Eat Me - Book cover

Eat Me

Sam Marie

Chapter 2

He chuckles against my center, the warmth of his breath cooling the puddle of arousal that has formed under the thin strip of fabric separating his mouth from my pussy.

“I’m starved. I just needed to warm my breakfast up,” his teeth graze the fabric over my clitoris, making me cry out.

I reach under the blanket and thrust my hips to meet his mouth. His mouth surrounds me, and his tongue darts out. He sweeps it across my wet panties, his saliva and my arousal ruining them.

“Baby, please,” I swivel my hips, rubbing myself against his mouth and chin.

“As my baby wishes,” he says, forcing my hips down and yanking my underwear off.

I am thrown around by his movements, but the show of strength only arouses me further. His tongue slips into my folds, flicking over my flesh as I grab fistfuls of his hair and grind my hips into him.

His fingers dig into my sides, bracing me against the bed. I eagerly follow his command. I love it when my man takes control. He knows how to pleasure a woman.

He tosses the covers over his shoulder so that I can watch him work. With the skill of a veteran pussy eater, my man dips his tongue into me, licks up my center, and flicks his tongue across my clit again. And he watches me while he does it.

I smile. He smiles. Then he opens his mouth and feasts on me. His nose pokes the top of my labia, and he expertly uses it to stimulate one part of my body while indulging in another.

I feel the budding charge of release urging for more. “Inside me, baby, inside me,” I beg.

He answers my call, sinking his digits into me and curling them. The movement forces a sinful groan to escape my throat. It encourages him, and he pumps his fingers into me, letting his knuckles pound against my flesh.

“Yes,” I thank him, clenching my teeth as the feeling of my man devouring me overwhelms my senses.

He feels my orgasm building and looks up as he increases the pace of his attack. He smiles, and I see my arousal glistening on his chin and tongue. It drips from his nose while he smiles wickedly, as if I am the most decadent dessert he has ever tasted.

“Fuck!” I tighten, feeling the ecstasy on the brink of exploding.

He growls against my clit as he possessively eats me, drinking as much of my cum as possible. The crudeness sends me over the edge, electrifying my nerves and sending a multitude of ecstasy-filled endorphins throughout my body.

The euphoric feeling slowly fades, leaving me feeling dazed and satisfied. He continues licking my center, claiming his prize.

Finally, he rises to his elbows and says, “Yum.”

The End

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