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The Great Escape

Anna Pope

2: The Missing Wolf


“Milo…baby…,” the voice said, followed by soft lips trailing down my back, her hot breath warming my skin and making me shiver.

“I know that you are awake, baby, don’t make me bite you,” she teased and it made me laugh out loud, which further proved that she was right.

I turned around coming face-to-face with the love of my life, her blue eyes shining with amusement even though her mouth was in a fake pout.

“And what if I want you to bite me?” I asked, a smirk playing around my mouth. I wrapped my hands around her slim waist and pulled her over me.

“Well, I am kind of hungry,” she whispered into my ear before she leaned down to kiss me.


The alarm clock went off next to my head, waking me up from my dream.

I blindly palmed around the bedside table until I heard a loud crash telling me that I had managed to break another clock, but on the bright side, the damn thing had stopped ringing.

I didn’t want to open my eyes just yet and face reality.

The image of her was still so vivid in my mind; the way her skin felt under my hands, the incredible feeling of her lips over mine, and the sight of those beautiful eyes that always held a hint of mischief in them made me want to never get out of bed.

She was real at that moment and I actually found myself reaching with my hand to touch her but all I felt were cold sheets instead.

I opened my eyes and looked at her side of the bed and my heart clenched painfully in my chest. I quickly got up before the tears came, since I knew that they were going to if I continued down that path of thought again.

This whole thing was too depressing, me waking up alone yet again, and it was the exact reason why I rarely slept in this room.

I made a mistake in coming here, but I was too exhausted yesterday to sleep in my office like I normally did lately as the soft bed called my name in the early hours of the morning.

I made my way toward the bathroom to take a quick shower and brush my teeth.

Once I was finished with my morning routine I pulled on some cargo shorts, not even bothering with a shirt since I planned to spend most of the day in wolf form after all.

I made my way down to the kitchen, which was bustling with activity even though it was barely six in the morning.

As soon as I entered they all stopped talking and looked at me with their heads bowed, which just made me feel annoyed.

Yes, I was their alpha, but the way they acted around me made me feel like an outcast.

“It’s your damn fault,” Igor, my wolf, piped up, making me internally glare at him.

I knew that it was my fault, since I was the one who changed, but it still hurt to see the fear in the eyes of those who used to be my friends.

“Good morning, Alpha,” Megan, little omega and the main cook, approached me and said.

“Morning,” I grunted and glared at the rest of them until they averted their eyes and went back to what they were doing before I came in.

“Would you like some breakfast?”

“No, thank you, Megan. Where is Lucas? Is he still asleep?” I asked, not seeing my beta anywhere. We were both out last night searching for his little brother until I made him return to the pack house and rest.

When his brother, Rafa, hadn’t shown up at the pack house after his classes were finished, Lucas went out to find him.

The only thing he managed to find was the boy’s car. It was parked at the side of the road just outside of our pack line with no boy in sight.

The entire pack was brought out to help with the search but his scent got lost at the edge of the town, making it impossible for us to track him.

“No, he’s in the backyard,” Megan said, her eyes downcast and a frown marring her lovely face.

She knew just like the rest of us that Rafa was most likely never going to come back. This entire thing stank of hunters and they were not the type to let werewolves go once they managed to catch them.

I took a deep breath and went outside, my legs taking me to the big oak tree at the corner of the yard.

Lucas was there. He was sitting on the ground with his back to the tree and his head in his hands. He was gripping his hair tightly and shaking from side to side, his breathing erratic and broken.

“Lucas?” I said, trying to get his attention, but he either hadn’t heard me or chose to ignore me.

“Lu?” I tried again, this time using the nickname I hadn’t uttered for a long time. It managed to catch his attention and he untangled the fingers from his hair and turned his head to face me.

I felt my heart break a little at the immense pain and sorrow that was painted across his face for the whole world to see. His little brother was the only family he had left and now he had lost him too.

“Why did they take him, Milo? He is just a boy, not even eighteen yet! He never hurt a fly! Why!?” Lucas shouted, his voice breaking as a sob escaped his mouth.

I moved closer to him and wrapped my arms around him. He gripped my back harshly, breaking my bare skin in the process, but I didn’t comment and just continued to hold him while he cried in my arms.

My eyes filled with tears as I thought about the little off-white wolf with yellow eyes that we’ll probably never see again.

Where are you, Rafa?

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