Darker Side of Sex - Book cover

Darker Side of Sex

Maxi James

Chapter One


A tall blonde stood in the middle of a dungeon-style room, completely naked. Her hair pulled back in a shoulder length braid, her eyes covered with a black satin mask.

A 3/8” gray rope was wrapped around her slender body with precise care. Her breasts were not as large as some Brian Hancock had seen, yet significantly more than a handful.

She had the height of a model, standing five feet ten inches tall, yet unlike the typical runway walker, her figure was fuller, rounder, and very seductive.

Her bottom was small and tight, her abdomen firm and hard from the many hours she had spent at the gym.

It had, in fact, been that ass that caught Brian’s attention to begin with. It was a simple, everyday encounter.

He had been shopping for new props at the mall when he looked up from his cup of mocha latte and saw her walk past him.

A pair of tight black jeans hugging her tiny bottom, a midriff sky-blue shirt, and her long hair hanging down her back.

He immediately began imagining what it would feel like to have that ass pressed against him, as he rode her to a hard climax.

Then she turned to face him, and he had the opportunity to see the rest of her. A decent cleavage showing above the deep square neck of her top, and a frim tight abdomen.

He knew instantly, she was what he had been looking for.

She was beautiful. Long blonde hair – real, not from a bottle like so many women he’d used in the past. Her blue eyes were like that of the ocean at sunset; deep and mysterious.

Her naturally pink, full lips drew attention to her straight, white toothed smile. Only in the mind of a man, could he imagine the many ways in which to put that mouth to use.

And Brian Hancock was much more than the average man.

He approached her, introducing himself and gave her his business card. That was all it took. The next day she called and asked him what he had in mind.

He couldn’t help but remember how shy and innocent she seemed at first, but with time, he began to realize she was far more experienced than she let on.

A simple bat of her long lashes, and she had men falling at her feet. She had an amazing body and she knew how to use it.

She was perfect.

Her talents were sure to attract a large population of viewers, but with his unique style of imagination, she would bring in a hefty payoff.

Her innocence was visible in the way she moved, yet her willingness to experiment was sure to make her an instant success. That was what he had spent the past year looking for.

And now, here she was, trussed up and ready to be played with.

He panned the camera up the length of her, smiling as she struggled to remain still.

The rope was intertwined around her slender body, wrapping above and below her breasts, around her deltoids and elbows three times, securing her hands tightly behind her back.

It looped around her stomach and between her legs, rubbing between the small tight curls of her labia and against her clitoris.

Her long lean legs were spread apart, her ankles tethered to a silver bar. Her feet were tucked inside a pair of bright red stiletto heels, with thigh high black nylons.

In her mouth was a small red plastic whiffle ball, held in place by a leather strap at the back of her head.

She stood in the silence of the room, waiting until the heavy steps of a man’s foot fell against the cold cement floor. Her nipples tightened, and she began to imagine what was about to take place.

Her senses came alive when she heard him move closer to her, his warm hand caressing her bare butt.

She drew a sharp inhaled gasp when he slapped her cheek with his hand, listening to his deep chuckle while he walked away.

Brian smiled from behind the camera. Everything was going exactly as planned. Jerry Bowman had been his main male actor for the past three years, and closest friend since the age of ten.

He was perfect for the job.

His muscular build would draw the attention of women; shoulder length dark hair accented his handsome face and green eyes. Across his chin and upper lip was a soft dusting of a beard.

Moving to the wall, Jerry unwound a rope from two wooden stakes protruding from the concrete. He watched the rope drift down from the ceiling, resting at the middle of the woman’s back.

He picked up a large metal carabiner from a hook in the wall and moved back to the woman.

Silently, he secured it tightly to the end of the rope with a clove-hitch knot, then attached it to the layers of rope holding her arms behind her back.

He returned to the wall and tugged on the rope sharply. The pully positioned in the ceiling, hoisted upwards, forcing the woman to lean forward on her heels.

She gasped around the ball in her mouth, causing the man to chuckle again. He wound the rope back on the posts and walked to a table that had been set up with a variety of toys.

Jerry removed his shirt from his muscular chest, exposing his smooth, tanned torso for the viewer’s enjoyment. The camera panned to him, watching as he inspected the items on the table.

He grinned as he chose an object, then turned and moved back to the blonde. Playing with that body was going to be the greatest fun he’d had in six months.

He loved how the beads of sweat glistened against her alabaster skin. Her tiny pink nipples puckered in anticipation, and her breathing seemed deep and labored.

It all added to the preconception of fear for the viewer to relate with.

Brian’s camera followed the man as he moved across the short distance of the room, a leather whip of red and black held securely in his hand.

He walked around her again, throwing her senses off guard. He dragged the soft colorful strips of rawhide gently over her bottom and lower back, smiling as she gasped.

The blonde tried to wiggle away, but she was unable to do more than stagger a single step.

“You are a very delicious little morsel, aren’t you?” Jerry asked her in a heavy, deep tone as he moved to stand in front of her.

He lifted her chin, forcing her face upwards, though she couldn’t see around the mask covering her eyes.

“You’re going to be the crowning jewel of my collection, but first you have to be trained.”

He let go of her chin and moved behind her again. He tugged on the rope hanging from the ceiling, pulling her backwards and knocking her slightly off kilter.

She staggered a couple of steps, trying to move around the bar separating her legs.

“Your first lesson is going to be in obedience,” Jerry told her once she was standing still.

He took the rope between her legs, and tugged roughly so it rubbed against her clitoris, chuckling as she whimpered and tried to twist away.

“Obedience is very important for a slave to understand,” he told her. He eased up on the tension of the rope in his hand, then jerked it again so it rubbed against her tender flesh.

“You will learn to do as you’re told, immediately and without hesitation. You will obey silently, and only speak when spoken to. Do you understand?”

She twisted again as she tried to struggle free of the rope rubbing between her labia.

“Answer me,” Jerry growled as he slapped the whip across her bottom.

She whimpered with a frightened gasp, receiving a second slap, this one just below her butt cheeks. The man released his hold on the rope and moved to stand in front of her again.

He took hold of her head and pressed her face against the front of his pants, rubbing her against his growing erection.

“Every time you disobey me, you will feel the pain of my anger,” he told her, pulling hard on her hair, and smiling as she whimpered.

“Pain and punishment will be your only companions until you learn to do as you’re told. Do you understand me?”

The blonde whimpered and he lifted the whip, slapping it against her bare back, listening to her gasp.

“Every time you disobey me, you will feel the sting of my fury, and each strike will grow harder until you are trained. Now answer me. Do you understand?”

The woman sniffed and whimpered as she nodded, her breath coming in soft pants against the ball that blocked off her voice.

“You must learn to be obedient, despite the pain your master will issue,” he continued, releasing her head and moving behind her again.

He raised the whip and allowed it to strike her across the back of her thighs.

Another whimper escaped her plugged mouth and he once more struck her, this time across both butt cheeks.

“You are to stand perfectly still and silent,” he told her as he struck her across her lower back.

“Every time you try to move away, you will be punished. Whimper or cry out, and you will receive another sting of discipline.”

Jerry stepped back just enough to allow the very ends of the strips to strike her on her pink cheeks, and she gasped hard, crying out in surprise as she twisted on her rope tether.

“We will begin now,” he told her. “You will receive six strikes, each one harder than the one before. You are to stand completely still and silent.

“You will not whimper, cry out, or make the slightest sound, or your punishment will continue.

“After the initial six strikes, if you continue to disobey, you will receive a harsher method of discipline. Your lack of obedience will continue to earn you a deeper level of pain.

“Is that understood?”

The woman hesitantly nodded as she braced herself for the onslaught of his assault. The room was so silent, that the sound of their breath seemed to bounce off the walls around them.

Hers was unsteady and labored, his was even and controlled.

Several long moments ticked by as the tension continued to build until she was certain she’d go insane. And then it happened. The first strike hit her across her bottom and she whimpered.

Immediately, the leather strips connected with the rope between her legs, and again she whimpered.

A third strike to her inner thigh, and she bit hard into the ball, gasping against the pain radiating up her body.

The fourth strike was against the back of her thighs, and she whimpered painfully as she stumbled forward, trying to move away from him.

The fifth blow was on the back of her knees, followed by the sixth against her sore, bare bottom.

Jerry stood back and watched as she cried against the ball and mask. Inside, he was feeling the sensation of guilt, but it was his job to train her.

And train her, he would do, despite how much she cried.

“You were very disobedient, Slave,” he growled angrily as he walked back to the table. “I warned you, if you did not stand still and silent, your punishment would get worse.”

The woman listened as his heavy footsteps sounded on the concrete. She waited for his assault with baited breath, but he was deliberately tormenting her again, trying to catch her off guard.

She heard a rustle beside her and the sliding sound of something heavy being dragged across the floor. The hook holding her loosened and she drew a deep breath.

Perhaps he had changed his mind, but then she considered what he promised to do, and why she was here.

“Stand up,” he growled as he wrapped a hand around her arm and pulled her upwards, so she was standing beside him.

He pulled on her arm, forcing her to stumble again as she tried to do a modified crabwalk forward. A few steps and she found herself pressed up against the cool fabric of something long and hard.

Her thighs pushed into it hard and she sensed him moving behind her.

A firm, warm hand pressed between her shoulders, and without warning she fell forward.

She gasped as she imagined herself falling to the cold ground, but felt herself laying firmly against a long, narrow surface.

The soft leather was cool against her rope-tender breasts and she sighed. It was the perfect sensation to help her relax, though only momentarily.

The sound of the man walking away once again echoed in the silence, and she found herself fearing what might be next.

She listened closely as he removed something from the table she had seen, prior to filming.

Heavy footsteps once again scraped against the floor as the man moved back to her.

She felt the tip of something small and round, slide down her spine and she braced herself for what was to come next.

“You are to remain silent,” he warned her again in an angry voice.

“I will not stop until you learn to hold your voice. You will lay there without moving, and obey my every command, or the pain will not end. Do you understand me?”

The woman nodded silently as she sank her teeth into the hard-plastic ball. She was determined to obey, even if it killed her. She would never again give him reason to punish her.

Raising his hand in the air, Jerry slapped a thin wooden cane across her firm bottom. He waited as she held her breath, smiling when she didn’t cry out.

He was anxious to get past this part of her training and on to the next, where he would have the chance to enjoy the game.

By the time he reached six, the woman’s back and buttocks was red, but she had remained silent.

The only sound she uttered was the deep panting of her breath as she lay against the leather board.

The ball in her mouth had been bitten hard and saliva ran out of the holes, dripping to the concrete floor beneath her.

“Much better,” he praised her as he slid a calloused hand over the red cane marks on her backside.

The woman clenched her jaw as tightly as she could to prevent herself from crying out in pain.

Her buttocks twitched in a painful spasmodic sort of way, and he smiled, knowing the pain he was causing with his touch was just as torturous as the cane had been.

He continued to caress and torment her aching bottom for several long moments. The blonde began breathing deeper, a strange darkness filling the room.

Her ears began to ring, and her breath seemed to become more irregular. Thankfully, she was spared any more torture, as she fell victim to the depths of unconsciousness.

“Cut,” Brian said, lowering the camera from his shoulder. “This little minx is going to bring us a fortune.

“She’s not just beautiful, and has a body that will drive men wild, but she’s going to be a very well-trained slave. There isn’t a man within a hundred miles who won’t want to try out her skills.”

“That’s great, but when do I get to fuck her?” Jerry asked grumbling as he set the stick back on the table.

“Soon, my friend. Very soon. Right now, we need to tease the audience a bit longer, and teach her the benefits of obedience. I’m going to go get some drinks.

“Set up the next scene while I’m gone. We’ll move on to the bed and after you’ve teased her with a few toys, you’ll be free to fuck her as hard as you wish.”

“About damn time,” Jerry said, walking to the opposite side of the room, and pulled on a handle in the wall. “I’m so goddamn horny, I’m ready to screw any hole I can find.”

“Don’t worry,” Brian chuckled, on his way to the locked door. “You’ll have access to all three of her holes by the time the night’s over.”

Jerry watched as his friend left the dungeon, then pulled the Murphy bed out of the wall. He smiled thinking of the fucking he was going to give the wench.

He walked over to the unconscious girl and lifted her off the leather covered bench. He had to admit, she was very brave.

With a lot of work, and even more playing, she would make a very suitable slave for any man’s pleasure.

He carried her over to the bed and laid her down on her stomach. Taking a knife out of his back pocket, he cut through the ropes holding her restrained.

He pulled it off her arms, then rolled her onto her back. A few moments later and she was free from the tight rope holding her upper body prisoner.

Taking a set of handcuffs from the table, he slipped them around her wrists and secured them to the posts of the bed. Her legs were still tethered to the bar, giving him a full view of her womanhood.

The small thatch of hair that covered the lips of her labia was shortly trimmed.

With a wicked grin, he leaned over her, opening her labia, and gently fingering her red clitoris. She was wet from her recent torture, and he nearly laughed.

She enjoyed it as much as she feared it. The combination of the two was stronger than any aphrodisiac they had ever found.

Brian returned to the room, two glasses of amber liquid in his hands. He watched as his friend leaned closer to the blonde’s pussy, slowly running his tongue along the inside of her labia.

He shook his head and set the drinks on a wooden counter in the corner where his camera and equipment were waiting to be used.

“There is nothing sweeter than a young pussy,” Jerry growled, slipping a long finger into her wet opening.

“Just don’t wake her up. I want the camera rolling when she comes to. Maybe we’ll wake her with a vibrator.”

“I just want to have a little fun. I’m surprised I could hold out this long. I swear, my dick is harder than a fucking rock.”

“Keep her like that for a minute,” Brian said quickly, taking a drink from his glass and setting it aside. He picked up the camera and moved to the end of the bed, pressing the record button.

“Open her pussy,” he told Jerry. “Show the world how sweet it is.”

He did as he was ordered, and after a few more instructions to play with her clit and put his finger inside her, he was free to return to licking the moisture from her.

Brian continued to film it for several long minutes, smiling at the moisture that began to flow out of her unconscious body.

“Take the ball out of her mouth,” he told his friend when he lowered the camera again. “She’s practically bit it in half.”

“I’m surprised she relented so soon,” Jerry said, wiping his mouth, and doing as he was instructed.

“I knew she would. She’s much more stubborn than I first thought she would be. We need to let the marks from the rope ease before we wake her up. In the meantime, let’s get the wax ready.”

“Thank God,” Jerry complained as he pulled the ball from the unconscious woman’s mouth, looking at the deep teeth marks on the sides. “I hate fishing hair from my throat.”

“We’ll just get it hot. I want to wait until she’s awake. I want her to feel every hair that we rip out of her pussy.”

“How long do you plan on keeping this one?”

“I don’t think I’ll have to replace her as soon as I did the others. She’s going to bring us a lot of money, and it’s going to be beneficial to her as well. She has schooling to pay for.

“I think I’ll give her a legitimate job upstairs. She could use the money, and she’ll be here when we want to add to our video collection.”

“Just so long as I can fuck her, I don’t care what you do with her.”

Jerry took the glass Brian handed him and swallowed nearly half of it in one gulp. It stung as it slid down his throat, but he didn’t care.

He was going to enjoy the rest of the night, and his dick was going to pump the little bitch until she couldn’t walk.

Setting his glass aside, he leaned on the bed next to her, resting on his elbow. He again ran his finger across her labia, smiling when she moaned in her sleep.

“She has a tight little hole,” he growled in a soft voice, thrusting his finger back inside her.

He chuckled softly as she wiggled weakly, still unconscious, and oblivious to the world around her. He bent over her again, licking the moisture covering her young pussy.

“Damn, she tastes good,” he moaned. “It’s nice to have a pussy that isn’t worn out, like the others.”

“She’s convinced me,” Brian said, watching while his friend unzipped his pants. “I’m only going to use the younger bitches from now on. I like a tight hole, myself.”

“Are you going to fuck her too?” the man asked with a suspicious grin as he pulled his hard penis out of his pants.

“I might,” Brian smiled taking a drink from his glass again. “We can set the cameras up to catch every angle and edit them afterwards.”

“Let’s double bang her,” Jerry suggested eagerly as he straddled her breasts, rubbing the tip of his hard shaft against her dry lips.

“I love the noise women make when both holes are filled at the same time.”

Brian smiled, watching the man open the woman’s mouth and slipping the head of his penis into it. He glanced at his watch. Half past two in the morning.

They could easily spend the next four or five hours with her. That would still give him enough time to edit the tape and get some sleep before the deadline.

“Oh, fuck,” Jerry moaned while he continued playing with her mouth. “I’m going to fill her without her even knowing it.”

“Don’t do that yet,” Brian told him. “We have a long way to go, and I want the camera to catch her gagging on your dick.”

“When do I get to fuck her?” Jerry whined, pulling out of her unresponsive mouth, then climbed off the bed.

“Let’s get the wax ready, and we’ll use two of the vibrators. No, three, plus the pink twelve-inch dildo. We’ll make her cum a couple of times, then fuck her.”

He watched his friend get the items together they needed, then glanced back to the sleeping woman. He sympathized with his friend.

He was horny as hell, and ready to fuck anything with a hole, but he had to control himself. They had a lot of playing left to do before the movie was ready to be released.

In the meantime, he’d take advantage of her unconsciousness and set up the cameras.

He positioned four tripods around the bed, and secured cameras to them, then went to the computer to make sure they were close enough to capture the action.

He would have to remember to install some cameras in the private room upstairs for when she starts working.

With proper training, everything she did would provide another paycheck for him.

Before long, this little witch’s name would be known in every illicit, perverted circle on the internet. And he would have a star worth using for a long time to come.

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