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Imperfect Strangers

Lee Taylor

2: Lean On


As soon as I arrived at work the next morning, I was summoned to Madison’s office. She was the chief editor and stunning was her middle name.

She was always dressed like a supermodel, clothes fashionable, makeup flawless. She was also kind of a perfectionist so slip-ups were a no-no.

Right now her assistant, Pamela, was off sick and yours truly was filling in for her. Those were pretty big shoes to fill by the way.

It helped that I shadowed Pamela for three months straight, once I’d found my rhythm, it wasn’t so bad.

The main problem was working so close to the perfectionist was a tad bit difficult, because the pressure was on and it was real. I really needed to be on top of my game today.

Madison’s office was on the top floor and had a breathtaking view of Manhattan. The office had a scenic view, and she always showcased it by keeping the windows open.

The space was tastefully furnished with a modern touch and bold, vibrant, eye-catching works that brightened the room.

“Can you try calling Kylo King’s manager again?” Madison swiveled her high-backed leather chair.

Then grabbing her fountain pen and a notepad, she scribbled a number. Hesitating a second before pulling the top sheet off and handing it over to me.

“I’m on it boss.”

My phone vibrated as it sat close to my writing pad and I ignored it, but another three texts came through.

“Answer that or turn it off.” My boss barked, her voice taking on an annoyed edge.

“I’m sorry I forgot to put it on silent mode.” In my haste to snatch it off the desk, it slipped and clattered to the floor. “I’m sorry about that.”

She elegantly rolled her eyes and brushed well-manicured fingers over her smooth forehead. “We need Kylo on the front cover of our July issue.

“He’s hot and single, at the peak of his music career,but he’s still a mystery to us,” my editor mused as she continued her speculation.

“No one has managed to snag an interview with him or as much as a comment. We need to get to him first,” she continued, not waiting for my input.

“Meanwhile, I’ll try and get us an invitation to his coveted after-party on Friday night.”

I let out a little gasp and clutched my seat. “Is—H-he’s going to be there?”

“Of course,” she frowned, looking slightly peeved that I’d dare ask her such a question. “Why else would we be going?” she added.

“Get to work.” She waved her hand with a dismissive gesture. “I need results, Turner.”

“I’ll get started right away.” I vaulted to my feet, towering over the desk before I made a hasty retreat.

Kylo King! I was going to call Kylo King. Well…his manager but that’s same difference. I couldn’t believe it. I could hardly contain my excitement, I was going to explode!

My hands shook as I dialed the number but I should have saved myself the trouble. The number went straight to voicemail.

After trying countless times, I finally gave up and went over to the coffee machine, where I bumped into Alex, a really hot intern from the marketing department.

The epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, he could qualify to be one of the top models on Esquire.

His sparkling black eyes and black tousled hair always did it for me. Every time I saw him I was tempted to run my fingers through it. I bet it was as silky and soft as it looked.

“Hey Lynn, you are looking really good this morning.” He gave my blue bandage dress an appreciative glance. “I think blue is your color.”

My cheeks flushed as the warmth of the blush crawled up my neck. “Oh, this old thing”. I smiled shyly, running my hand down the dress. “You’re just being nice.”

“I’m just appreciating the beauty that’s in front of me.” He picked up his coffee cup and took another sip, his eyes searching mine over the rim.

I swatted his arm and laughed. “Such a charmer.”

“Is it working?”

I raised my eyes through dark, full lashes and locked full on to his. “Maybe…”

“How about we discuss it over dinner tonight? You game?”

Without missing a beat I responded with a resounding, “Yes.”

My impulsive response was not the one I’d have given a few days ago. But it was time for me to get back in the game and to stop moping over Tristan.

“I’ll pick you up at seven?”

“It’s a date.”

Setting his cup on the counter he smiled triumphantly. “I’ll be counting down the seconds, Oaklynn Turner,” was his toe-curling parting shot.

I got a date tonight. I got a date tonight. I got a date tonight…I sang to myself as I strode back to my workstation.

Who would have thought the day would go this way? I pulled open my drawer just as another message popped up.

My eyebrows snapped together when an unknown number blinked back at me.

Unknown SenderGood morning, sex kitten. Any chance of you showing me that lingerie today?

Argh…Not him again.

I quickly saved his number under my contacts as Distraction, then proceeded to reply.

OaklynnGood morning my creepy perv. Any chance of you getting a life? Or better yet, a job???
DistractionSweetheart, I have enough money to feed the needy, and you if need be. But I think you need a little something-something that comes packaged in Calvin Klein…
DistractionBtw did I read correctly? Did you call me ‘yours’? Maybe I should call you Alessia Cara? You’re a fast learner, babycakes…Plus, I like a woman that takes control.
OaklynnYou need help.
DistractionOnly the kind you can give.
OaklynnAnd how would you know that?
OaklynnWow! The perv knows a big word that doesn’t have to do with sex.
DistractionSex…Now there’s a word I’d love to try out with you, my sex kitten. You won’t be disappointed.
OaklynnAll talk…
DistractionCareful what you wish for Victoria’s Secret.
OaklynnCan you see the fear on my face?
DistractionThe only thing I’d like to see on your face sweetheart, is pure ecstasy. Courtesy of yours truly ofc.
OaklynnHow did I know you’d say something like that pervy?
DistractionGlad I’m living up to your expectations, sweet cheeks. So tell me? Are you a screamer?
OaklynnYou did not just ask me that?!!!
DistractionYou can always go back and read it again…just to be sure. But are you, though?
OaklynnNot telling. This is strictly on a need-to-know basis.
DistractionI need to know babe. But guess it’s true what they say…the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And I would eat you to the very last bite, my sex kitten.

Gosh! Is it hot in here or is it just me?? I reached for the remote on my desk and turned on the AC.

OaklynnWhatever you say, pudding pie.
DistractionYou won’t be talking when I’m done with you…or walking for that matter.
OaklynnAll talk, little action.
DistractionTry me. (This is not a drill)
OaklynnI don’t even know you.
DistractionWe can fix that sweetheart. Easy.
OaklynnI’ve gotta go.
DistractionToo hot in the kitchen, babycakes?
OaklynnSome of us have lives and I have a hot date tonight.
DistractionI hope he chokes on whatever he eats. (Very serious. NOT JOKING)
OaklynnGoodbye you sadist.
DistractionTry not to think of me while you’re on your boring date.
OaklynnI’ll try, pudding pie. Now bye.
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