Finding You - Book cover

Finding You

CM Jines

Chapter 2


“A fucking strip club?” I growled at Pug, one of my teammates who’d planned this gathering for Briggs.

“Hey! That’s what he asked for!” My redheaded, freckle-faced friend laughed, smacking my arm as we rode in the limo.

“That I did! I hear these chicks here are the hottest strippers.” Briggs laughed.

“Yeah, what about your woman?” I asked.

“You know she’s getting a lap dance or two tonight, come on,” Pug defended the groom.

I shook my head at my idiot friends. I mean, I wasn’t completely opposed to a strip club, but I thought we were past that stage of life, and a strip club wasn’t exactly the best place for picking up a one-night stand.

“Chill, Abby. We’ll make sure you get laid tonight.” Briggs slapped my back, using my nickname that he knew I hated.

“It’s your night, man. No worries about me. I’ll be fine.” I gulped down the rest of my scotch just as we pulled up outside the club. A big red neon X hung above the door, nothing else decorating the outside of the building.

“Let’s do this,” one of the other guys growled loudly as we climbed out one by one.

We entered the club and were immediately given VIP treatment, which I often hated. We were just people like anyone else.

I felt the stares immediately. All of us measuring well over six feet and walking in collectively drew attention. We sat as a group at the front of the stage and were greeted by the club owner.

“Thanks for joining us tonight. I hope that you have a wonderful time, and if there are any issues or anything I can do, do not hesitate to let me know.

“I’ll start you off with a bottle of champagne on the house.” He smiled, revealing one gold tooth. His hair was slicked back, and he stood there oozing a sleaze that made my skin crawl.

As soon as the drinks started flowing, everyone loosened up a bit, enjoying the music and the girls who made their rounds.

Of course, we seemed to draw the most attention, as some of the guys were loosening up with their wallets, as well. I shook my head at the way they threw their cash around.

One of the guys, Hunter, was groping all over a girl. It was starting to anger me, though she didn’t seem to mind. I excused myself to the bar to get a beer and get a break from the action.

“Having a good time?” the female bartender asked.

“Sure,” I smiled. She was pretty and barely dressed, but for some reason, I just wasn’t feeling it. I snagged my beer and stood necking it as I watched the room.

An hour or two in already, and I was about to call it a night. I wasn’t sure what the cause for my mood was, but I headed back over to the guys to say good night.

When I attempted to leave early, Briggs practically threatened my life, so I decided to stick it out a little longer. We all sat throwing back shots, which was definitely helping my mood. It wasn’t so bad.

This club was full of hot young ladies, and I was loving the eye candy at the very least. Briggs had already managed to get a lap dance before any of the performers had even come onto the stage.

I sat laughing with Pug as we watched some of the older clientele, who looked frustrated that we young guys would be getting all the attention.

The waitress appeared with more shots. I happily took mine as another girl shook her hips up onto Pug’s lap. She was a tall blonde with obvious fake tits, but still hot.

“What’s your name, baby?” Pug slurred out. For a big guy, he could not hold his liquor.

“Yvonne,” she purred.

I shook my head. These guys were shameless. I ran my hand through my dark hair when I heard the DJ announce the first girl. The guys all started whooping and hollering like the animals we were.

The music was blaring, heavy with bass. I looked up just in time to have my breath catch as if I had been sucker-punched.

I looked around me to see if any of the other guys were seeing what I was seeing, but none of them looked as breathless as I felt. The girl on the stage—I believe the DJ said her name was Gianna—was absolutely gorgeous.

I stared as she stood on stage, looking confident at first, but then almost freezing for a moment. I felt for her, unsure of what to do. I tried making eye contact, but her beautiful eyes were busy scanning the room.

I had no idea what had come over me. I was entranced. I watched her entire performance, which was flawless and sexy as hell, with jealousy that all these other schmucks were getting to see her too.

I had no idea what was going on with me—too many shots perhaps. As Gianna finished up her set, I decided to hit the bathroom and splash some cold water on my face.

In my twenty-three years of existence, I had never felt what I was feeling out there before, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“What the fuck?” I muttered to my reflection, shaking my head, attempting to shake off whatever these feelings were.

All I could think about was her long, beautiful brown hair, and those eyes, my God, those caramel eyes that looked too innocent for a club like this.

Her skin was the perfect amount of tan, and though she was tiny, she had curves in all my favorite places. Damn. I had to adjust myself before heading back out to the guys.

When I returned to my seat, the blonde had left Pug’s lap, and he was leaning over on Briggs, singing along to the song that was playing while another girl performed.

I looked up at her, and nothing, not a single feeling. No desire, no want, not even turned on, and she was definitely beautiful, but she wasn’t her.

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