Kinky's Carnival - Book cover

Kinky's Carnival

M. L. Smith

The Petting Zoo

“I don’t understand,” Cleo breathed, her eyes wide with confusion and a fair amount of awe. She spun around in a circle. Everything was... different than before. Darker. Twisted, even?

The bright goldish-white lights from the rides were now a deep red, casting the carnival in an almost sinister light.

The carnival itself looked deserted now, which didn’t make any sense because it had been teeming with people only moments before.

Gone were the food trucks, the Ferris wheel, and several of the other rides.

Instead, there was the carousel behind her and a large building set off to the side with a three-dimensional clown’s face protruding from the front.

His mouth was wide open, and flashing golden arrows were set in a semi-circle, pointing to a sign that read “FUN HOUSE” right at the entrance.

Standing imposingly off in the distance, beyond the clown building, was a giant circus tent, so huge it dominated the carnival.

Made from black and red striped fabric, it jutted out impressively, its small curtain pulled back in invitation. Dark red light spilled out from the discreet entrance.

The couple making out on the carousel earlier bumped into Cleo from behind, excitedly whispering to one another as they raced toward the tent.

“Oh, we need to hurry! If we’re late to the petting zoo, we’ll miss all the good ones.” Sara laughed, taking Cleo’s hand again and running off.

“Petting zoo? Like with animals?”

“Something so much better. Come on!”

“Wait,” Cleo said, dragging her heels, but Sara wouldn’t be deterred, pulling Cleo along with no difficulty whatsoever until they were at the entrance to the large tent.

“How do you know so much about this place? And why does it look so different than before?”

Sara sighed, turning to face Cleo as they stopped just outside the tent.

“I told you that tonight is for you.”

Cleo suppressed an agitated sigh. “Yes, a birthday gift. I get that, but why does everything around us feel different?”

“Because it is,” Sara said slowly, a wicked gleam in her eyes. “This is going to be the best night ever. A bit weird, but I promise this is going to change your life.”

“How?” Cleo scoffed skeptically. “It’s just a carnival.”

But even as she said it, Cleo felt the lie in her words. There was something off about this place. Something weird. She had felt it as soon as she had approached that carousel. She just didn’t know what it was exactly.

“Inside this tent is a place beyond your wildest dreams, and that’s not all. This circus is going to give you everything you’ve ever desired. You just need to embrace it, okay?”

“You’re kind of scaring me,” Cleo said seriously. “What do I need to embrace?”

Sara just shook her head. “You’re already embracing it, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to step off that carousel and come here with me. You’d still be up there.” She pointed to the dark sky above them.

Cleo looked up, recoiling in horror as the clouds above her head slowly began to part in the gentle evening breeze.

There, in the night sky above them, was the carnival.

Only it wasn’t the carnival they were at now; it was the carnival they’d initially arrived at.

All of the people, the rides, the food trucks... Everything was above them, reflected high in the clouds like in a mirror image. She was looking at it all from an upside-down view.

What the fuck?

“What the hell is going on, Sara?” Cleo couldn’t look away, her brain refusing to focus on the fact that there were people in the clouds. And for some reason, she should have been with them, but she was here instead.

Where was she?

Sara cupped Cleo’s face, dragging her attention away from the sky. “This is a good thing, Cleo. A good thing, all right? Have fun tonight. Enjoy yourself. Stop worrying about every little thing you can’t control.”

“What did you do to me? Is this some kind of psychedelic? Did you drug me before we got here?”

Sara rolled her eyes. “No, but if it makes you let loose a little bit then we can just pretend I did, all right? Now let your freak flag fly for once, Cleo. Don’t prove Tom right.”

And with that, Sara disappeared into the tent, her footsteps cutting off abruptly.

In fact, it was eerily quiet all around Cleo, no noise coming from inside the tent or around it.

Whoever had traveled here on that carousel with them must have already gone inside, because Cleo was left standing all alone. It was eerie.

“Embrace the weird,” she told herself, bouncing on the toes of her feet as she gathered up her courage. “Fuck Tom, and fuck everything and else, just have fun. Okay?”

She must have been drugged. Nothing else made sense. But hey, how weird could it be anyway?

Cleo regretted the thought as soon as she stepped into the circus tent.

Sound exploded around her, and she jumped in shock. But that wasn’t what had frightened her.

It was the small gathering of people standing in line to her right, watching a man who was naked from the waist down having sex with a... Minotaur?!

The large creature was behind the man, with hooved feet and fur all over his animalistic legs. From his torso up he was all male with a chiseled chest and muscular arms.

She might have thought he was handsome if he didn’t have the nose of a bull and black, beady eyes. His septum was pierced, and so were his pointed, furry ears.

Horns protruded from his head, and with every thrust of his hips, his snout flared, a small bellow passing his lips.

The man bent over in front of him groaned, his face reddening as the people in line watched, discussing who would go next.

Cleo’s eyes were wide as saucers as she looked beyond the Minotaur, the real life Minotaur, to see all manners of monsters and creatures scattered around the tent.

Trolls. Goblins. There were even people shifting into lions and bears, allowing some man with a whip to strike their fur before they shifted back into their human forms, moaning in delight.

What had Sara said they were doing in here?

It was a petting zoo... but it wasn’t for animals, and it was entirely depraved.

Oh God. What the fuck is going on?

Her eyes caught a flash of blonde hair, and Cleo looked beyond the Minotaur, trolls and goblins to see Sara. Sara, who was now undressing in front of some kind of snake-man hybrid.

Cleo turned in the other direction, looking away before she saw something that would scar her for life.

Forget about the bullshit Sara had spewed. How was she supposed to let loose? To embrace this? There were fucking trolls inhere. Scratch that. There were trolls ~fucking ~in here!

There was no way Cleo was going to stay here. She needed to get the hell out, find that damn carousel and hopefully escape back up to the real world.

Because whatever was going on down here? Fuck no.

Absolutely not!

It had to be drugs, right? This couldn’t be happening. It wasn’t possible.

Cleo took a hurried step backward, intending to exit the tent, but she bumped into something hard instead.

Water sloshed behind her, and something grabbed her under her armpits, lifting her high into the air and tugging her backward.

Cleo let out a little scream before she was completely submerged in water, pulled down into the depths of some kind of pool.

She kicked and thrashed wildly, scratching at the... hands?... holding her until eventually she was released.

Swimming for her life, Cleo resurfaced, taking in a lungful of air. She looked around wildly, expecting to see someone next to her, but the murky water was calm aside from the small waves she’d made with her thrashing.

She was in a large, glass tank. How had she not noticed it before?

Oh, right. It was probably due to the Minotaur sex that had caught her eye.

Cleo treaded the water, peering into its depths, nervous as to what had pulled her into the pool in the first place.

No one was around the tank, and she couldn’t really see anything in the water, but the bottom of the pool was dark. Scary.

Why wasn’t anyone lined up here for a piece of... whatever was lurking in the tank?

Looking around the edge of the pool, she felt her heart begin to race. She had to get out. But how? The lip of the tank was an entire foot above her head, and there was no ladder in sight.

She was stuck in here.

There was a commotion outside, and several clowns wearing silky jumpsuits with polka dots and fuzzy balls decorated around the front began to show up out of nowhere, tilting their heads and laughing.

They were pointing with glee at something right behind her.

Cleo jerked around, facing the pool once more.

A man was floating a few feet from her, his shoulders and head sticking out of the water as he watched her, a smirk playing on his lips.

His black, damp hair fell down to his shoulders, and piercing green eyes made him look ethereal as he slowly began to swim toward her.

He had a chiseled jaw, full lips and a cleft chin that she typically didn’t find attractive, but somehow it made him look sexy.

The way he moved was too graceful, and Cleo backed up, her shoulder blades slamming into the wall of the tank.

He kept moving toward her until she was pinned between him and the tank, his warm breath fanning her face.

“I was hoping you’d pick me,” he murmured, and that’s when she noticed the gills sticking out of his neck.

Gills? Oh, what the fuc

“It’s been a long while since a human chose me. Most are too afraid,” he continued, lifting a webbed hand out of the water and cupping her face.

“I’m sorry for pulling you in so quickly; I just didn’t want you to change your mind.”

“A-afraid?” Afraid was a good word for it. Bizarrely aroused fit the bill as well, but for the life of her she couldn’t figure out why this was stirring up lust from deep within her.

None of this should have been turning her on, but it was, and as he pressed more firmly into her, Cleo realized she liked it. She liked it a lot. What the hell is wrong with me?

Maybe it was the sounds of sexual moans and roars she could just hear over the gentle lapping of the water.

She was in a place where devious desires were being acted out all around her, and now she was trapped in a tank with an oddly sensual man who was looking at her like she was a treat he needed a taste of.

A thought struck her, flashing through her mind and sending her reeling. When was the last time someone had looked at her like that? Really looked at her like she was all they wanted in this world?

She couldn’t recall, and wasn’t that just a kick in the gut?

Her legs brushed his, and her brain short-circuited as she tried to figure out exactly what she was touching.

Something slimy and scaly covered his legs entirely.

Cleo looked down through the slightly murky water, her eyes widening in shock.

He didn’t have legs at all.

He had a tail. A scaly fish tail with iridescent shimmers running along its length.

“Most women can’t handle the frenzied mating of a merman,” he whispered, wrapping his arms around her back and holding her close. “And it’s been so long since I’ve had someone like you. I’m ravenous.”

The end of his tail wrapped around her lower leg, holding her tightly to him.

“Merman?” she repeated like a damn idiot. She should have asked how he planned on having sex with her when his entire lower half was fish, but she was afraid of the answer.

And oddly turned on by the unknown of it all.

“She’s about to get dragged under,” one of the clowns yelled in excitement. “Wait ‘til she sees his dick!”

“Wait, what do you mean, dragged under,” Cleo began, panic beginning to push through the haze of lust clouding her mind.

Cleo gasped as the merman’s eyes flickered, glowing a bright sea-foam green, and then, suddenly he ripped her down into the watery depths.

She didn’t even get a chance to hold her breath, and the further down he took her, the more she struggled to breathe.

Webbed hands found her face, and lips pressed into hers, giving her a precious breath of air that she sucked down eagerly.

His tongue slid into her mouth next, teasing her, and despite the odd taste of salt water, Cleo welcomed it.

As soon as her tongue met his, he was ravaging her mouth, hands wandering all over her body until they slipped under the skirt of her dress, which was floating awkwardly between them.

He broke away from her, groping her back in search of the dress’s zipper, grunting when he found it.

He yanked on her clothing until it was pulled over her head, floating around them. Her panties came next, leaving her clad in only her sandals.

Cleo was half-tempted to protest, but that would require oxygen she didn’t have access to on her own, and she was too busy grinding her hips against him as he kissed her again, stealing her breath and giving it back in one fluid motion.

She’d never had someone kiss her so passionately, and she was sucked into the feeling, caving in to the growing desire that spread around them both.

She was hot and achy, and she couldn’t press herself close enough to his muscular body.

She needed more.

The merman grabbed the back of her thighs, wrapping her legs around his waist. That was when she felt it, and she stiffened as the tip of his dick prodded against her entrance.

Only, it wasn’t just his dick. Something wispy was caressing her thighs too. She jerked back, breaking their kiss to stare between them, her legs loosening around his waist.

His cock was large and long, protruding from a pouch she hadn’t realized was on his tail until now. She’d never seen something so intimidating, but it was the glowing green color of it that kind of threw her for a loop.

Why was it pulsing?

Ten vines swirled around his heavy length, also sticking out from the hidden pouch, and they seemed to be reaching for her.

No, they weren’t vines. Seaweed?

Cleo didn’t get a chance to investigate further. The seaweed flared out in the water, snapping around her hips and thighs, dragging her back into the merman’s embrace.

He thrust into her with one brutal push, filling her with his hard cock.

Cleo gasped, immediately regretting the action when she sucked in a mouthful of water, gagging as panic reared to the surface.

His mouth found hers again, breathing sweet air into her lungs once more as he began to swim, each pump of his tail causing his cock to slam into her.

She couldn’t move away, the seaweed was drawn tight over her flesh, keeping her pinned to him as he moved faster and faster through the water.

Each drag of his cock through her pussy made her thighs quiver, and desire exploded around her until she was delirious with it.

He breathed for them both, groaning into her mouth as his movements became harsher, taking her higher as he swam.

Cleo clung to him like a lifeline, moaning when he thrust particularly deep, hitting her cervix. Her pussy spasmed around him, and he hissed, breaking the kiss to grab her hips roughly, pumping into her over and over.

She couldn’t do anything but hold on for dear life as her orgasm detonated inside her, squeezing him like a vice as she fought against the urge to scream in ecstasy.

Pleasure consumed her, dragging her into its depths as quickly as the merman had, and her body shook.

Still, her merman kept going, fucking her through her orgasm in a frenzy, just like he’d claimed he would. He swam higher, and she felt his cock pulse, throbbing heavily before he came.

He filled Cleo with his cum, but something felt different than she’d ever experienced before.

It was like there was something besides his cum trapped inside her with each spurt of his release. Something airy she couldn’t quite describe.

And the more his cock impaled her, blocking her entrance, the more she felt it stirring within her, seeking an escape.

There was a blast of bubbles that came from in between them, and her pussy lips quivered from whatever she was holding in. Her merman let out an inhuman hiss, releasing her waist and pulling his cock free just as the light, breezy feeling in her womb poured from her body, propelling her up toward the surface.

Cleo exploded from the water, the force of his release literally launching her through the air.

Sailing over the top of the tank, Cleo landed on her side with a hard thud on the floor.

Water splashed down around her, and the clowns who’d been watching the entire spectacle let out crazed laughs, holding their stomachs as first her dress shot out of the water and then her panties, both plopping to the ground beside her.

Cleo looked toward the tank, mortification setting in as the tail of the merman disappeared beneath the water.

She looked between her thighs, horrified when she saw bright green semen, bubbles clinging around the edges.

One of the clowns grabbed her dress, wringing it of excess water before handing it to her. She anxiously began pulling the sopping garments back on, embarrassment setting her features on fire.

“He’s been anxious for a woman for some time. You might even say he was “exploding” with excitement.” The clown cackled, slapping his knees. “I haven’t seen him come so hard that he launched a woman clear out of the tank, but his cum sure is buoyant.”

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