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Mikayla S

2: Chapter 2: Are You Even There


After that day, I didn't look for him, no matter how much my body tried to force me to find him, I fought it, and I fought it hard.

That is until my 15th birthday!

You see to a wolf your 15th birthday is the most important day in aging, even more important than turning 18 or even 21.

No, it's 15 that's important! You see at 15 it's when your wolf is finally fully matured, it's when she is old enough to start searching out her other half, her mate.

It's when she's ready to be marked, and to start her life with her one true love. But for me, it's when I realized I will never get the chance to meet my own.

The day of my 15th birthday went smooth, like every other birthday I've had, it was a great day, full of laughter with my friends and family, it was great! That is until the pack run, because the pack run is when my wolf smelt him fully for the first time.

During usual pack runs our long black legs and small frame really gave us an advantage in regards to staying in front of the pack, in fact almost every run the pack took I was side by side with my father.

My wolf’s a smaller yet identical match to his own, beautiful full thick jet black fur, allowing us to almost blend into the shadows, if it wasn't for our eyes that is, both my father and I have bright blue eyes, almost white in color they're so light.

On our final lap around the territory, my wolf got a whiff of a smell we could swear up and down we had smelt before, noticing the smell got stronger the closer we got to the house, my wolf decided to break off from the crowd and go towards our spot to grab our clothes.

But the closer we got the more we smelt him, the smell sending my wolf into a frenzied state.

We followed the smell around in circles for hours trying our hardest to catch him, to just get a glimpse of him, who was he? Why didn't he want us to see him?

Getting frustrated my wolf huffed with all the strength in her lungs before throwing herself on the ground pouting.

Finding your mate is supposed to be the best day in a wolf's life, so why didn't he want her? Why was he playing games with her?

It frustrated my wolf and wounded her deeply at the thought that he saw her as not good enough for him.

She was the daughter of the alpha, the daughter of Zayn and Skyla King! She was a warrier, a Queen.

So why after 5 hours had he not shown himself to her? Was he playing a game? Did he find enjoyment out of her longing for him?

Huffing out again as we start to pull up where we know his smell from, it just seemed so familiar to us, and in that moment he makes his presence known with a quick deep chuckle.

Lifting our head we scan around trying to find him, trying to see anything, a shadow, a misplaced leaf even, and nothing.

That is until he spoke "someone's a little impatient my little Lux." His voice even though was far away, still sent shivers running down my spine.

Sitting up, I quickly allow my human form to take focus, leaving me kneeling completely naked in the dirt my wolf moments ago was pouting on.

Lifting my head and staring straight ahead I'm unsure if he is still there, his scent is everywhere and nowhere, almost like he's running around me constantly. "Today is my birthday"

After getting no reply, I dropped my head feeling hurt and feeling completely jaded, I sigh sadly, before standing up and walking over to the log where I had stashed my clothing.

After getting dressed I stick my hands in my pockets as I begin to walk home, feeling my fingers touch something cold that I know wasn't there before I halt in my steps.

Slowly pulling out the thin chain, I notice it's a beautiful small gold necklace with a tiny white gold butterfly attached to the thin material.

Pulling the necklace closer to my face I'm stunned as I take in the beauty of the butterfly, it's so small and yet it's beautifully detailed, down to the two very beautiful blue gems that lay between small clear diamonds on its wings.

Not getting enough of the beautiful design I almost don't want to put it on, instead wanting to hold it in my hand forever, I don't know how but a huge part of me knows he did this for me, he got me this, and that little piece of information has me undoing the clasp and putting it wound my neck.

I can't help but smile as I run my hands down my neck along the beautiful chain, just as my fingers touch the butterfly I feel the wind pick up around me before the echo of the voice I crave so much comes through it. "Happy birthday Lux"

Sighing as the last of his voice leaves the trees it was bouncing off of, I walked into the backdoor of the house, my family all gathered around waiting for me with a huge smile on their faces and a giant cake in the twins hands that says "Happy birthday Zayla"

Not stopping the giant grin that lights my face on fire, I lean down blowing out the candles but not before making my wish.

After the party when everything starts settling down I make my way to my room, turning my knob but before I can even open the door, his smell hits my nose.

Throwing my door open, hoping to see him I'm left disappointed, but I enter warily as if at any moment he might come out of hiding.

But standing near the window, I can feel him there, he's watching me.

Opening the window, I stand hoping that he will come forward.

"Thank you for my necklace, I love it" I whisper out as to not draw attention from anyone else who might also have their windows open.

Then I feel him so close I can almost reach out and touch him. I can even feel his breath when he speaks but I can’t see him. "You're welcome, my beautiful Lux."

His voice is so deep, his scent overpowers me. He’s here, so close I can reach out and touch him.

Is this the night I finally meet my mate?

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