Friendzoned - Book cover



Who’s the Unlucky Guy?



LexieHey Josh.


JoshHey! I went to pick Sabrina up from dance practice, sorry for the late reply.
LexieThat’s okay :)
JoshYou sure? Are you okay? I didn’t see you after school.
LexieI left early. Had a stomachache🤒
JoshAww, must be hard being a girl :(
LexieU have no idea...
LexieSean asked me out today.
Josh😄Really? That’s awesome news! I mean you like him, don’t you?
LexieNot anymore. I kind of like someone else right now.
Josh😏You didn’t tell me this. Who’s the unlucky guy?


JoshWho is he?


JoshLol. What?
LexieSorry my sister wrote that text!
JoshWhich one of the texts?
JoshLol how did your six-year-old sister manage to snatch your phone?
LexieI went to pee. So sorry about that XD
LexieAnyway it’s a boy from school.
JoshWhat’s his name?
LexieYou don’t know him.
JoshI probably do, does he play football?
LexieNope. It doesn’t matter whether u know him or not Josh. It won’t work out.
LexieBecause you have a—

Lexie quickly deletes the text before sending.

LexieBecause he has a girlfriend.
LexieYup. Sucks to be me.
JoshNo, it doesn’t suck.
JoshYou’re pretty and smart, there isn’t anything that sucks about you. You’ll find the perfect guy one day😘

Lexie stares at the emoji for over a minute, her face a bright shade of red.

LexieYou’re just saying that because we are friends😒
JoshBestfriends* and no, I am not. Look in the mirror and you will see what I mean.
LexieThank you. :)


LexieAre you there?
JoshYeah. Sorry...I was caught up😅
JoshYou don’t want to know.
LexieI want to.
JoshYour virgin ears won’t be able to handle it😏
JoshI was having sex with Sabrina. Don’t ask for details, I don’t kiss and tell😉

Lexie feels a sharp pain in her chest as she reads the words.

LexieEw. I think I just pictured a traumatic sight.
JoshLol! And what exactly did you picture?😏

She laughs to herself as she types a response.

LexieA veryyyyy small weenie. 🥕
JoshHaha. If you saw it for yourself, you would change that perspective, love.
Lexie🙄 you want to?
LexieTo what?
JoshSee it.
LexieSee what?
JoshWhat do you think? Lol.
LexieBe straightforward Josh.

Lexie almost gets a heart attack when she sees the symbol, knowing exactly what he’s hinting at.

LexieGod, no Josh!🙈
JoshLol I was kidding, Lex.
LexieNot funny.
JoshWell I’m laughing hard😂I can imagine how red your face is right now😋
LexieYou’re an idiot
JoshBut u love me anyway ;-)

She smiles to herself and mutters, “More than you know.”

LexieI don’t.
JoshHate is close to love. I got to take Sabrina home, so I’ll text you tomorrow.
JoshGoodnight, Love u.

Lexie reads his last two words a few times. She knows Josh doesn’t love her as more than a friend but she likes to pretend he does in the delusional world of her own little mind.

LexieI love you too. Best friend.

She watches as his status changes to offline. She presses the home button on her screen and lays her head against her pillow.

She closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep, thinking about her best friend who she may never be able to call hers.

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