged for the man three times her size, she managed to jab him straight in his chest but felt like she had just punched a brick wall.

“Ouch!” She shook her hand in pain.

“Fuck! Get out of here. Someone help!” She roared, challenging the god like man before her. She watched his full lips curve into a cheeky smirk.

He turned towards the fridge and pulled out a can of coke. “Diego didn’t tell me what a firecracker you are.”

“What?” Siena furrowed her brows. What the hell was going on? She spotted Tony walking in and trying to contain his laughter.

“You’re going to hell.” Tony clapped.

“I’ll dine with the devil brother!” The man put up his coke can to cheer the air.

“You are the devil Alec.” Tony chuckled, glancing towards Siena’s confused face.

“Alec!” Siena quipped. Her emerald eyes had lost their sweet twinkle, replaced with rage.

“Yes baby. I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. I’m known for my pranks.” Alec winked.

“Pranks? That was the crappiest prank ever!” Siena spat, folding her arms together. This man irritated her, how can he be best friends with her sweet and polite cousin Diego.

Her poor heart was still recovering, she was definitely going to tell her cousin what his stupid friend had been up to.

Thanks to Alec, Siena’s hair was a mess. She pulled out her hair clip and combed her fingers through her long hair, mumbling under her breath as she stared at this tall broad man in the apartment.

He was talking to Tony, his rainy eyes landed back onto her and she felt flushed.

"Don't mind Alec Miss Romana, he tends to overstep his mark at times."

Alec stared at her silently for a moment, she hadn’t a clue what was going through his head. “I’ll see you again soon Tesoro.” (Sweetheart).

His deep voice heated her cheeks, before he followed Tony out of the apartment.

Siena fell back onto the couch and shook her head.


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