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Fairy Tale Twists & Original Stories

Brenda Velazquez

2: The Wolf II


Connor can smell her from over a mile and a half away. Her scent is rousing. Unique. She smells of rosemary, lavender, and cedar, mixed with sex.

He’s been patiently waiting as he does every Friday night. He loves walking with her in the shadows.

His eyes glow with desire every step of the way until she closes the door behind her and disappears into her grandmother’s house.

He takes pleasure in Scarlett every time he sees her. When he smells her, he can almost taste her.

She must taste sweet.

He grows hard picturing her in his mouth, juices on his tongue dribbling down his chin. Connor groans and closes his eyes.

I want her.

He’d never paid attention or smelled her before until earlier that year. Something changed in her. In her body’s chemistry. She no longer was a child. She was all woman. And today, she was early.

When he caught her fragrance in the crisp evening air, he stiffened in anticipation. His lips slowly curl into a wicked smile, and he knows it is the right time to put his plan into action.

He’d seen her walk by the river frequently that summer. In the past eight months, he noticed her curious nature, her awareness, and the love of her surroundings.

He also knew it was now or never! His next opportunity could be months away. He must act fast, think smart, and do everything in his power not to scare her away.

Lure her in like prey. After all, he is a man with animal instincts. A hunter. And most notably, a starving wolf. He coaxed her in with his wolf knowing or at least hoping she would follow.

And she had, so he ran into the river and waited.

Many times, he sensed it was she who was the one in control. Holding him at bay with her innocence and her strength. He was hard again just thinking of her.

Connor cracks his neck from side to side and rubs firmly but slowly behind his neck as he dips in the cool water. It was late August and still warm before sundown.

Perfect timing.

He tilts his head up and sniffs the air.

She is close.

Her strong aroma makes him shake with desire in anticipation of her reaction. He wants her to see him. Be aroused by him. Be attracted to him.

He wants Scarlett’s senses stirred as much as his when he first saw her. He wants her to be pleased by his body and his maleness. The rest will take care of itself. He is a very skilled lover.

Her strong smell reaches his nose. Connor knew she was a few feet away, staring from behind the bushes.

Aaah! Yesss! There she is. He is excited! ~She is sensuous and beautiful.~

She stood gawking open-mouthed at him. She speaks and asks if he is okay.

I’m better than okay, he almost replies. ~She will be mine.~

He pretends not to see her. He hopes she is excited by him. He intakes a long breath.

Yes! She is.

He closes his eyes and breathes profoundly.

She smells fucking delicious. The pleasure she gives me!

Connor takes another whiff. Her sex penetrates his senses so strongly he could succumb to his need. Turning toward her, he acts as if he does not notice her pale, shocked face.

He bathes naked, splashing water on his face, his hair, his chest…Trickling droplets leisurely glide down his taut skin.

I would never tire of her smell. It is pure raw arousal. He licks his lips, “I’m fine, thanks.” He winks and waves nonchalantly. ~Could her scent be more intoxicating?~

His penis hardens, his mouth salivates, and he thanks the stars for his keen nose.

Swiftly he makes his move. He reaches down toward his feet and with one pointy nail from his claw, cuts his leg deep, making it bleed.

“Help!” he screams out in pain, pretending to be dizzy, and stumbles into the river.

What seems like hours go by before a pair of soft, firm hands lift his head from the water. He gasps loudly taking in a sharp breath of air.

He holds his hand to his chest, acting woozy, dragging himself out of the water and making it appear she has something to do with his rescue.

Lying on the ground, face-up, coughing, he tries very hard not to peek at the wet clothes that cling tightly to her breasts.

This is part of his plan, but he was not counting on the energy coming from her body to be so difficult to ignore.

“Are you okay?” She slaps his face rapidly a few times trying to keep him awake. “Hello?”

“I-I, thank you” In her arms, he collapses.


“Oh shit, oh shit! What do I do?” She fears something poisonous bit him.

Turning his body to the side she pats his back to get the water out of his lungs. Scarlett notices his bloodied limb. There’s a deep gash near his ankle.

Looking at it, she feels woozy. Scarlett lifts her gaze from his foot to his muscled thigh.

He runs. She observes working her gaze over the strong legs.

Moving her gaze upward she couldn’t help but stop at his half-heavy erection. Her breath catches and for a moment, she forgot how to exhale.

Her gaze moves upward toward his flat stomach and wide chest. Licking her dry lips, she swallows hard, then looks back at his member reaching out to touch it.

So tempting …

She bites her lip halting midway.

I mustn’t.

But on second thought, Scarlett touches him. She softly traces her fingers up and down his shaft a few times then curls her fingers around his thickness.


Connor’s member jerks and he moans. She looks back at him and quickly gets on her feet blushing red.

“Don’t stop, beautiful,” his voice is heavy with lust.

“I-I need to go. I was looking for a wolf. I-I hope you’re okay, but I gotta leave,” the words vomited out of her mouth like a schoolgirl’s.

She is about to bolt when he catches up with her. Reaching for her wrist, he holds her firmly against his body.

“I know you want me,” he whispers against her ear. His warm breath fans her face.

Her breathing is fast and shallow. Her green eyes stare into the dark waters inside his. She shakes her head.

“I-I don’t want anything.”

He chuckles softly against her cheek, trailing hot kisses down from her neck to her shoulder before whispering against her flesh.

“Tell me your name.”

He knows it but wants to hear her say it.

Her name! He didn’t know her name! She didn’t even know his name. Oh god!

“Tell me,” he demands breathlessly. “Please.”

Curling his finger around the neck of her blouse he stretches it to access her shoulder. He sucks on it lightly, then licks his way back up to her mouth.

She whispers it. “Scarlett.” The pit of her stomach warms.

“Mmmmm, beautiful. Like you.” His voice is husky.

He captures her mouth with his, tender at first, running his tongue over her lower lip he sucks at both corners of her mouth.

When her lips part, his tongue enters looking to find hers. Fervently she responds by mercilessly twirling and melding it with her own.

They play with each other, their hot tongues moving together penetrating deep into the other’s burning mouth. His hands cup her bottom, and he lifts her toward his body drawing her closer.

She is unsure of what is happening to her and why he affects her the way he does. She’s never been reckless before. But his mouth was an addiction she was not ready to give up on.

Moving her hands over his stomach, Scarlett allows them to crawl around his back. She digs her nails in his skin, feeling his erection against her stomach. It was driving her wild.

She slid her hands down and squeezed his naked, taut ass feeling deliciously naughty.

“Scarlett,” he moans against her swollen lips.

He moves his hands upward to palm her small breasts. Leaning over, he kisses the tight buds through the still wet, thin fabric of her blouse, nibbling at the hard, pearled nipples.

He lifts her shirt, unclasps her bra at the front, and her mounds spring toward his face.

He turns his undivided attention to one, circling the areola with his thumb, then the other. He laps with his tongue, tasting and sucking loudly.

Wantonly. Expertly. Desperate.

She feels the thick juices drip from her center to her underwear.

She should stop herself but doesn’t want to.

Never has she felt this way. Never has a man stirred her emotions the way this stranger is stirring her soul. He was captivatingly dark. Like an animal. Primal. Yet gently gratifying every inch of her body.

Connor kisses up the pale skin to her lips and undoes the tie of her red cape. He places it flat on the ground.

With a sharp nail, he pops open the buttons of her blouse and removes it along with the half-undone bra, lowering her to the ground.

He grabs her wandering hands with one of his and lifts them above her head as he possesses her mouth thirstily, savagely, like the predator he is.

His other hand trails down to her fly and unzips her jeans. He dips his hand to her panties, cupping and rubbing her slit through her underwear, feeling her moisture.

“You’re so wet, Red.” He inhales her scent. “So wet.”

The endearing term made her body light in flames.

“Y —Yes!” She tries to release her hand from his so she can touch him, but his grip was strong.

“Let me touch you,” she manages to whisper.

“Touch me.”

He lets her hands go, and she curls her fingers in his damp, black hair. At the moment, it is all she can reach since his head is back down at her breasts.

“You taste so good, my dear Scarlett.”

His tongue licks down her stomach and dips into her belly button for a few seconds. Then he reaches the band on her underwear. He looks up at her as she looks down at him, desire burning in their eyes.

“I’m going to devour every inch of you, Scarlett.” His eyes glow amber and he hooks his fingers on her underwear straps. “ I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Mindlessly she nods and her body trembles.

He drags her panties with her jeans down her thighs, stops to kiss her mound then continues pulling them down her legs until he reaches the knee-high boots.

He unties the laces, removes them, and kisses the tops of her feet.

His eyes stay glued to her face.

Instead, they hood with carnal cravings for her body. He tosses the boots to the side along with her clothes. At her ankles, he takes in her natural beauty.

She blushes from head to toes and it shows everywhere on her pale body.

“Relax, Red. I’ll make you feel good.” His eyes close.

I have no doubt you will. Her feelings fight with her reality.

When he opens his eyes, she’s awestruck. They look like honey.

His eyes are like my wolf’s!

Connor caresses her right leg drawing circles up her calf, kissing every single inch. He takes her legs and spreads them apart.

He moves up her left leg, kissing, tasting, and caressing it, giving it the same attention he did the right one.

With his tongue, he traces her inner thigh, spreading her legs further apart with his hands.

All he can hear are her moans and pants as she clutches at the cape, turning him on further, making him harder.

He inhales her perfume and with a flat tongue, he licks forward from her opening to her clit.

“Oh —yesss!” Scarlett hisses. “Your stubble against my skin feels like heaven.”

“Red, I’m going to make you cum hard.” He feels her shudder with passion. “I’m Connor. Say my name when you cum,” he almost begs.

He looks up at her and sees her nod. Her eyes close. He licks her again very slowly.

“Do you want to see me devour you?”

Her eyes flew open, half excited and half scared. “Yesss.”

Connor lowers his head and runs his whiskers up and down her thigh. He takes her clit in his mouth, sucking at it.

He then takes her vaginal lips and kisses them as if he was kissing her mouth, thrusting his tongue in and out, sucking, licking, pulling.

He spreads her apart and slides his middle finger inside.

“So juicy. Delicious.” He drank from her and slid a second finger, plunging it in and out slowly.

“Connor,” she breathes.

He shudders at the sound of his name from her lips for the very first time.

“I want more,” she says. “Faster. Make me cum.”

“Say it again!” He pumps his fingers faster and faster, eating her pussy, drinking her juices. He feels her clench and knows she is close. “Say my name.”


“Let yourself go.”

She convulses in a wave of orgasms traveling through her body.

“Connor, yes! You’re making me— Yes! Yes! Yes!”

He looks up at her, taking in her face and her convulsing body.

“Scarlett, I’m going to enter you now.”

“Yes, now! I need you!”

He positions himself above her, lining himself up with her slit. He moves the swollen, glistening head up and down her pussy, playing with her. Masturbating her.

She was still sensitive from her orgasms. She jerks as electric jolts hit her body when he touches her sensitive spots.

He starts teasing her, placing the head of his cock inside her and backing out. Then enters her a little further and so on as she adjusts to his size.

With a rapid plunge, he immerses himself in her warmth to the point of no return, slowly stroking, feeling every inch of her inside her warm, wet, addicting center.

Their breaths start to become raspy, and as the word “faster” comes out of her lips he loses all self-control. Pumping fast and hard deep inside her.

Slapping noises echo through the trees as the sun sets in the distance behind them.

“Oh, yes Connor! You feel so gooooood.”

“Baby, you feel so fucking good. I have never desired someone as much as you.”

He got on his knees, pulling her forward, lifting her thighs as he thrust back and forth deeply, rubbing her nub with one hand and holding her in place with the other.

“Oh! Yesss,” she hisses. “I’m cumming!” she screams into the crisp night air, making him wild.

He flips her over and enters her from behind, still on his knees, butt in the air slapping against his hard, lean body.

“Scarlett!” he howls, pulling out and cumming all over her butt cheeks. The warm liquid drips off her skin.

He smacks her playfully, and she scream-chuckles as they both pant and turn face up to look at the night sky.

He wraps her in his arms, pulls the cape closer, and shields her from the cool night breeze.

“I don’t know what to say.” She laughs apprehensively, peering up at his scruffy beard and caressing it with her fingers.

He smiles. “There’s much to talk about, but not now. You don’t need to say anything. Let’s feel.”

Scarlett sighs content but realizes it’s late and panics.

“I was on my way to my grandmother’s house! She’s probably worried sick. Maybe called my mother.” She shakes her head, ashamed. “I’m in so much trouble.”

“Your grandma will understand, trust me,” he simply said.

“Why would you say that? How would you know her?” Scarlet was confused. “I’ve never seen you before today.”

He laughs while he plays with her hair. “Ask her why she left your grandfather so many years ago, after your mom and uncle were both old enough and married.

“Ask her why she moved here, into the woods.” He winks.

“Wait, what?” She flashes a confused look at him. “How do you know this?”

A tantalizing smile covers his lips. “My dear Scarlett, do you have time to hear a story about my grandfather and your grandmother?”

Curiosity gets the best of her, and with widening eyes, gradually she nods.

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