I'll Fight for You - Book cover

I'll Fight for You


Chapter 1. Meeting the Bad Boy was Easier Than I Thought


“Come on Claire. Look at you. You think I’d actually love you? That our time actually meant something to me?” James scoffed, throwing his hands up in the air as a dark chuckle left his mouth. ~

I bit back my tongue, trying to hold back the tears and sobs that threatened to escape. ~I will not cry! I will not cry!

“Claire, I played you. Can’t you see that. I got what I wanted,” James continued in a taunting voice. An undetected emotion glinted in his eyes. ~

“B-but what about us? You-you said you loved me,” I stuttered, heart broken at the fact that I really had been played. ~

James chuckled darkly. When he looked up, I felt my heart churn at those cold eyes of his. “Claire, open your eyes. Love. Isn’t. Real.” ~

That was the last thing James yelled at me, before turning and stalking off. ~

I didn’t do anything. My feet stayed put- frozen- to the spot on the ground, as I watched him go. ~

I shot up in my bed. My breaths were coming out ragged and a layer of sticky sweat covered my forehead.

“Just a dream, Claire. Just, a dream,” I mumbled to myself. Tears sprung to my eyes when I realized it wasn’t a dream, but a sick, twisted memory of when James, the one I loved, broke me.

That same memory kept replaying in my head for the past two years. I sighed and turned over to my clock: 4:27 a.m. I shook my head, trying to clear out the awful thoughts that replayed in my head daily.

Instead, I looked around my small room. It wasn’t that special. The walls were a light blue color. A twin-sized bed was pushed up against the wall and there was a window on the other side.

A bathroom that I had all to myself was placed in the corner and my dresser was next to my bed. A clothes basket laid on the floor with some clothes in it. Scattered papers, clothing, and other whatnot littered the floor.

I don’t exactly have the time to clean and make sure everything’s perfect. As long as I have clean clothes, a bed, and homework all finished, I could really care less about how my room looks.

I pulled off my red duvet and let my feet swing over the bed and onto the cold wooden floor.

I let out a frustrated sigh when I knew that I wasn’t going to be going back to sleep anytime soon. There was only one thing that would take my mind off of James: Training.

I stretched out my tired limbs and wiped the sleep from my eyes.

Going over to my dresser, I slipped on some black, knee length tights with a light blue, sports bra and my dark, purple hoodie, along with my purple converse. I looked in my mirror.

My shoulder-length, light brown hair was a little messy; as some strands stuck out. My light, hazel eyes were glazed over still from sleep and dark bags cast beneath my eyes.

My body looks to be in shape though. Not one of those stick-like figures. My body had some meat and muscle on it; curves in all the right places. Honestly, I knew I was pretty.

And I knew if I tried, I would have every guy at my heels. But, that’s why I don’t want love anymore. I knew in the end, I’d just get hurt. So why bother?

Slowly, I creak open the door and tip-toe down the hallway and out the front door. My parents were still passed out.

I let out a breath of relief. I had my gym bag, iPhone, and water bottles with me. I would jog to the gym. It was only about a fifteen-minute jog so it wasn’t that bad.

I looked out into the sky and saw the sun slowly start to peak up from the horizon. I always loved seeing the sun rise, and seeing the sun set.

It was beautiful to watch how different the scenery looked around you from the simple glow of light.

The plants and trees seemed to glow and look a lot healthier. The grass was a brighter green and the water warmed up and looked glorious.

Everything around me looked beautiful and took my breath away. Too bad I’d be spending my day inside a hot gym. My conscience snickered.

I shook my head and turned around, beginning my run to the gym, when I ran into something.

“Shit,” I cursed aloud as I got a hold of my balance. Then, I froze. Arms were snaked around my waist and my hands were placed on somebody’s chest. Not just anyone’s chest.~

Slowly, peeking up from my eye lashes, I looked into the stormy, grey eyes of Blake Johnson himself. A grin played across his lips as his arms tightened themselves the slightest.

My heart beat sped up a bit as I kept staring into his eyes, trying to read anything I could get, but then he spoke in his husky voice.

“You know, if you wanted me, you could’ve just asked. I’m always free.” He smirked, his eyebrows raising in arrogance.

That was enough to snap me back into reality. “Whatever,” I scoffed, using force to push away from him.

“What’s a small girl like you, doing out here this early, anyways? Shouldn’t you be in bed getting your beauty sleep?” he said in an overly girly voice with a fake grin plastered on his face.

He shoved his hands into his pockets.

I rolled my eyes. If only he knew. “I could say the same about you,” I retorted with a smirk of my own.

He seemed a bit taken aback at first, but quickly masked it. “So, she can speak,” he examined.

I rolled my eyes. “I was never mute, you moron,” I mumbled, getting ready to turn around.

“Aren’t you going to ask where I’m headed to?” He asked, throwing his hands up as a false look of hurt crossed his face.

I gave him a blank stare. “No.”

Stifling a laugh at his appalled expression, he shook his head. “Since you asked so nicely,”—~bull crap~—“I’ll tell you.” He shoots his nose up in a I’m better-than-you way. “I’m going over to—”

“Uh huh. That’s nice,” I cut him off dismissively, while trying to find a way to get around him.

He narrowed his eyes in annoyance. “Geesh, what’s got your panties in a twist? Too in much of a hurry to listen to what your fellow neighbor has to say?” He turned his nose up again.

I finally looked him back in the eyes and shot him a sarcastic grin. “Now we’re getting somewhere,” I batted my eyelashes, while patting his chest, and slipping through his hold.

“Where’re you going so early anyways? And what’s up with the gym bag?” he called out.

I didn’t bother explaining. “Gotta go.” With that, I got a tighter grip on my bag and started my light jog to the gym.

I could feel his eyes burning into the back of my head, but I didn’t dare look back, and kept running. I just hoped that he wouldn’t recognize me in any way.

Wow, meeting the bad boy was easier than I thought. Of course, I had seen him around school and outside sometimes, but we never really had a conversation before.

Fifteen minutes later, I arrived at the gym. The gym I went to wasn’t that special. It had the usual treadmill and weight lifting areas. I go into the back whenever I want to practice my boxing.

You can go into your private room and just box how and whenever you want. I walk into the empty gym and look around.

No one’s here. Just how I like it. I grinned as I walked into the back, past all of the equipment, and to the last door of the private boxing rooms.

I always did love coming in early because no one was really ever here. People usually start coming into the gym around noon or something like that.

I locked the door and threw my bag on the ground. As soon as I pulled out my red boxing gloves and tied my hair back into a side braid, I stared at the long, red punching bag.

Some of my hair covered my face as I threw a punch to the bag that hung from the ceiling. I threw punch after punch as the memories of James and me flew by in my head.

I was a 15-year-old. I was stupid, naive, and so, so damn ~gullible. ~

Love! I mentally scoffed. It’s not real. From what our society has come to now, men act like babies and run off when they’re scared. Run from their problems.

James. ~I met him my sophomore year: 10th grade. We instantly hit it off and soon began dating. Seven months later I convinced myself that he and I were in love. That night, I gave him what he wanted. Me. He was my first time.

The next morning, everything went downhill, you could say.

Anger and rage started to boil inside of me when I saw James’ evil smirk. His stupid, smirk. He just stood there, grinning at me, as I broke down in hysterics.

That night, I went out and began boxing. A few nights later, I became really good at it and that’s when Nancy found me.

I was picking a fight with a blonde bimbo after she thought I “stole” her boyfriend. I won, of course, and Nancy offered to help me continue to grow because she saw potential in me.

After a few more lessons from her she set me up with my first match. Miraculously, I won.

I guess I’d have to thank James later on; I wouldn’t have made it this far without him anyways.

I scoffed at just the thought of James. The stupid, ignorant, player!~ I swear, I’ll laugh the day he comes crawling back on his hands and knees when he finds out that White Wolf, is his ex-girlfriend. That is, ~if~ he finds out.

“Another dream?” I jumped slightly at the sound of Nancy’s voice.

I whipped around and looked curiously at Nancy. “Nancy, I locked that door,” I pointed out.

She nodded. “Yup, and I unlocked it.” She shrugged. I was still a little confused. “It’s 9:30 a.m.” She said, crossing her arms over her chest in a disapproving manner.

I looked up, shocked that the time had gone by so fast. I went over and checked my phone. It was, in fact, 9:30 a.m.

“Damn...” I mumbled, blinking my eyes to rid the haziness that suddenly appeared for a split second.

“How long have you been here?” She asked as she took a seat in one of the chairs that was against the wall. Her eyes told me that she knew the exact time, but still felt the need to ask.

I shrugged. “5:00 a.m.” I mumbled as I threw another punch at the bag. My fists were aching slightly from being clenched for so long, but I ignored the pain and kept going.

That is, until I felt arms yank me away from the bag. “Alright Claire. You need to calm down. Geez. I think it’s time you take a break,” she said, gripping my shoulders slightly.

“How about we go out tonight? And you can find a guy to hook up with and take your mind off of James.”

Nancy is the only one who knows about James, besides Molly. She was there for me in my time of need. She always acted like a best friend, even a mother. Better than my mom at least.

I rolled my eyes at her suggestion, but I figured that I needed a beer or some alcohol, so why not?

“Fine, but only for the alcohol,” I pointed out as I started taking off my gloves, before unwrapping the gauze I placed on it earlier.

Sweat trickled down my forehead, and I gulped down the water from my glass, yes, glass, water bottle.

Nancy was twenty-three and very pretty. She had light green eyes with a gold rim swimming around the pupil, with wavy, chocolate brown hair.

Her body was slim and the same as mine; not to the point of skin and bones, but just right to make a guy go crazy. Nancy was basically a heart breaker and proud of it.

Though she was currently single, she enjoyed having a “great” time with guys.

“Oh no! You’ve spent way too much time crying over that douchebag James. You’re going to get some tonight! Even if I have to pay the person!

“Which, I don’t think will happen because—come on!—no guy will be able to resist you, Claire.” Nancy smirked.

I shook my head and laughed. “Yeah, okay, Nancy.” I told her. I looked up and froze. From her serious glare, I could tell she was not kidding.

I groaned. “Oh, come on. I don’t want to,” I whined while stomping my foot.

Nancy just gave me a devious grin and grabbed onto my arm. She started dragging me out of the room. I grabbed onto my bag, bottle, and phone before she pulled me out of the gym.

Just as I was about to yank my arm back, I ran into something, for the second time today, and it wasn’t even noon!

“We have got to stop meeting like this.” I hear Blake chuckle as I balance myself and glare at him.

“You and me both, dude.” I mumbled under my breath, looking towards the ground.

“Claire. Come on.” Nancy takes my arm and drags me over to her car.

Blake has a look of confusion as he stares at me and Nancy. I shrug and get into her car.

“Who was that?” Nancy asks as we pull out, swiping her tongue over her lips. “He looked pretty cute.” She commented, eyeing Blake as we pass him.

I scoff. “Really Nancy? He’s 18,” I point out.

She shrugs. “So, doesn’t mean he isn’t cute. Besides,” she turns and wiggles her eyebrows at me, “he’s of legal age anyway.”

I roll my eyes. “God, you remind me of a dude sometimes,” I mutter.

Though, she seems to take that as a compliment. “Why thank you, Claire.” She grins.

“Yeah, whatever.” I grumble when we pull into her driveway.

Nancy lives in a two-story, white house. She lives alone and sometimes takes guys to her house for “fun.” And I go over to her house more often anyway.

I go straight in and to her kitchen. I grab a banana nut muffin, and some orange juice. I’m hungry but not that hungry.

After I’m done, Nancy comes down wearing a red, tight sleeveless dress that goes down to her mid-thigh. She’s wearing red, open toed, heels and a diamond bracelet on her left wrist.

I look at her with shock. Finally, I come up with the only word I know she’ll want to hear. “Hot.” I smile.

She chuckles and shakes her head. “Oh, I’m not done. I still have my makeup and hair to do. But you are coming with me.”

She grabs my arm and drags me up the stairs. I swear I feel like an old, ragged doll with all this tugging around.

She pushes a dark blue, mid-thigh dress in my way and points to the bathroom door. I sigh, but go in and change.

I slip the dress on easily. It has a shoulder strap with dark blue beads layering the strap. From my breast down is all silk. I go out and twirl for Nancy.

She claps her hands and hands me matching blue heels that slip on easily. We look at ourselves in the mirror and after a couple minutes, we both voice our thoughts. “Hott.” We both grin.

“Now, time for our hair and makeup.” Nancy grins. She pulls out her large makeup kit and hair equipment. “This is going to take a bit...”


True to her words, two hours later, we were finished... with me. Only me. She spent so much time trying to perfect my makeup and hair that when she didn’t like it, she’d start all over again.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My back was aching from the position I’ve been in for hours.

A light shade of blue covered my eyelids. Blood red, lipstick covered my full lips and light blush coated my cheeks. I wore blue diamond earrings and really, I never looked more pretty.

My hair was straightened and pulled into a side braid. Just how I liked it.

“You look gorgeous,” Nancy commented as she curled the ends of her hair. I sighed and sat down. This was going to take some time...


Another two hours later we were finally ready. It was 6 p.m. right now. “Nancy, you look beautiful, but did you really have to take two hours?” I complained.

Nancy was wearing a light shade of bright red eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and ruby red lipstick. Her hair was curled at the ends and she had a matching purse.

She rolled her eyes and we walked out to her car. “We look hot and it’s a Saturday. Be quiet, we have plenty of time.”

She grinned as we headed out to Nancy and I’s favorite club: Black Midnight. Weird name, but a great club with amazing alcohol too.

Half an hour later, we pulled into the parking lot and walked to the front of the line. We were getting called a bunch of names for cutting, though. Let’s just say, Nancy and the door man were good friends.

As soon as we got in, I walked straight to the bar.

“Hey, Claire. Smokin’.” The bartender nodded his head in approval. I laughed.

“I was forced.” I told him over the loud music.

He nodded. “Figures. The usual?” He asked.

I nodded. “Yupp,” I replied, popping the P. Tonight, I just wanted to get drunk.

And when it comes to me and drunk… it doesn’t usually end well. But oh well, maybe Nancy was right. I just needed a night to take my mind off of things.


Several drinks later, I was drunk off my mind. I couldn’t care less though. I was on the side of the dance floor, drinking another cocktail when a guy approached me.

He had blond hair that covered his eyes slightly and was wearing a blue button-down shirt with faded, blue jeans. He had brown eyes and was really muscular. In my opinion, he was really cute.

“Hey,” he said as he sat beside me.

I didn’t move and surprisingly didn’t slur either. “Hey,” I replied.

From the corner of my eye, I could see a slight grin appear on the guy’s face. “How old are? You look just a bit young to be here, don’t you think?” he commented slyly.

I nodded and turned to meet his gaze. “So? Like 17-year-olds haven’t snuck in a bar with fake ID’s before.” I told him as I took another sip of my cock tail.

He nods. “True. I’m only 18,” he admitted.

I nodded my head and closed my eyes as I let the liquid wash down my throat. It still burned, but I was used to it by now.

After I was done, I was about to get another when arms snaked around my waist. “I think you’ve had enough for now, Sweetheart.”

The guy whispered huskily as he took the glass out of my hand and set it down on a nearby table.

I closed my eyes and leaned slightly back in his touch. “Mhmm,” I hummed. His arms were still locked around my waist as he whispers in my ear:

“I could show you a better time than just drinking, you know,” he whispered huskily.

I opened my eyes and saw Nancy staring back at me with a huge grin. She mouthed the words “go on” and returned talking to the guy who was next to her.

I was a 17-year-old drunk, hormonal girl. So, I said what any girl would say in my position:

“Let’s test that theory then, shall we?” I smirked.

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