First to Rise - Book cover

First to Rise

B. Shock

A Beast Awakens


>[System functions online.]<

{[Location]: unknown}

{[Ship hull status]: unknown}

{[Life support status]: unknown}

{[ship fuel status]: unknown}

>==Running system diagnostics==<


[Control System]: >Online<


[Navigation System]: >Online<


[Life Support Systems]: >Online<


[Weapons Control System]: >Online<


[Life support depository status]: …..

>All lifeforms stable<


[Hull status]: >intact<


[Ship fuel status]: ......

>Ship is running on Reserves<


[Ship location]: >pending…<

"{All ship systems functioning as normal}"


"{Proceeding with awakening protocol…}"

The lights within the room slowly glow brighter, illuminating the numerous pods lined up against the metal wall.

Each pod is made from a dark metallic smooth metal without seams or exposed rivets, in an oval shape standing upright in its own divot in the wall.

One pod amidst the endless row hisses as a seam appears upon its surface and steam is released from a vent underneath. The door to the pod slides back, as liquid spills out from inside, filtering down to a drainage system in the floor.

As the door opens, a large humanoid figure inside can be seen, curled up in the fetal position with a clear bubble-like substance encasing it. The creature twitches as the substance gives way and tears open, leaving the body to collapse onto the floor.

Hard ragged breathing echoes through the empty room as it slowly stirs due to the abrupt awakening. Its long tail is spiraled out across the floor with a metal blade growing on the end, and its long claws twitch before scratching the cool metal surface of the ground.

The creature growls, baring its fangs before using its arms to push itself upright into a hunched over, sitting position on its hands and knees. One clawed hand moves to its head, coming in contact with the wet strands of black hair and curved horns decorated in silver metal clasps.

A female voice speaks up over the ship's intercom, making the creature flinch.

"Good morning commander… you've been in stasis for approximately 367 sols. You are the first to awaken from stasis and have been selected to appraise the ship's newly discovered findings that best suit the species desired target."

Looking up, its feral silver eyes scanned over the room, glancing over the giant window overlooking space.

Standing up, the figure subtly stretched its aching muscles. Rolling its head, the creature took a deep breath and opened its eyes once more, staring at nothing in particular.

"Show me the findings…" his voice came out irritated and gruff.

A hologram screen appears before him, showing various images of another humanoid species with many variations in physical appearance, and their native homeworld full of abnormal plants and animals.

His silver eyes watched intently as information came flooding in over numerous subjects involving the species, including their traditions, weaponry of choice, their physical anatomy, and more.

Thousands upon thousands of videos and pictures were shown, nearly overwhelming the man as his tail flicked around behind him. Growling, he swiped at the hologram with his arm, making it disappear. "Enough!"

He grabbed his head again, seemingly in pain from the flood of information. The ship's AI was silent, waiting for his next command.

"Do the diagnostics to estimate the compatibility rate," he ordered.

The AI chimed up, showing a new, much smaller, hologram screen with alien symbols and a basic image of the other species' anatomy. "I already have the results. A majority of the species has the potential of 78% compatibility with our own."

He lowered his hand from his face to look over the results curiously. "...have they been tested? To see if the hypothesis is correct?"

"No," was the AI's only response.

He paused for a moment and swiped away the screen before walking up to the giant glass window overlooking the planet below.

He stared at it in deep thought.

"Wake the other leaders…"

"Affirmative, commencing awakening protocol."

The ship's AI chimed, and several pods down the row behind him hissed as they started to open, leaking fluids everywhere…

His tail curled with a new sense of excitement at the promising aspect of a new, compatible species.

Several thuds behind him drew his gaze away from the scene of the blue and green planet as multiple bodies collapsed onto the floor after being released from their stasis pods, much like how he was awoken.

Each body coughed and started stirring awake as the effects of being in stasis started to wear off.

The creature standing before the glass wall quickly turned his attention back to the planetary mass before him. Tilting his head to the side, he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Computer, what is this celestial body called?"

The AI chimed once more in response to the question.


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