Dragon's Slave - Book cover

Dragon's Slave

C. Swallow

Chapter 1


8 years old

Sometimes fate has a way of saying, toughen up. That’s what my daddy used to say whenever he had to go away for work to different castles in different lands. I always thought I was tough because I learned not to cry when daddy went away.

I always found a way to smile and be happy, like annoying my big brother Mason and going on adventures with him, whether we were at my daddy’s castle or my cousin’s much larger one.

However, I never conceived of a life where I would be kidnapped to become a slave. Let alone the slave of a Dragon.

I thought Dragons were pets for humans, and I always thought I’d end up having a life like a princess, like my cousin Summer.

Instead, exactly seven days ago, I was kidnapped by a tall, very angry, emerald-green headed Dragon Lord.

A Dragon Lord even Dane and Goldy were fearful of, and they were my Dragon Lord protectors!

Well, they were…but not anymore. However, that’s beside the point.

What I want to say is, I’m not scared of Hael! I faced the beast and kicked his human leg when he threatened my first ever pet Dragon, Alexa.

When I confronted him, Hael was so angry that he kidnapped me from my friends and my home. He misted into his Dragon and flew me back to his Horde.

Now, I am all alone.

I’ve asked Hael multiple times to take me back to my cousin, but all he did was laugh. Everyone was fearful of him, but I refused to be so.

Very persistently, every single day, I asked him to fly me back to Summer…but my begging didn’t work.

In the end, he cruelly shoved me at an old slave and told the woman to find me a room and train me to clean.

And now…sadly…I am reduced to tears.

I’ve spent the last week learning how to be a slave, and I hate it. It is so boring. They say I am too young to do anything other than clean.

So now, once again, I come back to my daddy’s advice.

Toughen up.

So, I sit down on my cold stone bed with one simple soft blanket and I cross my knees and clasp my hands.

I stare at the mountain-cave wall of my bedroom that I’m locked into at night. I feel all alone and I miss everyone. I miss Mason the most.

I start to pray, but find myself singing instead. I start off humming, but then eventually the soft sounds form into familiar words…and eventually it becomes a song my daddy taught me long ago.

I repeat the only part of the song I remember, and just the rhythm of the words helps to calm me down.

All the while, there are ears listening all around, even when I don’t realise.

And so I sing.

The simple verse would become my mantra for the next ten years.

When I fall before you

The mist will fill my vision

Your claws will not open me whole

I will feel my bones warming

My eyes sharpening

My soul enlightened

Then perhaps you’ll help me grow

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