Lost Lycan's Mate - Book cover

Lost Lycan's Mate

Andrea Glandt

Chapter 1

I yearned to be the wolf, fierce and untamed.

A protector of the pack and a creature of instinct.

But as I gazed into the mirror, searching for a spark of the wild, I found nothing but a human child.

A mere girl, lost in a world she could never truly be a part of.

I was trapped, strangled by expectations and a heritage that refused to acknowledge me.

But in my heart, a voice whispered, urging me to defy my destiny.

The pack would never accept me.

My father, the Alpha, would never understand.

But I had to try. For in the depths of my soul, I knew I was meant to be something more…


Getting in trouble was something I did very well.

Usually, it would only lead to a scolding from June, my nanny of sorts, or a talking-to from my father. Then I would be punished, something like going to bed without supper or raking the leaves in the yard. But this time was different.

The fury radiating from my father's powerful body was palpable, his alpha side rising, his irises blackening. I hung my head, awaiting the reprimand.

The warrior next to me shifted uneasily, head bowed, eyes averted. My father's overbearing nature was commanding submission.

“What am I supposed to do with you, Cleo?” he growled, his voice dripping with disappointment and anger.

I kept silent, knowing better than to respond.

His lecture continued, filled with warnings, his words a reminder of my recklessness. “That rogue would have killed you if Grey hadn’t been nearby. You would be dead.”

He spat the last word, and Grey and I both flinched.

“You are nearly thirteen—this must stop. Learn to obey quickly, Cleo, or you will not like the way I handle you,” he warned.

With a flick of his head, he ordered Grey to take me to the house. As we walked away, the weight of the pack's eyes followed me, only to quickly look away at Grey’s warning growl.

“I hate this,” I grumbled, only for Grey to hear.

“You may be his daughter, Cleo, but you are still a part of the pack. He’s your alpha, and you should listen to him,” Grey counseled.

“It’s because I’m his daughter that I’m not a part of the pack,” I retorted, tears threatening. “I should have started learning last year. Instead, I’m forced to be human.”

The frustration spilled over. I wanted to be a wolf, to protect my pack, but all I did was endanger it.

“There is still a chance, Cleo. Maybe your wolf just hasn’t awakened within you yet. Give it time,” Grey tried to comfort me.

“I’m three years late! Not even the smallest sign!” I wailed, embracing Grey, all the pent-up anger and frustration pouring out.

He hugged me back and reassured me, and soon I was giggling as he tossed me onto my bed.

“Keep smiling, Cleo. Don’t ever let anyone see you cry,” he told me, leaving with a promise to always protect me.

Alone again, I faced the mirror.

I tried to growl, to awaken my inner wolf, but nothing happened. Even though I hadn’t expected much, the disappointment was crushing.

The memories of the rogue attack, the way Grey had saved me, and the cruel reality of my existence settled heavily on me. I was a failure, not even an omega wolf, just a worthless human.

It was this foolishness that got me into trouble. I wanted to be something I wasn’t. My failure was an embarrassment, and I couldn't shake the feeling that my father saw it too.

“You can stop those thoughts right now, Cleo,” his deep voice interrupted.

I turned and met his gaze but immediately dropped my eyes.

He was the greatest Hunter in history, and I was his failure.

His presence filled the room, an Alpha in every way, yet there was something softer in his voice when he finally spoke.

“Cleo, I know you feel lost, but you are not worthless. You are my daughter, and that means something.

“Being a wolf is not everything. Your strength, your spirit, those are what truly define you.”

My heart ached as I listened, yearning to believe his words, but a nagging doubt lingered.

“Stay here and think about what you’ve done. And Cleo,” he paused, his voice filled with a warning and a plea, “stay away from the boundaries. I don’t want to lose you.”

I nodded, tears stinging my eyes as he left.

The room was quiet, his words echoing in my mind.

I looked back at the mirror, my reflection a stranger.

The yearning was still there, a wolf trapped inside a human's body, longing for release.

But was it real or just a fantasy?

A dream of what I wanted to be rather than what I was?

As I stared at myself in the mirror, my face hardened in determination.

I wasn’t going to be helpless anymore.

Wolf or no, I was going to stand up and fight.

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