Demon Ascending - Book cover

Demon Ascending

Sam Marie

Chapter 1

Demon Ascending

“You’re ours now, Princess,” the grey-skinned demon cooed in my ear.

My hands were tied above my head with a rope hanging from the rafters of an old wooden barn. The demon princes who had been fighting our kingdom for a century had finally breached the walls of my father’s fortress.

After slaying my father and capturing me, they brought me here. I could only hope my brother had escaped unscathed.

I knew the demon hoards were raping and murdering everyone within and around the palace walls.

“Fuck you,” I spat in the other demon prince’s face.

His fingers latched around my throat and squeezed as he wiped the spit from his face and rubbed it over mine. “The more you fight, the harder you’ll break.”

“Never. You might as well kill me now!” I screamed in his face, and he squeezed my neck harder, forcing me to gasp for air.

The demon who had been standing in the shadows stalked forward. Moonlight shone through an open shutter and made his skin sparkle. His skin was darker than the others, glittering like the black pearl sand in my kingdom’s harbor.

“We don’t plan on killing you, Princess.” He backhanded the demon gripping my throat and shoved him away. The demon behind me backed up as well, while the demon king continued, “I plan on making you my queen.”

I gasped, both for air and out of shock. The demons had been fighting my family for more than half my life and never once had I heard of a demon marrying a human—to do so would be an abomination.

“Like I said, you might as well kill me now because that will never happen.”

“In case I haven’t made myself clear enough, you don’t have a choice in the matter,” the demon king snarled.

Before I could retort, one claw sliced down the front of my bodice, splitting the dress in two; it pooled at my feet, leaving me standing in only my lacey undergarments.

“You dick.” I spat again, but the demon dogged my attempt to soil his face.

He tsked at me, and stared at my body hungrily. My stomach roiled at the disgusting thoughts that were surely going through the demon king’s mind.

“I didn’t plan on letting my generals fuck you, but you need to be punished. You need to understand where you fit in this new order.”

His generals, the princes of hell as I called them, snickered behind him. One of them gave me a look that was purely savage, and my stomach twisted again.

I’d never seen a demon up close before. The princes were truly monstrous. The king was more human than the others. Outside of his claws, dark skin, and superhuman abilities, his features were human-like.

It seemed I had no choice in what was about to happen, but I could soften the blow. “Please, do not let them touch me,” I said softly.

The demon king’s eyes lit up. He was one step closer to breaking me. “Why should I not, Princess? You look at us like we are monsters. Is that not how you see us? Should we not treat you like the monsters you think we are?”

“You are monsters!” My defiance returned in a fury.

They all laughed at me, and then they shifted. Three humans stood before me. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, so I closed my eyes, only to open them and find the demons still completely human in appearance. However, their voices had not changed.

“Does this body please you more, Princess? Would you rather a handsome male princeling fuck you senseless than a demon?” the demon king asked, his voice laced with venomous rage.

He was the most handsome male I’d ever seen, but I knew it was all a trick. An illusion created from those inhuman powers the demons possessed. “No. You’re still a demon.”

“Perhaps this is our true form, and the other is one we create to instill fear in our enemies. Ask yourself, what do you really know about our kind?”

The demons behind him stilled. “You’ve revealed enough, Bael,” one of the lesser demons said, cutting their king off.

Bael, the demon king, threw an invisible bolt of energy into the other two demons, sending them flying through the far wall of the barn.

My body stilled at the show of power—he was so much more powerful than I had thought. I was powerless against his will.

“I asked you a question, Princess.” Bael stepped forward and trailed a hand down my side.

That same dark skin glimmered in the moonlight, his human hair black and shiny and his human-like hand soft with small callouses on his palms. He touched my side, where no other man had ever laid a hand.

The sensation was so foreign, but I found that I liked it. My body responded to his touch immediately, wanting to know more about what it felt like. “Please don’t,” I begged, knowing I wanted more, but not from this male, this demon.

“If this were my true form, would you want me to touch you more?” Bael’s voice was husky, and his hands continued to roam my body.

He brushed the curve of my ass and cupped my butt cheeks. “Under all those layers of fabric, you’d never know such a luscious body existed.” He pressed his lips to my collarbone, and I shuddered.

His lips were smooth and velvety. I’d always dreamed of what a man’s lips felt like, tasted like.

“I smell you…,” Bael said, nipping my neck.

I jumped at the pricking feeling of his sharp teeth on my delicate skin. My adrenaline spiked, and I bucked, knocking against him. An enraged snarl split through his lips.

He yanked the rope, breaking it from the banister. He wrapped the remaining length around my neck, keeping my hands bound behind my back.

“Please…,” I begged again, tears welling in my eyes.

Bael pressed himself against my back and spoke low in my ear, “One day, you will beg for me to fuck you, Princess. But for now, I must make you mine before someone else does.”

I couldn’t believe his words. I didn’t. I would never beg him to fuck me.

I didn’t even know what fucking was. I’d only ever dreamed of it, and it hadn’t been with a demon. A demon who now looked like the man in my fantasies.

A demon who, in his current physical appearance, was everything my body wanted and more, but I couldn’t let my mind be deceived.

“Never,” I said.

Bael’s hand contorted, and a clawed finger sliced through the front of my undergarments. He tugged them off, and my breasts bounced with the movement. His snarls became more frequent, matching the pace of my beating heart.

And when he cupped one breast, rolling the nipple between his fingers and watching it harden, I felt something harden against my backside.

“Wh…what is that?” I stuttered.

The demon king chuckled. “Do you not know how this works, Princess?”

I didn’t. Yet, I did. “No… Not really.” I squirmed, but he only ground that hard rod into my bare backside. Only the thin fabric of his pants separated us.

“That is my cock. And my cock is going to go inside here…,” he said before plunging a finger into my pussy.

My inner walls clenched around him. Oh my gods, those fingers! He moved them around, in and out, curling and straightening. Not even my fingers had breached this area. And I had been missing out.

A little moan escaped me.

“This is nothing compared to the pleasure I can give you, Princess. Give yourself to me willingly, and I promise you won’t regret it.”

A promise? Demons neither make nor honor~ promises.~

“I don’t believe you.” I panted. His fingers continued to stroke me, sliding across my sex, taking turns rubbing the outside and plunging into the inside.

“Everything you know about us is a lie. Do you at least believe that?” he said, sliding his fingers through my moistening cunt.

The fact that this demon could appear as a human already proved that I knew little about demons, but I wasn’t going to let him know that. “No.”

Bael turned me around to face him, and I saw the bulge in his pants. The long, hard rod bulged along the left pant leg. It was so long, so wide. He let go of me momentarily, and I had the urge to run, but the urge to see what it looked like was stronger.

I’d never seen one before, but I knew men had something different from what I did. But this was a demon. Was his the same as that of a human?

“I know you’re wondering if it will be different. I’m in my human form; it will be the same as any other human male’s, Princess,” he said softly, lowering his pants.

The hemline slowly slid down his abdomen, and I suddenly noticed the ridges of muscles covering his upper body. He was like a chiseled rock—hard and fierce, like the greatest warriors in my realm.

My eyes slid down to watch his pants drop to his ankles. He stepped out of them, and his penis bobbed, standing straight out. A thick vein ran up the side, and a bead of liquid pooled at the tip. My mouth watered involuntarily, taking in the sight of this delicious-looking male.

I wanted to assess his body further. I wanted to touch him, taste him. “Stop,” I cursed at myself.

“Why be ashamed of your attraction to me, Princess? It will make this far more enjoyable.” He stepped forward, and that tantalizing body part pressed against my stomach. His cock felt like velvet.

“Oh gods!” I shivered while my inner walls clenched around the air and ached to feel his fingers again.

“Let me show you how good this can be… How good I can make you feel.” He lifted my left leg, hooking it in the crook of his elbow.

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