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The Half Blood

Laura B.L.

1: Burning Flame


Walking in the same darkness I already knew, I saw the light coming from the fire in the distance. The smell of burning wood flooded my senses. Drawing me in. Making me move even closer to meet them again.

A group of people was dancing around the fire.They sang and smiled as the vaguely familiar music vibrated in the night air.

My mind attempted to search through my memories, when a fragile breeze suddenly brushed my face, bringing back the memory. It was a song my sister always listened to when she was in a good mood.

My gaze roamed over each face, blurred by the burning light of the flame. For some reason, being surrounded by all these people made me feel relaxed as if my home was among them.

My legs kept moving forward, the feel of the grass on my skin filled me with anticipation. With an excitement that I already knew. Watching everyone dancing, I stopped suddenly. Amidst laughter and singing, his silhouette was like that of a quiet shadow.

There he was.

Every time I saw him, I had the strange feeling that I had known him all my life. He was that mystery that made me think that somehow or other, we had met before. A long time ago. His presence conveyed a dominant force that drew me to him.

As always, whenever I met him here, his black shirt rolled up to his elbows revealed his well-muscled forearms. His hands were hidden in the pockets of his trousers. But instead of noticing my presence, his gaze was fixed on the fire.

Instinctively I moved closer. I stood right in front of him, except for the colossal campfire that still kept us apart. My eyes were unwilling to leave him.

"Look at me." I thought my voice would be louder, loud enough for him to hear me, but in the end, it was no more than a whisper. But as if he had heard me, his eyes obeyed my plea.

The light of the fire didn’t let me see his face properly. Loud hammering assaulted my temples.

I opened my eyes, making me realize where I really was.

I was in my room and not there with him.

It was that damn dream again.

I got out of bed and put aside the thin duvet that covered my body and walked to the kitchen to take some pills. I went back and tried to sleep again.

Nealie’s voice in my mind brought me out of my sleepy state a few hours later.

“Finally! I need to go outside. I need to run. Come on!” My wolf demanded.

“Okay. Let me take a bath and eat something, Nealie.”

“Fine, but hurry up.”

“Seriously? We shifted two days ago, and you ran and hunted for almost four hours! I still feel sore.”

“Do not be such a baby, Nala!”

I laughed.

“Let me finish, and we will go outside, okay?”

“Okay,” She said before hiding in the back of my mind.

“Nala! Come on. We have to go now.” My only and eldest sister shouted at me from the kitchen.

“What now, Maeve?” I felt like I had a boulder on each foot as I walked to the bathroom. I need coffee badly.

“Mom and Dad will be back tomorrow!”

“Thank goodness. It was about time.”

Our parents were neither Betas nor Omegas, let alone Alphas of a pack. We lived in a kind of isolated village in the Mortal Realm, called Crossbreed Land, the only place where half-breeds from all realms lived together without problems.

Our father and mother were not of the same kind. Mum was a she-wolf while our father was a warlock. Two people from different worlds. And yet fate managed to pair them together. And despite the circumstances in which they met, nothing prevented one from accepting the other despite the enmity that exists between the two kingdoms.

Many years ago, a war broke out between the Realm of the Witches and the Realm of the Lycans. No one knew for sure why the bloody conflict took place. A fact that has been kept secret until now. Only a few knew about it, but they were loyal enough to the Lycan King not to spread rumors.

Almost two hundred years had passed, and the two realms had been coexisting in a civilized manner so far.But the hatred and resentment they had for each other were well known. Especially the Lycans.

When our parents met at a fair in Belfast, that instant connection changed everything for them. They couldn’t bear to be apart and decided to leave their families and move here.

Neither kingdom allowed my parents to live as mates in their territories. No one wanted the half-bloods they would breed in their lands.

It wasn't just the witches and Lycans who didn't want half-breeds.

The Vampires, the Fae and the Dragon Shifters strictly forbade it. Half-bloods were considered lesser beings.

“Their flight will arrive tomorrow at eight thirty-five. We need to shop for groceries.”

“Nealie?” I called my wolf.

“Yes?” she replied back.

“I am sorry we cannot go today for a run. Our parents are coming tomorrow. I need to go with Maeve and help her,” I explained to her.

“Okay, I understand. I am happy we will finally see them. How long have they been gone this time?”

“Mmm… two months and a half? I think.”

Our parents have been going back and forth from the Lycan Realm for years.

Mother had always been a teacher of History of the Seven Kingdoms. And though at first, the Alpha King did not approve of her staying in the Realm with her mate, a few years ago, he invited her back to teach at one of the pack schools.

At least, it was somewhat of an apology that he offered her by inviting her to return to her original home and her warlock mate.

“I am ready, sis,” I yelled.

“Okay, let me check the house before we go,” she said.

“Oh! Not again, please. Every time we need to get out of the house, you do the same thing. You are always in a hurry, and when I am ready, you start to check the whole house and look for your things.”


“Maeve, I am going to drive this time.”

“Oh, no way,” she told me.

“Why not? I am an excellent driver.”

“Yes, you are, but you drive too fast for my taste.”

“Ugh, please. When you drive, it's like I'm being driven by a sloth. Anyway… since it's Sunday, we should buy tequila and make margaritas.”

"We did margaritas on Friday." She rolled her eyes. "We should drink something else today. Let’s go,” she said, leaving the kitchen after checking that everything was switched off for the third time. We went to the supermarket and bought groceries and two bottles of wine and more tequila.

Back at the house, we unpacked everything and put the food and drinks in the fridge and in the kitchen cabinet. It was around five o'clock in the afternoon, and with our drinks, we sat outside on our terrace. It wasn't one of the biggest in the neighborhood. But thanks to Maeve's skills, it became a special place in the house. Cozy. With candles and pillows all around us and vines hanging from the ceiling with an unusual silvery glow. A spell she had cast.

We were sitting in comfortable black chairs with a small round black table in the middle.

“When will you give me nephews?” she said suddenly.

“You are older than me.” I rolled my eyes.

"Not so old. For God's sake, anyone listening to you would say I'm twenty years older than you."

"Hecate wouldn't approve of you using God in your words," I said.

She smiled. "She knows it's her I worship."

"I don't think I can give you nephews anytime soon."

She gave me a sympathetic look. “You will find him soon.”

“I am almost twenty-six years old. I have barely traveled the world. I'm a half-breed, which makes me think I might be rejected if I'm mated to a pureblood. So the odds are very low that I will find my mate any time soon…but…”

Suddenly the dream came to me.

“What?” she asked.

“I had that dream again” I sighed.

“Really, again? What happened this time?”

"It was the same place. In a meadow, near the forest. I don't know. It's confusing." The tequila from the margarita went down my throat, soothing the anxiety that talking about it had caused me.

"Was he there?"

I nodded. "There was a bonfire, and people were dancing to that Omnia song you like so much, and then I saw him again through the flames. I felt the same as always... that he was someone I was waiting for all my life... to recognize me."

“Did he approach you this time? Did you see his eyes?”

“No, he just stared at me, but every time I wake up, I cannot remember his face,”

“Do you want me to look into your memories and see if I can find that dream?” Maeve put the wine glass on the table.

"No, this is just a dream. I'm not going to waste my time trying to track down a stranger who may not exist."

"Maybe you're dreaming about your mate" she said with a shrug.

Unlike me, my sister inherited our father's magic. She was good at manipulating dreams. She could make you remember them, learn things and control them in a way.

And yet I was born a werewolf. It was strange indeed. Being daughters of the same parents, we should have been born with the werewolf gene and the ability to manipulate some magic, but that didn't happen.

"I think I've given up. Maybe by now he's given up too."

“Look, do not ever give up on finding him. That man is your other half."

"Maeve, I'm honestly afraid to meet him, after what happened to you..." I felt stupid at that moment when I tried to mention her past. Her gaze turned somber, her expression grave.

“My situation was different, Nala. Mine was a human, and you know that humans don’t feel the bond like us. I am divorced, yes, and I suffered a lot when I discovered he was cheating on me, but I regret nothing.”

I looked at her, thinking about it.

“Maeve, I am sorry. Probably you will find another mate who will love you until the end of time.”

She laughed at my words.

“You are so romantic ‘Until the end of time,’ ” she repeated.

I smiled.

"Look...," she began, "I don't know why, but I'll tell you one thing I've been holding back ever since I saw your man in your dreams."

"My man?" I giggled.

She gave me a small smile and continued, "That man exists. When I walked into your dream, I could feel his power. And even though I couldn't see his face, he seemed quite alive. As if he was trapped in the same dream as you."

"Tell me again what you saw when you tried to see his face?" I asked.

"It was a blur. Like you I could only see him standing up. His black shirt and black trousers. Maybe his hair was raven. It was hard to see. It's kind of weird. I felt like something was blocking me."

Silence filled the moment. Leaving us in thought for a few seconds.

"Even if I couldn't see his face, I can at least say that man looked damn good. Can you imagine if he was your mate? Let me tell you something, my dear". Maeve took a long sip of her wine. "The sex with your mate is the best thing you'll ever experience in this life," she winked at me, quickly changing the subject.

I assumed she was already tipsy.

“Well, let’s see… I don’t know. I had this guy that was very good at doing it.”

“Oh yes, I remember him. What was his name? Niall!” Her laughter turned to guffaws as she struggled to refill her glass. “Your Niall, the half demon, half human who fell in love with you and followed all your craziness, poor guy.”

"Poor guy? That traitor left me for a brunette from Greece. In this case, I am the pitiful one.”

“Oh, come on, Nala. Are you serious? The guy left you because you were not in love with him, and he was tired of having sex in the woods.”

I choked on the drink.

“MAEVE!” I yelled at her.

“What?! You know it’s true. He followed you all around—Oh my God, I love that song!” The sudden scream from her made me shake my head, smiling at the sight of her.

The radio was playing a song from Guns N’ Roses.

Whenever I saw my sister in a good mood, I was happy just to see her.

We continued talking all afternoon and into the evening. In her dizzy state, Maeve began to cast spells that ended badly because she couldn't pronounce the words right. We ended the night with more drinks than we had predicted. Maeve's hair turned orange, and mine red. It was a total disaster. And before I called it a night, I made sure to leave her a note by her bedside to reverse the spell as soon as possible.

On the next day, I went to work, and my sister went to pick up our parents at the airport. I was the manager of one of the local stores, which had good sales for most of the year.

After almost eight hours of working, I arrived at the house around six o'clock in the evening. When I opened the door, I was greeted with hugs and kisses from our parents. As usual, my sister cooked a delicious dinner, and then we went to the terrace to finish the evening with coffee and tea.

"I wish my daughters could go with us next time. King Alaric's land is beautiful. Everything is so green and fresh." My mother looked at her husband. "Isn't it, sweetheart?"

“So when will you leave again?” Maeve asked.

“Oh, Mae, we just got here, and you want us to leave so soon?” Mae was the nickname mom always liked to use for my sister. But she hated it, even though mom knew it. She still called her that from time to time.

“Elenor, I didn't mean it that way. It was just a question.” Maeve knew that calling her by her name would annoy her.

“Well, I think we will be leaving again in a couple of weeks,” dad replied as he smiled at mom, who shook her head at Maeve's attitude.

“So soon?” I asked him.

“Yes. Your father and I were invited to a royal Ball.”

"Any particular reason for the party?" I asked after taking a sip of my raspberry tea.

Mom shrugged. "Just to entertain from what I heard. Nothing big."

"That king has no worries at all. He lives in his fine castle, bossing around all day and partying," I said wryly.

"Hasn't he met his mate yet?" my sister cut in.

"No, not yet," replied Dad.

"There's a rumor going around that he's apparently tired of waiting. Anyway, he hasn't wasted any time, if you know what I mean," my mother pointed out with wide eyes.

“How old is he?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Well, he looks like he’s in his thirties, but nobody really knows what his age is.”

“Could you meet him this time?”

She sighed. "Yes, and I can only say that he is an unusual-looking man. His character honestly leaves much to be desired."

"He was not rude to us, my dear." Dad said to her.

"No. But he wasn't the most polite either. He just greeted us and left, with the excuse that he had urgent matters to attend to. Why don't you girls come with us?"

“Mom, you just said that you two were invited to the Ball, not the whole family.”

She sighed again and gently massaged her temple, like she needed all the patience in the world to deal with us, which was typical of her.

My mother was a free spirit, and stubborn. She had short blonde hair and green eyes that could frighten even the bravest of men.

“Nala, what I am trying to say is that both of you can come with us and enjoy all the festivities.

There will not only be a Ball. You may not be able to attend. But you can walk around the city, and I think there will be a fair during those days.”

"Do you think the King would have no problem with two half-breeds going to his territory?" my sister frowned.

"I can talk to him. But I don't think there should be a problem." Dad replied.

“Girls, you need some free time to rest. You have been dealing with a lot of work and…divorce.”

Mom looked at my sister with sadness.

The idea didn't seem bad at all. I had never been there before. And maybe this was the only chance. “Maeve, let’s go. We need this. I am tired, and I need some free time, and you need fresh air. We have never been there anyway.”

I could see in her eyes that she was considering the idea.

“Okay, we will go,” she finally said.

Three weeks passed, and finally, the day came when we had to prepare our bags. I finished packing when my sister knocked on the door and came in.

"What's wrong?" I asked when I saw her with her brow furrowed.

"I had one of those dreams last night."

"About what?" I asked her as I finished zipping up my suitcase.

"About us, about you, Nala," Her words made me pause. Maeve couldn't just control dreams, sometimes she could see the future through them. Like some kind of premonition.

"And what did you see?"

"I saw you crying, suffering because of someone, and..." she paused.

"And what, Maeve?"

"And I had a feeling it was because of your mate."

"What? Are you sure?"

"You know I'm never a hundred percent sure about these kinds of dreams." She paused and watched my worried expression. "You know what? Forget it. Let's just enjoy this trip."

"Really? After you just told me I'm going to be in pain and crying?"

She laughed.

"Look, we better not worry if I'm going to cry for that bastard," I said.


"Sure... if you saw me suffering and crying because of him, then he's a bastard." I said mockingly.

We stayed talking for a few more minutes until she left, and I went to sleep.

Closing my eyes, I felt tiredness take over my body, pushing my consciousness away and leaving me in darkness.

But the darkness cleared when I suddenly opened my eyes. Finding a stormy sky where its black clouds moved with the speed of the wind. My feet were sinking into something wet, glutinous that curled around my toes. It was mud.

I touched my cheek when I suddenly felt something cold.

I looked up, drop after drop began to fall until it became a soulless rain, drenching me.

A movement beyond the periphery of my vision caught my attention.

Hundreds of people were waiting with angry features and spiteful smiles. There were so many of them that it looked like I was facing an army. They were all looking in my direction. Apprehension gripped my arm, pinning me to the ground.

The more I watched them with my heart pounding, the more I realized that they were not just an army of random soldiers. Vampires and witches, and rogues mingled together. It was bizarre. I had never seen so many different kinds of creatures in one place before. I fixed my eyes on one of them specifically. The silhouette of a female in black at the front line appeared to be the leader. But the more I tried to see who it was, the more her face seemed to be diluted by the rain, making it impossible to know what she looked like.

My back stiffened as an eerie roar suddenly shot through my entire body. Fear seized my heart, freezing me to the bone. Something else was behind me.

My eyes widened as I decided to turn around, and a scream broke from my throat as I saw hundreds of beasts running towards me.

At that moment, I knew that I was in the middle of a war. And the biggest beast I had ever seen was running furiously towards me.

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