I Accidentally Stole The Bad Boy's First - Book cover

I Accidentally Stole The Bad Boy's First


My Best Friend’s Inner Beast


I mutter a “Sorry” to a person whom I bump into unexpectedly before turning toward Kaylee again.

“Addy, there is no need to lie to me!” she mutters in my ear while continuing to walk down the corridor to our lockers.

I tug at her arm.

“Kaylee, I swear this time I am over him for real,” I hiss, trying to convince her.

“Babe, why are you lying to yourself?” she asks, punching in her combination.

I lean against the locker on her left side.

“Yeah well, I don’t mean over over…”

She gives me an are you fucking kidding me look, and I smile sheepishly at her.

“Well, I can’t get over my crush this instant! BUT—” I yell out the word “but,” and students turn around to look at me.

“But what?” she asks me.

“But what I am saying is that I am stopping this nonsense right here, right now?”

She perks up at that and smirks at me.

Oh, damn! Not a good sign!

“Does this mean that I can find you a boyfriend?”

She wiggles her brows suggestively, and I groan, pulling her with me in the direction of our classroom.

“So does it mean that I can…”


I look behind me only to see Kay sprawled out on the floor.

What the…?

She quickly stands up, picking up the books spilled everywhere, before muttering out a sorry.

Why would she say sorry?

“Watch where you are going!” a guy I have never seen hisses out at the same time, looming over her small figure.

Oh, that is why!

Kay’s face turns from shocked to angry.

I would have jumped to her defense, but Kay has never needed help when it came to these situations.

“Are you mute as well as blind or what?” He smirks at her, pissing her off more than he already is.

Umm, it is official: the guy is going to die today.

“You little freak!” She smirks back before attacking the poor guy.

Yup, and that is my cue to leave. My ears will surely bleed out if I don’t.


“Kaylee. Kaylee!” I try to grab my best friend’s attention as she makes her way through the student body with me hot on her tail.

“What a douche!” she mutters, turning to face me without a warning.

I crash right into her, dropping our bags on the floor in the process.

“Shit, did you carry that all the way here? Why didn’t you just tell me to take my bag from you?”

I groan, not knowing what to do with my best friend.

“You tried to tell me, right?” She smiles sheepishly.

“I have been trying to tell you to slow down, but you were too busy babbling about your new crush,” I deadpan, shoving her bag into her arms.

“Sorry.” She smiles at me. “He just annoyed the heck out of me. Who even says that?”

I chuckle at her frustrated face.

“Bitch, did you just say ‘crush’? I can’t even stand the guy and you think that I like him already?” She frowns, looking at me as if I have betrayed her.

“He is hot.”

Kay opens her mouth to protest, but I shut her down immediately.

“Don’t even try. I know that look. You think he is hot too.”

“Pfft. No?”

I give her a stern look.

“Okay, okay, you got me. But just because he is hot, he has no right to be a prick. Son of a gun. I am going to go back there and beat him up. Just wait and see, Addy, I will set him straight.”

I roll my eyes at her before pulling her with me.

“You can beat him up later, babe. First, we have to endure Mr. Woolhead’s boring class.”

“Is it Monday today?” she groans.

I nod, and she whines again before unwillingly following me.


I climb further up my favorite tree, trying to get a better view.

Where is he?


I spot Asher moving to his favorite place under the neighbor’s tree. A grin etches its way onto my face, only for it to vanish completely the second I see a certain blonde twirling her way toward him.

Urgh, what a leech.

Says the person who is spying on Asher from a tree.

I wave the thought away before moving around.

“Babe!” Jalina Rey whines as she makes her way toward my Asher.

Yes, I just went there. I am hopeless after all, and my best friend is going to kill me for sure when she finds out. If she finds out, that is.

Over Asher, my butt. I am still head over heels in crush with the guy.

“Babe!” Jalina tries again, successfully getting Asher’s attention this time. I grunt unhappily but stay put, not wanting to fall down from the tree.

I am not going to break another leg.

Believe it or not, I have already broken the same leg three times.

“Are you coming to the party tonight?” She smiles at him, her perfectly manicured fingers tracing the length of his arm.

My teeth grind together, hands clenching in anger.

“Get your hands off me, Jali.” He shoves her hand away before sitting down.

Yes! I mentally holler, nearly losing my grip on the branch. ~Holy frick!~

My heart races and I swing my body onto the branch again.

“Did you hear that?” Jalina asks in a screechy voice.

“No,” Asher grunts, pulling his backpack closer before taking out something.

“Babe,” she starts again, and Asher seems to have had enough of her.

Me too.

“I am coming. Please leave now.”

Jalina pouts adorably (not!) before reluctantly walking away from him.

Ugly, bitchy, little, stupid…

“ADDALYN!” I jump, startled by the voice calling my name, losing my grip entirely. This time I am not able to hold onto any branches and fly down face first from the tree.

Holy freaking grape juice!

I am going to die today for sure. I still had so many things I wanted to do in life. Get a good job, get a pet, marry Ash, raise cute children with him, and…

“Addy!” I hear Kay’s voice again, cutting me from my trance.

I brace myself for the fall, but it never comes. I slowly peek my eyes open only to see Asher’s gorgeous deep brown eyes.

My breathing hitches, and I try not to gasp too loudly.


I am in Asher’s arms.

Am I dead? Is this a dream?

“You should be more careful,” he tells me as if I am a child before letting me onto the ground. Then he turns around swiftly as if this was not a big deal at all before walking away.

I am not able to see where he is going because I am yanked back to face my best friend, who looks like she is about to rip my hair out.

“What were you doing up there?” she asks calmly. Calm Kaylee is never a happy Kaylee. Happy Kaylee is the hyper one. Calm Kaylee is the “I will snap your neck if you dare to lie!” Kaylee.

But I take my chance anyway.

“Oh, you know, just enjoying the view from up there.”

Kay raises a brow, not entirely believing me.

“Three yards away from where Asher was sitting just now. You really want me to believe that?”

I gulp, backing away slowly.

She raises a brow, daring me to take another step.

“Addalynn Reina!” she booms—and that, ladies and gentlemen, is my cue to get away this instant. I laugh, sprinting off in the direction of my house, Kaylee hot on my heels.

Oh damn, my best friend is going to skin me alive today for sure.

“Wait up, you pig. You know I can’t keep up with you?”

I look over my shoulder to see Kay trying to catch her breath not too far away.

“I know, I know!” I cackle before running off.

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